How Far Will It Stretch? (GAME)

– Today's episode is a bit of a stretch – Let's talk about that

(intriguing music) Good Mythical summer – What's up? It's Courtney and Shayne from SMOSH You've probably seen us on Try Not to Laugh or some of our sketches – Which is exactly why Rhett and Link asked us to be here today, so we can sketch some weird stuff out It's time for Will It Sketch? – No, Shayne, first of all it's not a Will It episode, and second, it's stretch, stretch

Rhett and Link asked us to stretch weird things today – Yeah, I knew that – Okay, so it's time for, This Game is Totally Fetch! Let's See How Far Weird Things Will Stretch We've got a bunch of things that we're gonna stretch today We're just gonna guess how far they'll stretch and then we'll stretch them until they can't be stretched no more

– Whoever's measurement is the closest, gets a point And whoever has the most points at the end wins a DVD copy of the movie Stretch, staring Patrick Wilson and Ed Helms – All right, to the stretch zone (rock music) Behold, our Stretch Board covered in stretch marks, just as it should Embrace your stretch marks, ladies and gentlemen

– That is right Now the first thing we'll be stretching is the iconic Stretch Armstrong – And we'll be making our marks with these cute little pucks with our faces on them – Oh my gosh, look at me – Okay, I wish

I just wanna touch him – Lets just go – Look at him – Oh my gosh – We can't touch him

Are we not allowed to touch him? – [Shayne] Oh that's right, we're not allowed to touch him We're not allowed to touch him – Okay, all right – That's cheating – Okay, I think he's gonna go pretty far, like you ever see that movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? They use one of those

That's the only visual I have for reference So I'm gonna go right here, seven! – [Shayne] You're gonna go seven feet? – Mm-hmm – That's almost as tall as Rhett (people chuckling) Man, if it was one leg I think it would go further, but I think with two legs, I'm gonna go with nine – Whoa! I'm gonna either look really cool or really dumb here in a second

(people laughing) – Most of our life, I think – Yeah, all right Okay – So are we gonna do this? – I'm gonna yeah, I'm gonna hop up on this board – Should we hold his hands? – Lets each hold one hand

– I'm so excited, too – Oh my gosh – We've got you – Aw! – [Shayne] We've got you What is this made of? – Okay

– What is this? Oh, this is weird – Go, buddy! – Oh he is not capable – We're not even close – [Shayne] He is not good – Okay, it looks like it got to about three and a half feet

Do we let go and give him a little relief? – All right – [Both] Three, two, one (Stretch thunks) (Courtney laughs) – Aww (laughs) Okay – Okay, so literally I mean I definitely win because it was just definitely

– Yeah, you definitely – You're very, you wanted the best for him – I had a lot of faith in my fellow blonde guy, and he just didn't do it – Yeah – He just didn't

– Yeah (rock music) Up next we have a leg's best friend, pantyhose In my case I call 'em leg napkins 'cause I just wipe my food on them always (people laughing) – That tracks, all right Boy, this is– – I have plenty of experience with this

– Yeah, see I don't I don't know (Courtney laughs) – They're– – My pantyhose phase, that was a long time ago Boy – They go far

– Are you trying to psyche me out? 'Cause I– – I would, actually – I don't know who these pantyhose were designed for Like, there's different sizes, I'm assuming? – This is a big size – I'm gonna go with 646 feet

– Okay? – Right there (Courtney sighs) That's pretty far, you know? – It is – But I also, I over estimated Stretch, Armstrong – This is no Stretch Armstrong, these are stretch legstrong, and so I'm gonna put right here at eight, I think – What? – I believe in these pantyhose, guys

(boys laughing) – All right – You have to, you get to stretch 'em You ever done this before? – No (both laughing) You ever stretch pantyhose before? Okay, let's each grab a leg I'm gonna know very quickly if I'm, oh I'm doomed

Oh come on – Yeah, baby! – What the– – Yeah! This is for a leggy blonde! – Come on – This is nice – These were designed for Rhett (Courtney laughing) Yo, I so win

