International McDonald’s Taste Test

(singing in foreign language) – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning

– Thank you for making us a part of your daily routine, and as a reward, today you get to watch me turn into a human tea bag, literally We're also gonna play an Olympic face-guessing game later – Yes, and the Olympics are a time where the entire world unites for some healthy competition Nothing can unite the world like that, except maybe McDonald's – Oh yeah

– Now if you're traveling around the world and you're a picky eater like Link, there's probably a Mickey D's you can just pop right into – And while most McDonald's have the staples that I can count on, they also incorporate some local flavors into their international McDonald's menu, so we're gonna see if we can tell what country the McDonald's menu item comes from It's time for ♪ Where in the world do these ♪ ♪ International McDonald's menu items come from ♪ – Mythical chefs Tess and Josh have painstakingly recreated Mickey D menu items for us to sample, and they used as many real McDonald's ingredients as possible We didn't have them shipped, in other words

We are gonna taste them and then guess what country they came from by throwing a dart – (whines) No, no – I'm just touching the darts, Chase By throwing them at this– – Don't even gesture with the darts, man – Come out from over there

– Did those practice throws before we started without a dart – It's so nerve wracking – Flashbacks, our resident cartographer, Chase, will measure the distance from the dart to the correct answer That score will become the points that you get Lowest score at the end wins

– Now, since Link has done so horribly at this game in the past, and even lost when we've given him advantages sometimes, you're gonna get two advantages today, Link You're gonna get the fart, which is throwing four darts, but we're calling it the McFart (chuckles) – Okay – And you're also gonna get the quarter darter with cheese, where on the last round, you literally get to take a burger patty covered in ketchup and throw it at the dartboard and we're gonna measure the distance from the closest ketchup to the right answer – Okay

– You cannot lose this, man – [Link] I don't need– – I want you to win – I don't need your pity handicaps – And the win– Yes I do – And the winner gets to eat a McDonald's item from a fictional place, Westeros

– Westeros – Westeros (laughs) – Game of Thrones, you've heard of it Westeros – Westeros is where I hang out

Let's do this (cheerful humming) Let's see our first item – What is it? Oh, it's immediately looks– – [Rhett] Looks like a giant Filet-O-Fish? – There's no cheese, which Filet-O-Fish has cheese usually It's all cheese – Is it all the way through? – The whole freakin' thing is cheese

It's a Filet-O-Fish minus the fish with the cheese that looks like fish – It's good, man – Who doesn't love cheese? I'm gonna let you go first because I'm a gentleman It also gives me an advantage I need all I could get

– Man, this is tough, fried cheese Because fried cheese is typically a European thing There's The Netherlands, I don't know how I feel about this This cheese seems like than Indian cheese, paneer – Oh

– You know what I'm saying? That like you can get at the Indian restaurants – Go for it, man – I don't know, I don't feel good about this, but I'm going for India And I hit Russia, like always – Well, it's a big place, hard not to hit

Um, paneer I don't think is fried like that Oh, we went to that one restaurant, though – That one restaurant, remember that? I don't know what one you're talking about – You know what, I think you're right and I'm going right for India – Really? – I'm feeling good

Ooh, a little low – [Rhett] Okay, we've got India surrounded – [Link] Were we right? – [Stevie] This is the McSpicy Paneer, a patty made from fried paneer cheese, found in the non-beef-eating country of India (groans) – You nailed it All right, who was closer? – Rhett has 16, and Link had 12

– Yeah! – Nice start, man – I take the early lead Darren, don't look so surprised over there (laughs) He was like (upbeat humming) Let's see what we have in here

Ooh, fries – Fries with gravy – [Link] Is it gravy? – I don't know why we don't do this – Now, if I'm not mistaken, this is what they call poutine – Yeah

– [Link] And this is a Canadian treat – Maybe poutine's big somewhere else Maybe poutine's big in Australia You gotta think about these things because– – Oh yeah – Canadians and Australians have similar tastes, like one has Vegemite and one has the other one

– You know what, I'm glad you told me that and you're exactly wrong Canada, come home to Daddy Ooh, I hit Canada! – You actually hit Canada – [Link] There's a lot of it, but I did hit it – Link, this may be your day because this is definitely Canada

