Is Everything Better With Whipped Cream? Taste Test ft. Pie Face Cannon

– Are frog legs better with whipped cream? – Let's talk about that (upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning

– Mythical beasts, I may not know much, but I do know one thing, I know that when I hear this sound, (cap pops and cream shoots) either the aliens have just finished sucking up my medulla oblongata, or someone's about to enjoy some delicious whipped cream And today, we are focusing on the latter Why, because I'm always looking for an excuse to not get abducted by aliens, and to consume whipped cream – Right, but how far do the mystical powers of whipped cream go? Pies, milkshakes, Belgian waffles, hot chocolate, we know those are all better with whipped cream, but what about the foods that have never met the soft touch of this whist wonder whip, do they get better, too? – Well, wonder no (garbled nonsense) I meant to say wonder no more

Because it's time to find out, Is Everything Better with Whipped Cream? As you established, pie and whipped cream go together like pie and the area of a circle But will whipped cream work with any pie? How about chicken pot pie? Let's taste some cluckies and cream – Oh, we each have our own individual pot pies I don't like sharing a pot pie, I gotta be honest with that – We also have Mythical branded Mythi-Whip, made with real whipped cream

– It kind of looks like we printed these out Are we selling these? – On just like an ink jet – [Rhett] Do it with that ink-jet quality – That's a tasteful amount, let's not get cray-cray There's a lot to discover today, guys

I actually want to take my pot, nope, its not gonna work – Yeah you can't do that with a pot pie, man – I'm gonna do what I normally don't do, which is just go for the middle first and scoop it out – But then you don't get a lot of crust – Ooh, it's hot

– I'm gonna kinda work from the edge so I can get a little bit of crust – I might burn myself Okay, nope, I'm good You gotta do a little kissy-kiss to find out how hot it is (Link makes kissing sounds) It's a little hot

– I don't eat with him outside of this job Just so you know – [Link] I'm doing like a 50-50 ratio – [Rhett] Oh man, you got something real good coming – Wow

– I mean, it's just creamier Would you have thought that you needed your chick-it pot pie to be creamier than it already is? I just said chick-it – Even if I mix it up more, and try to make it into some sort of a clucking latte, then it's still nice It's a clucking latte Surprisingly cohesive

– It's not too creamy, you know what, it's sweet, I thought that this was gonna make it too sweet, but it doesn't make it too sweet It's just creamy – So right off the bat we've discovered something, guys If they don't supply it with your chicken pot pie, bring it Is it better with whipped cream? – Yes

– Yes – I've heard it said that a wiener between two soft buns is all a man needs in this world And when you add chili and cheese to that, you get the chili dog, potentially an unimprovable food, or is it, let's try the creamy wienie – I don't think that– – I'm sorry, I'm sorry about all of that – Apologizing it kind of overacknowledges it, which is not a good thing – I'm not sorry

I own it, creamy wienie – Do you think that, also don't say it again, you think the chili dog is a potentially unimprovable food? I think its plenty improvable, but not with this, I don't think – Hold, hold, hold, hold You don't think, you don't think that the chili dog is good? You said it in a way that, like, I don't like chili dogs, improve it – I think it's improvable

I think like more cheese, more, more whipped cream I just don't know I was surprised earlier, remember that? – Yeah – What we just did? – Earlier – Let's dink our cream-tipped wienies Now this is not cohesive, but, it's more of a strange juxtaposition that I actually need a second bite to see if we're onto something

– But the best part of this, – Is the chili dog part – Is the chili dog – Once the whipped cream part is gone But it's like eating your des- – Again, it's not as offputting as you might think – No, it's not, it's not at all

– It looks cooler You could probably sell more – For the additional cost of adding this to a chili dog, you could probably raise the price of said chili dog, especially with the names you're giving it – Yeah, if you call it creamy wienies – You add, like, you could add six dollars to the price of it, with like 20 cents of whipped cream

– Did you have one of them creamy wienies? What is it, creamy? I think we might need to rethink the name – I don't think it's better, – I don't think it will work well – but I don't think it's worse – At the state fair – I think it's a good business venture, but if we're strictly asking is it better with whipped cream? I think we have to say – No – No Depending on where you are in this world, your ceviche may be made quite differently

And today, we are having ceviche Burbank-style, which is tilapia, shrimp, serrano chile, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime, avocado, and whipped cream We call it watch me whip, watch me ceviche Swim away, swim away Oh goodness Oh, look it, first of all, let me just smell this

It's refreshing but seafood-y – I don't know how well, I mean typically you don't mix creamy dairy things with fish I mean, a lot of people think that when you put a slice of cheese like on a fish filet that that's a problem – We're going one step further with ceviche, because in my mind it's not cooked, it's still raw It's like cooked in lemon in front of the sun or something

– Yeah, lemon in front of the sun That's exactly technically what happens – How do you make ceviche? – The sun is not involved – Really? – That would be bad You don't leave fish out in the sun

It cooks in, the same thing that happens, the way that cooking something with heat breaks down the proteins happens with citrus – At that point, I'm like blah, blah, blah Dink it – Now, remember, it's does it make it better Because you already don't like what's happening

– So you're saying maybe the whipped cream makes it easier for me to eat the ceviche? – It doesn't, though – I'm having a really difficult time – With the ceviche or the whipped cream? – Whipped cream's great – Try it, here It's like a scared cat

It makes a scared cat noise when you do that, but if you really wanna get it, you gotta go like that That makes the alien noise Did that help with your ceviche problem? – Not really – Just force it all down Take the whipped cream and (cough)

(Link retches) Oh come on, man, come on now, it's a ceviche – [Link] Is it better with whipped cream, no – In France, if you order cuisses de grenouille, you will be brought a steaming plate of everything that exists on a frog below the crotch level, ie, its legs

