I have a confession.

– We have a confession – Let's talk about that

(playful music) (electronic explosion) Good Mythical Morning! – Thanks for joining us today We have a confession Rhett and I have been holdin' on to a secret for a really long time and it's been weighing'us down and we decided that we think it's time to get it off of our chest, but, first, we should switch to black and white – Yeah, and let's go ahead and cue the music too (sorrowful string music) Go ahead, Link, Let 'em know

– Okay I'd like to confess that I squeegee my body off with my hands when I finish takin' a shower so my towel doesn't get as wet and it lasts longer – That's not a confession You gave that one up for free Our confession is, we're so obsessed with YouTube confession videos that we made a game out of 'em! It's time for I Got Another Confession To Make on YouTube

For years, YouTubers have posted videos where they confess secrets they never told anybody before and for many of them, this is very therapeutic and has bettered their lives and we are happy for those people – Yeah, but it is also spawned an entire category of videos where people confess to some pretty ridiculous things and today, Rhett is gonna quiz me on those things – That's right, Link, if you get more than half of these right, I have to confess something that I've never confessed And if you don't, you have to confess something that you've never confessed and that will be on our Instagram page Link, are you ready! – I think so

– First up, we have YouTuber, iHasCupquake She's mostly known for her gaming, baking and DIY videos, but back in January she uploaded a confession video with a description: I finally see things clearly and I wanted to let you all know where I stand, will you stand with me? – Will you stand with me – I have a confession to make You know, it's the new year and I just wanna get everything out there Fresh new start – Ooh, what is she going to confess to, Link? – Fresh new start

– Is she A: A Furry B: A party animal C: A hoarder or D: A fetus vlogging from inside the womb These YouTubers keep getting younger and younger, ah-ha-ha-hur, fetus now – Wow I'd click on that

– Ya you would – Not a Furry, um, – Oh, how can you be so sure? – Hoarder seems believable Party animal seems just defunct, like, wah, who cares – Right – But with all that tinsel hangin' behind her? (Rhett whoops) What are those, tassels? – Yeah, multiple tassels

Tassel tree – Maybe she is a party animal But I'm gonna go with hoarder – Hoarder Let's let her answer

– I am a party animal (electronic buzzer) (playfully dramatic music) – Now in the current days, I go to a lot of clubs, raves, shows, I even started hoop-dancing – [Link] Whoa, girl! – I even started poll-dancing – [Link] What! Okay Well, there, now we're in to somethin'

– Hi guys! Hi, Mom! – Yeah – That is quite a confession That one delivered That's not click-bait – Yeah, well I can relate 'cause I usually get my Mom to film me when I'm poll-dancin', you know

(laughing) – Hi, Mom, woo! (laughing) Hand me my tassels – Next up we have Kaye Kittrell Kay uploaded a video in 2016 for her 14 thousand subscribers with the description: I have a confession to make, does this happen to you? Let's take a look – I have a confession to make – (chuckles) Uh-oh, man

– Kaye Kitrell, is she in the rain? – What is her confession? Is it A: She told everyone she wasn't going to plant a winter garden but she did anyway – Oh! – B: She finally created the Pinterest page she's been talking about, called Kaye's crochets – Whoa! – C: She recently got super into Jazzercise – Whoa! – Or D: She slit the throat of a pig just to feel the rush (laughing) – Slit the throat of a pig

– Yeah – I'm lookin' into her eyes in that freeze-frame – [Rhett] Yeah, now you realize that she's totally capable of that – And she looks like she's on the backside of slittin' the throat of a pig and gettin' the rush – Yeah, yeah

I wouldn't wanna pig lookin' in that woman's face – Well, at least she's dry, you know? I think she's confessing about her crochet Pinterest page, under that umbrella – Mm well, let's let her tell us I told everyone I was not going to plant a garden this winter (electronic buzz) (electronic tones) But, something happens when the rain comes and I just want to plant seeds

(laughing) – A-ha-ha! Link you were wrong – I shoulda got that one right She's outside, garden, but, boy that was And then directly after this moment where the video stopped, she slit the throat of a pig – No no no, that's when she got on her stripper-poll

– Oh – Yeah, ha ha – O for two – Lawrence is a British expatriate who currently lives in the United States In 2015 he posted a confession on his YouTube channel, Lost in the Pond

Let's take a look at what Lawrence has to say – I've lived in the States now for about seven years A move that was both courageous, I felt, and exciting But in that time, I have engaged in dealings that many would consider to be inappropriate – Woo-ho, wow

– Great start – He gets you in doesn't he? Those Brits can do that, they really pull you in, that's why we copy all their storytelling Okay, what is his inappropriate dealing Is it A: He uses an American accent at bars and hustles people in darts B: He's claimed he's getting deported to end several relationships

C: He uses his sexy British voice to impress Americans Or D: He's actually Korean – (laughs) He uses his sexy British voice to impress Americans is, that's that kind of self-deprecating humor that I think would be very British of him – Okay – To confess that

I do think that B would be an effective way to get out of a relationship as long as he keeps moving towns? I'm gonna go with C – Alright, C, let's see what he says – In several incidents between 2008 and 2015, I have been guilty of knowingly, sometimes pre-meditatively, using my sexy British voice to impress Americans (light bell ding) (laughing) – He's compelling isn't he? – Boy, I don't know what he's talking about but he seems smart, (audience laughs) and sexy too – Well, I use my American accent to make the rest of the world hate me

(audience laughs) – It all starts at home, Rhett – Next up we have someone who you're very familiar with She's a fellow YouTuber and friend of the show, Colleen Ballinger! – Colleen – Let's take a look at this Colleen confession posted in 2015 – Listen, I have a huge confession to make

