Hilarious Kid’s Test Answers (GAME)

– Can we get inside the mind of a school child? – Let's talk about that – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical morning! – Now right out of the gate, we're issuing a very important heads up, so here it is, heads up! In small towns all over America, we have put up brand new Mythical billboards! – Yeah that's right! So, keep your eyes peeled for our billboards in a small town near you And watch our socials for clues as to their locations, and then you can share your findings with the hashtag MythicalUSA – Now today is the first ever, bring your youngest son to YouTube day So in just a few moments, my son Shepard, and Link's son Lando, are gonna play a very special back to school game with us – Mhmm, now Shep and Lando, or as they're known on the streets, Shando, are gonna join us to look at some of the absolute best worst answers ever given on school tests, and then posted on the internet It's time to play, Can We Guess These Funny Answers? – Alright welcome to the show Shando! – That's you guys! You could say like, thanks for having us, or hey Dad

(laughing) – This is gonna be great! How're you guys doing today? – Good – Good – Okay, there was an expectation, that you were gonna like, talk to us, on the show, so, – You ready to play a game? – Let's do that – Are you enthusiastically, incredibly, excited, like Nickelodeon level excited for this game? – Yeah – Yes (laughing) – Alright! – They're very subdued kids when you throw cameras in front of them – Oh you just wait

– Maybe we should have cameras all around the house? – No – Oh I do (laughing) I already have cameras all around your house – What? – Alright guys, here's how this is gonna work, around my house? – Remember we watch it every night at 9:00 pm – Alright so, we're gonna see, an image, – It's boring then

– Pretty early if you ask me, but, whatever – I'm trying to tell you guys how this games working (laughter) Alright, here's how this is gonna work We're gonna see an image of a real test question, that had an amazing answer, and then, the four of us, have to guess what the censored out answer is, before Stevie reveals it to us You guys can work as a team

– Yeah, Shando you guys are playing as a team, Link and I on our own, and whoever has the fewest points at the end, will have to drink an after school snack smoothie in Good Mythical More, which is basically, just a bunch of after school snacks blended together in smoothie form Does that sound good? – Yes! – No – There you go! – There we go – That's right Lando! – That's the spirit Lando! – Lando carrying Shando! – Alright, let's see the first question Cause: Tony practices the piano 20 minutes every day

Effect is blurred out, so, we're gonna write down the answers, then you guys can come up with your answer okay? – Wait, so right when you're done, we can just, like blurp it out? – Yeah you can blurp it out – If you got something – So just like, right when you're done, say it? – Okay, I got my answer – I got mine – But I wanna hear from you guys, I wanna hear from the experts, first

– Alright guys, what do you think was written on the test? – He practices 40 minutes a day, every two days – Oh you're making it a Math problem – Hey, he's a smart one 40 minutes every two days, he did multiplication on y'all Ha! – Cause: Tony practices the piano 20 minutes every day

Effect, what do you think Lando? – He doesn't like it (laughter) – He doesn't like it – Well that's kinda consistent with my answer, which was, those 20 minutes suck! – And I'm on the same page too, but I wrote specifically, Effect: Tony hates piano – [Stevie] Alright guys let's reveal the real answer, he is a big nerd (laughter) – That, that says herd

– It does look like it says herd – He's a big herd, that's what they're calling nerds now Now you guys both play piano right? – Yes – Isn't this the case? Do you think you're nerds? – No – No

– Well, we'll see about that (laughter) – Alright, let's see the next question – [Rhett] I think my mom should do less of this You got a picture that this kid drew of their Mom We've blurred something out, uh

– There's an answer written at the bottom – [Rhett] Okay – Can't quite tell what it is – I can – Oh, okay, so you guys got something? – Uh huh

– Yes – I think my Mom should do less of this, – Drinking (laughter) – Drinking? – Okay, you mean like juices and milk? – No (laughter) – What're you talking about? – Beer, wine, stuff like that – Okay

– Oh, you're really throwing Mom under the bus, seemingly here (laughter) Maybe for the record you should say, I'm not talking about my Mom, I'm talking about this kids Mom – Yeah, yeah (laughter) – What do you think Shepard? – Online dating (laughter) – Oh, so then what do you think is blurred out, that is drawn beside the Mom? – Her phone

– Oh her phone – Oh her phone, yes – You know what, so Shepard, I was thinking exactly the same thing, I don't know what that says about our, our collective, well she's my wife, she's your Mom, I was trying to find a word for that – Relative – I said, text her boyfriend

– Oh – I wasn't thinking about my wife, I was thinking about that kids Mom – And I wrote, I think my Mom should do less of hand puppets (laughter) – Ah, that's good – I think that's – I think that might be right – I definitely think the Mom is into hand puppets, and that is a blurred hand puppet

– Alright what's the correct answer? – [Stevie] Alright, let's unblur it – [Rhett] Drink wine! – [Link] Drink wine! – Alright that's, that is going to Lando! He said specifically beer and wine, and other stuff, but I think that, – Spirits – Other spirits, congrats to team Grando – All great answers, but you guys get a point – Okay alright, it's not looking good for us

Next question – [Link] Imagine that you lived at the same time as Abraham Lincoln What would you say to him or ask him? – This is difficult, it requires time travel – Yeah, well mines kinda long – Oh Link, you're really going for it over there

– Okay – Okay Shando, you got any thoughts here? – What's your favorite color? (laughter) – What do you think he would say? – Just make small talk huh? – Green – Green, you think he'd say green? – Mhmm – Okay, what do you think that this kid put in the response? – What's your favorite color? – I was talking to (laughter) I was talking to my son at this point, but, I mean, that was your opportunity to change your answer I guess (laughter) – What do you think Lando? – Hey, wanna go to a play? (laughter) – Pretty sinister

