I Got Five On What? ft. Nick Cannon

– What are we grabbing? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) (whooshing) – Good Mythical Morning! – We've got a risky show for you today, yeah real risky

We're gonna be sampling a bunch of discontinued sodas (burps) including drinking a 30 year old bottle of 7Up Gold from 1988 – Alright – Mmm, thirsty We're also gonna the risks of milk, yes Did you know that a simple glass of milk can kill you? And the way it does may just surprise you

– But first we're gonna get our hands a little dirty It's time for, (upbeat rap music) – Joining us today from Wild n' Out is Nick Cannon Nick thanks for being here – Yeah, thanks for having me (applause) – Here we go

– People are clappin', we're shakin', – Yeah thanks for having me guys – Now we're going to be doing some freestyling, which you are known for – Okay – We are not

– Haha – I'm already experiencing some anxiety – Just a little bit – Do you have any tips? – Just don't think about it – Oh, I'm good at that

– That's really bad advice for him – No! Really bad advice for him – People always think you gotta be prepared, like if you're truly coming off the top of the dome, you have to like not think about it When you start thinking, that's when you'll stumble – Hmm

– Yeah so you use your inner Chi – You're actually making me more nervous Let's just do it (laughs) – There's gonna be some stumbling, okay – No, but you use the stumbling to your advantage

– Okay Link you hear that? – That's where Wiggity wiggity wiggity comes from – Oh yeah, alright – I've always wondered about that – They were trying to think about the next word, wiggity wiggity wiggity

(laughing) – Okay – Wack – Here's what we're gonna be doing We're gonna take turns putting five on something in this box That's a fancy way of saying to grab it, and only that person and the audience can see it

We're gonna be rapping clues about an object to these other two guys and then the rapper will give up to three clues per object If somebody guesses correctly, you get one guess each after the clue is given, if you get it right on the first clue you get three points, if you get it right after two, you get two points, and if you have to get the third clue, you only get one point And the winner gets a high five from Nick Cannon – Wow – Oh I want that

– I want that (upbeat rap music) – Okay, I'm gonna put five on it – Alright So you get to look at it, you know what it is? – Yes – Yeah

– I thought you had to decide just 'cause you're fivin' it – [Rhett] No, no, no, no, no, I can see it – [Nick] You can see it, okay – They can see it – Listen up

– Ah – Oh – Bars – These are rubber – Ooh

(laughs) – Is that? – [Nick] Boots? – And they're really really soft, and if you put them on you better immediately take 'em off – Gloves? – Why you gonna immediately, that's your guess? – Yeah – [Link] Alright, that's your guess Now I've got all the time in the world – Go for it, it's not a speed thing? – No, yeah 'cause if he was right

– Yeah – [Rhett] He's not right – He's not right? (laughing) – [Nick] But it's like I could just blurt stuff out right? – Yeah yeah, the first guess – What he say, he said it's rubber what? – And you gotta immediately take it off – Yeah, with the head thing and everything, right! – What's rubber that you immediately have to take off

– Oh, ah whoa (laughter) – A prophylactic? – It's not a– – You really went there, you went for the obvious – I mean, That's what he had his hand on? – I gotta win, I want that high five (Nick laughing) – It's not a glove, or the prophylactic glove either Okay, I'm going in again

– Uh! – Round two – Round two, with something rubber, mmm – These are made to put on your feet They don't look great – Oh! Gah! – But you should wear them if you definitely no intentions to ever mate

– Crocs – Oh that's right! (bell dings) – Oh I was gonna say (laughing) – Yes, oh oh I can't high five you I can't high five you, – Oh, oh, take the high five back – Give that back

– Yeah, you can't That's frickin the prize – That's the prize – It's a Croc – Dang it! (upbeat rap music) – Check, check, check

– Ah oh – You know waz up – Bars – Okay – You got it? – I'm about, not yet

– [Nick] Oh yeah – [Link] I'm about to go – Put five on it ♪ Wha ♪ – 'Kay Yeah! – Uh! – Eat um up, eat um up, I wish I would