I was just trying to throw you off But you gotta move, I, you are so much closer You're also, you have an advantage every round because you're closer to the board – You care if I lean on you? – You can't, you gotta, you gotta, I'm gonna get up here to Link distance Oh, this is so easy

(laughing) – Well, your arm is twice as long as mine, too Are we right? – [Stevie] So your logic was almost right, but poutine has cheese and these don't have cheese These are gravy-loaded fries from Australia – Oh, dang it! – Are you serious? – Oh, I should have listened to myself joking – All right, Link you had 76 and Rhett, you had 80

– Oh, I'm falling behind (bell dings) – Yeah (upbeat humming) – Okay, nice little wrapper (paper crinkles) It's another Filet-O-Fish – [Link] There's some spicy mustard

– Mustard sauce – On this – Hold on, it's got a pocket, like a Hot Pocket – Oh whoa, what is that, some sort of like– – I don't know, but it's so good – It's, it's uh, it's oozy and gushy

– It's meat, it's another kind of meat inside something else – It's gravy in meat that's been deep fried – Is that chicken on the outside? – No, it's just breading What is that, what is it? – Excuse me while I eat this entire thing (crew laughs) – You love it? I don't love this one

It's too rich – You don't love it? – I'm a little bit afraid that there's something I don't like in it and I just liked it accidentally – I feel like the gravy-ish meat thing, like the creamy meat is not, it's not an Asian thing, I don't think they would do that there Again, I feel like this is, it's like a European approach to something My only option for that is Netherlands

– [Link] Ooh, let go a little soon on that – [Rhett] Yeah, I'm high – I think this is a mayonnaise-filled fried patty with mustard on it There's no place on Earth where they love mayonnaise more than– – On what, Ers? – Earst, Westeros (laughs) Than the Netherlands

– You're using all my reasoning You're just going for the same countries I'm going for – But, it could be Uruguay It could be Venezuela and it could be Malaysia Those four choices lead me to pull further ahead with my McFart

(alarm rings) (laughing) – Yeah, I forgot, you do have that – So I'm throwing four dart and I'm gonna splay them across the board, centering on Netherlands – Everybody out – And I'm gonna go Malaysia, Netherlands, Uruguay, and then the fourth one is just a wild card Splay it out

(darts bang) – [Rhett] Yup, okay – [Link] Nowhere near the Netherlands – [Rhett] Well, you hit– – [Link] But I'm close to Uruguay – All right, what is it? – [Stevie] This is the McCroquette It's a croquette with ragout and pieces of pure beef topped with mustard and they offer it in the Netherlands

(laughs triumphantly) – We had, we had the freakin' croquettes – Yes we did, man – I didn't know this was a croquette, it was too flat – It's good – It's not great

– If could just throw a dart, I'd be pulling way ahead – All right, Rhett you had 15, and Link you had 18 – Oh – It's so close (upbeat humming) Let's unwrap this present

– There's some sesame seeds on this joint – This one is deep fried – Why is everybody doing the same thing all around the world? – Got some sort of hot mayonnaise and then this, oh my goodness – Is that? – It's blackness – What is that? Just gotta eat it to find out

– Because it, ooh, the middle's the wildcard, that's fish – [Rhett] Yeah, this is uh, fish – [Link] That is, oh, it's shrimp – It's shrimp? – This is a shrimp burger – Well you're gonna love it

– This is an amazing idea – [Rhett] It's pretty good – I was wondering why it tastes like like it was fish but it didn't taste bad – It's got whole shrimp in there Look at that! – [Link] I don't know what the black stuff is

– You're up first, Link – Mickey D's, bring that to America Well, this is clearly, I don't know, shrimp are everywhere They're around everything – (laughs) Shrimp are around everything

– When humans congregate– – You know that – In watered areas, shrimp also congregate This is tough, I don't think this is Japan It's very Americanized, like the fact that I like it surprises me that this would be in Japan or Malaysia I'm gonna split the difference, put my dart right in between

A lot of water over there Whoops (rhett laughs) – So you're in Australia You may, so you may, if it's Australia, you've got that round – It's not Australia, Australia's already been