This is going to shock everyone who watches this video I am American, that's not going to shock you, the next part is – (chuckles) A-huh, yeah – Okay, so this is pre-baby – It's 2015, so it was a while ago

So is it A: She's never seen fireworks B: She hates bacon C: She doesn't like the Simpsons Or D: She's really Miranda and Colleen is the character (fun-evil laugh) – So her preamble there was I'm American, which relates to fireworks very directly

But the Simpsons are an American institution, which I would never say, I don't like the Simpsons, I just might confess I've never watched the Simpsons – Listen, we have a rep to uphold, okay? That's why I'm here, okay? – Bacon is very American – I have – I'm familiar with it and I respect it – You can be wrong, it's fine

– Between fireworks and ba– I hope it's the Simpsons, like, I'm gonna call her right now if it's the Simpsons But I think it's, it could be bacon, but I'm gonna say fireworks How could you never see fireworks? It's gotta be bacon She hates bacon, B – Okay

– And I don't like bacon I know, What! I don't like bacon, I've never liked bacon I've tried to like bacon, everyone loves bacon Everyone puts bacon on everything People put bacon on their burgers

People put bacon on their ice-cream People put bacon on their donuts these days, and I'm sittin' over here like, what? – I still like Colleen, but the bacon thing, that's weird – Yeah Listen here, Colleen, you don't like bacon? You freakin' kiddin' me right now? You call yourself a YouTuber? You know what I've done to get here? I've had pig-anus in my mouth! I've slid down a slip n' slide covered in bacon grease! I let Link urinate chocolate into my mouth, that one had nothing to do with bacon, but you understand my point! You think I liked any of these things? You think I did that because I wanted to? No, Colleen! I did them because the internet wanted me to do it! So here's a proposal for you, Colleen Whenever you want, come on to our show, and by the end of the episode, you will like bacon

We'll be here waiting for you, to feed you bacon, because it's what the internet wants (audience chuckling) Okay, next question (audience laughing) Link, you're two for four Next up, we have Candace from her YouTube channel – What just happened? – OurAdoptionOption! Her confession comes all the way back from 2010 and she's very excited to tell you about it

– Okay y'all, I have a confession to make And I can't believe I'm saying this – Something tells me I won't either (Rhett laughing) – What are my options? – What is Candace's confession? A: She can bend her elbows backwards and it's really gross B: She has a secret YouTube channel with her cousin and they make the goofiest videos ever

C: When she was a freshman in college she got a tattoo of Nick Lachey Or D: She doesn't know the difference between a Starbucks Grande and Venti – Always say, gimme a large, I'm not playing your games – I'm not resorting to, never done it, never said Grande – Well A is out because of the framing

And I don't think she cut to a different shot – No zoom out, okay – B is very titillating (chuckling) C, I mean that would be so extreme to get a Nick Lachey tattoo? I see her makin' a goofy channel with her cousin – Okay

– B – Let's see what she says – But I have a secret YouTube channel (light bell ding) It's really not all mine, it's mine and my cousin, we have a YouTube channel – [Link] I knew it

And I can't believe I'll tell you this But, we make the goofiest videos ever – I bet she does – Hey, listen, you know what? We actually went to that channel and we found one of those videos and we're gonna show it to you Fair warning, it is so goofy

– [Male] Hey guys, I am going to show you how to format a hard-drive, an external hard-drive, into FAT32, and it's super easy – FAT32's, what a goof! Really, that's on that channel We think maybe what happened is, she took down some of those goofy videos because they were just too goofy And the only things left are videos like this – Photoshop tutorials? – No, it's reformatting, man, it's so goofy! – Oh, it's even better

– Okay, Link, you've already gotten three out of five, and you've only got one more question so – You have to post a confession in Instagram! – But now, this is just your victory lap so see if you can go out on a win, okay? Next up, we have another familiar face Joey Graceffa! He posted his confession video in January of this year with a description: this is very embarrassing for me but I feel like it's only right I share my confession with you guys Let's take a look – Guys, I have a bit of a confession to share with you guys and it's a little embarrassing, but also, like it's, whatever, I'm just gonna show you

– Just gonna show me – Yeah, he's gonna show you – M-kay, that's a hint – A: His dishes have been in the sink for two weeks – Okay

– B: He still has his Christmas decorations up from a month ago – Okay – Or C: C, he bought a giant cardboard standee of Lana Del Rey and put it in his living room – Not a bad idea – Or D: He's launching a new YouTube food channel called Graceffa Da Cheffa – Graceffa Da Cheffa? – Graceffa Da Cheffa! – Graceffa Da Cheffa! – Hey! – Um, I think I know this one, just 'cause of research I've been doing on my own

– You've seen this, huh? – Um, I think that in the upper left hand corner, that is a mistletoe, therefore he still has his Christmas decorations up from six months ago! Graceffa Da Cheffa! – Good eye, Link, let's show him – As you guys know, Christmas happened about a month ago (light bell ding) And uh (laughs) still got the decorations up – That is so embarrassing (laughing) It's okay, Joey, we all know the true meaning of Christmas is gettin' them clicks! – You don't have to leave the lights plugged in though I mean, you coulda just left them off and gone totally defeated with it

– Congratulations, Joey – To me! – Congratulations to Link I will make a confession on our Instagram page Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hey, this is Ar-vils – And I'm Ala-tr-Alex just lining to spin the wheel – Of mythicality – Yeah (laughing) – I was going to say, is that Alex – Life-ly and Alex! – That is Life-ly and Alex

That is amazing – Confirmed in the wild – Click the top link to watch us play a game about the most embarrassing celebrity confessions in Good Mythical More – And to see where the wheel of mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Inspired by my love for wood

– [Link] And my love for miniature horses – [Rhett] Comes the Forest & Farm Collection Choose your favorite piece or choose them all at mythicalstore

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