– What? – Eat um up, eat um up, because it's good Uh, uh, uh donka donka d-donk – Uh (scatting) (Nick scatting) – I can, hold on I gotta think a– – Skittles? – [Link] Wrong (audience laughing) I haven't thought of, – Okay that's it

– You gave a clue – You said dunk That's it You said dunk, – Woo! did you mean to say dunk? Donuts? – Eat um up 'cause they're good – Donuts? – No

– (laughing) Okay I didn't know if the dunk was a Freudian slip – [Nick] Yeah – It's cold too – Oh, it's cold

– Oh, oh, oh – [Link] Oh, I didn't say that – Haha Okay, rap some more – Yeah

– Alright, I'm going back in – Go back in – Eat um up, eat um up, they're good for me I think Eat em up, eat um up, they're bad for you, 'cause they make my breath stink – Ha ha

– Uh – I love the eat um up, eat um up, – Yeah I like that always start the same way – That's why it's called eat um up That's the name of my single

– [Nick] Got it, what's your rap name – Big Daddy Daddy Daddy – [Together] Big Daddy Daddy Daddy – Yay – The triple D

– Yeah (laughs) Big Daddy Daddy Daddy, alright – Ha ha – [Nick] I was just making sure – Alright, neither one of you have guessed

– Good for you but they make your breath– – Onions? – Onions are good for you? – I think so – Good for your skin – Ah – That is not the right answer, my friend – Okay, alright

– Ha! – Oh, that what you did there – I'm getting this – You're really getting into it Link I mean, Big Daddy Daddy Daddy – Triple D

– [Nick] Yeah I'm gonna say, man, I actually have no clue I'm just gonna say grapes (both laughing) – Grapes – You know what those grapes do to your breath – Hey, I dunno

– You got grape breath – You got grape breath, not great breath – [Together] Grape breath – Alright, I'm going in again – We're down to one point

– Uh, uh, uh, uh My girl came up and said, "Whatcha eating?" I said it's Middle Eastern, it's not Norwegian And then she said, "Can I have some?" I said, "Chick please" and I said, "Stick away from my chick peas" – Hummus

– That's right! – [Together] Ugh! wanna preemptive high five? – I, you, you This is worth a lot right here – (laughs) Yeah, yeah – This is the prize – No touching

(upbeat rap music) – Alright, ya'll ready? – Yes – I gotta feeling that like, if you win, I lose (laughing) Hummus hands Uh, come on slow down Big Daddy Daddy – [Both] Daddy

(laughing) – Daddy, haha – [Link] Put five on me – Alright, putting five on it, we going in – Okay – Alright

Oh, ooh My hands are cold This is for people who are really really old If you lose 'em, you're not going to feel bold And you know what? Sure is cold

(laughter) – It's cold, it's for old people, if you lose them – Like Bengay? Which is also my rap name (laughing) – Yeah

– Big Daddy Daddy Daddy and Ben Gay (laughs) I'm buying that album (laughter) – Alright, is he right? – No – It's cold and old people don't want to lose them? I don't know, keys? (laughs) – Okay That's wrong

– (laughs) Keys – [Nick] Alright You ready? – [Rhett And Link] Yeah – Going back in – [Link] Five on it

– [Nick] Five on it Big Daddy Daddy Daddy said this with ease, "You know what, my Grandma needs these" But it's not keys She shows 'em when she says cheese – Dentures

– Mmm, that's it, dentures – Is it dentures? Oh, and they're wet too – Ahh! – Oh they're in a thing – God, yes – Oh Dang

(upbeat rap music) – Alright, Ben Gay's about to put his five on it – Yeah – It's actually Lil' Ben Gay – Lil' Ben Gay, (laughing) you gotta put the Lil' – You gotta put the Lil' that's the thing right now

– Yeah – Bad girl Rhi Rhi got a song about this (audience laughter) It kinda reminds me of a satellite dish – Umbrella – It is umbrella isn't it? – Bam

– Oh dang you got it! – He said – That's three points – Yay! – Dang Nick! – I am really excited about this self admiration affirming myself – (laughs) Don't do it yet (upbeat rap music) – Ugh, put my five on it