– Ah, yeah – I'm killing it (Shayne laughing) – All right, so I think that's 10 feet – Are you ready to let go? – Yeah – One, two, three

– Nice! (Courtney giggling) (rock music) Now I'm super excited about this next one We have gum that's already been chewed Who chewed it? They didn't tell us – Nope, nobody told us – I think you're going– – I'm going first, but it's bubble tape

– Which is six feet of fun – Yeah We do know that much – So, but it's been chewed So now it's, I don't know

– [Courtney] Is it more fun, is it less fun? – [Shayne] It's more or less, I don't know I don't know the science – I'm gonna go first I think it's gonna go definitely at least 10 feet – Wow

– That's a lot of gum! – I mean, all right – And a lot of fun – Now, see, I think, I think, I think– – Okay – We have this whole board here We've gotta use it, right? So I'm gonna go 15

26 – Wow – Right there Everyone is gonna be like, wow, Shayne knows so much about gum, soon (Courtney laughs) – Soon, the world will know

– Soon All right – Okay – [Shayne] Let's stretch this gum – I'm just gonna take my rings off

So it doesn't affect, (Shayne laughing) the stretchiness – Right It'll affect the gum – Yeah, you never know what affects gum Okay, so you do the main, you be the main stretcher and I'm gonna be here evenly distributing, and making sure that we get as much elasticity out of this, right? 'Cause we've done this before, many times, right? – Yeah, we do this so often

– Okay, eww! Don't – All right – Be gentle, 'cause if it breaks, it's over pal – Yeah, I know, it just – Wow this is really weird

– I don't agree with how you're distributing this gum – Go, listen go – You're, well you have, there's so much gum back there! – I'm trying to, I'm trying to, hey, I want it to stretch I'm trying to help you, bro – Okay? I guessed 15 feet

– There is goes – And we're at three – I'm giving it a chance here, okay? Woo, look at it! – It's got a little tear there you need to, (Courtney gasps) No! (people laughing) What, but there's so much gum back there! See? – I was doing my best! – Look at this, look at how much life it had – But look at that there – Yeah! – That's not my fault

That's not my fault (Shayne groaning) – What? – So that was what? Like five feet? – No! – You were so close (rock music) I've always wondered how far a slinky will stretch, but I've never done it because I don't wanna ruin my slinky Should I tell 'em about my driving slinky? – Courtney has a driving slinky – Guys, keep a slinky in your car

When traffic's really bad, nothing matters when you have a slinky in your car It's awesome (people laughing) But for now, luckily, this is Rhett and Link's slinky, and they give us permission to fully ruin it – Great, now that's a slinky junior, right? – Yeah, it's not the metal kind – This is not a grown up slinky

– This is a child slinky – This is a child slinky, it's still learning to be a bigger, better slinky Now I need a win real bad, and I think it's because I sat in Link's chair at the desk – Oh no! – And that's why – I've been blessed

– All right, gosh There's definitely some math that I could do here, the amount of rings, okay Okay, mm-hmm – I have faith in this slinky – Mm-hmm? – I think it's gonna go, around to great things

– I think I'm gonna go with nine – Whoa, calm down Heck no, Shayne I'm going to 12 – You're crazy

– I'm crazy like that, guys This slinky, he's gonna go far in life – All right – Okay? – Okay – Ready? I don't have to do much distributing on this one

This thing just distributes itself, but I'll be the moral support – All right, here we go – Whoa – I'm gonna lose I'm gonna lose this

I've already lost – If it's a good quality slinky, it'll go like fully straight Come on – What? (both laughing) No! – Oh yeah, baby! – Awww – Oh wow! What? – Aw, man

Aw man – Oh my gosh! We're almost to the other set – Aw, man It's still stretching I'm at the point where I'm scared

– Do it – All right – Can he do it? – All right, are we ready to? I think you won Three, two, one (slinky rattles) – [Courtney] Oh no! Oh no

– Timmy! My boy! – Oh my god – Look what they did to my boy! Oh, you're okay – It's so messed up – You're okay It's gonna be okay

