I Cheated with Shay Mitchell.

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I walk around like everything's fine but deep down inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off

This week's guests once exorcised a dozen deviled eggs and checked a twice baked potato into rehab, please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) – Woo-hoo! Doin' it – Hey – Doin' it, happy Saturday – Did you hear what I said? About the deviled eggs? – Yeah

I remembered those eggs – And the twice, the days of the exorcizing the deviled eggs – Yeah that was the good ol' days – (chuckles) Okay, great I'm glad we're on the same page about– – Yeah I was like maybe you'll explain it to me

– Oh, can you explain it to me? – You don't get it? – I didn't get it – Ah, so clever You exorcized a dozen deviled eggs – Oh! – Like exorcize the demons – Yeah, I get it

– And you checked a twice baked potato Baked potato into rehab – Rehab – It's something that's just– – It makes it even better when I have to explain it – It's jokes on jokes

– Yeah That's what– – And your sock– – My nickname in high school Do you see what I'm saying? Oh the sock part I didn't make up That was submitted by this person – You brought your dog today, she's so docile today

– I am her emotional support animal – Good, good – Don't be sad, Jade – You're gonna need it this week, Link I'll start off with that 'cause it is a good one

– Uh-oh, oh my – Let me run through my teaser tease – I'm gonna need to be an emotional support animal – Jade's gonna need you to be a support animal for her, boy, I'm tellin' you right now 'cause I got a week planned for Jade The one and only Shay Mitchell was on the show this week

She absolutely annihilated you in the blind pizza crust taste test, a GMM first – I'm still reeling – Yeah – We have some behind-the-scenes footage of how angry Link got about that And also I did a pre-tape with her that you don't know about, so we have that as well

– Okay – Oh – Also a new book was announced this week I believe – Yes! – What? – It was a book that– – What? – Penned by authors Rhett and Link and we don't know that much about it so I figured that we might (chuckles) take a moment– – Oh there's a book? – There's a book – A novel

– A novel? – #BleakCreek – A fiction novel? – It's a fiction novel and so we're gonna talk about that– – Oh Jade don't– – So you guys can get excited Did Jade have an accident? – What'd she do, she bark on you? – She's cleaning herself – Let her go do what a girl gotta do – And I also have another while the cameras were rolling clip and you guys invented a game off the top of your head and guess what? – She licked herself, then she licked my nose

And I totally just let her do it – It's fine man, that's what love's about – That's actually the name of the game we're gonna play later – Lick your whiskoof and then lick my nose – Yeah, yes, but first, our GMM rejected snack

This week we put a lot of different things in an Instant Pot – Mm, yep – And then we discovered what happened to them We're gonna do another one right now It looks like it's very heavy so this might not be pretty when I lift it up and I put it on the desk

– Okay – I'm also straddling it – Do you want me to help? You know what, you don't need help, just do it – (grunts) I'm so strong – Lift with your back, not your legs

– Thanks Okay and then I didn't get a training in how to do this Is it too hot for me to touch? – Rhett, teach her how to do it – Just do it like you're doing – Do you do it like this? – And then pull

– I didn't even tell you what we put in here – Oh – I have to sit down and do that part – Okay yeah yeah, whoa Yeah yeah yeah you do

– Let me do it this way I'll tell you what was supposed to be in here and then I'll tell you what actually is in here 'Cause what was supposed to be in here– – Even more fun – Was a Kraft Macaroni and Cheese box, you know the ones, like the Stove Top situation You have the powdered cheese packet, you put it in

– I see – And then you– – But you're talking about an unopened box – An unopened box, just the whole thing with water on top – That's a fun idea – Do you know Davin? – Yeah yeah yeah

– Oh yeah (crew laughs) – Davin is the producer of this show and he's so good at it, but let me show you what's actually in this pot – Uh-oh, now I'm a little afraid – It's just simply Well, it's not Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – What is it, we gotta see it – It's macaroni – Put it on the thing

– Noodles – Here, here – Okay Rhett can you– – You guys want me to watch or look away? – Take that out of the way – Those are the two ways that I can help – No I still need the pan

– Yeah okay I was gonna say (laughs) – [Rhett] Okay, just slide that back over Okay here we go – Can you guys get this? – Yeah

– Yeah yeah? – Need my help? There we go – Okay so (laughs) – So Davin, you put macaroni and then you added a box or did all that come out of the box? – No it's just a box of pasta – It's just a box of pasta but it's macaroni pasta, it's this brand – [Rhett] It just doesn't have the cheese

