International Pizza Hut Taste Test

– Where do the weirdest Pizza Hut pizzas come from? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer! – As a reminder, we are off tomorrow

But don't despair because every Thursday this summer we're gonna be premiering a brand new video on the Mythical Society and here's a sneak peek of what's coming out tomorrow – When I'm at work, I'm so self conscious about going to Duke city I don't want people to know that I'm in there ya know? So I sneak around desks and staircases and stuff just to avoid seeing anyone on the way to the bathroom I'm sneaky like Arya Stark I'm Arya Shark

– So go over to MythicalSocietycom to join and check out the new videos featuring our team members every Thursday – I'm ready to eat some weird pizzas – And I'm ready to throw some darts – Well we're in luck cause we have darts and Pizza Hut sprinkled the globe with crazy pizzas

It's time for: – [Both] Where in the world did these international Pizza Hut pizzas come from? – We'll be tasting and guessing which country Pizza Hut originally released each creation that we're gonna taste And then we're gonna make our darts fly! – Look, there he goes, he's quick, he ducked – No where near Chase, our resident cartographer hello – Hey – All right you measure the distance between the correct answer and your dart

The lower your score the happier you are, like golf – Yes Now Link you generally lose this game so as tradition has dictated we are going to give you a special dart And this is the doughrt – The wh-art? – The doughrt

– Okay – It's a pizza dough dart – Alright – Whoever loses is going to have to try the worst international Pizza Hut pizza that we try, in Good Mythical More – Let's do it

(chanting music) What do we have here? This is some sort of chunky meat – [Rhett] It's a chunky meat-za You want that? – I do, – Chunk meat piece – I wanna know what kind of chunky meat it is – I'm gonna steal this chunky meat, and put it over here

– There's corn – Is that barbeque sauce? – This is strange man – What is that, pork? It's like a barbecue chicken pizza but with pork and corn – What no, what meat is that dude? – What is the white stuff, that's not cheese? – That's not meat That's jackfruit – Yeah cause it's very moist And un-meat-like in a specific sense

I'm over it – Um, you wanna go first? You're all sporty today – I get the dart – I figure– – I get the doughrt so – You brought your atheletic clthing I figure you just go ahead and go right out of the gate

(lips smacking) – Let's see, so Vegetarian pizza I don't know I'm immediately thinking Canada because I think they are the most quintessentially considerate I'm not saying everyone's not considerate on the board, but Canada's the first considerate place I think of

– The most considerate place – So I'm going for Canada Hedging my bets to the east (dart thuds) That's exactly what I aimed for Hah, I'm feeling it today

– I mean Canada is as good as a guess as any I also feel like Australia might have done this – Yeah – But the problem is– – Their kinda vegan-woke down there – This is one of those decisions where I could pull way ahead or I could fall way behind

Or I could hedge my bets and aim in the middle of the map – Sure be a wuss go for it – You know what? I'm confident, Australia (dull thud) – Oooh! – Don't even think about it – Alright Stevie

– Don't even think about it – [Stevie] You just ate the vegan Jack 'n' Ch**se pizza which features Violife vegan cheese and BBQ jackfruit It's the first vegan pizza tested in mass by the chain and it debuted in January of this year in the UK (both exclaiming) – Whoa

– I'm closer Cause I hedged my bet – You got I should have thrown it in the middle of the map! (Link laughs) – You know I'll say, it wasn't horrible It was just very disappointing – Yeah, boy I just fell way behind – Chase? – Oh man – Link had 13 and Rhett had 46

(chime dings) (chanting music) – Here's our next pizza Whoa ho ho, burgers! – What is this? – We got a burger pizza! – This is crazy looking – Now this is what I'm talking about – It's like a burger suburb Oh my gosh

– Excellent job on this by the way – There's still some marinara hidden under there – Where they gonna do a burger pizza? I've gotta get so aggressive in my guesses at this point because I just fell so far behind that first round So there's no hedging my bets – I think I know where this is

