Is This a CEO or a Serial Killer? (GAME)

– You wanna be her board of director? (laughing) (bright music) – Like my Grandpappy always said, "it's hard to tell if somebody's a CEO or a murderer" So this game's in honor of you, Grandpappy! It's time for, CEO or Death Row

– Okay, we're gonna be shown a picture of someone, and then we're gonna use our paddles to guess, is this person a CEO, or a killer? Not necessarily on death row, – Right – but many killers do end up there Whoever loses gets the chair (gasping) So this is a big deal And how hard is this gonna be, Stevie, I mean really? – [Stevie] Really

Are you ready for the first one? – Yes – Yes – [Stevie] Okay, let's see it – [Link] That's not a mugshot, 'cause that would make it easy – He seems equally capable of, like, good leadership and murder

You know what I'm saying? I think that's the kicker of this game, really – He is not posing for this photo I think this is a photo taken before he thinks the photo was gonna be taken He's like: "When are you gonna take the pho– "Oh, that was it?" – No, I think he's doing a little video It's like an instructional video

– Oh, this is a still from a video – Because he is a CEO! – Oh, you think he's a CEO too, huh? Or are you lying so you can change at the last second? – No, he does have murder in his eyes He's capable of murder, either way, I will say that – Yeah, the eyes go deep Okay, we're ready? – [Stevie] Oh, yeah, let me see your final answers

– Are you not doing a three, two, one? – [Stevie] I'll do a three, two, one Three, two, one! – Murderer – [Stevie] Ha, the reveal This is a CEO (ding) – [Rhett] Hey! – [Stevie] It's actually John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple, who's best known for firing Steve Jobs in 1985

– Oh, yeah – So he murdered Steve Job's career for a moment – Yes – Okay, so we're both right (off-camera laughing) – He did have the look of death in his eyes, I will say that

He looks much nicer there – [Link] Steve doesn't look great in that shot – [Rhett] No, he doesn't – [Stevie] Ready for the next one? – He's like, this guy Yeah

– [Stevie] Let's see it – [Rhett] Okay, I feel like I know who this is – Weird Al's grandma? – Yes, that's exactly who I was thinking! I mean, I don't know who it is, but I feel like I've seen it – In a boardroom, perhaps? All right, I'm ready to vote – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one

– I'm saying this is a killer, because I think this – It looks like a courtroom scene – a courtroom photo – Right, yeah – [Stevie] You're both right It's a killer

(ding) It's serial killer Rodney J Alcala, who appeared as a contestant on a dating game in the 1970s – [Link] Yes! – [Stevie] Then he stalked and murdered a women Well, the stalking part I guess was in the 60s, and the murdering part was in the 70s – He stretched it out a little bit

– Creepy – Slow play, first it starts with the game show appearance – [Stevie] Oh no, sorry, it's plural, women So there's murdering in both – Oh – [Stevie] of those decades to clarify

– Okay – Oh my goodness – Okay – You know what's even more creepy? Those splotches behind that contestants What is that supposed to be, some sort of squid that's gonna eat her? – [Rhett] No, I think that gave him the idea

– [Stevie] Okay, let's see the next one – [Link] Oh, look at this guy, spiky hair – [Rhett] So this is either– – [Link] This is a skateboarder – This could be in the killing phase, like, this is when he was a killer, or this is before he was a CEO, you know what I'm saying? – He could be a CEO with spiked hair, man – What if he's just a killer CEO, is that an option? (laughing) Wow, I gotcha

– He's a killer CEO – Gotcha in the funny bone – Okay, I got my answer – [Stevie] Three, two, one – This guy's a CEO, I believe, of a skateboard or – Like Patagonia – No, not Patagonia Like a skateboard shop – This is a Patagonia CEO

– [Stevie] He is a CEO (ding) This is Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter – [Link] Really? – [Rhett] Twitter! – He needs to get training on how to hold a mic He doesn't seem confident with that mic You gotta really grasp it, man, like a skateboard! – Well, he's always at the receiving end of, like, biting news, you know what I'm saying? Like, you can't, these guys these days, if you head up a platform, you are just setting yourself up, you need to just (clicks)

Hand it over to somebody else (off-camera laughing) – It's a tough position – I'm just saying, if you're the head of one of those companies, you are gonna be in a storm all the time And you're gonna hold a mic like this Like a defeated person

(laughing) – [Stevie] Okay Next – [Link] There she is Is she walking out of a boardroom or out of a hearing? – [Rhett] She looks, I mean– – [Link] She's got that far-off look in her eyes like, "I wish I didn't kill that person" (laughing) – She looks like she could strangle somebody with those forearms

But she could also, like, do a presentation and, you know what I'm saying? She could point, she could use a laser pointer as well CEOs and their laser pointers – Mkay – [Stevie] You ready? – Yeah – I'm ready to vote

