How Does It Burn? (GAME)

– Today we stop, drop, and roll that clip – Let's talk about that

(light upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning – This is our last week of season 13, which means Friday is our finale After that, we're gonna be taking a short three week break and then we'll be back on May 28 for a Good Mythical Summer – Summer! – But our season ain't over yet, no Today, we're gonna to see if we can tell the difference between designer gowns and Forever 21 dresses and then we're gonna look at some of the worst yearbook quotes ever

– M-hm, but first, the internet is filled with people who do dumb things like eat Tide Pods, put salt and ice on their skin and drink their best friends urine – Oh who would do that? – But there's a whole other world of dumb on the Internet and that is pyromaniacs These are people who love to set things on fire just to see how it will burn – It may be stupid but they're very entertaining It's time for

♪ I watched people setting things on fire ♪ ♪ I had to guess guess guess, how those flames transpired ♪ Alright here's how this is gonna work We're gonna look at a video of someone who is about to light something on fire We have to guess between two options of how exactly that thing will burn – We're gonna be working together as a team, so we have to agree on our prediction of what's gonna happen If we don't get the majority of these right, we will be punished with our very own bag of flaming dog poop

(exhales breath) All right let's get going with the first one Okay we have them on cards here, 'cause we have no clue what's coming But the first one is, a pyromaniac who decided to light his balls on fire – Okay – Seriously? – Good

– YouTube channel The Action Lab, uploaded a video where he attempts to set fire to a bucket filled with 100 ping-pong balls – Okay – Okay – Let's see it – [YouTuber] Lighting our hundred ping-pong balls on fire

Okay three, two, one – Nicely groomed lawn Okay the options that we're given to choose from are A, is it going to disintegrate the balls into tiny charred morsels like both of us after our vasectomies? – Hey that's not what happened – That's not how it works Didn't– – It's a common misconception

– Didn't you watch the unedited video? I know you di– – I can prove it! – I know you did, Kevin It's awkward, but you watched it All right B, slowly melting the balls like Stedman once he started dating Oprah Over time she's just melting his balls down – Yeah she is, she's hot! – Disintegrate into charred morsels or slowly melt – It's plastic, I've seen plastic burn before and it turns black

I feel like they eventually– – I thought they would slowly melt – They become tiny charred morsels at the end – It seems like we're saying A and B We have to choose I think they're gonna slowly melt

I don't think they're gonna disintegrate – I mean plastic does melt, okay B We're going with B – B is our answer – Let's see what happens

– [YouTuber] And there goes one We have some holes in the bottom to bring in the air Whoa! – [Link] Good gracious That is a lot of fire – [Rhett] You can feel the heat

All gone I think that's tiny charred morsels – Yeah but they slowly melted at some point before Okay whatever All right we got that one wrong, that's on me

– All right round two YouTube user HaerteTest bought a brand-new iPhone and strapped it to fireworks – Okay – Great idea, let's see what happens – The old destroying a highly valuable object for views

Love it – Yes – We've never done that – Goodness Now a couple observations right off the bat

Did you see how close the camera was to that? Before it cut to the camera, it was a camera filming the camera, and then it's freaking three sticks of – It's not dynamite – It looks like dynamite

– It's fireworks – Well it looks like dynamite – Here's the options Is this going to A, explode into a bazillion pieces like Mark Zuckerberg when he's trying to understand human love, or B, remain mostly unscathed like Tom Cruise in every Mission Impossible movie, no matter how many times his motorcycle explodes – He is a resilient man

– Here's what I'll say, this is not personal experience, but I remember one of my teenage friends, when I was growing up told me, "Listen, as long as you don't put your fist around "a firework, you'll be all right man" – Somebody told you that? – Yeah, like a guy we went to high school with I don't remember exactly who it was, so I'm not gonna name any names, but like basically we were talking about people who had lost their fingers in fireworks accidents He's like, "If you just hold it like this–" – This is a common conversation topic – "If you hold it like this, nothing will happen

" So because the iPhone isn't holding, but it's just next to it, I'm almost positive that it is B It is not going to break into a million pieces But that's just based on one redneck from Harnett Central (laughs) – Not a million – So, I could be wrong

– And it's not a million, it's a bazillion pieces There's no way that could be broken into a bazillion pieces All right, I'm gonna go with you since I was wrong on the last one, B – Okay – Let's see

(Rhett yells) It's gone Nope, it's right over there – [Rhett] Yep (laughs) – [Link] Nothing happened – [Rhett] I tell ya

– [Link] Oh – Mostly unscathed (dinging) – Well except for that big black streak in the middle – I'm telling you man, rednecks, you can trust a redneck, man They tell you something about fireworks, you can take it to the freaking bank

– We got that one right Let's move on to this next one – What else we got? – Our prompt is, YouTuber MrGear decided to put a blowtorch against an unopened bottle of champagne All right, let's watch it Oh so like concentrated fire – Man

I love the Internet – In one spot – That's just the one thing that I'm reminded of – Because you, okay, here are our options – Love that this stuff happens on the Internet

– Is this champagne bottle going to A, blow its top and crack like Gordon Ramsay when the stuffed pork tenderloin was raw in the center He's a volatile person – It's all an act – Or B, tip over and fall to the ground like that guy who's been drinking alone at the TGI Fridays bar since two in the afternoon – Tip over? I think

– So what you're saying is– – I don't think it's gonna build up enough pressure to pop the top Of course he has unfurled the top, so it doesn't have a cage on it anymore – I hope it blows its top and cracks, because it's gonna start to boil the champagne? – Is it gonna melt the glass or boil the champagne? It's not gonna boil the champagne

