Invisible Food Taste Test

– You've got to not see it to believe it – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning – Last year it was a very cool year for science We learned we could 3D print organs, we began genetically engineering ethical meat, and we figured out how to turn Led Zeppelin into Greta Van Fleet – Oh But the coolest advance by far it's got to be bio inherent translucence or BIT

And that's the process of growing pigment less bio cells, leaving those cells effectively invisible – Right, and we've been wanting to play around with BIT for a while, and we finally have gotten our hands on some amazing invisible foods and products Its time for, Just How Much Green Should You Spend on Cuisine and Products That Can't be Seen? – Okay, so all these products have been made using BIT technology, and are either already available for public purchase or are in a development stage and the manufacturer has been kind enough to send us one – Yeah, and we're going to be trying each product, and then deciding if we can see it, or can't see it In the, we can get on board with it sense

Not in the literal visual sense, sense Does that make sense? – Not really, but we'll figure it out as we go When science discovers something incredible, you know one of the first companies to take advantage is gonna be Taco Bell And they just released in select markets a translucent, they're actually marketing it as invisible, but its a version of their Burrito Supreme using all BIT ingredients – Yeah so here we have a normal, visible Burrito Supreme

So, lets take a look at that – Just for your, you know, visual reference – Just, lets eat it Just to establish a base line here – [Rhett] You guys could have warmed it up, but cool

Its cool – [Link] So that's pretty good And here's the brand new Invisi-rrito Supreme Lets open this up I mean, it looks pretty invisible

So I'm gonna – I don't see anything – Okay, so I've got it and I'm just gonna You try it Its amazing what they've, what they've done

Its a lot more convincing than I thought it would be Can you see this working? – Uh, its a little bland – Right – You know, its like it has a, something about the texture is a little bit off – [Link] Right

– [Rhett] I mean they nailed the heft – Right, everything's in there, somehow – [Rhett] Also, if I wasn't looking at it, I'd be like, I'm holding a Burrito Supreme But then when I'm eating, I'm like, something, there's something missing And not just the texture but

– Yeah – The taste – Its just lacking – Invisible beans is really something that's not speaking to my heart in the way that, you know, visible beans do – So, Taco Bell Invisi-rrito Supreme

– [Both] We can't see it – I love sitting down on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and watching the Direct TV on Demand menu And now, there's a company called Lucey's Lucey as in translucent, that is developing a line of invisible products And they sent us a prototype for Lucey's translucent buttered popcorn

So, if you lose some popcorn kernels, apparently then you don't know that you've made mess which is nice – Okay, so there are no instructions because, I mean, there might be, but we couldn't read them anyway – Right – So, we're gonna have to rely on the popcorn button – Right

– Set this side, I don't know if I'm doing the right side down – Okay – Honestly, but hopefully they know that that was the case Just gonna hit the popcorn button, and let it rip! (microwave beeps) – And its done! – It smells like popcorn – Yeah, yeah

Be careful Alright – Okay – [Link] Just open her up Okay, and just pour it into the visible bowl, that we have here

(popcorn pouring) okay, the scents great – I love the fact that they made the bag invisible, as well – [Link] Right That's thinking ahead – And, lets just try it

A little dink it And Its just like popcorn! (chewing) do I have any in my teeth though? – Possibly – Like, that's another great thing, I can feel it I can feel one right here

– I see nothing I see nothing, but you feel it? – Do you like the ones at the bottom that are like – The burney's? – I can feel one Yep, like one of the little I'll throw it in – Oh! – Crunchy? What do you expect? I don't like those so I'm not gonna eat one

– I could tell the difference on that one The popcorn, the burned one, is not quite as satisfying But I don't know, maybe its all in my head, because I can't see it – You know that meme where like Michael Jackson, that's me except you can't see the popcorn – [Rhett] Right

Also, you were not eating it right there – Right, I'm just pantomiming – Pantomiming – Right, you were actually bringing in invisible – But this time

– Now you're eating it Now that's eating This is me faking – Right – This is me actually grabbing it

– But again, back to the taste It's, I don't know, maybe its that you can't see it, but its better – Like the invisi-butter is really, I think what sends it over the top for me – So Lucey's translucent Buttered Popcorn – [Both] We can see it! – On a hot summer day

