International Hot Sauce Taste Test

– Today we burn our mouths for geography – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Mythical Beasts, all of our episodes are brought to you by us as well as our hard-working crew, as well as a tiny werewolf that lives in my ear and tells me to say stuff But today's episode is also brought to you by Google Pixel 3 – Yes – The Pixel 3 has a ton of new and upgraded features that make it an awesome, easy to use smartphone – It has so many great features, in fact, that we wanted to try some of them in action and of course, we wanted to find a way to be competitive about it and of extra course, I wanted to be competitive about it in a game that Link is in all likelihood going to lose

– Okay I am not gonna argue with you about that because yes we are indeed throwing darts at a big map! Hello, Chase – Hi – [Rhett] Look alive, Chase! – And tasting some international foods which traditionally, you have been better at – Right – But I'm feeling like today is my day

– Okay we're gonna find out because just as Pixel 3 makes every day more extraordinary, so does hot sauce! It's time for– ♪ Where in the world do these ♪ ♪ International hot sauces come from ♪ – [Rhett and Link] Sponsored by Google Pixel 3 – Okay we're gonna taste a hot sauce then we're gonna guess where that hot sauce originates and throw a dart– (mimics dart whooshing) At that place, I'm not holding a dart – You never know with you, sometimes, you grab 'em secretly – Chase will measure who is closest to that place And the lowest cumulative distance overall wins

– Now you usually have a lifeline to kinda even things out We're gonna do a slightly different lifeline because you're gonna be able to use Google Lens on Pixel 3 which is actually gonna enable you in a round of your choice, to just take a picture of the hot sauce in question and it will tell you where it's from How's that for a lifeline? – I gladly accept that – Okay, let's do this (flames crackling) (mellow music) – All right we got some hot sauce here

– This is green – We've got a man with– – Oh! – What did you do? – [Rhett] I poured it on the desk – I hope it's not too hot – Okay (crew laughs) Oh! – Ooh that's a tangy sauce, is it not, my friend? – It is a very tangy sauce, my friend

– (chuckles) Now we got darts here, my friend – I got my own darts – Who's gonna dart first? You know what, I'd love for you to go first Just because– – Oh! I'd love for me to go first too – 'Cause you're my friend and it would give me an advantage

I need all of those I can get – This is going to be a difficult game – It'd be great on a burrito I'm not trying to give you a hint here – Could you slide, Clyde? – Sure

– To me it has a taste like you might taste at a restaurant where you would get a burrito I do see what you're saying, it has like a– – Like that green tabasco – Like a picante-ishness – I put that on a burrito – I honestly don't know what kind of hot sauces they have in New Zealand or any part of the world over there

Because it doesn't have like a Szechuan taste to it – Just throw the dart – I just feel like I should play defensive I know this is a little bit of a chump move – You're going for Tunisia, huh? – I'm just aiming Tunisia and hoping for the best

Not the first time I said that (chuckles) (crew laughs) Oh! (Rhett laughs heartily) – You hit Tunisia! This sauce, my friend, is from Mexico Where burritos are born (chuckles) – [Rhett] Whoa, how 'bout Estonia? – Exactly Or Estonia

– Uh-huh, right – Yeah – [Stevie] Okay guys You just tasted Muso Hot Yuzu Sauce from Japan – [Link] Japan? That is a– – And muso is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a cross between an orange and a lime so it's probably where that tanginess was coming from

– Probably – Oh yeah – It says from Japan right on the bottle, okay – All right Rhett, you had 37, and Link, you were 47 – Oh gosh

– Pretty close – Sorry – Pretty close though – Pretty close – Pretty close

(flames crackling) (mellow music) – Oh look, comes in the same bottle, this sauce – This is the mass bottle of not knowing where it's from This is a thicker sauce – And a redder sauce – [Link] Well it's orange

– Which is more red than green – Can't argue with that Okay yeah, I'm not gonna eat all of that, it's– – If I've ever said anything, it's orange is more red than green It has a baby food, oh, whoa! – That's exactly what I was thinking Baby food consistency

