International Noodles Taste Test

– Today we use our noodle to guess the noodles – Let's talk about that

(funky music) Good mythical morning – Hey, the Mythical Society is one month old today And thank you if you've already joined If not, we're cooking up some exclusive experiences over there So I invite you to check it out at mythicalsociety

com – But now, consider noodles or as I call them food worms They're slippery, slimy and oh so delicious – And we're not the only ones who think they're delicious Almost every culture eats some kind of noodle but can we tell what country a noodle dish is from just by slurping it? It's time for

♪ Where in the world ♪ ♪ Do these international noodles come from ♪ – We're gonna be tasting a bunch of international noodle dishes from all around the world and then we're gonna guess where by throwing a dart at that country over there on our map Chase, our resident cartographer– – He's back – [Link] Gotten very spry Hello, Chase Cartographer – Oh hello Link

– He's gonna be measuring our distance to the correct answer and as always, the shortest total distance at the end wins the game and the loser is going to be disciplined with a wet noodle in Good Mythical More Now Link, you've got a pretty bad track record with this and so we usually give you a cheat and your advantage today is you're going to have, for one round, the NART which is a noodle dart where you can take a handful of noodles and chuck 'em right at the board The closest thing from the noodles or the sauce or whatever, that's your answer – You know what, I don't want to use that Just kidding, I definitely want to use that

Let's do it (upbeat music) – Okay, really going hard right from the beginning here We have a full fish – Wow, that's a perch perched on a noodle Let's see, I'm gonna eat the head because– – That's where the sweet meat is

– Sweet meat – Oh gosh, there's a lot of, there's bones There's bones in them there fish – It doesn't seem like this is a cohesive dish in my eyeballs – Your eyeballs? – Oh it's spicy

– Spicy, that's a hint – Um Spicy fish dish with garden peas in it

Now, since you extended me the nicety of a NART, I'm gonna let you go second for the first round and give you a little bit of an advantage to kick things off, okay? – Okay I'm not sure what the advantage is but I'll take it – Well hearing my reasoning – Oh okay – So if you're gonna throw a fish on pasta, you probably need to be near an ocean

And that severely narrows it down to remove Mongolia – Yep – I feel like the Norwegians just like, they'll have something really nice and then they'll just slam a fish on it – You know what– – Which seems to be exactly what happened – Uh huh, right, not bad, not bad

– So I'm going for the Norway – Aim high, my friend – [Link] Huh, that's close! – Link, I think you are inadvertently near the right answer but I don't think it's Norway– – You think it's Italy? – Because the spice in this is not something that a Norwegian would set their tongue near I think that this is a branzino fish This is something that you would see maybe in Spain or Italy

I'm gonna aim right in between 'em and see what happens Almost hit Norway – Yep, there you go So we reasoned for each other Stevie, what's the word? – [Stevie] Okay guys this is pasta jollof which can be made a variety of ways but starts with pureed tomatoes and bell peppers fried in vegetable oil and often includes garlic, chicken stock, curry powder, carrots, peas and even whole roasted fish popular in

Nigeria – Oh hokay! – Nigeria? – [Rhett] Yeah, you're a little bit closer – Hey, that's on a ocean

– It is – Link you had 20, Rhett 21 – Ooh, so close – So close to each other Okay, there's a lot in here

There's like a pork rind Ooh pork– – There's pork blood, man – There's pork blood, cubes, a rib, what the heck is that? – There's a lime? – That's like a pork knuckle – I'm just going for the noodle – Oh, you don't want the pork blood, the pork rind and the cabbage and the lime? – Just trying to get the flavor profile here

Hmm – It tastes good if you dodge the pork blood – There's some spice in there – Mmhmm, so you're going first now

– I don't know I feel like in some ways this is reminiscent of what you would throw into a pho, you know what I mean? Similar types of flavors with the lime and then the broth So I feel like we are in the eastern part of the world I don't know, I'm gonna go for Thailand I'm going for Thailand or I'm going home