But do these legs have room for improvement? It's time to find out with creme de Kermit Or cre-me – They're so white and dangly If you order it at the restaurant, you just wouldn't get it like this – No, this is like a dissection gone wrong

– Yeah, this is like biology class – But you do get a really good idea of exactly what you're eating – Where to aim your teeth – I'm gonna do it right up there on the thigh – Yeah, they got quite some jumpers on there, oh gosh

I mean, I don't enjoy frog thigh, so maybe this will make it my thing – Dink it – Dink it and bite it (Link retches) – It's just the, it's just the, – It's the idea – It's just the idea of it makes me not happy inside

But, I'm trying to chew it up before the whipped cream dissolves – It's impossible, cause that just happened I was having an okay time, and then the whipped cream went away Reload This works

– It works, but it's not splendid – But it's not is it great, is it better Oh gosh, it's so bad once the whipped cream goes away – Bring it on – It's getting worse

(Link retches) It's like we're concentrating it down, we're reducing it down to something, the essence of frog leg Okay, I don't know how long this is gonna continue, but I think we have enough evidence to conclude – [Together] Is it better with whipped cream, yes – Okay, now that we're headed into our final rounds of tasting, of course you know things always get grosser thanks to the Mythical Crew, but this time around we're doing something a little bit differently It's time for, Is Everything Better with Whipped Cream, Pie Face Cannon Double Extreme, paid for by Hasbro

Okay, for these final rounds, we've got Hasbro's super fun game Pie Face Cannon to help us figure out if some of our absolute least favorite foods are better with whipped cream Now, here's how the game works in general One player puts their chin on the chin rest, using this hand as a shield to potentially block the whipped cream cannon Then the other player spins to see how close the cannon is gonna be positioned, got another cannon here for reference, look at that cannon So what's gonna happen is you're gonna position it, then we're gonna launch the whipped cream at the other person, players earn points by either blocking the whipped cream, or successfully hitting their opponent with the whipped cream

– But we're gonna raise the stakes just a little bit, 'cause in addition to possibly getting a face full of whipped cream in each one of these next rounds, whoever loses is also going to have to eat something nasty, with whipped cream on top, of course And first, we're gonna find out if one of Link's least favorite foods is better with whipped cream, that food is oysters – Oh goodness, okay – Ooh, and they're smelling strong – Okay, so I'm gonna spin to figure out, – If you hit me in the face, I have to eat the oysters with the whipped cream

But if not, – If you block it, – You've gotta do it – I have to eat it Okay, I'm gonna spin to see how close my cannon can be – I'm gonna start practicing my blocking technique – Alright, landed on three, let me load my cannon up

– Okay, I think I'm ready to block Look at that, I can go fast – Oh gosh – Oh gosh, that's a little too much, man I can go fast or I can go slow, nope

– [Rhett] Okay, let me close her up – I'm staring down the barrel of this cream cannon – Well you better start moving that hand, 'cause I'm just gonna hit you with it, man You're too slow (crew laughs) – I wasn't even ready

– Why you moving it so slow, man? – I didn't even close my eyes in time, like literally – That thing's got some power Link, let me load up your oyster, enjoy – I'm gonna go ahead and turn this around for you – Enjoy, Link

– I don't even know how to eat an oyster, man – You just take the whole slimy thing off of there, and just put it right in your mouth – Oh gosh – Breakfast of champions You got it, you got it, just swallow, swallow, swallow, swallow it, just swallow it without thinking, swallow it without thinking, swallow it now! Just swallow, oh gosh

(Link retches) Okay, alright, well he tried – Woo, the whipped cream tastes great, though, even in my eyeballs – Are oysters better with whipped cream? – [Link] No, they're just they're always horrible – And now finally we're gonna find out if one of my least favorite foods is better with whipped cream, that food, the dung beetle – [Link] Oh gosh, he's a big one, too

– [Rhett] Oh gosh – Now, this is typically where I would spin to see how close the cannon should be, but since we're dealing with stakes as high as eating a dung beetle, we'll just go with gentlemen's rules, and I'll keep it set in this same place, okay Alright, so I gotta load this thing up Open the front There we go, she's full

Close her down Oh, I got you, but I got, – I blocked it, dude That's a block – Dang it – I practiced

– Alright, maybe if I cover the whole thing First of all, if I just bite half of it, there's some left for you – Oh good – [Link] If I cover it up entirely – If you encase it completely in whipped cream, you might forget that it's a dung beetle

– Oh gosh – You ever think about that? – Why was my hand not moving fast, I was just, – I gave you a few chances – I don't know if I should go for the butt or the front – Well, I don't know You'll eventually get to both sides

– I'm just taking a bite of this one – Okay, just a bite, that's totally fine Crunchy Oh, oh no, no! Panic! Here, I'll grab that part, I'll grab that part off Oh gosh

(Link mumbles through full mouth) Oh gosh, it's horrible, it smells like dung, gosh – I couldn't even put it further in my mouth, it smells, – My fingers stink – That they call it a dung beetle because it smells like dung – That is, that's a lot worse than a typical dung beetle So are dung beetles better with whipped cream? – [Link] Slightly

– Alright, we do these things so you don't have to Hasbro's Pie Face Cannon is available to purchase in stores now and online using the link in the description – Thank you, Hasbro, for sponsoring today's episode And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– My name's Andrew, I'm in Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories in the Canadian high Arctic It's the middle of the night and it's sunny and gorgeous That's the town And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Ulukhaktok? One of my favorite places

Click the top link to watch a Mythical Crew pie-eating contest in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Sit back, relax, and take a gulp of mythicality from our Ear Biscuits jar, available at mythicalstore

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