– I feel like this is a place where the idea of doing a burger pizza is like capturing something from somewhere else in the world and then bringing it to a pizza form You know what I'm saying? So in other words Hong Kong – You thinking Hong Kong? – Yeah You're going to Hong Kong right? – I plan on going, yes – Well you should eat it, when you get there cause this is where it's from

– I'll look for it but I won't find it (laughter) – Hong Kong (dart thuds) Oh man! I'm accurate today but I might be wrong You about to stab me are you? – You know what? I was thinking Hong Kong (Rhett laughs) Really? You can't play the game where you just go next to where I go

– It could be Japan This is not They love their meats in Brazil

– They do I mean it's really the home of meats – But, I believe this is either Japan or Hong Kong, so I'm gonna go Hong Kong, (Rhett sighs) but on the Japan side – Okay (dart thuds) Oh ho ho ho wow! – I let go late! – Remember if you miss the board it's an automatic 50 so

(Rhett chuckles) – Dang, what happened? – [Stevie] Okay boys This was the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza A pizza cheeseburger hybrid which first debuted in the United Aram Emirates (both exclaiming) – Okay well I made up some – You're definitely closer than me

– I got lucky – All right Rhett had 16 and Link had 34 – Okay, all right (chime dings) Little bit of a comeback (chanting music) – Open the vault

Oh! Pepperoni pizza– – Is that Doritos as a crust? – Dorito crusted pepperoni pizza – So simple yet so elegant – Look at that – You gotta go crust first right? – If you ever were compelled to go crust first (crisp crunching) This is it

– Who would think of this? – Taco Bell Pizza Hut's like we can do that too We just have to do it in another country – You're not using your plate man (Stevie laughing) – This is my plate

(both muttering) – We wanna share it with people – Let's see I get hungry for Doritos in Hungary It didn't sound good once I said it So I don't think that's the right answer

You know what? I'm gonna keep knocking on the Hong Kong door, but I'mma hedge a little bit (dart thuds) Right there! – Dang it – You wanted to knock on the Hong Kong door? – Yeah because again it feels like one of those things, that is taking, even though I was wrong the first time, the reasoning still holds It's taking something from a different place and putting it on pizza in a way that's a little too carb heavy in a way that probably wouldn't work in a place where Doritos are actually from So like I don't think it would be Canada or Australia because those are sort of westernized adjacent

So I do feel like this is coming from the east – You know what? It seems like you're making an argument for United Arab Emirates, 'cause this is the same thing you said last round So just go for that one – I'm gonna go Hong Kong (dart thuds) Or Japan

– Japan! – I think I've actually hit Japan All right – [Stevie] Okay This is a Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza, which was offered for a limited time in two countries, but was originally from Australia (Rhett groaning) – Dang it

Look we're almost equi-distant from Australia – Yup What were the other two countries? – [Stevie] Well there was one more country, and that was Mexico (Rhett laughs) – Mexico huh? – All right Link had 27 and Rhett had 24 (chime dings) – You have not bridged the gap

– But I'm chipping away (chanting music) And okay – So we got a– – What, what! – What is this a cobb salad with some breadsticks? – What is this stuff? – Pig in a blanket – I don't even know how to take it off of here – These are like little pigs in a blanket

And then you would like I would recreate this like this – What happens when you dig through the lettuce? – You find your wedding ring

– Oh it's just cheese in there – Your engagement ring – Well, I can safely say I don't believe this would work well in an American market We don't like that much lettuce on anything – Isn't it like a party platter? – Yeah I feel like I could take it

You know what? Let's have a party later – For the big football match (lips smacking) – Uh, okay

I feel like this feels like Hungary – Why? – Cause I spent some time in that sort of eastern Europe area, and this feels like the kinda thing that in a different form would have been given to me at that time – You say they throw stuff together in Hungary? – No, I'm just saying it has an essence It has a Hungarian essence – Okay

– And so I'm going for Hungary (dart thuds) – Pretty close Rhett I'm feeling Nigerian – Okay, describe that – Sometimes you just get a little pep in your step

