Human Pizza Challenge

(slapping) (upbeat music) – We're not pizza purists We believe that you can put anything on a pizza, and a pizza on anything

– That's why we're about to turn Link into a human pizza It's time for The Human Pizza Challenge Link, as always, I'd like to start by asking, do I have your consent to turn you into a human pizza? – Of course, Rhett Thank you for asking – Do I have your consent to disrobe you? – No, let me do that myself

– Good, I'm glad Link, if you would lie down, because you are going to be the dough – This is a big freakin' pizza box, by the way – Yeah, you're a big man You're gonna be the dough boy

– Are you saying I'm doughy – I mean, I'd say, pretty good for a 39 year old man – Thank you – Okay, because you're the dough, we're gonna glutanize you a little bit by just flouring you up And I'd like to get the help of delivery guy, Chase

You know how it works around here The delivery guy helps make the pizza It's a small operation – Okay (classical music) – I'm just gonna, I'm gonna just, just gonna rub it in a little bit

Okay, it's a little rough (slapping) Okay, now you're nice and floured up Now I gotta use my homemade sauce (classical music) Okay, here we go – Whoa! It's cold! – Yeah

– Dang, you gotta heat up the sauce first, guys! – Okay, just – Ooh! – I like a thick sauce – Oh! (classical music) – Okay

– Okay Saucy! – Oh! Good gosh – All right Link, I'm ready to put this all over your face – Oh gosh – Are you ready to receive it? – I guess, yeah

(classical music) – This is my favorite flavor of pizza, by the way Pepperoni – And mushrooms – and mushroom – I cannot see, or hear But I can definitely taste

– Whoa! I just put a piece of pepperoni in your mouth – Try again – Oh, two Now I got some mushrooms – I don't like mushrooms

– Oh no, I'm gonna make you pepperoni eyes (laughing) I'm gonna give you a third eye Third eye of insight (classical music) Now I would like to ask the other members of the Death Cab for Pizza racing team to come in and help me melt the cheese so we can have a uniform pizza Put it on high

Whoa! – [Chase] It, yeah, it's so delicious – Oh yeah (upbeat music) – [Rhett] Is he gonna melt? – [Link] Oh! That feels good! – [Chase] I feel like I'm blowing toppings off more than I'm melting (laughing) – Why you flaming my ear? (laughing) – [Rhett] Okay, I think that's about as good as we're gonna get, guys – [Link] I'm not done? – He's still shivering

Oh no We have the final toppings Some grated Parmesan Some crushed red pepper (tearing) (classical music) Yeah, don't breathe in

– You just want me to breathe out? – Only breathe out (classical music) – I still don't know what's happening I can't hear or see – That was Parmesan and crushed red pepper! – Okay! – And now, you're going to a frat house! – Uh, k – Oh, but first, just so we don't ruin the pizza when we close the box, please give me the pizza protector

(laughing) – The what? – The pizza protector You know – Oh, okay You mean the little stool? – Now! Come on in here, guys Let's close him up, and send him on his way

Let's lower it down (classical music) – What? Hey What? Hey, guys (mumbles) What's hap It's dark in here – Good Mythical Pizza Hot and fresh (laughing) You okay? – [Link] No! – Good

All right, click on through as we try to see if everyday objects can be musical instruments – [Link] Get a pizza this exciting news We have a new T-shirt line available at Mythicalstore

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