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – Definitely a killer – Yeah she's a killer – We agree on this? – Oh, all through and through – [Stevie] Yes, those are not laser pointing arms, they are killing arms

(ding) This is Australian, Kathleen Folbigg, who was convicted of murdering her three children – Oh! – Oh no! – Come on, Kathleen! – That's horrible – What was her name? – [Stevie] Folbigg – Folbigg Gosh

CEO of horrible decisions – Hold on, is that it? – [Stevie] No, let's see the next one – Give us another one – [Rhett] Oh – [Link] What's she looking at? She looking at me or is she looking at you? – [Rhett] Now, I wanna work for this woman

I mean– – You wanna be her, board of director? (laughing) – That sounded like a real dirty joke (laughing) And if you change it just a little bit – Yeah, it could've been – it could be – Would you like to see my board of director? – Yeah, yeah Don't ever say that

(laughing) She wears sunglasses inside, she's the boss, man She's a boss – She's in charge? You think she's a CEO? – All day long – (laughing) Okay – [Stevie] You ready? Three, two, one

– She's a murderer – She is a CEO – She is a coldhearted – Sign me up for – killer – whatever product she sells – [Stevie] I don't think you would wanna be signed up for this, 'cause she is a killer

(ding) This is Elfriede Blauensteiner and she was dubbed "The Black Widow" because she murdered her husband, two former lovers, and two other men to collect their inheritance – Oh – Oh – I think my grandpa did that (off-camera laughing) – But she's kindly handing that cross to a policewoman

(laughing) "Here you go, honey "Remember me" – Alright, we've tied it up, Link – [Stevie] Okay, let's see who's next – [Link] Oh! Wow, the arches! The golden arches

(laughing) This is the CEO of McDonald's (laughing) – If not, she missed a great opportunity Man those are not killer teeth That's dentures Killers don't– – [Link] Wait, let's not rip this CEO to shreds here

– Killers don't have dentures though It's just common knowledge – That is a plastered on smile, if I've ever seen one She's hiding lots of murder – [Rhett] It's a facade

– Yeah – It's a facade – She's like, "I'm not a murderer "I'm a CEO" (off-camera laughing) – [Rhett] That's quite a necklace, too

– [Stevie] Okay, you ready? – [Link] I'd kill for that – [Stevie] Three, two, one – But I think she's a CEO – She's gotta be a CEO – I mean, that's a glossy shot, white background

– [Stevie] You are correct (ding) – [Stevie] This is Anne Mulcahy and she is the former CEO of Xerox – Xerox, yes! – Xerox? – Yeah! – What the heck– – What have they been up to? (off-camera laughing) – [Link] Wow, that explains why she's so happy-looking – [Stevie] Okay guys, it's tied This is your last one

Are you ready? – Yes – Yes – [Stevie] Here we go (Rhett and Link groaning) – [Link] That dude – [Rhett] Yeah

– [Link] V-neck, Ed Hardy shirt– – [Rhett] He should be killed for that shirt – [Link] This is his driver's license photo – Yeah, this is the happy times Boy, I am at a loss – This is, he's got a, he's got friendly eyes, you know? – [Rhett] He's made several bad decisions though

That shirt, that goatee What's happening on the left side? His right side – [Link] Maybe he saves all of his good decisions for his company? – For the boardroom? For his board of director – To me, I trust the eyes I trust the business decisions that this fashion faux-pas man is making

– [Rhett] He doesn't look like a killer, does he? – [Stevie] Are you ready? – [Link] Look him in the eyes – [Stevie] Three, two, one – CEO – Yeah, I– – Alright, fine One of us has, we're gonna, someone needs to go for the win

– I don't think he's a killer I think he's just makes bad decisions – Fine, I'll change my answer I'm going for the win and saying he is a killer, even though his eyes are trustworthy – [Stevie] Okay, I'm gonna save the answer until the end of this sentence, can, are you ready? – Yeah

– [Stevie] This is Carl Ferrer, the CEO of Backpagecom but he, I guess I didn't really save it until the end (laughing) But he is– – You said CEO in there already – [Stevie] He recently pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering and conspiracy to facilitate prostitution So here he is, (ding) looking like a killer, but he didn't kill anyone as far as we know

– But, he's a criminal – [Stevie] Yeah– – But it's not murder – Okay – That means I get the chair? – No, the chair is a punishment Haven't you ever heard of "the chair"? – Oh! You're getting the chair! – Oh! It's just a chair

(off-camera laughing) – But it's cool! It's wood! Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – What's up? My name is Ratha, I'm from Dothan, Alabama, and it's time to spin (speaking foreign language) Jazz hands! (laughing) – That was intense! – When in doubt, jazz hands it out – Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning

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