Hot Cold Food Vs. Cold Hot Food Taste Test

– Is cold food hot better than hot food cold? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– Tour alert! We're playing live across the country in June, September, and November with VIP meet and greets too You can get your tickets at RhettAndLinkLivecom – Many foods are associated with an optimal temperature For instance, I like my coffee piping hot and my Snickers ice cold and my deviled eggs room temperature

But what if we made like over zealous male cheerleaders and flipped those temperature expectations on their heads Oop Are we on the brink of discovery? Or about to get nauseous? It's time for ♪ 'Cause you're hot and you're cold ♪ ♪ You're food and you're gross ♪ ♪ Food temperature swap ♪ ♪ Please make the taste stop ♪ – Now this experiment is all about taking foods that are usually eaten cold and serving them piping hot and vice versa – Okay – So a few weeks ago, we posted a series of hot cold food versus cold hot food match-ups and you voted on what you thought we would like better, meaning, you voted in a sense to predict what we would enjoy and now we're gonna find out if you're right

– Yeah we're gonna score you so you are gonna get a point for each round that the majority of you guessed correctly what we would prefer and if you get three or more points, we'll deliver a personal affirmation that you can play whenever you need a pick-me-up but if we don't get three right, we're gonna play all of the worst sounds in the world all at the same time and you have to listen to it – Yes All right let's get hot and cold (upbeat music) Cold eggs and hot guac Sounds like Migos ad-libs

Cold eggs! – Hot guac! Hot guac! – I know you're not gonna, you wouldn't like these if they were hot but you know what, you've gotta test it – Because of that yolky, uncooked eyeball part – You've gotta eat from the yolk part You gotta put the whole thing in your mouth – Fine I'll go all the way

– [Rhett] It actually stays pretty gelatinous It's staying together – See the fact that I don't like this, maybe it's because it's hot So cold Uh-uh

– To me this just tastes like eggs that when I got too big of a breakfast, like when I went someplace and I ordered like cowboy breakfast I feel like a cowboy today and then I've got like two pancakes, five sausages, seven slices of bacon, a biscuit, toast Grits, oh, I got eggs and I remember I got eggs and then I eat 'em and they're cold They're good, I like it – Really? – All that to say I like it

– The point is, I do eat my eggs first 'cause you don't want 'em to get cold, kinda like fries – Yeah – That's not great but hot guac, could this be worse? No chips, just spoons – This tastes like some kinda, you can tell me that was some sort of dip or soup There's nothing bad about that at all

– I don't mind this at all – I like both of 'em so if you don't mind that one, the choice is clear – You like both of 'em? – I'd rather have hot eggs I don't prefer cold eggs – So we've got our temperature here

– But that's like a whole new creation that I'm into – You're calling this something new – Yeah hot guac is a thing– – Hot-a-mole? – That I might do now – All right so we're voting for hot-a-mole – [Stevie] Okay so 64% of the Mythical Beasts thought that you would like hot guacamole better so they get the point

– You guys get a point That's very good – Congrats (upbeat music) – Hot Sprite and cold bone broth Sounds like two SoundCloud rappers

– You heard about Hot Sprite? – Yeah he never goes anywhere without Cold Bone Broth hypin' him up – Yeah And he's so lofi, that's what I love about him – We should clarify, we were talking about the room temperature stuff last round but this is really hot and oh my gosh, that is really cold so out of the fridge – They're hot and cold

For real – Out of the piper – That's not bad, it's like, again, because it became hot and not just warm– – If you think about it– – It seems like it's something else, if you were like, do you know that in Switzerland, they have this sugary drink and it's hot and it's like you come off of the ski slopes and they give it to you and you take your gloves off and you drink it and it's really the best thing that I've ever experienced – But you can't call it hot Sprite, you gotta market it You gotta call it like– – I think it's just hot Sprite but they call it– – Spasel

– Spasel, yeah – Spasel – You enjoy it with some wassail – All right now this is– – I like that – This is gonna be really fun

– I typically don't enjoy cold congealed fat – [Link] What is that? That's what the white stuff on top is? – Yeah, now your wife, you know your wife– – I know her – Brought me a gift – I've heard of her – Do you know that when I got sick recently, your wife texted me