You could reach for a refreshing frozen treat or a very weird, ridiculous treat created by Good Humor offshoot Humor Bars These things use BIT technology for the stick and the ice-pop so everything is invisible And they come in a variety of very unusual flavors including fear, shame, envy and jealousy And we're gonna taste fear today – Okay, so here it is presumably

– [Rhett] How many are there? – [Link] There's one And there's another Okay, here's the stick You want this one? Just grab the, right there So you got the stick

Its got some heft to it, right? – [Rhett] Yeah – Okay so dink it Now I don't like to bite popsicles But I wonder if since its invisible, if I'm actually gonna be able to bite it – I'm just gonna lick mine

– [Rhett] Oh its cold! – [Link] Its still painful to my teeth, but it almost dissolves instantly Like, its almost like there's nothing to swallow You alright? – No I'm just becoming very uncomfortable with being in the year twenty-nineteen You know what I'm saying? Like, think about what's happening right now, its like they've gotten to a place where they can create a fricking invisible Popsicle and I just licked it twice and it felt so real

And when I poke, it feels real But my eyes can go right through it – I know man Its freaking me out too You think we're just, you think its just the fear getting to us? Like, are we just paranoid? – Oh, its the taste! Its the taste! What a relief

– Its also making me hungrier – I can't help but lick it I kinda like it There's something up with, with fear I love the taste of fear

Uh oh I'm scared again When I do this That's frightening – Yeah its scaring me too

I think I ate my entire stick – I don't wanna do that anymore I'm gonna set it down – So, yeah I ate my stick So the Humor Bar Invisible Popsicle

– [Both] We can't see it! – I love a good tickle party but in my old age its getting harder and harder to stay active and alert in tickling for extended periods of time Which is why I'm so grateful this has been invented Its Hyrem, the invisible tickling robot Now of course we can't see him, but he's right here – Uh yeah, pretty tall

So I'm gonna just find his switch back here There it is And just turn him on (robot beeping) (robot whirring) (laughter) – He's good (laughter) – Whoo that's intense! That is intense

– I'm gonna turn him up even higher – [Rhett] You sure? (robot whirring) (laughter) – It almost hurts! Get him off me! Get him off me! – I don't know where he is! Where is he? – He's right here (laughter) – I got away (David's laughter) he's got David – He sure does

– Look at David, he's eviscerating him – Okay, Hyrem the Tickling Robot – [Both] We can see it! – Now I love toast, but one of the biggest design flaws of a toaster is you can't see the toast while its toasting But now you can, with the Abrahamson Done One Slice Invision Toaster Now, this thing is one hundred percent invisible and one hundred percent toasty

– [Link] How cool is that Really cool I just think we need to put some bread in – Yeah – I have some bread

– Oh good, I'm glad you brought bread – I've got visible bread so just drop that in the invisible toaster – Okay, this is the fun bit Here we go – I mean its just like looking at frigging, a floating piece of bread! But, I'm already starting to see it toast a little bit

– Its getting a little darker – Yeah, well its toasting Its darkening Okay, and we'll just wait a little bit longer (ticking) okay

– It always gets me! – Toasty time! Toasty time Look at that That's a perfectly toasted piece of bread – [Rhett] I mean perfectly On both sides

Can I have half of that? – I would love for you to enjoy some of that – Its still warm – And be careful, toaster's still hot Dink it? This is a first Eating toast on the internet

And it tastes great too – If I told you that there was something different about the toaster that this was toasted in – I wouldn't believe you Except I might say, was it invisible? – Probably not You'd be like is it a really nice toaster? Is it a toaster that just toasts one slice of bread at a time, yes

I mean , I'm sure next year they will come out with the double toaster But until then, the Invision Toaster – [Both] We can see it! – So there you have it, the best of invisible products twenty nineteen! – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing (laughing) – He's back – Get off of me! (laughing) (crashing) (robot powering down) – You know what time it is (censored)

– Hi, I'm Ian from Plymouth, Indiana Its time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – There's a sprite in there! – Yep! Click the top link to see if we can tell who's invisible and who's not in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land Grab a front row seat and listen in as we explore life's most interesting questions

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