– Putting his guts back in him (both laughing) Wow, wow-wee – Okay So that was, roughly what, 20, 22 feet? I don't know, it goes way past the board – It's past the board

– So definitely more than nine (rock music) – And finally, we've got a guy who loves a good stretch, Davin – We're told Davin loves to volunteer for the things no one else likes to do, and that he is totally here by choice – Totally – Sure

– Yeah? – Yeah – Okay, yeah, you're definitely here by choice – So we're gonna stretch you – Yeah – We may have to make a safe word? – Yeah

– Yes, please – [Shayne] Okay – You're my favorite pizza place? – All right, that's fair – Okay That's a long safe word

– That's a long sentence (all laughing) It's one word, it's totally one word – It totally is one word, yeah – What was it again? – You're my favorite pizza place – My favorite pizza place, okay

– Yeah, who is guessing first? Is it me, is it you? I think it's me – I think it's you – It's think it's me, now I'm down by four or five points? – A lot, just a lot – So, I have a chance (Courtney laughs) – Well I was gonna say, – Not at all

– This could be, we could do, how about all or nothing I'm feeling generous I'm feeling real good – I'm down How do you feel about that, Davin? – I'm down for that, too, yeah

– Great, Davin, awesome – Sick, sick – Davin's down, all right – So Davin's down? We're down – All right, I'm guessing first

I'm trying to remember how tall he is I'm thinking he's probably roughly around 5'10", 5'11", but if we dislocate his shoulders – Oh, please don't do that (people laughing) – We're gonna get, I'm sorry one second (all laughing) We could probably get ya to six

Oh no, because his arm is stretched out, too – Yeah – I'm gonna go with 68 – Wow, so specific

– I know that seems, I think that can happen I think that can happen I think you can do it, Davin Davin, I'm just saying that if you don't do that, I'm gonna be really upset (Davin chuckling) It's gonna be fine

– Yeah, I'm definitely gonna play dirty Like 100% – Oh come on – But I can't tell if I wanna play dirty this way or this way So it's like, I'm just gonna analyze Davin like, eh, let's see

– What's your sign? – Scorpio – Scorpio! Scorpio, Scorpio – OK, okay, definitely – Definitely, definitely, yeah – Right here

– Definitely right there – Six feet? – Six feet even – It's final – He's totally gonna go past that, dang it! – Final – I overthink things

– It's final, here I come stretch All right – All right – [Shayne] Let's do this, Davin – All right, you remember your safe word? Shoot, I'm totally gonna lose! (growls) – Wow! – All right, here we go

– Oh, he's already there! – Get him, get his ankle – Look at this All right, I'll grab his ankle I'll grab his other ankle – Dang it

– [Davin] You're grabbing my other ankle? – [Shayne] I got the other ankle – We've got him – Oh, okay – [Davin] All right, here we go – All right

_ Stretch baby! – Stretch, all right we're stretching – All right, yes – There you go – You can lift me up, you know – Davin, right there

(Courtney straining) – Ahhh! – Ooh, that core strength – It's right on mine! Ha-ha! – Really? – Seven feet, Davin! – Oh my god – You did it! (Courtney grunting) You're seven feet tall, Davin (people laughing) – Oh come on – It's right there

It's right there, I can't I'm just not strong enough to do it more – Okay – All right (Davin sighs) – Look at that, look at that

Toe right on the money – Yo, you're heavy dude – Wow, well, thanks? – I'd say it was the weird angle We're trying to life all of his body weight at a weird angle – Yeah, you also did like a back bend on the half pipe we got going on

– That was impressive That was really impressive – Oh, thanks – And make sure to check out all our SMOSH stuff at SMOSH, SMOSH Pit, and SMOSH Games – Yeah, and thank you guys for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hey, this is Brian here, Sturtevant, Wisconsin Currently skydiving about 3,000 feet above the ground and it's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality Woo! – Casual – Incredible

Guys, click the top link to watch us try and shrink things in Good Mythical More – And to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Link] Ready? On the mark, get the set of Mythical Mugs, available now at Mythicalstore

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