International Soda Taste Test

– Today we're soft drinking and hard thinking – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Pop, soda, fizzy tickle tonic No matter what you call it, chances are, the place you're from has a signature soft drink and whether it's herbacious, fruititious, or sugaracious, they're most likely all delicious – But the question is, can we tell where a soda comes from just by tasting it? It's time for– ♪ Where in the world do these ♪ ♪ International sodas come from ♪ – Okay so we're gonna be tasting sodas from around the world Now some of these sodas span borders as far as who drinks them, but we're gonna be guessing what country they are manufactured in as well as enjoyed in, and we'll be making our guesses by gently tossing these darts at the map over there Chase, just chill out, man

Just chill out Chase is our resident cartographer He's gonna measure the distance– – He has no reason to chill out – [Link] Of each dart from the correct answer – As always, whoever had the shortest total distance at the end of the game wins and then the loser has to drink an egg cream soda made with actual raw eggs in GMM More

Now, Link, you actually won last time, which is unusual for this game (Link chuckles) So we are re-leveling the playing field There's no advantage, other than, the person in the last round who is losing at that time gets our famous four dart throw– – Yes, bring it – We call the fart but because we're dealing with soda, we're gonna call it a burp ♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Okay Rhett, since you're taller on one leg than I am on two, you can go first

– Got it, that makes sense to me – Now before you throw, you should probably taste – Oh I don't need to taste– – The beverage – To be part of this – It's medicinal in a non Dr

Pepperish way I don't like Dr Pepper so I'm saying I also don't like it for a different reason – Yeah, and I don't like this as well

Don't insult Dr Pepper, man – Is it licorice? – What I've noticed is that weird soda flavors don't always translate Things you might like, I like bacon I don't like bacon soda

– But in the country you're throwing this at, it's not a weird soda This is a normal soda It's enjoyed and manufactured there – Golly, oh man I have no point of reference for this

It feels like I should move all the way to the other side of the world I'm like from Italy to the East, so I'm gonna aim at Iran – Okay The aftertaste is odd, isn't it? (Rhett exhales sharply) – Okay, all right – You're pretty close to Iran

I just hope you're Ir-wrong (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah, I got nothing either on this one I'm going for the middle of the board, but I don't think this is from Italy Just to keep it close, going for Iran Oop

(Rhett chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay guys, this is Chinotto, the bitter herbal soda made from the fruit of the myrtle leaved orange tree That fruit also acts as a flavoring agent for many amari liqueurs including Campari and overall is an incredibly popular flavor in Italy – Italy! – Italy, oh wow – It is an Italian Pellegrino flavor Well dang it, I should have gone with my first instinct to hedge my bets

Dang it, I'm falling behind – Okay – Rhett, you had 17 and Link, you had 26 – Woo, 17's less than 26 ♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – All right, here's a clearish one

– Oh, refreshing Has a ginger ale smell to it – Whoa – Ginger ale smell – It's really strong

I think it is ginger It could be the strongest ginger ale I've ever tasted – Where do they enjoy ginger? (grunting) – Where does the ginger grow tall and go down strong? – Well ginger's a root, so– (crew laughing) I don't think it grows tall at all – Mm, thank you – But you know what– – You helped me out there

– But I do assume that there is a plant that is associated with it – Yeah, man – The ginger plant could grow tall – The only thing I associate ginger with is tummy sickness – Yeah, gastrointestinal help

– And that's global – Yeah, every needs that – I don't know where– – Where do they need it the most? – I'm gonna throw this thing I'm feeling Estonia – I'm always feeling Estonia

– But I think that it's too cold for stuff to grow in the ground I think we gotta be more, man – Logic – I'm actually feeling like this is India They use ginger, right? – Ginger is pretty ubiquitous

You could close your eyes and throw it at the map – I'm not Oop, man, I'm– – [Rhett] Maybe in northern Russia they're into that – I've lost my touch! (Rhett chuckles) Where are you guessing? You can speak freely now that I've thrown the dart at absolutely nothing that's relevant to the board – Again, ginger is enjoyed the world over