– It does have a recipe for mac and cheese on the back of it though – So it's just, it's mac and box – [Rhett] Don't worry about it, man – It's okay Davin, we still love you – You know what, the cheese pack would have, is in like a metal thing, it would have just been completely untouched

– Yeah it would have been lame – Can you get some on it before you hand it to me? I just don't wanna– – Yum, anytime something sounds like that – Ooh – Do I have a– – This is hot – Oh look

– You know it's good – You know what that tastes like? It tastes like it needs cheese (laughs) That's a hot noodle, y'all I can taste box – Not bad though, not bad overall

– Jade, you wanna try it? – Box is not bad – I'm taking a second bite Mm-hmm, now it's delicious Great, now I know why that wasn't on the main show – I don't wanna feed you that

– I think we've waited long enough Tell me about this book, I wanna know all about it – Oh buddy– – You can go to BleakCreekcom and pre-order right now I kinda side-eyed and then went straight to the camera with that one– – Yeah you wanna do that when you're talking about the book

– Let me tell you right now BleakCreekcom, and when you talk about it on social, that's #BleakCreek and now you're gonna talk about it – That's B-L-E-A-K – Yeah

– Like the word bleak – Like how you spell bleak – You never know – If I wanna go into like complete sincerity mode here okay? – Yeah – We are super excited about this novel that we've written

Maybe this is a unexpected turn in terms of creative things that we work on but– – I mean I would go as far as to say that I am as excited about this from a creative perspective as anything we've ever done – Absolutely – Legitimately – It's a huge project for us We've been working on it a long time and there's a point where you announce it and that's come but– – That's now

– [Link] There's a lot that's gone into it – That's happening – Like writing a novel and so we've poured our heart and soul and lives into this thing – Well to be clear, so obviously we wrote The Book of Mythicality which was a non-fiction book about our lives and some other things and this is very much a different thing This is a fiction novel

It is actually, you might be a little bit surprised It's a thriller that takes place in the 90s in the south in a small town It's got some supernatural elements and it's got some of that patented Rhett and Link humor that you've come to know and love – Patented our humor? – Well I think we should look into it – So yeah it's, I'm actually curious what Mythical Beasts' initial reaction is gonna be

I assume it's gonna positive But I'm like, oh is it gonna be an element of surprise, like oh this is the novel, it's a thriller, it's got supernatural elements I can't wait for you to read it Of course, you'll have to pre-order it first – Yeah, and that's– – Well you can also order it after it comes out, that's another way to read it but I mean– – Well don't tell 'em that

– Really you should pre-order it – If you wanna be guaranteed to get one of the first copies – That's true – Go ahead and order now That's what I'm gonna do

– And so like I said, it takes place in the 90s It's about two guys in high school in the 90s You might know there was two guys that you know fairly well who were in high school in the 90s and tend to know what high school was like in the 90s in small southern towns But and a lot like the town we grew up in which was Buies Creek – Mm

– This small, kinda simple, southern town that you're just like, okay, you know, this is kind of a typical place It's not necessarily super exciting Maybe a little bit boring at times – But I would say growing up there, it was, and I don't know, maybe you can relate to this Maybe hopefully other people can relate to this

It's fun to think about what could be hidden in your town What secrets the town could be holding – Right, so Bleak Creek is about two friends– – Maybe you could relate to this (chuckles) – [Rhett] You know about that, secrets– (chuckles) Secrets in your town, Stevie – We got some secrets? – But the idea is that these are two kids in a small town and there's something going on in their town that's much more surprising and much darker

The book gets pretty dark, gets pretty dark – I mean the pages will probably be light – Yeah we're gonna go with traditional light-colored pages and black ink but the story gets pretty dark – There's some of that patented humor (chuckles) – And trying to get people to understand what it is and kinda what to compare it to and I don't like to use other references 'cause you may be like, well I didn't like that, or that seems kinda played out or whatever– – Just anything you liked

That's what it's gonna be like, but better – Think about if Stranger Things was a book but it took place in the 90s in the south and the story was completely different and nothing like the story in Stranger Things – [Link] Right – [Rhett] You know kinda those things like– – Yeah, that's good – Those Stephen King books from the 80s like It or one of my favorite movies from the 80s, Goonies

That kinda vibe is what we were really going for so it's got some lighthearted humor stuff but there's some legitimate peril and distress Maybe even some death – And where can you pre-order that again? – [Both] BleakCreekcom – That's right