– Wow, much better than mine – What do you got Link? – I wrote why did you decide to leave the show? Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on The Walking Dead (laughter) A lot of blur down there – Yeah, mine was pretty short, it was just, you sure about that hat? (laughter) – Okay so now let's find out the right answer – [Stevie] Alright, let's reveal it

I'd tell him not to go to a play ever – Oh oh, Lando, you're all over it, but, the exact opposite – Yours was the snarky version (laughter) – Alright but you still got a point Alright well, Link you might need to talk to Lando a little bit later, but uh, next question – It's a very funny answer

– [Rhett] What are three things you want to do in the future? – (whisper) I have one (whispering) – The boys are deliberating – That's okay, they can do that, they're a team (whispering) – Okay, I don't, I'm not confident Alright, Shando, you guys got something? – Yes, okay, one, is pass out, one is – Be rich

– And one is be cool – Pass out? – Pass out? – That was mine! – He did that one! (laughter) – Could you explain yourself? – Well, I mean, I'd rather do it like right before school started though (laughter) – Why do you wanna pass out? – I don't know, it'd just be cool like, I can say, oh I passed out (laughter) – You know what, you're right, it would be cool – Lando, don't be their friends anymore

– Pass out, be rich, and be cool, okay – Be cool's kinda redundant if you've passed out – Yeah right Uh, I had, went with the, you know the way kids sort of did this meta thing, you know Answered this question, finish this test, and then go home

– Okay, and I just went with, get rich, get married, get divorced I don't know why Get remarried would be four – Kids don't wanna get married Not many boys say that though, I mean, – Yeah, I think they say I'm never gonna get married

– They're gonna what? – Well they do, most of the time, but, – Then they get divorced! – You're not thinking like a kid, you're thinking like you wanna be a kid, or something – Right, you're not thinking about marriage at this stage – No – No – Right, what are you thinking about? Besides passing out

You're not, you're not really, – Being rich (laughter) – Getting rich – [Stevie] Alright, let's reveal the answer It was, get a girlfriend, kiss her, rule the world – [Rhett] Rule the world! – Get rich! – Yeah, get rich, – That would've been four

– It fits in there really nicely – You think maybe this guy could be your friend Seems like friend material? – I don't know if I can get in contact with him – Not people who would wanna rule the world, but, – You don't wanna be friends with people who want to rule the world? – No – Why not? – It just sounds weird, and they'll try to boss you around because they want to rule the world

– Hard word to say Rhett can't say wolves either, so don't worry about it – I'd like to do it for about a day (laughter) – And then pass out? – Alright next question What do we call the science of classifying living things? – This is tough

– Again, trying to think like a kid It's been a while, I live such a mature existence (laughter) It's difficult for me to put myself in the mind of a kid – Okay, I don't know, a shot in the dark for me Uh what about you boys? – Um, I would write psyfomorkia

– What? – Psyfomorkia – Psyfomorkia, you'd make up a word? – I assume it's a word – Oh, of course – Yes – Psychomorphia, we use it all the time in our house

– Yeah! – You guys don't use psyfomorphia? So what is it? – What? – What is it? – It's psyfomorphia – Yeah, psyfomorphia! – Psyfomorphia! – You know the science of classifying living things – Never heard of it, what would you say Lando? – Boring (laughter) – Lando, we're on the same page bro, boring – Did you, did you cheat off of my son? – Yeah, I read his mind

(laughter) – Did you cheat off of Rhett? – No, I couldn't see over there – Okay, boring huh? Yeah I wrote, I think the answer they're looking for is, taxonomy, but my guess was stereotyping – What? – [Stevie] Alright, let's reveal the answer Racism (laughter) – [Link] I'm pretty close, see! – Uh yeah

– I wasn't quite as funny as a grade school kid, which is par for my course – Ha, that's good Racism, wow – But I feel like I should get half a point – Okay, take a half point, you're still behind Shep and Lando

Alright, last question – [Link] In a word, describe school – My last answer would work well for this one – Could be anything – It could be something

– (whisper) Yeah it could – Alright, I'm going to my go to, grade school for this – Shando, you guys got any thoughts? – In a word, describe school – Overrated (laughter) – Overrated man, everybody's talking about how you need to go to it, and you need to study for it, and it's gonna make your future, and all that

You see right through that, don't you? – Lando you got something? – I must say again, boring – Okay, yep – Okay, he must say it – That's hey, you know what? – Say it, just say it, if you must say it – I did say it

– Oh, you did, right – I was just kinda going off of what we learned from the last one In a word describe school, racism (laughter) – Oh, ouch Little social commentary

– Well I was just, because of, well, I'm trying here! – This is a tough one, I just, kinda fell back on my go to grade school self, um, fart (laughter) When in doubt, I would put fart on tests And it was, treated me very well, across the years – You might've done it, let's find the real answer – [Stevie] Alright, let's reveal

(laughter) – [Link] Hell! – That's what I was gonna put, but I didn't know if I could say that (laughter) – There is no punishment in your house is there? – Sometimes – Oh okay – You know what, either way, Shando, you guys win! – That means you don't have to eat the smoothie, in Good Mythical More! – Congratulations man, dudes – Alright, thanks for being here guys

– You're about as stingy with your five's as your Dad is – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You guys say you know what time it is – You know what time it is! – You know what time it is! – Hello, my name's Andrew from Lexington, South Carolina In America, while I'm freaking out about finals, it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

(laughter) – Don't mention finals this early – Don't freak out man! Click the top link to watch us drink a gross after school snack smoothie And take an actual fourth grade test, in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the wheel of mythicality's gonna land, (whistle) – Start your morning's off right, with a full mug of mythicality Get your GMM mug now at mythical


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