She texts me a lot, I don't tell you always but– – Okay – She texted me and she said, "Do you need any bone broth?" She brought me bone broth and set it, I said, "Just set it on the step "because I don't want you to get sick" It wasn't cold though Did you know your wife is giving me bone broth? That's really what I wanted to bring up – Yeah when I got home, she told me

She's like, "I did something nice for Rhett," and I was like, "You sure?" (Rhett laughs) – [Stevie] It's better than you giving her bone broth (Rhett chuckles) – Oh gosh – It's not broth – Let's just taste this, shut your mouth (crew laughing) – That's real tough to do

– But it's not that it tastes bad, but temperature has so much to do with the experience that it's like– – Well the congealed fat is– – Yeah that's just wrong – But you should probably– – [Link] Wash it down with some spasel – Get a spoonful of the congealed fat just to make an accurate, you want to be as fair to the Swiss people– – I mean if you mix it in here, then I might be able to do it – That was not necessary – That was not good

– I think we're both in agreement, hot spasel is our preference – [Stevie] Okay so I think this is gonna get harder, but yeah 65% of the MBs thought you would like hot Sprite more – You mean spasel? – [Stevie] Yeah so that means they get another point – All right, you guys are great at predicting (upbeat music) I'll try some KFC cold but a Whopper with cheese? I don't know, and how about some hot banana split? Let's try that first

– I kinda feel like everything that's hot might be better Let's start here at the most hotness – Dig, I'm gonna get a little banana This just seems like a molten, you know, some kind of actual dessert – Dink it

– Oh man that's good – Mm – It really is Do we just like all hot foods, is that what we're learning? – I like hot foods – We should be heating everything up

– And it's not like I'm cold either Open the Whopper though I don't wanna– – I know that's good – Yeah you just ate it – [Rhett] So I don't need to eat it again, I just kinda wanna eat it out of habit

– It's kinda hard I mean you used to freeze a freezer full of Big Macs– – Yeah but then I would– – And eat those in college – I would heat 'em back up I didn't eat 'em cold – You're never tempted just to eat it out of the freezer? – I like both of these

(crew laughs) – You know why it's not bad? Because it's not I feel like it's kinda like if you pack your lunch and bring it to school and you have a sandwich, my mom would put something really cold like a really cold pudding– – And it gets next to your sandwich – And then you put your sandwich next to it and it would make it cold So this makes me think of my mom – Well and a lot of times if you do like a cold cuts and cheese sandwich, it's cold from the beginning and it just stays cold all day so this is kinda like that

It's like a roast beef sandwich – Mom, you're like a cold Whopper to me – But I prefer a hot Whopper I don't want a cold Whopper Don't be givin' me cold Whoppers now

– That's– – All you Burger King employees that I see all the time – We're not discovering something over here is what Rhett's saying but I feel like maybe we have something – This is a new dish that the Swiss enjoy Really after a long day of snowshoeing, they like to come in off of the slopes, well no actually there's no slopes because it's just flat 'Cause this is where they're doing the hiking, this is just the hiking

– Yes? – So after you've done a non-slope (chuckles) snow day – You eat a– – A hot– – Snow, it's a snow day Like a Sunday – A banana spasel – A banana snow day

– I don't know what it is – Well we're voting for it because we love it That's the point – That's very good – [Stevie] Okay this was also a close one for the Mythical Beasts

But 51% of them thought that you would like the hot Dairy Queen banana split better – Dang! – [Stevie] So that's another point – Barely got it right – That means they already got their three points – You got your inspiration

– You're gonna be inspired, let's see if you can get, if you can get a queen sweep, we'll be extra inspiring (upbeat music) – I'm a cold clam chowder in the streets, and a hot coleslaw in the sheets Let's eat it – I don't even wanna know what that means so we're going with the hot coleslaw first – [Link] Look at this, this is like a layered, the top of this, there's a film on it

– [Rhett] Yeah it filmed up – That's just like coagulated mayonnaise – [Rhett] Oh, it does not smell good – [Link] It's very hot too – It really isn't bad

– It is a weird dish but it's a new dish – But couldn't– – It's not hot slaw – You still could think that somebody had made you like a recipe of some kind – Hot slawsel – Yeah, you know when the Swiss get through with a long day of banking

(Link chuckles) They're just counting money all day, they got tired fingers – Mm – I need some slawsel – Why is that good? I just can't tell you but it is – Coleslawsel

