Is Everything Better With Maple Syrup? Taste Test ft. Rascal Flatts

– Today we cover pickles in maple syrup – [Together] Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning – And happy Thanksgiving – For our last day in Memphis, we are actually no longer in Memphis, we are in the middle of Tennessee in the middle of nowhere – Yes, we got invited to hang out with Rascal Flatts We're gonna be spending some time on Gary, the lead singer's farm

(country rock music) – And of course you know that this entire trip is so that we could visit the headquarters of St Jude Children's Hospital St Jude pioneers research and treatment for kids suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases at no cost to the families – Yeah and we're raising money for St

Jude with your help You can help donate by clicking on the blue donate button If you don't see the blue button or you want more information, go to stjudeorg/gmm – We are thankful for your donations, and hey, let's get into this

– Okay (country rock music) – Thanks for having us This is a super cool spot – Nice to have you guys – We are way out here

I noticed my cell phone was no longer working, I notice you don't have wifi, so I'm panicking just a little bit – We're just kinda taking it back to the times when you didn't have to have that stuff to survive Yeah my kids hate it, but I love it – It's pretty great When we were driving in, we literally saw a huge bald eagle flying in the air

– Isn't that something? – I didn't know they did that anymore – Is that robotic? – We have it on a drone (chuckling) They actually texted us, we were like okay – [Joe] Send it now – Now that we're out here, why don't we do something that you normally do, what do you do out here? – Is there something? – You know what, this is kinda like my refuge, this is my filling station

It's where I come and get away and we hunt and I ride out here, we make maple syrup out here – You make maple syrup? – Why have you never told us that before? – Secrets – Well, I just, it's a long process and you don't get a lot of syrup – You've never given these guys a bottle for Christmas or something? – We're in a band together, by the way, and we're cousins – Right

– He's never told me one time that he makes maple syrup over here – Oh yeah, I make a little maple syrup out here – Then we got it, it's time for– – Making maple syrup – With Rascal Flatts (laughing) (country rock music) Look guys, it's the bald eagle with a camera strapped to it

– [Gary] Wow (country rock music) – Watch your head – Oh that was close You saved his life – Whoa

– You guys are good friends – This, my friends, is a maple leaf, ha – That's how you know it's a maple tree – That's right – Right here

– That's right – So you been tapping this thing? – I been tapping this thing, yeah, for probably almost six years I guess – You think it knows you? – I think it does, we're pretty close – So you just drill a hole and that's remnants of your work – Yeah, that goes in the tree

– You cap it, you tube it, you drain it – That's it – And then you got a bucket of raw maple syrup out here Stuff gets in it, you got like, ants want that stuff, right? – Got your bucket right here – It is

And it goes in there and you take it and then what we do is we take it over to the boiler And then we boil it down (country rock music) What you do is, a lot of times when that's boiling like that, we set this pan on here which keeps it warm 'cause you wanna keep it at a constant boil and what this does is warm it up so if you just pour cold sap in there, it takes the boil down This way it runs, keeps it warm, and then what you do is you take it like this as it warms and you fill it slowly like that – And then it renders down for hours and hours? – Yeah, 17 hours

Yeah usually takes 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup – Whoa, so I mean, how many gallons can you get in a season if you're tapping all those trees? How many gallons you get? – Probably get 25, 30 gallons If the temperature's right in one day, out of one tree – Oh really? – Yeah – Now we've got this thing on our show called Is Everything Better With, and then we choose something that normally doesn't go on other things, foods, and then we taste them and see if they're better with the thing

– We were thinking we might raid your fridge and then put some maple syrup on that stuff – Let's go – It's time for Is Everything Better With Maple Syrup? And here we have a jar of the fruits of your labor – Mm, we also have some cold, fried chicken – (laughs) Oh yeah

– Chicken leg – Is that a piece? – That's just a– – That's just some skin – Yeah – Wanna do the honors? – [Gary] I'd love to – [Rhett] Go ahead and do all of those

– Oh my gosh – Drizzle it – [Gary] It's like Roscoe's without the waffles – [Jay] Sure does look good – How could this be bad, right? – Who's a breast man? – I've always been an ass man myself

(Rhett laughs) – I think that's what this is – Thank you – Now we do a little dink it and sink it on our show, so – Okay – Dink it

– Dink it – I sank it, now I'm dinking it Oh that's good – Oh man – Yeah that's fantastic

– This is good chicken – It's really good – You make this chicken yourself? – My brother did actually – So the question is not– – Wow – Is it good, the with is, is the fried chicken better? – I would say so, this is amazing

– And I do believe it is better – It is better – So that is the question Is cold fried chicken better with maple syrup? – [Together] Yes – Okay, I see you're carrying on a true southern tradition here

You've got canned boiled peanuts – Now you're snacking – [Rhett] Here's what I'm doing, look at this – What are you doing? – I'm coming up with a plan – You're draining it? – In the middle of what I'm doing and now we just pour the maple syrup in that

– Oh we're gonna fill this – Don't fill it, just drizzle it – Slow – Oh that already looks good – That's good, that's good, that's good

– That's getting some good coatage – Now you just reach in there – Have you done this before? – No, never – Now first of all, did you like boiled peanuts already? – Yeah it's an old family tradition, you know – Ugh

– Jay, you're not liking 'em? – The syrup is the best part of that thing – That's just okay, oh – It's just eating syrup and then it's a separate experience to then try to get into the peanut (whistles) (Link laughs) – Okay so you don't like that, but you said the best part, the best part was the maple syrup Did it improve it is the question

– 100% – I'm voting that they don't – Okay well let's all vote right now Are boiled peanuts better with maple syrup? – Yes – No