– Don't give this to your baby Okay that's hot – And it's coming out the nose but again this is some sort of fruit that produces something close to red – Fruit that produces something that's close to red All right, how does that inform your dart throw, Link? – [Link] Trinidad and Tobago, that's a lot of names for such a small place

(crew laughs) – True dat – I wonder what kinda orange fruits they got there You know, Ghana is speaking to me – What is it saying? – Throw at me – Oh, okay

– I have no reason except– – If Ghana speaks, you should listen – If I miss, I'm gonna miss to the left I'm going for the O in Tobago honestly Oh, a little high Okay, you have any insight into this baby food concoction of boiling heat? – All I can say is, last time I aimed for Tunisia and hoped for the best and it worked out

If it ain't broke, don't fix it – Come on man, be emphatic Where do you think it's from? – I'm not emphatic, I'm lymphatic I'm aiming at Tunisia – You think it's from Tunisia? – No I have no idea but Tunisia's calling my name

(chuckles) – Don't be a wuss, man (Rhett grunts) – Oh I hit a sea, a sea of sorts – [Stevie] You just tasted Dona Isabel Aji Amarillo hot sauce from Peru – Peru – Oh, what? – [Stevie] The Aji Amarillo is the most popular Peruvian pepper and is used in many traditional dishes, sauces and salsas

– [Link] So it is a yellow hot pepper – It has a llama on it, has it got llama milk in it? No answer (crew laughs) Okay we don't have that information What about the measurements, Chase? – Link, you had 26 Rhett, you had 39

– Yes! – Oh I just fell behind – Woo-hoo-hoo! – Problem for the Rhettster (fire crackling) (mellow music) All right – Ooh, smell it Trouble

– Yeah, that's a hot pepper – Go easy – That's the smell of death – Of course we have to taste it before we can formulate a guess – Naturally

– I'm going so light – Go so light – Oh gosh Okay now before we taste this, we're gonna use photobooth mode on the Google Pixel 3 to take some selfies to capture our hot sauce face which is the moment the flaming hot sauce hits our lips, okay? – Okay – It's not like we're already filming it but a selfie would be pretty special

– (chuckles) Very special – Okay so here's the thing In photobooth mode, you can snap a selfie automatically when you smile and make certain facial gestures like the aforementioned hot sauce face So I'm gonna double-tap the power button and then within the camera app, I'm gonna go to more, and then click photobooth and then I'm just gonna hold this out in a selfie place, you know, which is out here, this is my selfie place And then you're gonna tap that magic blue button and then we're gonna eat it and then it's gonna know we wanna do a selfie, dink it

Oh no (groans) – Okay – Oh got a few Okay, I'm sweating like crazy – Woo! – Oh! – That's hot

– All right so– – I'm going first? – Wherever this is, they like it hot – Okay this is actually causing some PTSD symptoms for me You remember what happened to me when I had that Trinidad scorpion pepper? – Yes, oh – And I laid back there I'm giving you, I'm giving this to you

You can follow me all the way to Trinidad and Tobago because that thing hurt me so bad – Trinidad morugo, hit it Oh! You're right, man, this is freaking flashback territory But you didn't hit the dot, you hit the label – You're buying what I said, okay

All right I was kinda just BSing – [Link] Oh! Yes – You just tasted Matouk's Trinidad Scorpion Sauce – Ha! Hey hey! – [Stevie] It's made with the Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper which as you both know is one of the world's hottest peppers

– [Link] It's heinous – I would know it anywhere – Oh and it looks like I was closer – All right Rhett, you had eight, and Link, you had five – Oh gosh

– Yes! – Falling behind – I still feel very bad in the mouth though (fire crackling) (mellow music) This one smells hot too, man I'm shaking – Now you're timid

This one doesn't smell as hot – I mean it's not as hot as the previous one – It's a what? – It's sweeter It's sweeter but I can't feel my mouth anymore – Wow

♪ I can't feel my mouth when I do this show ♪ Remember that song? (Rhett chuckles) – Yeah, I have a strong indication, but– – Oh – You're going first – Well thanks for giving me a hint to actually try to taste it – Strong indication – This goes on fish, this has a fishiness