Okay now that you've gone, done that, and you're up here again, Shay Mitchell, the first queen sweep ever of GMM – Unbelievable – Unbelievable We kept the cameras rolling because I mentioned on the show just how angry I thought it made you and you just got angrier so we have a clip of that Link, you have one correct

– Are you kidding me? – [Stevie] Rhett, you have one correct (Rhett laughs) But Shay, you have five correct – What! – Are you kidding? (crew applauds) I am not the anti-crust, I am not the anti-crust I told you – So what is this, where'd this from? – You want me to try that? – I mean just look at it

– And it's big – That's kinda lookin' like a Little Caesars to me – [Crew Member] That is 100% correct – Are you serious? (Rhett laughs) – Of course it's correct – It's 100

– Yes! – She's a frickin' crust queen – I'm not joking – I don't think we've ever had a queen sweep on a blind taste test Have we ever done this? – No This is a first

– Do I get like a real good gift or something? Like my face on the wall or a plaque or something? – You get my seething anger for no apparent reason – You're really angry, I can feel it, Link Like you're real mad at me – I was like I know she's not getting these right – Don't be so mean

– Hey you know what, I'm not angry – Hey Josh – I'm happy for you Did you feel like– – I'll grab your water – Oh I'm, this is happening

– Oh my gosh – [Stevie] Link, you're so mad right now – I'm not actually mad– – Like I feel it – I'm more just like, that's amazing Now I'm like your biggest fan

– Thank you Thank you – You have a weird way of showing it – You were like, I know I'm getting you – I knew the first one was Domino's

– Are we competing? – Yes, it's always a competition – Wow, and then you tried to turn it into this I'm your biggest fan and it was so insincere – Well listen– – It was so insincere – I really like Shay She's a friend of the show

– Yeah – She was a great sport the first time she was on – Mm-hmm – And then she comes on the second time, she decimates us and I couldn't hide – But hold on here's the thing though

You always talk about how I'm the competitive one and you don't care – I don't know what it was – Have you secretly been hiding this competitive streak? – It was just, it's weird – I was excited that we had a crust genius in our presence – You're still a little bit angry about it

– I'm not used to being in the presence of perfection – Okay – Matter of fact, it's never happened – Well speaking of– – With anyone I've worked with – Shay did let me shoot a pre-tape with her as well

– [Link] But I love Shay, I feel like– – You made that clear, you're her biggest fan I'm your biggest fan Can't you tell? – I'm her biggest fan I felt like I knew the crust – Oh my God

Okay – And then I didn't! – Let's just cut to the pre-tape that I did with Shay – All right Rhett and Link, this is the week that you were completely annihilated by Shay – Yeah, crushed – In the blind pizza crust taste test

We cheated – (sighs) Okay a little (crew laughs) – Oh (chuckles) – That's right! You wanna see how we cheated? (Rhett laughs) – Is that the whole video, we cheated? – No there's more, just wanted to pause it I just wanted to pause it so that we could take this in 'cause I thought there might be an initial reaction that we wanted to catch

– Wow – I'm relieved (chuckles) Does this make me less of a horrible person? – Mm – No no no, if you were legitimately blown away and surprised, that would be, but you were mad So that doesn't make you any better of a person

– Yeah it's like why am I just, and I don't know the psychology of why it was just so, outraged about pizza crust but now, I'm having trouble processing this How did you cheat? – Let's see it – You just told her – This is the video showing exactly how we cheated First off, we are going to establish a baseline of how good you actually are

The brands that you're gonna be able to choose from are Papa John's, Little Caesars, Costco, Pizza Hut and Domino's – This is like all big chains so this is gonna be a little bit more difficult – Yeah these are the big daddies – All right – I'm gonna put a piece of crust in your mouth

– Oh it's just the crust? – And then I'm, yes, it's just the crust – Oh my God! – Okay ready? – Yep You're feeding me too, this is amazing I feel like this could be maybe Costco Maybe Papa, what were the ones? – Oh come on

– Papa John's I think Papa John's No it's Costco, no it's Papa John's It's Papa John's Mm

Maybe Little Caesars Costco, that was not worth the calories – [Stevie] (snorts) Pull it – I think that one's Papa John's – Okay

– I'm gonna say that that's Pizza Hut – So the first one you guessed was Papa John's was Pizza Hut The second one was Domino's, you said was Little Caesars – All right – The third one was Little Caesars and you guessed Costco

