Is Anybody There? (GAME)

– Is anybody there? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– If you're in Los Angeles, we got a very special treat for you Our final evening of Bleak Creek Conversations which is on Sunday, November third, we're gonna bring the whole Mythical crew out– – Dang – To the show including Chef Josh, Stevie, Cotton Candy Randy, and more so come say hello and see us talk about the book live and remember, you get the book free as part of your ticket Very few seats are left so go get it right now at BleakCreekcom

– BleakCreekcom On to today, people: are they there? I mean, sure, your friends say they're always there for you but are they really or is that just another empty, meaningless saying like weird weather we're having and I love you – Well to hone our skills at identifying if we're truly alone, we invented a game It's time for Is Anybody There? – Behold, the walls which may or may not be hiding someone and if someone is there, man, I hope I guess it right because Rhett always tries to win all the games and be a cool guy but not this time

This is my time Link is the number one cool guy zone – I feel a little attacked – All right – Okay this game is– – Seems simple, right? – Just as simple as it sounds

Someone may or may not be behind these walls It's up to us to determine that using the help of an earsenal of hearing aids – [Link] These are tools designed to elicit noises from someone if someone is actually not no one – We can purchase these hearing aids with a little something we like to call holla dollars! – Holla! – We're gonna eat start with 1000 holler dollars and if we guess right, we win some back If we guess wrong, we get nothing, and if we both guess right, we split the winnings

Of course the goal is to have the most holler dollars – Holler! – At the end because if you lose you have to play a punishment game called Marco solo on our Instagram Let's do this (eerie electronic music) Okay so either somebody is there or somebody is not there You know that, we don't

– And for the first round there's 250 holler dollars up for grabs and we can spend our money on one of the following hearing aids We can spend $100 to pay David to come through that black curtain in the back and blow a handful of pepper in the person's face We can spend $200 to rub peanut butter on their feet and let a dog lick it, or pony up 300 bucks to pour water and ice on them – And to stop us from sound mooching off of each other's turns, the other player will be wearing sound proof headphones and Link, since you are wearing more denim today– – Ah – You can start us off

– Okay, well you know I'm a peanut butter man and I, I think that's a steal, 200 bucks for a dog to lick somebody's feet, so I'm choosing that one – Okay so I gotta choose between $100 for pepper face I'd learn a lot by having someone pouring a bucket of water and ice on them but I'd spend $300 to learn that lesson and only get 250 back – It's a steal, do it – I went to engineering school for four and a half years

The math doesn't work out on that so I'm gonna go with pepper blowing – [Stevie] Okay Rhett, put on your headphones – All right David, now that Rhett can't hear, David, come on out and apply the peanut butter to somebody or nobody First of all, David is very quiet I can't even hear him

Is peanut butter being applied? I guess it's a pretty silent action I don't even hear a dog Anybody there? Feeling like nobody's there Everybody's really quiet No licking sounds

– [Stevie] Okay time's up – I was just, I had just started hearing something All right, dang it – [Stevie] Link, please put on your headphones – Okay, I'll turn these up

– That music is awful – [Stevie] Okay Rhett, Link's hearing aid has already been applied so it's time for yours (blows pepper) All right, that concludes your hearing aid – All right, saw the green light Rhett, did you learn anything? – No, I'm not gonna say what I learned

– So either somebody's there or nobody's there We got our paddles to indicate I will say that I learned a lot – [Stevie] All right so lock in your paddles to what you think – Okay

– Okay – [Stevie] All right and then I'm gonna count to three and you guys can open your windows to see if anybody's there – Okay – Here we go I'm gonna count down from three just to be specific

You know – Okay, all right – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Ah! – Somebody there! – I'm here! – Dang it! – I said nobody – You said nobody, I said nobody

– He's so quiet! – You're not allergic to pepper? – No – And what? (mutters) – David got Wushu to lick my feet It's– – You didn't even giggle, man – There's no giggling – Well I kinda laughed silently just like I do– – Man you're an empty– – You failed us

(Davin laughs) – Hey and you're wearing safety goggles – I did, yeah – Okay, well, that's one point for you I guess – Is that how this works? (Davin laughs) (eerie electronic music) – Okay Link, 'cause you're currently losing, you will go first to bid on this round which is worth 450 holler dollars – Ooh

– And just so we don't get too irritable trying to guess the hearing aids we can pick from this round are for $150, that person can be tickled with a feather For $250, the person who may or may not be there can have their finger stuck in a mousetrap that will then presumably be released on them and for $400, they're gonna have a strip of leg hair waxed – Do they have leg hair? – I don't know – Are they they? – If they're they, they may have leg hair – But if they don't– – But they may not be there

– That's a lot of money to spend on waxing nothing I'm gonna spend $250 on the mouse trap – I don't think I'm gonna learn anything for 150 bucks 400 is a lot to spend but I'm going to spend $400 to have some leg hair waxed – If there is leg hair

If there's a leg, if there's a body – If there's leg there, the leg hair will be there – All right, headphone up, 'cause I'm listening first – [Stevie] All right David, go ahead (object thumps) – A big bang