We thought it was Canada So what, what do you think this is? – I think it's Malaysia or Japan because of the black, it's spicy first of all and it's got the black sauce I don't think they would do that anywhere else – It's like a shrimp po' boy, it should be like New Orleans – I'm gonna say Malaysia because I just feel like there's more shrimp around Malaysia

– It's not as much surface area Whoa, you really nailed Malaysia – [Stevie] Okay guys, this is the Ebi Filet-o, which translates to Filet-O-Shrimp, a shrimp patty breaded and fried and served up hot and fresh in Japan – Japan – Oh

– So you have won this round clearly, but how much? – [Rhett] Oh, was it– – [Link] This is putting you in the lead – I'm in the lead going into the last round, brother – All right, that was 10 for Rhett and 19 for Link (winces) (bell dings) (upbeat humming) – Okay, coming down to the last round I'm up by how many, four? – Yeah

– Four – This is such a close game Now just keep in mind that you're gonna throw a whole burger – Yup, I've saved it I have saved it

– Anywhere the ketchup goes – Right – Anywhere the ketchup goes, we're gonna measure from there – The quarter darter with cheese – This is ice cream on top of a, it's like a McGriddle situation

– Ice cream, caramel – Oh, that is good That is really good – Hold on, could it be that inside of this pancake there's peanut butter? – No – Because if it is, this is where I'm moving

It's not peanut butter – It's not peanut butter – What is it? – We learned from Josh that this is dulce del, what do you call it? Dulce de leche? – Dulce de leche – Uh-huh, and that, my friends, is in South America – Because we dipped the churro in it, that's when we learned it

– Mm-hmm, but is it Venezuela or Uruguay? I feel like I've got to nail whatever it is – Yeah, you do, Rhett – I have to make, I just have to make a choice, because your burger's gonna be so, can you move over just a little bit? – This way? – Just a bit I'm going all in for Uruguay I'm going all in

(sighs) – [Link] Oh, so close to the wrong answer, hopefully – (groans) What's happening with my darts today? – Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to elect to use my – [Both] Quarter darter with cheese – Where's the cheese? There is no cheese – There's no cheese

– There is no cheese – I feel ripped off This is just a quarter darter All right – This is really good

– Now Chase, you can stay there There's no pointy parts to the quarter darter – Yeah, okay – So are you just gonna aim in the middle of the map and hope you're right? – I'm gonna hit Venezuela, and then it's gonna slide slowly down the map all the way across Uruguay, knocking your dart off, ensuring my win either way – What if it's Saudi Arabia? They're decadent there

– Well then I'm still closer to it Of course I could just default the game entirely and just aim smack dab at Chase (laughs) – But of course, if any ketchup comes off of him and hits the map, it counts – The problem is I want to splat it and slide it Splat it and slide it

Venezuela to Uruguay, here we go Oh, it's on my hand – Oh, you're losing some No no, you can't, no Well I don't know what the rules are for this

– You can't reapply ketchup All right, here we go (burger splatters) (laughs) – The crazy thing is there's ketchup pretty close to Uruguay, Uruguay or however you say it – [Link] Yeah, closer than yours Okay, what's the answer? – [Stevie] That was the Pancake Helado, a pancake stuffed with dulce de leche topped with ice cream and more dulce de leche, served up in Uruguay

– Yes! Oh gosh, oh gosh – [Link] Hold on, Chase – Hold on, what's gonna happen? Oh no (crew laughs) – Where is my closest, point to my closest ketchup – Straight above it

– I think it's that one, but it could be that little dot too I might have to measure – [Link] Measure them both – Oh, you have to get four better than me – Take me to Westeros

I wanna dine at Mickey D's – This has gonna be so close – Rhett, you have four, and Link, you have three (bell dings) – Which means that overall, Rhett– (laughs hysterically) – Woo! Yes! Yes! The dart gods once again shine upon me in the most amazing way possible Man, I feel bad, I'm sorry

You know, I just, I feel bad You know, you can't, I mean, you couldn't write it better than this (crew laughs) I mean, really – You know what would make me feel better? Becoming a human tea bag (laughs) – Well, let's do that

– [Link] Dink it and drink it with an Ear Biscuits mason jar, available at Mythicalstore

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