International KFC Taste Test

– Today we KFC the world – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) Good Mythical Morning – We wanted to let you know that the shirt that I am wearing is the latest Mythical Society exclusive perk only sent to third tier members and if you don't think it looks extremely Mythical, well, watch this – Ha – See, as soon as the sun hits it, you can tell I'm a member of the Mythical Society Oh, look at that

– Yeah, it's already changing back Super cool, you'll only be getting this amazing solar powered tee if you're signed up for the third degree of the Mythical Society MythicalSocietycom – But now let's talk about chicken

Chicken is like music to my mouth and music is the language of love and therefore, chicken is the language of love I chicken you, Link – I chicken you too, Rhett That actually makes it easier – Exactly

– KFC has built an entire empire of chicken restaurants in over 120 countries around the world and according to KFC's website, KFC menus around the globe feature items unknown in the United States Well, that sounds like a challenge to me – Sure does, it's time for– ♪ Where in the world do these ♪ ♪ International KFC dishes come from? ♪ – We're gonna be served a non-US dish served at a non-U

S KFC, we're gonna taste it and we're gonna indicate our guess of what country it's from by hurling a dart at our worldwide map of KFCs Now some of these items are served in more than one country but it's our job to guess where it originated – Yeah so and as per usual, we will measure the distance between our darts and the bullseye of the correct country and the lower the score, the better Now, Link, traditionally, you lost this game a lot but you actually won last time

– I did – But because you've lost more than you've won, we're still going to give you a cheat This time, you win this time, you don't get any more cheats – Okay – We're giving you what we're calling the 11 darts and spices

(chuckles) – All right so I'm gonna– – You get to throw 11 darts at any round of your choice and you're gonna pick your best dart – I don't know if that's an advantage Whoever has the shortest distance, AKA the lowest score at the end gets to perform a drumstick solo using chicken drumsticks in Good Mythical More – Okay – Let's eat

♪ Mm bah mm bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – What do we have here? – Boxed chicken – Oh my gosh – We got a chicken hot dog, boys (chuckles) With cheese on it – Yeah, let's forget the game and just eat

Dink it, sink it – Oh oh oh oh You gotta be careful, your wiener just pops right out of there – Mm, okay that's good, mm Since I won last time– – It's almost too good

– I'm gonna give you the advantage in round one by allowing you to go second, okay? – [Rhett] Okay Let's see – I'm hungry – Who originated this amazing idea? It's a very savory, you know what– – Yeah – When you go to a Brazilian churrascaria– – Yeah one of those

I also call them Brazilian steakhouse – They're meat crazy– – They bring all kinds of meat – They love meat there They're like shaving it off all types of spits and spigots– – You're right – And blades and stuff

– You're right – So – Can't deny that – I just feel like this is happening in Brazil Ooh that's close

– Okay, very close – What do you think, you think this is Brazil? – No, I'm going off the knowledge that I learned last time when we ate that amazing spaghetti dish that had hot dogs in it and I said that it was from Canada and then it turned out it was from the Philippines, so I'm gonna go with the wiener connection to Philippines – The wiener connection – Boy if I'm wrong, you're really pulling ahead, ho ho – Go for it, Philip

– Never done this with a jacket on Gotta get that– – Really? – [Rhett] Whoa ho ho ho! – [Link] You almost hit the Philippines! – I'm gonna have to wear a jacket from now on – Oh I hope that's the wrong answer, Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay you guys just ate the double down dog, a hot dog between a single fried chicken filet which was released for a limited time in 2015 in the Philippines (Rhett laughs excitedly) – Whoa, wiener time, yes! – Oh, man I didn't even remember that wiener connection

– Yeah that was the only thing I was going on was the fact that there's hot dogs in the spaghetti in the Philippines – Well I hate it – Link, you had 52 Rhett, you had 2 – Okay, okay

– How many I have? – Two – Two ♪ Mm bah mm bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Some sort of sandwich here It's square-shaped – Oh oh oh! – What on– – This is like a Frisco burger back in the day from Carl's Jr

, Hardee's But it's chicken – I would say it's a grilled cheese with fried chicken in the middle – Well you could say that, 'cause it's sourdough – Is there also, is there onions in there? Yes