This is not gonna– – Cold clam chowder I would suggest thinking of this like potato salad Really runny cold potato salad – [Rhett] Okay – But instead it's kinda like dog food

– Your Jedi mind trick actually helped me – It did? – Yeah But it tastes like, I think the potato salad's bad, you know what I'm saying, like– – Yeah, so– – [Rhett] Hot slawsel, man – We're discovering that the test is when you can discover or at least convince yourself that there is a new dish and that's what's happening here – And usually it's a hot dish

– With hot slawsel – Are we going hot every time? – [Stevie] I mean guess what The Mythical Beasts also went hot as well on this one with 57% – Not an obvious choice – So again, another point

– Good work, guys – I think we're learning something about us and you today We like it hot (upbeat music) So now we're flipping one of my favorite childhood snacks, the vodka martini served piping hot versus one of James Bond's favorite indulgences, the Hot Pocket served ice cold Get it? – Oh

(Rhett chuckles) – Switcheroo – You did the Swiss– – Times two – Swiss switcheroo which is a double switcheroo – The Swisseroo – Exactly

You like a martuni – I do – Did I say martuni? – That's a martini with tuna in it which I also like Not that, not this – I don't– – I like a really, really, really, really dirty– – Do you like 'em cold though? – Martini

I like it so nasty, so dirty – Do you like it cold is all that matters here though – Yeah – It's kinda like a hot toddy, hot toddtini – Oh gosh

There's nothing sweet in a martini which is why I like it (crew laughs) But when you make something this not sweet this hot (Link moans) It is rough, boy! – We no longer like it hot I don't think – So hold on so that didn't work That seems like a mistake

– Wow – Now those of you who may remember Hezekiah, our intern way back when, his nickname was Hot Pocket because he would take a cold Hot Pocket and put it into his cargo pants pocket– – At the beginning of the day – And warm it up with his body heat and eat it for lunch – Yeah – So this is like if you interrupt– – And walk out the door, put it in his pocket and then around, he said around like 11 a

m – Yeah so this is like a Hezekiah breakfast This is like, ah, I gotta eat my lunch early today This is straight out the freezer So I'm gonna go for the middle bite to get as much, I'm corn cobbin' it so I can get as much of the real ingredients

– That's what I was thinking too – I don't mind this I mean again, I don't prefer it this way It doesn't seem like a new dish It definitely seems like somebody didn't fully warm up their Hot Pocket with their body heat

– But cold meat, cold cheese, and cold pocket – Altogether kinda works – The main problem with Hot Pockets is that you might burn your face off trying to eat it if you're really hungry so this– – Right nobody's gonna get injured by this – This is also much safer – So our first cold preference is the cold Hot Pocket

– [Stevie] Oh and I have bad news for the queen sweep because the Mythical Beasts went 52% that you would like the hot martini better – It's horrible, guys – You can't be that right all the time But you guys were pretty dang good, four out of five predicting what we, you know what, you've been watching closely, haven't you? – You're reading us like a book and now we're gonna inspire you like a, like a person who is good at inspiring people and talking Extemporaneously

– You know one of the things that you're good at? You're good at predicting what two guys are going to like on their internet show when they're trying to figure out if they like something that was traditionally cold hot and traditionally hot cold – You probably– – You're good at that – You probably predicted that I was also about to just start wavin' my right hand You knew I was gonna do that, didn't you? That's 'cause you're good at that – And then you knew that I was going to encourage Link to finish off this cold Hot Pocket and he's gonna have to do it because he came up with this bit

– And you knew that I was gonna eat it all but in kind of a fakey way, like (moaning) And you also knew that I wasn't gonna be good at it Because you're great – And that's why we love you – You can make it

– You're going to make it You have made it, let's get real – When you get there, 'cause you're already there, in Switzerland, think about us – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi I'm Tyler! I'm from Preston, Oklahoma I'm doing yard work and I'm listening to Ear Biscuits It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (both chuckle) – That's the way to do it! Click the top link to watch us take the ice puzzle challenge in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

– [Rhett] Sick stickers, brah Where'd you get 'em? – [Link] Mythicalstore, brah – [Rhett] So sick, brah – [Link] Totally, brah, I just put 'em all over my board, brah

– So sick, brah – Yah

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