– Before it melts the glass? – Is it gonna increase the pressure of the champagne such that the pop tops off? The top pops off whatever A That's what you're saying, A? – I'm hoping it's A So hope this is wish fulfillment Is it A? – [Both] Yeah! – And then it made the hole in the side after it bursted

So that's it, we got that one right – That was a bottle of Odessa Gold – Odessa You know I– – I can't believe they desecrated it – My papa had a sister named Odessa

– Are you making that up? – No – Oh wow Did she start a champagne company? – Why would I make it up? It's not even worth making up – Well Okay

There's– (Link laughs) There's a thing called a fire extinguisher ball, which is something you throw into a fire to help it go out – Have you heard of this? – No I'm just reading off this – I know but I had not heard of that – The guy behind the YouTube channel What's Inside? I've seen that channel – Cool

– Always cutting stuff open Lit one on fire while holding it in his hand – Open hand? Redneck fashion? – Well let's see – I'm just waiting for it to blow up right now – Is it A, going to split open and release streaks of foam like my Uncle Darrell after doing the Tide Pod challenge, or B, explode like my Uncle Darrell after challenging himself to eat 20 Jack in the Box tacos

– I think it's gonna release foam, because that's what's gonna extinguish a fire So it's supposed to come into contact with fire – It's not going to explode – Yeah I'm pretty certain about this is A – A

– But it's kind of crazy he's holding it (Rhett yells) – What the? Are you? – [Girl] What the? – [Link] What the crap – [Girl] You survived, you didn't lose any fingers – No, that felt like someone smacked me so hard though – Great work, dad

– (laughs) We got the kid on the camera? What in the world – That's a model father if I've ever seen one – We're about– – And who am I to talk? So we're 50/50 leading into this one YouTuber 76HhtrodF250 – That's a good username

I like it – Took his frustrations out on a Tickle Me Elmo – Elmo wants to think of just the right story to tell you – What he's like, he's putting the lighter in his mouth – He deserves it

– Is this tickle me Elmo going to burn and A, make loud popping noises and spark all over the place like that time I accidentally made Jiffy Pop in the microwave, yeah don't do that, or B, keep on talking and laughing, even in the face of death, like that annoying coworker with no self-awareness Just let me get my work done, Jessie Jessie – You work with my wife? – I don't know, that's what they wrote – You and my wife got a business together that I don't know about? – Yeah we're

– 'Cause she's the only person named Jessie – We take two-sided tape and we make it just tape Okay

– I don't think that's gonna work Loud popping noises– – I mean it's got electronics in it so loud popping noises and sparking all over the place– – I think these things, Elmo is so annoying that I think that that is the kind of thing that would just break through any sort of hardship I think he's gonna continue to laugh and talk as he disintegrates Sparking and that, that's for the movies, man That doesn't happen in the real world

– Good point B – B – [Link] Oh gosh – Hmm

Oh oh, Elmo's got it Me, if Elmo doesn't get his nose back, Elmo has to talk like this all day (laughs) (Elmo honks) Excuse Elmo (laughs) (Rhett laughing) – Wow, he kept going – That– – That was satisfying to watch

I don't like Elmo, man – I'm not comfortable being around someone who relished so much in that That was wicked – Elmo does not have a friend in me No no no

– Well I'm just saying He like farted and said excuse me Like were things coming out of him that without the fire he wouldn't have said? – I don't think he knew he was on fire

I don't think that's how it works Okay, Link, one more If we get this one right we don't have to expose ourselves to that flaming dog of (laughs) flaming bag of dog poo Okay, the 386th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron conducted a burn to dispose of 18,974 pieces of unserviceable ammunition Let's see what happens

– Oh no What on earth? How is this a good idea? What are our options? – I should never have left civil engineering Okay, is it going to end in a very underwhelming display like the night I got married Oh come on! (audience laughs) Or put on– – It's well-documented – Or put on, no, it wasn't documented, thank gooodness

Put on one heck of a firework show like aunt Debbie after she's had one too many vodka cranberries? – Well it says unserviceable, so they wouldn't be burning it if it would go up, but they wouldn't put it at the end of this segment if it was a dud – Oh now you're playing the psychological game How they're thinking about it – (clicks tongue) The producer So even though I was gonna think that they're just inert, I think that they're out in the desert and this thing's gonna go kaplooie

– Why would they burned that much ammunition if it was unserviceable, I mean you just – That's a question for them that we're not gonna be able to answer – I don't think that it's a firework show

I think it's– – It's a fireworks show, man – Because of the producer in you? – Yes – Okay if– – I wanna see it bad – How about this, how about this Whoever is wrong has to stick his nose in the dog poop

– That's fine – Has to open it up and get your face in there – That's fine – So I'm going with it was underwhelming, and I'm willing to put my nose in there knowing there's a good chance I'm wrong – All right, here it is right here

All right let's watch (mild booming) – So nothing happened, nothing happened at all – Whoa! Kaplooie baby! – Just totally inert – You put the right music underneath that and boy it's almost patriotic, which is odd All right there you go

Kaplooie – There's Flamin' Hot Cheetos in there – What? Dump it out – Oh gosh (yells) – It's Flamin' Hot Cheeto covered

– That's (yells) What dog donated that? It's real poop man – Oh my gosh – Nothing but the best for us (Link groaning) All right you earned it

– Okay, all right – Now stick around and see if we can tell the difference between designer gowns and dresses from Forever 21 – [Rhett] Don't get down, because we're going down under We're taking the Tour of Mythicality to Australia in July Get tickets and details on the VIP package at tourofmythicality


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