Insane YouTube Conspiracies (GAME)

– Today we get Illumi-naughty with conspiracies – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – You know, every now and then I like to dabble in the world of conspiracies like did the Titanic actually sink? Is there a second sun? Am I being held back by having a co-host? These are questions that quench my thirst for knowledge today, brothers and sisters, I am thirsty Which is why I've scoured the darkest corners of the YouTube – Scoured – The YouTube to find– – Scoured YouTube

– Some conspiracy videos that I'll be quizzing Link on It's time for Wake Up Sheeple! And Guess the Conspiracies of these YouTube People Link, are you a student of YouTube conspiracy videos? – No – Good! (chuckles) That'll make this more interesting Here's what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna show you a short clip of somebody, first of all, there's a lot of people out there just giving out the conspiracy theories big time on YouTube – You are not alone – And I'm gonna give just a little clip so you can tell a little bit about them and what they talk like, and then I'm going to give you multiple choices as to what conspiracy theory they're about to say – Okay – If you get more than half of these right, so four of these right, you get to give your own GMM conspiracy theory on IGTV

If not, I do, so either way there's gonna be one All right are you ready? – Yes – On October 8th, 2013, the newly updated $100 bill was released in America, remember that? – Love that day – Three days later, YouTuber the Jonathan Kleck, which Jonathan Kleck? – [Together] The Jonathan Kleck – Uploaded a video where he decrypted a hidden meaning concealed in the bill

Let's take a look – This is a mega newsflash You guys, you all have been watching, anyone that's been watching what I do, I decrypted the US currently years ago

Bills that no one else knew what was on those bills The $100 bill has come out, the new $100 bill This is urgent, viral, get it out (laughs) – I love the way he sets it up Mega news flash! Urgent, viral, get it out! – Get it out

– Why is it so urgent? Well according to the Jonathan, does the $100 bill predict, A, the economic collapse of America at the hands of the greedy 1% B, the nuclear devastation of America at the hands of Satan C, a bloodless coup of America at the hands of the Illuminati, or D, nothing He's actually just humble bragging that he's got those Benjamins! (Link chuckles) – I only see one though A bloodless coup of America at the hands of the Illuminati

At least it's bloodless – Bloodless, no blood – I'm up for that, of course, I'm on the inside No I don't think Satan's involved with this guy

I think he's a loner – Okay – Then I'm left with A, the economic collapse of America at the hands of the greedy 1% That's my answer – Okay, the Jonathan Kleck, tell Link what the theory's all about

– These are their plans, to nuke the United States It's Satan's plan, by the way, Satan the fallen angels, but we have members of our government who've been taken over by demonic spirits So I'm sounding the alarm, prepare yourselves I don't know the hour, the day, the month or the year But I'm telling you it's coming no matter what

(Rhett laughs) – No matter what – It was Satan, and he actually had Satan footage Did you see that? – Yeah it was– – Jonathan Kleck's got Satan footage – I think that was animated, Rhett – Yeah he knows something that I always knew, which is you promise very vaguely

I say, "Kids, I don't know the day, the hour, "the month of the year, but we are going to Disney World "no matter what!" Just keep 'em guessing, we've never been (chuckles) All right Link– – I missed that one, and somehow, I'm proud of that – Yeah, next one, the next YouTube conspiracy is about our dear friend, friend of the show, Post Malone! He's not gonna walk out I asked for that but he's busy It comes from White Mike of Gulf Coast Epidemic

– What's happening, it's your boy White Mike Gulf Coast Epidemic 86 is the movement, so Post Malone I think about a week and a half ago, his airplane almost crashed, they had a crash land or something like that where there was literally technical difficulties with the technology on the plane for whatever reason – I love everything about White Mike Can I just say that? – Yeah, he made difficulties sound like a different word

– I've tried to say it 10 times– – I can't say it – I can't say do it – What did he say? – Difficulties I don't know what's what – But I did hear about Posty and his plane