– Uh oh He's gonna put the hummus hands on it? – It doesn't matter, trust me – (laughs) Okay – Alright – That's a clue

– Wow – [Link] Ugh! (laughter) – Don't look at me like that – Uh – Uh – Uh

– Uh – Uh, uh – Yeah – Uh, uh – Get it

– Uh – Uh, uh – Uh – Uh uh – Eat um up, eat um up

(laughs) Oh no you didn't Eat um up, eat um up, don't let them eat um up Eat um up, eat um up, oh no you didn't – Didn't – 'Cause now we gettin' with it

– [Nick] What! (laughs) Was that even a word? That thing you said? – So it's a food Eat um up, eat um up It's still the same song – Yep – Different thing

– Different verse – Still edible? – [Link] Mmm – Any food – You didn't hear my clue exactly – You wanna – With it

re-give us those freestyle bars? – Eat um up, eat um up, oh no you didn't – You didn't – Eat um up, eat um up, now we gotta get with it (laughing) Why you saying with like with it – With it

(laughter) – Is that Big Daddy Daddy Daddy style? – (laughs) That's right – It's mumble rap, it's big right now – Yeah yeah yeah – That's so it will rhyme with didn't Yeah

– Okay (laughs) – Spaghetti? I don't know – It has to be – I didn't give you guys much – No, really? (laughs) – I'm going to go with Jell-O

– Hmm – Oh – You're not on the right track – Okay, alright – Then give us another track

– Yeah – It's not something that you eat It's something that happens at the other end of da feet – Oh? – Hemorrhoid cream? – Nope – At the other end of da feet

Now would it be da feet, or da feated – If it was "the feet" that would be way too smart and advanced for me (Nick laughs) Like a double meaning – So at the end of da feet, so would it be toilet paper? – No – Ooh, but apparently that's close

– Come on Big Daddy Daddy Daddy – Let me think of one – He like (chuckles) praying to the rap Gods – Here we go, here we go (Nick laughs) Breathe it in, breathe it in, get a nose full nose-able

I don't care if it's cloth or disposable – [Both] A diaper – You tied (laughter) – We each– – Look at that guys, they gave me – Aah! – A dirty diaper

– What is that? – Eat em up, eat em up Oh no you didn't – You got to get with it – With it, yeah (upbeat rap music) – [Nick] Alright here we go

– Now before you go in – Yes – You are so far in the lead that you're guaranteed to give yourself five (all laughing) – Hey, I'm all about the self admiration affirmation – So we're going for second place

– Yeah, this is about who's going to get second place – Get hummus poop hands – Alright, go five in – (laughs) Alright we ready? – Yeah – Whoo

– Alright, going in Party people in the place, let me see ya put your hands up Let me hear ya say "ho" if this is whatcha want – Ho – Ho! – I'm 'bout to give you the five fingers of funk

This is what athletes wear when they're about to dunk – Sneakers – Jock strap – Wow, and it cover's up they junk – (laughing) Hey! – What, how did you get jock strap when your about to dunk? – I don't know

(laughter) I know the people who work for the show (laughter) – Oh man – Well it was close It was very close – Rhett you get second place

You know what, I gotta hand it to you – No you give that to yourself I'm gonna stand back – All right, Nick Cannon – So I get first place

– Yes, let me hold that Oop, yep, yep, yep – Alright, make it count Nick – Oh man, this is something I've wanted all my life (laughter) I'm excited

(cheering) – You just created a GIF – Eat um up, eat um up (laughs) – Yo, it has been a pleasure to rock the stage with Big Daddy Daddy Daddy and Lil' Ben Gay – Gotcha! – (laughs) Oh – Almost got him

– Yes, thanks Nick for joining us today You can check out his latest single's "Only You" featuring Fat Joe and Luke Nasty, and "Motivation" off his project Model Music right now – Next we're finding out how a glass of milk can kill you – [Rhett] If you like our freestyle you'll love our written and rehearsed style Get our original music on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon

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