(objects clatter) Okay I presume that was the mouse trap, trapping nothing Which sounds very exciting I'm sure you were entertained – [Stevie] All right your hearing aid has been completed

Please put on your headphones – No response – Okay So I guess I need to have the person who's there or not there have their leg hair there waxed – [Stevie] And what he means is David, please come out

(plastic ripping) – There's definitely something happening There's definitely, something's being prepared It could just be David just doing it in the air to no one, I wouldn't know Okay, sounds like he's placing it on something (plastic rips) I didn't even hear a gasp

– [Stevie] Okay your hearing aid has been completed – What? – Okay – What? What, no – Doesn't sound like you learned anything, Rhett Did you learn something? – I learned that David knows how to like unpack a waxing strip

– Oh you don't think anybody was waxed, huh? – Hey but I may have learned other things I'm just saying that I at least learned that Who knows what I'm trying to communicate to you, Link – Well I'm gonna tell you right now, I didn't hear anything – [Stevie] All right Rhett, take your paddle out

– Actually, when I was listening to these headphones, the only thing I heard was lyrics including gather your friends and family so that I can spit and pee on your grave – Yeah – I did hear that – I'm really liking this one, this music – All right

– All right, your answer's locked in? – Yep – [Stevie] Okay you're gonna open your windows in three, two, one – Is anybody there? – Hey hey! – Nobody! – Nobody! – Yeah, man – How exciting is it that nobody's there? – I know (Rhett yells) – I love this game! (eerie electronic music) – Okay I'm in the lead, Rhett, so you get to choose first for this final round where there are 650 holler dollars up for grabs

Coincidentally, that is two million screamin' sheckles if you're interested – Interesting to know Okay, the hearing aids we can choose from for this round are for $200 We can have the person be forced to swallow a drop of echinacea oil For $300, eggs will be thrown at them

And for $500 they will be shocked with a stun cane – Stun cane All right you get to choose first so – Okay, I mean I think you're gonna learn a whole lot with spending $500 on the stun cane but I'm losing I just don't think I can afford to do that I have to have an opportunity to win so I'm going with throw eggs at the person – What does echinacea oil do to a– – It will cure them of a cold and they will stop sniffing

– I'm gonna drop the 500 'cause I just want, I want someone to be stunned – [Stevie] All right (egg clatters, falls) – I'm hearing two noises What was that first one? Was that it? – [Stevie] Your hearing aid is complete (Rhett mutters) – Was that the sound of an egg hitting someone and then hitting the ground? – [Link] Okay

– [Stevie] Oh, Rhett, put on your – Oh, I didn't see that egg hit right there So that egg that I can see, did that bounce off of somebody? Was that just a really bad toss? All right, David, stun somebody (electricity crackles) David can you, yeah, keep stunnin' 'em (electricity crackles) If somebody is there, they are impervious to torture

Hit him again, David – [Stevie] Nope, nope, nope, nope – All right, I mean that was a big stun – [Stevie] All right so both of the hearing aids– – No way – Have been completed

– There's no way – [Stevie] What are you guys thinking? – I'm afraid to say anything at this point I mean I can actually see some egg splatter leaking out into the area in front of me but that doesn't tell anything – It tells me that it bounced off of somebody – Well

– [Stevie] All right Rhett, paddle – Turns out I don't know what the sound of an egg bouncing off of someone sounds like – [Stevie] Wait, lock your answers Link, I see your hand on that window Okay here we go

Three, two, one – Is anybody there? – Yes! – What the crap? – Alex Punch! – You don't work here anymore – Yeah, really awesome to be back too – You got stunned? We brought Alex back to get stunned Did we even pay you? – I wonder why no one else wants to do this one

Right guys? – Hold on, was that the sound of an egg hitting on your head? – Yeah David bounced them and then it hit off – And it didn't break – No I'm pretty good Hard head – Hey

– [Alex] Good to see ya – Good to see ya, man – Good to see you – Stun him again, stun him, I got him I got him, stun him again

– I was really unhappy when you said again I was not happy about that at all I was like come on– – He stunned you twice? – Yeah, you heard him, he was going – [Link] How's life? – Yeah, not so great right now (Rhett laughs) – Well I think the long and short of it is that you guessed wrong

– Of course I did, you made no noise when getting stunned! – David had a real weird look on his face when he was doing that stun cane – I mean, this says a lot about how you were able to work here as long as you did – Yeah, listen, it's a good training ground for whatever this is – Okay that means I win Link, you lose, so you have to play Marco solo on Instagram

– Not much has changed – All right, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – You finally got to do it

– I did it – Now that you're not an employee – Yeah, that just took that (whimsical piano music) – Is that where David Hill learned his miming techniques? – (chuckles) Sir Pickles, yeah – Okay, click the top link to watch us guess if anybody is in a series of stock photos

We can't get enough of this – And let's bring Alex out for that – Yeah, in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Attention Mythical Society members

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