– So according to White Mike, what is the reason Post's plane almost went down, is it A, a volcano with special magnetic properties erupted under the ocean in its flight path, but the government doesn't want anyone to know about it B, it was actually just a publicity stunt to promote his Beerbongs and Bentleys tour C, he made enemies with the government and now his days are numbered, or D, it was all done so people could come up with new Post Malone memes like almost a ghost on the east coast Malone – Did you make that one? – Yeah Photoshop

– Very good, Rhett I don't think that this guy is trying to say that Post was doing a marketing gimmick – Okay – I think he's on Post's side – Okay

– So I'm eliminating B As far as A goes, why would the government not want people to know about an underwater eruption? – Right – Seems like a thing we'd all wanna celebrate – Of course – So why would you hide that? – The vague, he made enemies with the government, and now his days are numbered is a safe bet for any conspiracy theory

– Are you going with that? – You know what, once I heard my mouth talk about the eruption– – Heard your mouth – I changed my mind So my brain listened to my mouth and changed its mind I'm going with A, volcano with special magnetic properties – Let him have it, White Mike

– Something's going on with Post Malone I heard he was, in one of his interviews he was talking about some type of government stuff, and it seemed like ever since that interview, it's triggered a lot of these events off But Post Malone's days are numbered it looks like to me (Rhett laughs) – Because of the government – You were wrong

– He went with a cliche, that's not even a conspiracy, that's just like a thought – Yeah well White Mike's got lots of thoughts, man And also, incidentally, White Mike just announced that he'll be teaching a class in some type of government stuff at Gulf Coast Community College So sign up while there's still spots available – And hurry because he will be shirtless

– In 2010, the Russian television network, which is occasionally hosted by Americans as you will see Don't get confused, interviewed Colleen Thomas, owner of Wild Colleen It might be Colleen, you can pronounce it either way Regarding a missile launch off the coast of California Let's take a look

– She says she knows exactly what happened with that missile and she joins me now from Roseville, California Colleen, thanks so much for joining me First of all, tell me what you know about what happened with that supposed missile – It was a, I got in my ear as it were– – Uh-oh (chuckles) As it were

(chuckles) – It was a, I got in my ear as it were – What did Colleen get in her ear, was it A, it was a missile sent psychically by a gifted subset of the human race with psychic abilities and extreme political views B, the missile was part of the government's top secret invisible weapons mission, or IWM, but it malfunctioned and lost its invisibility cloak C, Obama tried to start a war with Iran, but an alien race known as the Pleiadians safely downed the missile at sea to prevent the war from happening, or D, Elon Musk was showing off again (sighs) – This is so exhausting

– Lots of good options – How are you energized by this? – I love all this – I don't understand – Yeah yeah yeah I've got a play date set with Colleen and White Mike

– No kids are involved? (laughs) Play dates are for kids, man – Yeah yeah – Subset of human race with psychic abilities and extreme political views, that's it It's gotta be it – Let him have it, Colleen

– Got in my ear as it were, as I was sleeping, that it was a missile fire, President Obama trying to start a war with Iran The Pleiadians downed the missile harmlessly at sea because they're here to rescue the human beings who are being enslaved on this planet and forced into a paradigm of a super oligarchy – Doesn't it make sense now, Link? – Pleiadian contactee, Colleen, is all over it I'm wrong – Yeah, I know– – Wild Colleen

I'll be at your website later today Dot com – I think the Pleiadians are also giving her fashion advice Korean pop sensation BTS is the subject of many conversations online– – Sure – Mostly coming from the BTS army about how handsome and wonderful they are, which they are, of course

But YouTuber Dave Lee has a much more unique take on the band, let's take a look – So today I'm going to explain to you guys why BTS is not real band They are not even human in how they inexplicably connected – Oh, inexplicably connected to what? A, the Russian government B, The Matrix