I most associate it with sushi though because it is like a palate cleanser when you're eating sushi which is in Japan – Japan really commits you to the right side of the map Go for it – You're pretty close to Japan as well, so it's kind of a low risk throw to go for Japan, 'cause if it's right, it's right, and if it's wrong, we're both pretty wrong So I'm gonna aim at Korea and hope I get a little to the west of Japan

Or south – [Stevie] Okay guys, this is ginger beer And while many ginger beers from the US and UK use this country in their branding, DG Ginger Beer, which you just drank, is genuinely, genuinely from the country that has been brewing the stuff since the 1500s It's Ja– – Maica? – Maica – Jamaica! Jamaican me have a wrong answer! (chuckles) – Me too, man

– Yeah but you're a little bit closer – I'm actually a little closer – Yeah I think you may have made up your distance there – Yeah, Rhett, you had 72 and Link, you had 61 – Catching up on ya

♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – It's Ecto Cooler – I hope it is, man – Oh whoa! – Bring it back, Hi-C – This has a very melon-y, and Melanie, if you're watching (chuckles)– – This makes me think of Melanie – Smells just like you, Melanie

– Wow, this is great, y'all! This is some good stuff – Really? – It's like carbonated, super sugary melon What's the green melon called? – The green melon is called– – [Together] Honeydew (Link claps) (Rhett chuckles) – Look at us Figuring out melons again

– All right Rhett, you go first – Okay, I know that melon-flavored things are big in the eastern part of the world, so again, I'm thinking this is Japan, Malaysia maybe I don't know, something about Malaysia is calling to me Malaysia, Melanie – Melon

– Melanie in Malaysia, if you're watching right now, this dart is for you Oh, Japan! – [Link] Vanish! – I'm high and right today – All right, Rhett, you're wrong – Golly – This is straight out of– ♪ Mexico ♪ – Oh, okay

– This is a Mexican bev – Mexican Bev – I'm taking a big risk – Mexican Bev, if you're watching (crew chuckles) Link's dart– – Is for you

– Is for you (Rhett laughs) – This is a big risk because I'm aiming at– – Mexican Bev and Malaysian Melanie – The opposite end of the map – Wow! – See because I think it's Mexico, I need to aim at the middle of the board because you're so far off I need to be smart about this

– Well, I don't know, if you could secure a victory, if it is Mexico, it would be very difficult, even with a fart to come back – Matter of fact, because you're so far right, I'm gonna go there But for the record I think the answer's Mexico – Why do you keep? Why do you keep backing off, man? You gotta have a killer instinct – I can't, I don't

– As a person who's won this game like nine out of 10 times, you gotta have a killer instinct – Fine, I'll– – No, no, no, no, stop! – [Rhett] No, no, that doesn't count – [Stevie] Okay That was called Melon Creamy Soda made with real evaporated skim milk and manufactured in a place with particular affinity for fruity sodas, from lychee to plum to banana to melon, that's Japan

(Rhett laughs) – Okay, see? I don't need to have a killer instinct, because I was really wrong – Yeah, something in my soul– – And you were so lucky! – My soul got pulled to Japan! – You lucky duck – I'm sorry, man Did I actually hit the country? – No, Rhett, you had two And Link, you had 14

– That is a game changer – Nobody's perfect Except Mexican Beverly ♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Looks to be milk – Oh

– Ah! – Smell nasty (Link groans) – Woo! – Oh, you know what? – It's a fermented beverage – I have intuition into this (Rhett clears throat) – Now here's the thing – Tastes like llama milk

– There's taco places here that if you go into the fridge, you can get these things that look like milk and they're fermented Like fermented fizzy yogurt drinks in taco shops– – There's one right down the street – Which makes me think– ♪ Mexico ♪ But for some reason I'm also, my soul is being pulled to Ghana (Rhett laughs) – My soul is pulled to Ghana That should be the tourism campaign for Ghana

– Or somewhere in the middle – Split the difference – Now Link, interestingly, you did pick up on the fact that we have enjoyed this beverage at a taco shop, but that's only because we're in the melting pot of Los Angeles This is a Middle Eastern drink – Is it? – Yes