– Definitely seems like something in the– – [Rhett] Or the Philippines – Okay This does seem like what my dad would call thigh food He saw the sign and he said it Yeah so I agree with that but are they trying to trick us and is it something– – In Norway? Could be distinctly Norwegian

– They have everything in Canada – That, you know what? You're totally right and if this is Canada, you could pull away and make it almost impossible for me to come back right now – Okay yeah, Mr Oppor, oh, he said Canada, I'm gonna jump on that one – You don't know man, maybe you're right though

– I mean I think it's Thailand Honestly, I don't know what else it could be Thigh land, here I come – Oh gosh, here ya come – Oops

– It might be Mongolia – I just need to practice darts on my own – No, no, we can't practice darts on our own, that would be cheating – Maybe it is Mongolia I hope it's Mongolia

Lot of pigs in there – [Stevie] You just ate (speaking in foreign language), a soup made from rice noodles, pork ribs, tomatoes, fried chilies and garlic, fermented soybean and coagulated pork blood famous in the cuisine of northern Thailand – Thailand – Thailand – Thailand

– Okay, I was right Course you were right and we both threw wrong but threw more wrong – Rhett had nine and Link had 16 – Oh okay, I just gained a little ground my friends – It's okay though, we're still in there

– Just a little bit, still close (upbeat music) What do you know? It's purple pasta – Yeah, it looks like Earth worms covered in coconut Smells good It's cheese

– Yeah, I didn't think it was coconut – So we've got some grated cheese I'm presuming it's Parmesan – Pretty simply flavor profile here – Those are some beautiful purple noodles

– This tastes like spaghetti – I'm gonna throw first It's great Let's see, where does this great tasting Earth worm like spaghetti noodle with Parmesan come from other than Italy? I mean, I don't know what, I just can't think of it being anywhere else So with 100% confidence, I'm aiming for Italy

Here it comes Ooh, I'm always drawn to the Norway – Man, this is really, really tough because Italy is a very logical answer – You thinking too logical? – But I feel like, I feel like we're actually moving into Spain where the Spanish were like, let's mix it up and make it purple I'm going Spain

Oh, Greenland! Okay think I might've just screwed myself up a little bit – Yeah you did That was a welcome toss Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay this is Spaghetti All'Ubriaco which means drunken pasta For this dish, spaghetti's boiled in red wine and then finished in a sauce of garlic, olive oil, and more red wine and you can enjoy some of this dish the next time you're in Italy

– Italy, okay you got it – I've never been this right So I just want to feel it for a moment – Link had nine and Rhett had 19 – Oh yeah, you're in the lead

– Yes! – You're in the lead again Back and forth man (upbeat music) – Mmm, infected mucus-colored pasta With what is that on top? Is that cheese or onion? – It's another cheese – That's some shredded parm

No, that's not parmesan – It's not parm That's like a sheep's cheese or something – Woo, that is a strong cheese, dude And then the noodle– – Wow, that is unusual

– Yeah, I can't put my finger on it even though I'm putting my finger on it It tastes, it tastes, that cheese is a lot for me The noodles, I cannot quite place what the– – 'Cause I wanted to say like a pesto but it's not a pesto Okay, here's the problem I know you've still got the NART to use right

I think this is gonna be one of the most effective cheats that you've ever been given And so I've got to make a risky bold move to separate myself or maybe just completely blow the game here I can't play it safe Something about Argentina is calling my name And that's not the first time that's happened

♪ Don't call my name ♪ – For no reason other than just pure blind intuition, I'm going for Argentina – Ho, he hit South America! Alright, listen dude– – Philippines was my other guess but I feel like I had to make a choice – You're right that this is sheep cheese, this is sheepy – Which makes me think Argentina as well – Which makes me think Mongolia