– But you could be a little riskier and move further away from the middle of the board – I'm going for the right answer – Okay, okay – Nigeria BLT pizza (dart thuds) Whoops! (laughter) – You got a floater

– I should practice – You got a floater – Well come on jacket work with me – Really I thought this would have been a great asset – [Stevie] Hey you guys wanna know what this was? – No, lets just stop now

– [Stevie] Okay This was the Cheesy Bite Bacon Salad Pizza This mystifying combination of great things with a bad thing must been born out of a country that was starved for good ideas which is fitting because this is from Hungary (hands clap) – All right I don't know if I made up all the ground though 'cause you got so close inadverdantly

– You just got lucky man – No, I– – You say a reasons for no reason – This is the first good reason that I had – All right Link had 12 and Rhett had two – Oh it's almost tied

– Dang son (chanting music) It all comes down to this – What? – Is there a trough of – I don't know what that is – There's a trough of meat in the middle of this shrimp pizza with caviar on it This is a seafood nasty pizza – Can we say that we ate this and not? – Um what is that? – I'm gonna get a little bite of the trough – And of course the thing that I'm removing is a tomato

– There's sausage in the middle – Is that okra? – That is okra There is legitamit okra on this pizza – What on earth is happening Pizza Hut? Okay, so I gotta go first I haven't used my secret weapon: My doughrt

(chimes ringing) Pieces of dough – Man You should give me the cheat man – I don't think you want this cheat I mean is this really an advantage? – Okay well lets find out

You don't have to use it if you don't wanna? – Um there's a little sweetness in there too (Link gags) Everything except Nigeria in the middle of the board is taken so, you know Japan's an island, last time I checked Lotta seafood surrounding that joint So, I can see that happening I could also knock on Hong Kong's door again

(Rhett chuckles) I'm trying to stretch this thing – Yeah you're good, you're good – Oh this is sticky, this might work – It's a good cheat man You're gonna be able to get like– – I gotta stretch it out

– You're gonna stretch it over multiple guesses I'm doomed – I've seen them do this with their fist, and then they throw it 'Cause I'm gonna try to stretch from Nigeria to Hong Kong (Rhett laughing) – All right

Yeah Chase is back there Can you reinforce the board, are you hiding or is that what you're doing? – Oh I'm reinforcing I'm holding it – It's just a foam board, we feel like the doughrt might make it collapse – Okay

– Okay, make it count – From Nigeria – Don't miss the board – Here's what I'll say – Please

– If you miss the board I'll let you throw a dart – Okay, here we go (doughrt thuds) (Chase grunts) (Rhett chuckles) – There it is, look at that It did not do what I wanted But at least it stuck and it's dripping down over Nigeria

(Rhett laughing) All of Africa is succumbing to my doughrt – Well you know what? The longer I wait the more accurate your answer gets Let me just peel out – Oh you think it's Nigeria – Well no I'm saying if it is, it's getting closer

It's getting closer to anything that's south of it So it's getting closer to Brazil I don't know man, this feels like Hong Kong or Japan right? You got shrimp on a pizza but is that design to throw me off and this is really Canadian for some reason? – So you're going for Canada? – No, I'm going for Hong Kong! (dart thuds) – (singing) Knock, knock, knocking on Hong Kong's door – [Stevie] Okay This monstrosity which is covered by that plate is called the Double Sensation II Seafood Sensation

And it features a unique double crust and sausage, shrimp, crawfish, scallops, fish eggs, carrots, cranberry, okra and more These were available for a limited time in Hong Kong (both exclaiming) – I should have knocked on the door! (Rhett laughing) I was trying to get there I only made it to Nigeria – The doughrt failed you man

– Son of a dough! (Rhett cackles) – Link had 20 and Rhett had 11 – Oh so that means that who wins? (chime rings) – [Chase] Rhett – Now don't be a jerk Congratulations I have to eat what arguably is the worst Pizza Hut conflagration

– (laughs) that wasn't one of these, it's a totally different one, in Good Mythical More – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Jennifer – And I'm Veronica

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