This is almost assuredly from Iran – Ee-ron or I-ran– – Or Ee-ron? I ran, I say it like Bush (both chuckling) – And you say Bush like who? – Cheney (crew laughs) – Dated political references Go for it

– Okay, I think it's Iran Or India! – You hit the bulls eye on India – Okay guys, here's the thing You're both wrong because I was with you when we had that beverage and it was next to a taco place in a Middle Eastern place (Rhett laughs) – Oh

– [Stevie] This is called Doogh A salty, carbonated yogurt drink that was invented over 1000 years ago in ancient Persia and that you still might drink in modern Iran – Yes! – Dangit, Rhett (Rhett laughs) – Say that I was wrong, but I was also right – [Stevie] You were right on the board, but you were wrong in real life

– Mint soda – I always enjoyed it – Rhett, you had seven Link, you had 28 – That's more

♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Another dark one – Oh Oh wow – It tastes like something you would marinate meat in – You know what? – It's not bad though once you get used to it

– It smells like taco sauce – Yes, it does! – It smells like taco sauce, like taco seasoning – Remember that time we were in a Middle Eastern restaurant eating tacos? (crew laughs) – Yeah – I think this is Iran too, go for it – It's a specific pepper that is in there that I've also smelled in Indian food, but my first instinct was taco sauce

I'm leaning towards Mexico or Peru, but I feel like it could be India – I think you need to have that killer instinct for India – Okay, Mexico it is – I'm still within striking distance if you're right about India If I had killer instincts, I would go with India, but it tastes like a taco

Oh gosh (Rhett chuckles) Such a weak thrower – You're closer to– – Darter – The compass – [Stevie] This is Hajoori Kashmira, a carbonated beverage suggested as a digestive drink flavored with jeera masala, an extremely common cumin-based spice mix– – You should have gone with it

– [Stevie] Found in India – Dang – If you'd have just listened to me and had the killer instinct, you would have beat me, man! (Link sighs) – Rhett, you had 59 Link, you had 63 – Ooh, you're now down by 35 centimeters

– I can still do this ♪ Mm buh buh mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – That is a bright yellow – Looks like Gatorade Smells like bubble gum – It does and it's very sweet

A bit refreshing I've got my four darts here, my fart which we're calling a burp for the soda – Link, we'll let you go second so you can have every advantage – Every advantage, okay, I'll take it – Four darts and also, okay

– It's not an overtly distinct flavor – I feel like– – It's wide open – I'm gonna put the pressure on you I don't really have any insight as to where this would be from So I'm gonna aim in the middle of the map– – Okay

– And make you make a very specific decision in order to win So I'm just gonna go for Italy Or somewhere in Africa – So you got close to Ghana I don't know, here's the thing is that I was thinking, I'm tasting Ghana

(Rhett chuckles) – Tasting Ghana – In a very good way Unfortunately, you're so close to Ghana I would have to nail it This could also be Peruvian

Why, I don't know (bells ringing) – Everybody clear out – I wanna give it a good spray I'm gonna go this way so that I don't hit your camera, Kiko Or you, Kiko

(Rhett chuckles) – So nice of you – [Rhett] Whoa, nice spread, Link – [Link] Too low, though – But that's the best fart we've ever seen – Could Antarctica be the answer? – [Stevie] All right guys, it comes down to this

This is Inca Kola, often described as having a bubblegum or vanilla flavor but actually is spiced with lemon verbena A plant made it to the area where this soda is considered a national treasure, Peru – Peruvian! – Ooh, Peru! – [Link] I don't know if I'm closer – Well you're closer, but you're not close enough I don't believe

– Rhett, you had 25 Link, you had 21 – Link, you know what, that was a valiant effort, but unfortunately that's just not gonna do it You gotta have that killer instinct – Half of the time

– (chuckles) That's right Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Kalyani from Mumbai, India And the monument behind me is the Gateway of India

And now it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – All right, click the top link to watch Link drink raw egg soda in Good Mythical More – Mhm, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land If there was a college of Mythicality, this would be its official shirt Until then, grab one at mythical


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