– Whoa – You guessed Papa John's– – I did – You got one right – See? – The last one was Costco which you said Pizza Hut but you also said it was the best one You're getting a little palate cleanser of the cheesy part? – A little bit

The crust is difficult – I'm gonna take you through a bunch of different techniques that I think can really help you perform on the day We're going to train your other senses 'cause you're not gonna be able to use your eyes – Right – So the first one we're gonna improve is your hearing

– [Man On Vocal Recording] Laurel – Uh, Laurel – Oh my God, me too! Now smell And I figured that we'd do a little game that everyone likes to play and that's– – Great – Clean or not

– Oh God (Stevie laughs) – Not (Stevie sputters) Oh are they? Oh okay, clean – Guys, why do we have three pairs of men's tighty-whities in here? Is this inappropriate? – Those are clean Those are clean, those are clean

– Okay let's find one last piece of laundry Perfect – Great, another tighty-whitey that somewhat looks dirty I'm just gonna say that it's dirty – Your senses are a good deal

So I like to glean a lot of my techniques, just straight from sports, all the sports that I watch Coaches, they tape you – They film you and you watch back your tape – Yes! – Yes, 100% – Yes

– Yes So you're gonna film me – So I'm gonna film you and I'm gonna film myself I guess Are you eating the regular part of the pizza? – Oh (bleep), sorry – [Stevie] Are you eating the regular part of the pizza? – I really was

– To critique myself, I need to be a better coach, I need to empower you – You do – I don't need to cut you down when you get the wrong piece of the pizza Okay so psychologists think that there's a lot that we hold onto in our subconscious And one of the ways that they try and get you to talk about your feelings is a little something called a worsh, a Rorschach test

– What was that? Sorry, what was that? – Rorschach I'm gonna show you one and then you tell me the first thing that comes to mind Here's the first one – Pizza It looks like a pizza

– Here's the next one – Okay Lung pizza It's like in the shape of a lung – Okay this is the last one

– Yoga – Yeah – 'Cause it looks like there's a woman holding up her legs – Okay, the problem is I don't remember how this supposed to help you at all but I thought it was really cool I think at this point the only thing that's really gonna just get this in your head is repetition

This is Domino's – Mm! This is Domino's – Again – Mm, this is Domino's – One more time

– Oh God – Oh sorry, I wasn't– – I'm like hello (Stevie laughs) Domino's – Correct Okay I think there's one more thing that I can do to help you

– Okay – I know what all the answers are gonna be for the taste test – Oh – And the real order is gonna be Domino's, Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Papa John's, Costco – Okay

– So we're gonna use a mnemonic device Just off the top of my head Don't poke little John's cucumber – Don't poke little John's cucumber That's a good one! – It is but it seems like a little inappropriate

– It's a little inappropriate – So let's tweak it a little bit – All right all right – Don't punch little John's crotch – Okay

(chuckles) Domino's, Pizza Hut, don't punch Little Caesars, Papa John's, Costco – Crotch – Okay, crotch – This is kind of a fun one Dolly Parton Latoya Papa Jackson Cher

– Whoa – But I left the best one for last – Okay – Doo doo, poo poo, Little Caesars, Papa John's, caca – I still like don't pick little John's cucumber

I'm sorry, but that is sticking in my mind – Not pick – Don't pick– – It's poke (laughs) I feel really great I think you're gonna nail this

– I think I'm gonna nail this – You know, we didn't even talk about the reason why we're doing this I can't really think of one other than like suckas – You know what, I can't decide– (Rhett laughs) – Are you mad now? – If I'm mad now It's like I was already so mad, now I guess I'm happy

Because I'm validated in being mad – Right because– – She wasn't right – It was– – It was an outrage and something that seemed to be an impossibility because it was! – Right, and there was a whole story about her being– – I have a moral compass – The whole story about her being lactose intolerant so she only eats, and that's why she got none of the cheeses right and we totally bought it – Is that true? – She's not lactose intolerant

– No – She did– – Hey she's a good actor – That's why she said, "I'm a lactose" – Oh my gosh, the whole time– – She didn't even say lactose intolerant – You guys were doing it, I was like oh my gosh, when is it gonna break, like when are we gonna be found out? – No no, she must act for a living because– (chuckles) It was very convincing

– Yeah I feel– – Because of the way that she was saying– – I feel so relieved now – That's so and so, and I had so much confidence When I agreed with her on something, I was like, I got that one right! Man – It feels so good I mean, it's, I don't wanna it was so good, but it was so good, it was so good