Have you seen the sheep in Mongolia lately? – They're really pumping out the milk You've got to do something with it – And especially 'cause I don't know what that is on it but it's not mate, that's an Argentinian thing This is Mongolia brother I'm going for Mongolia, leaving you in the dust

– Well, if you're right, you definitely have – Woops, went to the left of it but I will accept that Please tell me that I'm right, Stevie – [Stevie] This is espagueti verde, a spaghetti dish tossed in a spicy sauce made from roasted poblano peppers, crema and cilantro and it's served in Mexico – Oh oh, okay, wow, I just made up some space whoa, but Link

– But was that sheep cheese or no? – [Josh] Yes It's sheep's manchego – Hey at least I got that right after you told it to me – Rhett had 19, Link had 50 – Oh, oh ouch Neil, ouch

We got some kind of spaghetti with hot dogs in it That's what's happening right now – And who's gonna argue with that? – It's like a bolognese sauce with some straight up shredded cheddar cheese– – At least appears to be cheddar cheese but let's be sure – I don't think they're fooling us If they put hot dogs in their pasta, I think they're probably putting cheddar cheese in there as well

– Mmm! Man that's a good grandma invention Grandmas in what part of the world are serving this up to children and making them happy? – It's a very sweet tomato sauce – Now, I get to go first for this final round and I'm gonna use my NART (bells ringing) – I'm just gonna keep eating 'cause this is really good This is like something I would've made for myself in like seventh grade

– Do you want a full scoop? – Uh You know what? I don't want any shredded cheese 'cause I don't want to dry up any of my sauce – The cheese is free

– Just put it in this hand – Okay – Okay, okay, thank you Okay – That's really tasty

– Yeah I highly recommend that no matter where you live on the Earth or off the Earth, I don't care – Very sophisticated too – Take that to the International Space Station where some of this noodle's about to go I just can't imagine anywhere on Earth where they wouldn't want to add hot dogs to spaghetti

– Right – But I do hear Argentina calling my name – I'm familiar with that feeling – I think it may be Chase under his breath though – Link

– Okay, so I'm going for Argentina They got meats down there, lots of 'em – Yeah, lots of meats – Okay, alright Chase, alright You're not really that close to the board but whatever

– [Chase] It's more for the set – Okay thank you So I'm gonna try to splay it from Spain, Nigeria, all the way down to Argentina with one of these motions – Oh Lord ♪ Don't cry for me, Argentina ♪ – [Rhett] Okay, wow

– [Link] I covered the whole left side of the map – So you definitely got Argentina, Mexico and Canada You may have even gotten a little Spain and Italy over there I think this might be Canada because it feels like the kind of thing – You better hope it's not

– No, no, I think you might be right unintentionally because this feels like the kind of thing that's like did you know that they put hot dogs in spaghetti in Canada? I think this is a Canadian thing and I think I'm moving to Canada because of it – Well, you're defensive move might pay off – I hit Canada – Good shot, by the way, you did it the Canada – You just ate sweet spaghetti made with ground meat, hot dogs, cheddar cheese and tomato sauce sweetened with banana ketchup served as a comfort food in the Philippines

– [Both] Oh! – So did I make up any ground? – I don't know if the camera can see this but there is a tiny little one right here next to Thailand – [Rhett] Oh come on! – [Link] That came off my pinky – Actually, there's one right there next to the Philippines too – Wow! – I'm pretty happy – But what's the difference here 'cause I was 27 so– – Well Link was two and Rhett was 65

– Yeah alright! – Okay, looks like I'm getting slapped with a wet noodle in Good Mythical More – And you know, I'm honored to have won but I feel a little dirty about it But it's only because of this – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hello, I'm Cynthia from Tampa, Florida and this is my mythical beast Noodle and it is time to spin the wheel of mythicality – There's a snake on her shoulder, does she know? – No, that's just a noodle – Click the top link to watch us try some international dessert pastas in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel's gonna land Move at the speed of conversation with us

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