C, the Simpsons, or D, his girlfriend's arousal – (chuckles) Why would it be The Simpsons? Or The Matrix? The Russian government is the obvious choice, therefore I'm choosing The Simpsons – All right, let's see what he said – At how they're inexplicably connected to The Simpsons In the episode New Kids on the Blecch, Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph, they become a band by the name of Party Posse

So I decided to compare their dance moves with BTS's dance moves Now the Party Posse called this move the boardwalk as they're stepping back with their legs kinda spread back like this Now look at BTS, they seem to be doing the exact same move Where there's smoke, there's fire, guys – Yeah, I mean, this one makes a lot of sense to me

– Where there's two bottles of wine, there's a genius conspiracy theory – All right Link, you got that one right somehow Some conspiracies are so deep and so grandiose, they question the very universe in which we live Take this video for example as the uploader shows us a brilliant new way to envision our cosmic surroundings – [YouTuber] First of all, this apple here is going to represent the Earth, and, the Earth as we know is on a slight tilt and turns on its axis

– Its access – Yes That's where you get into the Earth, you go into the access – Right on the access port Okay what is she proposing, A, the Earth is actually upside down

B, the sun is actually the moon and the moon is actually the sun C, the sun is flat, or D, the Earth is an apple – The sun is flat? (laughing) – Yeah (chuckling) – I'm gonna say D, the Earth is an apple Because they're all equally preposterous

D! – All right, let's see what she's talking about – [YouTuber] Now this CD disk here is going to represent the sun So we're saying that the sun is flat, but it stands vertically While the Earth is moving in one direction, the sun is going around in the other All right, or maybe it's this way

(crew laughing) – Yeah maybe, what, I don't know All I know is you can't prove she's wrong! How can you prove she's wrong? You can't, have you been to the sun? The sun could be flat! – Just because you use a CD in your demonstration doesn't make the sun flat! – It's like a painting Would it make you feel any different if I told you that was a Fiona Apple CD? (chuckles) – No – All right Link, you can't win – I don't wanna win, Rhett

– You can still have fun – If that's not obvious – Back in 2014, the internet was dominated by the ice bucket challenge People dumped ice water on themselves to promote awareness of ALS, but was the real reason it was created something else? – No – Mr

Cati has a point (chuckles) Let's hear it – This is Mr Cati And in today's report, I'm gonna continue with this ice bucket report

I'm gonna shout this video by stating the following Bear with me here and follow along – A lot of hedging Get to it, man – We should start putting ourselves up in the corner of the screen like that

– Just to leave room for all of those awesome graphics – Yeah What's the real meaning of the ice bucket challenge, is it A, a ritual baptism of mind control and anyone who has done it has been marked by supercomputer for future ritualistic mind control B, it's a government sterilization program to stop celebrities from procreating C, it's a pharmaceutical corporation tactic to weaken the immune system of participants and cause them to spend their money on drugs

D, it's total BS 'cause none of his friends challenged him – Aw, yeah, this guy's got a hidden agenda himself, man – Mm-hm – His feelings have been hurt (sighs) Going for sterilization program to stop celebrities

– That's your answer? It doesn't matter – Yes, man Yeah, that's my answer – All right Mr

Cati – For anyone who has taken part in this ice bucket challenge, it is a ritual baptism that is involving the ritual and mind control It's because it's ritually coded to the most current existing ritual phase which we're in today, ritual code 17 is still in effect And to be able to construct words numerically using the letters as numbers to be able to derive this code, I know that only a supercomputer could do this – Yeah yeah, 17 plus 17 is 34

I wouldn't know that without a supercomputer (chuckling) I mean there it is, right there for all to see – Oh gosh – Okay Link You didn't win

– I got one correct though and I'm ashamed of that – That means I am gonna get to do the GMM conspiracy on our Instagram over at @rhettandlink – I will be there to roll my eyes – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi, I'm Craig, and this is Angelus And we're watching GMM And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Got all the bases covered Click the top link to watch us match the crew member to the conspiracy they believe in Good Mythical More

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