I'm sure people are upset about it in the comment section, but it's a joke – Right, because you kinda got them as well – Yeah In a fun way – Don't be mad

(chuckles) – I took care of that already – So (chuckles) also this week, we did one-star versus five-star tech products, and while we were making– – What part of that was a lie? – The mini donuts that we had to put in the toaster and put down, you guys came up with a little game and here's that clip – I carry a water bottle around You know my water bottle's big Like I'm talking– – Yeah yeah it comes in between us quite often, literally

– I haven't lost it, that's the thing, about it being that big – That's true – Small water bottle you lose– – It's also that you have it on your belt buckle which is a little strange – I do not – Is it like flotation in case you go under somewhere? – No

– You know, when you empty a water bottle, it becomes buoyant – Yeah it floats – Even if it's made of metal – I think it floats even if it's full of water – Well there's an experiment

– A test – Hey we got a new episode idea Does this water bottle float while there's water in it? – That's actually really stupid – [Josh] No – Well hey, don't say no

– I'd click on that! I'd click on that – That's your hypothesis, man Does a full water bottle float– – Does this water bottle float in water? Two question marks – Click, click, click – What about your body? You're full of water

– Yeah – You're a water bottle – You got a lot of water – [Chase] Do you mean not sink or do you, 'cause positive buoyancy, that's like at the top – Oh come on, Chase, come on

What are you talking about? – Sink, or just like be nebulous – I'm talking about float, man (laughs) – See, now who's gettin' angry? – I'm calling him out, float! – So if you wanna get Rhett angry, you start talking about the definition of float – Hold on, are we gonna– – Yeah, we're gonna play does this water bottle float while there's water in it? (Link laughs, claps) Hello, and welcome to– – [Rhett and Link] Does that water bottle float in water when it's filled with water? – Let's start with Jen's water bottle – That was so good! – Beary Happy Yosemite

– I think this one's going to not sink – This one will not sink – Okay – Float – Do you got a guess? – Same

– It's got a buoyant head to it Yep It does not sink – Does this water bottle– – Float in water when filled with water? – Yes – Yes! – All right and whose water bottle is this? – That is Nick's water bottle

– All right and you know what, Nick's water bottle holds more water than Jen's water bottle – I think that it, whoa! I think this one's gonna sink – Do we get a slo-mo replay on that? – Yeah – This one's gonna sink – Link? – Is it gonna sink or what? – Oh, yes

– That sinks – Yeah – [Rhett] That sinks – [Rhett and Link] Does that water bottle filled with water float in water? – [All] No! (laughing) – I almost said yes (Stevie chuckles) – Next up, we have a sticker covered water bottle that is used by whom? – Dana

– Dana's water bottle holds more water than Nick's water bottle which holds more water than Jen's water bottle – Hold on, was this purposeful? – Ain't no way – I think that this is going to, I think this top part, I think it's gonna be uneven and it's gonna struggle It's gonna stay, it's gonna do what Chase was talking about and be ambiguous – Nebulous is what he said

– Nebulous – All right – Oh, look Look, look! – Ope, ope, ope – That's nebulous

– Does this– – Water bottle filled with water float in water? I don't know – This water bottle is the water bottle that we tested on the show, which holds more water than– – Look at this, look how much water it holds Steven, look at that, you gotta get a little bit more water from somewhere else– – Nick's water bottle which holds more water than Jen's water bottle – You wouldn't think it held more water but it does – Mm-mm, it's magic

– I think this is gonna be a nebulous as well – [Link] And it is It's hovering – Oh it's nebulous! – [Rhett and Link] Does this water bottle filled with water float in water? I don't know – Do we have any more? Is that our last one? – We have my water bottle

The water bottle that started this craze I got the biggest water bottle It holds the most water out of all the water bottles – I have a feeling about this one, but I feel like the man whose water bottle it is should make the final verdict – In our candid conversation we said that this would float

– No we said that it would sink Oh yeah, look at that, man Does this water bottle filled– – [Rhett and Link] With water float in water? – [All] No! – Wow, that was a really rousing game of does this water bottle float in water – You're roused? – They– (crew laughs) Thanks for joining us And now, to borrow a line from the show that this show is a part of, and then toss out from where we're sitting

– Oh – Until next– – LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O – You looked at the other wide for the– – 'Cause that's what I'm trained to do – Yeah you're right

(poppy electronic music)

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