– Not unexpected, we found some hot dogs in there – Okay – Now as a kid, I would eat a cold wiener straight out of the fridge – We heard that about you – [Rhett] Every man has his own wiener

– You wanna do a– – I love that – [Joe] Do I get a drizzle? – [Rhett] Yeah that'd be very important – Yeah I'll do the drizzle – For shizzle With the drizzle

– Oh my gosh – Don't be shy – Yeah that's awesome – There's more where that came from (Rhett laughs) – Everybody grab– – Grab your weenie

– [Rhett] Grab the wiener closest to you – Gary, sorry buddy (laughing) – Please slide that plate a little closer to me, please (laughing) – It's all right, I actually kinda liked it – All right, so– (laughs) All right so, this is not an awkward moment

– No – This is the true definition of a sausage party right here – [Link] Can we bring in the eagle drone to get a nice overhead shot of that? So we'll do some plate dinkage – Just don't make eye contact when you're dinking – [Joe] That's strange

– No, we're not (talking over each other) – And sink it (Rhett mumbles with mouth full) – Little bitty one – Small bites – It's good

– You like it? It's good to you? – I like a raw hot dog – I do too – Yeah – I like a raw dog – But the syrup goes away so quickly

– That's a problem – You're just left with a cold weenie – Yeah – The weenie really does kick in – Yeah, hard

– Strong – Well, aggressive, well – But again, we're in this territory where if you don't like a raw dog, do you like it more with maple syrup? – I do not like it better because the syrup was a fleeting memory – Okay – All right so are raw hot dogs better with maple syrup? – [Together] No

– [Rhett] These are made right here – Gary, you make pickles too? – My brother does – Slide that pickle over here, buddy – This looks gross – Dink it

– This is the most fun part You know? – Getting it good and sopped up? – [Link] Sop it, dink it – Lots of dinks Mm-hm – Oh that's a strange juxtaposition

– It really starts off maple syrup strong – Yin and yang – The thing about the pickle is it doesn't have any capacity to absorb any other liquid – Can you infuse pickles? – I can't personally but I would think that you probably could If you just put a little maple syrup in here, you get your brother to do that

– Yeah – Okay So those were really good pickles – That's really good – And the maple syrup, again, is still very good, but combining the two together

– [Rhett] Did it make it better? – [Together] No – [Rhett] Okay for this last one– (whistling) – [Link] What is that? – These are anchovies – Yeah and we use 'em for bait around here (Rhett laughs) That's true – So we're about to eat bait with maple syrup on it

– Yep – Is that what an anchovy looks like? – [Rhett] Well no this is what the– – [Link] Just dump 'em all out on the– – That juice is what makes 'em good – [Rhett] Really just pop right out – So we really should taste these without the maple syrup first in order to make sure that– – Should we? – You should – We know what the baseline is

– [Gary] You definitely should I don't know if I can do this (Rhett laughs) – You know what, you have to ignore that instinct – You said you kinda don't wanna do it? – Gary said I don't know if I can do this – Oh

– Can't believe we're eating my bait – Somebody's gotta do it – You gonna catch something In a little bit – Mm

Man that's salty – That is not bad – It is salty – That's horrible – This bone is– – This has to make it better

– Please pour it on there – At first it kinda had a little barbecuey smoky flavor, and then it goes– – That went away – [Joe] Real quick, yeah – [Jay] Your palate shriveled up, there it is – Guys, we can't risk not using every bit of what we got left

– That was worth 18 hours– (laughing) No doubt – It was all worth this moment right here – [Gary] Golly, let's dig in – We're dinking – Dinking

– [Joe] Dinking – [Jay] Ugh, wow – It made it better – Yeah it did – No doubt about it

– Yours is already gone? – Mm-hm (Rhett laughs) – Hold on, where did it go? Oh it is in there – He ate the whole thing, man – I thought you did one of those granddad tricks where it was like – Guys, when you asked me to be a part of something, I'm committed

– Yeah I see that – You know what, the syrup definitely makes it better but it still doesn't take the saltiness away that lasts for like 35 minutes after you eat it – What we learned today is maple syrup, it affects the beginning of the bite, but it goes away and gets overpowered by whatever you got – It's an interesting take away – Yeah, you needed to know that

– Yeah I did, useful information – All right so in summary– (Jay groans) Does maple syrup make anchovies better? – Yes – Yes – So we were thinking as a celebration of everything we experienced together, we could maybe alter one of your hits to commemorate this experience – I like it

– I like it – Which one, which song? – Broken Road – Okay – Every cold chicken leg? Every chicken leg – Every chicken leg

– Every, yeah ♪ Every chicken leg ♪ – We gotta match the syllables too (timer clicking, rings) – So we go– ♪ Every chicken leg ♪ ♪ Drizzled in warm tree tar ♪ ♪ Pickles and boiled peanuts ♪ ♪ They really warm my heart ♪ ♪ Sweetened up cold hot dogs ♪ ♪ Here on the freedom farm ♪ ♪ This much we know is true ♪ ♪ There's nothing like an anchovy ♪ ♪ That's covered in that goo ♪ (laughing, clapping) – Yes! – I love it! – Woo hoo! – I got the goosebumps, boys! – Yeah! – That's good writing right there, boys – Check out Rascal Flatts new single Back To Life, available everywhere now – Thanks so much for having us here

– Thanks for being here – So much fun And remember to donate to St Jude Children's Hospital using the blue donate button – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– Now you guys says you know what time it is – [Together] You know what time it is – I'm Michael Hopkins from Nashville, Tennessee, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Hey there it's Emily and Jordan Click the top link to watch us play a game about Thanksgiving fail videos

– And to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – [Rhett] Your hair and lips aren't doomed, they may just need to be groomed Try out Mythical grooming products available now at Mythicalstore

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