– Oh with grilled onions on the bottom,, oh my goodness We've been missing out, man – Wowser, 11 herbs and change my life forever – That is legitimately– – Smart – Better than anything I've actually eaten at KFC

– Well you need to travel somewhere – Having recently been to the United Kingdom, I feel like they're into square sandwiches, I don't know – Yeah everything on there is white Just like all the food we ate there was white and brown – I feel like Canada could be a candidate for this but I don't know, it's sort of a safer throw to go for the United Kingdom 'cause it's right in the middle of the map

So I'm going for the UK – Oh, you went a little high but here's the thing This is an ambitious sandwich It's got all this fun is just thrown into it, because I consider onions as very fun

And that made me think Japan because when you go to Tokyo it's like, you're just getting hit in the same– – What! (electronic music) (Rhett continues yelling) – With flashing lights and signage and cheese and onions and bread and fried chicken! – Yeah – But I mean you've already pulled so far ahead I can't go for the gusto of that far on that side of the board – Well because I have pulled so far ahead, you might need to go real hard, real decisive – My gut says Japan but– – Follow your gut, man

– I'm not gonna listen to you I'm gonna split the difference and go for the D in United Kingdom – Oh okay – So Russia Well, a little low

Maybe it's Saudi Arabia, come on – It could be – Chicken gods, help me – [Stevie] Okay this is the Colonel Grilled Cheese Sandwich that features a chicken filet, French mozzarella and cheddar fondue along with caramelized onions and it's sold in KFC in France – France

– France, well, conveniently, right next to the United Kingdom – You lucky dog I'm glad I hedged my bets Chase? – You're pretty close – Rhett had 10, Link had 11

– Oh – Wow That was– – Not too bad, Link But just a little bit worse ♪ Mm bah mm bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Unwrap another gift from the Kentucky– – Now this is a circular sandwich

– Okay so– – Holy what? Sesame seed bun Hash brown, cranberry – Cheese, lettuce, mayo – [Rhett] Cranberry hash browns and chicken? – It's got a potatoey sweetness This is good

– It tastes like Thanksgiving – Rhett, you gotta throw first – Where do they celebrate Thanksgiving at KFC that's not the United States? Okay here's my reasoning I'm going to choose Japan, here's why I have this feeling that Japan likes to take some things from other countries and then bring it into a sandwich and be able to say something like you can get the USA Thanksgiving sandwich here in Japan

– Mm-hmm – And then this is what it is and it is good, it's fine But as someone who has actually experienced Thanksgiving, I could say that that thing from France is a lot better – I actually really like this – I'm going for Japan

Okay, little high, little right – I like the fact that your dart is so far over there 'cause I need everything I can get – I've opened the door for you, Link – Back in the game Because the potatoes on it, I was actually thinking Canada 'cause of their whole poutine situation

– They do have a poutine situation – They put stuff on potatoes, why not put potatoes on stuff? (sighs) – Well if you're right, you might pull ahead – This is a wild card I do agree that this is like throwing a bunch of American stuff I just don't know

So I'm going for, I think it could be Zimbabwe (Rhett chuckles) – It might be, I don't know, haven't been there – But I'm aiming for Saudi Arabia In the right middle of the board – In the middle of the Sahara

– So I'm playing a defensive game today Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay this is the Colonel's Christmas Burger – Christmas? – [Stevie] Made with an original recipe filet, a hash brown, cheese, lettuce, cranberry sauce, and sage and onion stuffing mayonnaise and it's sold around the holidays in the UK – [Rhett and Link] Oh

– Am I catching up? – Yeah you just– – The UK? – You just made up some ground, Neal – All right Rhett, you had 50 Link, you had 12

– Oh wow, Link – Back in it ♪ Mm bah mm bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Another round sandwich – Yeah speaking of Christmas Okay so right here we have chicken sandwich with corn and

– Corn and mayonnaise – I guess that's just mayonnaise but the corn is so sweet I can't tell Mm, that's good

It's weird but good – It is good It's unexpectedly good – The vegetables that KFC's putting all stuff around the world, onions and corn, I'm a fan – Mm