I think that's what Rhett is being indicated – Exactly what I was thinking – So this, this my friends is a hot sauce from Indonesia 'Cause there's so much fishes around all of it – So much fishes

– Ho-ba-jam! Hobajam, that's the word I just made up – You know, Link? – You agree? – You know what I wasn't thinking This goes with fish I was thinking there's so much fishes around Onesia though Indonesia

– That's short – There's so much fishes ind Onesia (both chuckle) – Stupid – Nah, man This has a flavor profile that I have tasted in an Ethiopian restaurant, which is not an option, however, it is in Africa

– Okay so Ghana – It could be New Zealand But there's so much fishes around New Zealand, you know? I don't wanna hit one of the fishes There's so many of 'em No, you know what– – Go for Ghana, man

– Ghana isn't calling my name You know what's calling my name again, Link? – Trinidad? – Tunisia, man – Tunisia? – Yeah – All right (Rhett grunts) Oh, you don't have to throw the dart through the board

– (chuckles) Or maybe you do! – That's a decent tasting sauce, from where? – Yeah that's good, that's really good – [Stevie] I'm gonna butcher this, I just know it This is Le Phare du Cap Bon Harissa from Tunisia (Rhett laughs) – Woo! – [Stevie] And that directly translates to– – Dang you! – The flame of the cape It's a red hot pepper sauce often used to season couscous or meats, but not fishes

– Cous cous or meat – Fishes ares meats Fish are meat too! – It's distinctly African tasting – Link, you have 45 and Rhett you have six (crew laughing) – Yeah yeah, six is a lot less than 45

(fire crackling) (mellow music) Okay Link – Last sauce – Oh – [Link] This one looks like molasses – I'm getting a lot just from the smell

– This one smells like soy sauce – You didn't have to say it – It's pretty obvious, it's not like I'm telling you something I didn't already know – It's good though – So you gotta go first

– Okay, this is distinctly Asian To me it tastes like something that you would put into a wok (laughs) as you are frying up some chicken – I love it how woks make you happy – At a Chinese restaurant! – Steak house! – Woo woo! China, here I come! – [Link] It's a big country Whoa, he's nailed China! – Oh, woo! – Ooh, I hope it's not China

But okay, I'm gonna use my special Google Lens lifeline here Google Lens is a really cool feature because basically, you can take a picture of something and have Google tell you about it, you can take a photo of a tree and it will tell you the type of tree that it is You can take a photo of a pair of shoes that somebody else is wearing and then it will tell you what their shoes are and you can buy yourself a pair So I'm gonna take a picture of the hot sauce bottle Mythical chef Josh, produce said bottle

And I'm just going to double tap the power button and in the camera app, I'm gonna long press on the bottle here and that switches to lens mode so let's see what Google Lens can tell me Indonesia (snaps fingers) So I still have a chance – Well maybe (chuckles) – But I have to nail Indonesia and I'm gonna do it with the hot sauce

– Okay – No (Link sighs) – I don't know if you can make up the difference, but here's what I'll tell you – [Link] There's a lot of Indonesia – If you can actually land on the bullseye of Indonesia, you take it home

You can take home the victory – For the win – Whoa! – Aw! – Not really that close – Gosh – [Stevie] Okay so you've seen the bottle, you know it's from Indonesia

It's actually called– – [Davin] Kokita Kecap Sambal – Stevie! – What in the world Was that Davin? – I saw Davin run over to the mic – [Stevie] Google Lens did you right – [Link] I'm closer but did I win? – Rhett, you had 19, Link you had eight

So Rhett, you won – Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! – Congratulations, Rhett Take a celebratory selfie – Okay And you know what, Chase

You don't even have to move because I'm going to use the wide angle feature All right! Woo hoo! – All right, thanks to Google Pixel 3 for sponsoring today's episode – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hey Rhett and Link, I'm Matthew

– I'm Sarah – And we're about to do a Hot Ones challenge But first, it's time to spin– – [Both] The Wheel of Mythicality – Hot Ones is not our channel I'm just saying

– Don't tell them (Link chuckles) Click the top link to watch us take a hot sauce taste test with a hot sauce sommelier in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Look like a world-class title holder in our Mythical skate tee, available at Mythicalstore

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