– Wouldn't you say? – Oh yeah, it's great – [Rhett] Brazil's the corn capital of the world – Is it? – Yeah There's two ears of corn for every person – I've heard that Brazil is the corn capital of the world

– Mm-hmm – So I'm guessing China – [Rhett] Mm – And I've hit China – No

– [Link] Nope I'm a little off of it – Okay – What are you thinking? You know that Brazil is the corn capital of the world – Yeah it is Something about corn in this form says Indonesia to me

– You're thinking Canada huh? – No I'm thinking Indonesia It would be a cheat to consult Davin But I'm gonna just look at his face He gave me the Okay, I feel Indonesia

Oh– – Oh gosh – Almost Japan – We are very close here – I'm up and to the right a lot today – I'm okay with that throw

– [Stevie] Okay you guys just ate the Creamed Corn Chicken Sandwich featuring a crispy fried boneless chicken thigh, topped with creamed corn, made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese on a sesame bun and it's sold in Brazil – Oh ho ho ho! – Oh! So that's not mayo I knew that wasn't mayo and then you said mayo It's cream cheese! – Brazil isn't the corn capital of the world but, man I should have listened to my lie (laughs) If I could just get myself to listen to my own lies

– Link, you had 58 Rhett, you had 56 – Oh okay, pulling away just a little bit ♪ Mm bah mm bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – 15 centimeters separates the leaders (Rhett gasps) And we have a chicken pizza y'all

(laughs) Look at that – Oh my goodness Look, it is a, how, there's no chicken with a breast that big – [Link] Well they pound it out, you know – Is this a Franken-breast? – This is like a chicken parm, dink it

Sink it, and it's got pineapples on it so it's internet controversial – It's like the Italian chicken sandwich that they bring to Burger King sometimes – It's a chicken parm type situation – Yeah it's like the chicken parm we had in Australia – Mm-hmm

– That was a little bit thicker and wasn't so covered – Now am I going first or you? – You're going first, my friend – Okay well I do have my 11 darts and spices which turns out there'd just be mostly dart, not any spices – I think there's a dusting in there I've been told there's a dusting

– Okay – Chase is wisely moving over here – See, I don't know if 11 darts is actually– – Oh yeah it is – That much of an advantage – You wanna give it to me? (chuckles) I'll take it

– I'm torn between Canada and Saudi Arabia I think I keep Saudi Arabia 'cause it's in the middle of the board and my eyes just kinda look in the middle of things – Right That's always smart – I mean I'm gonna try to spray the entire board from Saudi Arabia to Canada

– [Rhett] Please just spray the board – I have no real clue where this is Go – I'm confident (darts whacking) – [Link] Oh right there in the middle, I got six

Oh there's two down there, look at that – [Rhett] Look what you did to the Colonel – [Link] I got a east and a west – I almost feel like you should get points for that Okay, I know just a second ago I said things about corn and Indonesia but now I'm gonna say things about pizza and Indonesia

Again, I don't know what it is but every single time I see something that feels like super inventive, like oh why didn't we think of that? It seems to come from that part of the world Well you know what, I'm just gonna aim at China and hope that it's either China, Japan or Indonesia – To the west of it, I mean the east of it – Okay here we go Good safe bet, now you could definitely have me beat if it's anything to the west

– [Stevie] Okay, that was Chizza A chicken-based pizza with chicken, ham, pineapple chunks and KFC's signature cheese sauce This was first introduced in Japan – Oh oh ho! – Aw! Japan! – Woo! – Bite me in the butt – And it's since made its way to Singapore, India, Malaysia and more

– And Saudi Arabia and Canada probably – Yeah eventually they'll get to all the places that you hit, Link, including the Colonel's face (chuckles) – Dang, I was way to the wrong spot Well– – Link, you had 33 And Rhett, you had 14

– Well congratulations Rhett, you've done it but we're all winners here because of what we've already eaten and will continue to eat and you get to play a drumstick solo in Good Mythical More – Yes I do, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi it's (speaking foreign language) from Uruguay But we are in Tokyo

– [Both] What! – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Not bad, not bad Click the top link to watch us try more international KFC items like the Original Recipe Porridge Bowl in More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land We've got some Mythical threads for your head

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