Hilarious Kids’ Summer Camp Letters (GAME)

– Kids write the darndest things– – When they're at summer camp – Let's talk about that

– Let's talk about that (upbeat music) – Good mythical summer – First off, exciting news if you signed up to be a mythical society 3rd degree member before the end of June, you about to get a print of this oil painting by Emily B Jones – [Link] It's pretty crazy

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We have invested in and are advising her on her project and you can follow her progress on Instagram @thecuriousworldsproject – Uh-huh It is summertime and to many that means summer camp, but to me that translates into not going number two for an entire week – I remember that I was there

– I do not poop at camp, man – And it turns out the internet is teaming up with summer camp letters shared for public ridicule So today we've invited our youngest sons, Shep and Lando, to experience some very strange and funny summer camp letters along with us It's time for we're playing a game about letters from some summer camp bed wetters Hello boys

– Hello boys – Hi – Hi – What do you guys think about summer camp? – Um – It's okay

– Yeah – You never been to summer camp – But I say it's okay 'cause I don't know – Yeah – Right

– That's a good position to have absolutely no commitment to it being good or bad having not been Shep, you've been to a summer camp, but you don't sleep there – No – Did you write any letters home? – No 'cause we picked him up everyday – Oh

(laughing) You guys have both missed out on the best part of summer camp and that's complaining to your parents back at home in letter form – Yes – And we're gonna look at some of the letters, but part of it's gonna be censored out, and you're job is to guess what's been censored out You guys work as a team even though you have your own answer Whoever gets the closest will get the point

Of course, Rhett and I are also trying to get the point So it's you against Rhett against me The loser's gonna have to eat a nasty S'more – Yeah, and Stevie will be the one to determine who is closest We're not making that decision amongst ourselves

– Right – And the loser gets that budget store S'more, which turns out it's two saltine crackers on the outside with a layer of mud and glue in the middle Does that sound appetizing? – Yes – Yes – No

– Okay – All right, any questions? Good Let's look at the first letter Dear mother, last night we had a banquet last night How are you? I'm fine Please send me blank blank

Write me Love Barron There's lots of things you don't have at camp – Oh, I know one (laughing) – Um

– Um – Oh, oh, oh, hold on, hold on – You want to tell mediance – We gotta get our answers before you start giving your answers, boy – It's a little blank in a big blank

– Let me point out this is from Camp Pinnacle in Hendersonville, North Carolina – I'll be dang – Shout out to Hendersonville – Whoa – You ever been there, Stevie? Stevie, you been there? – [Stevie] Yes, I have been there

It's just lovely in Hendersonville – Yep (gasping) – Okay, I gotta guess, I mean – Okay Shep, you seem really really enthusiastic about your answer, so what is it? – A lama – A lama

Okay – Most likely like the Fortnite kind, but – Oh – I think we're on a similar wavelength 'cause I said a dog, kind of like, I don't know it was a letter to Santa or something – I was just following along with the theme and I said last night

(laughing) – Yeah, might as well say it a 3rd time – Yeah, I mean, you know once you're getting a groove – Lando, what's your guess? – A smoothie I guess – Okay, a smoothie – If they don't have smoothies at camp, you gotta get yourself one

– Okay, so let's see the real answer – Please send me a knife Whoa! (laughing) Stevie, you're gonna have to decide– – He's got an enemy, an enemy – [Stevie] Oh, that's a real tough one – A knife

– [Stevie] But I feel like maybe Shep and Barron on this are on the same wavelength, so I'm gonna give this one to Shep (laughing) – Let's play what? – I understand – That's what I was actually thinking – I think she's saying that you're the kind of kid that might want a knife – That's what I was thinking at the beginning, but I thought that was too obvious

(laughing) – Go with your instincts – You thought a knife was too obvious – All right, let's see the next one – Okay, point for the boys Okay

Mom and Dad, I can not survive without blank, Jooby, Joo What's the kid's name? – Jobby It's like Bobby with a J – Jooby – I think it's Jocby with a backwards C

– Maybe – Yeah, okay – Jocby, yep – Jocby – Jocby, Jocby, Jocby

– Jocby, Jocby, Jocby – I can not survive without That's a big blank – [Lando] Well, look at the I can (laughing) – Yeah

– It's kind of big – It's kind of like an eyechart You know what I'm saying? – He can get large – Okay – Yeah, I think I have an idea

– I do too I'm probably wrong, but worth a try – Okay – Okay Lando, what you got? – Um, mac and cheese, maybe – Oh, that's not a bad guess

– That's a good one You are a tasting expert – Ah, Shepherd – Can you survive without it? – Pants – Pants

(laughing) I get, I get Whoa, hold on If it was cold at camp and you didn't know it, you only packed shorts – Ah yeah, can't survive without pants I went with a sweet answer

I can't survive without you – Ah – You know 'cause it's the kids and they need their parents – I was thinking that, but I then I was like – That's how you would feel if you were off at camp without me, right? You need me

You need me or pants more? – Pants – Yeah, pants – Lando's giving him the answer – Pants, say pants – I went with a safe answer, ah knife

(laughing) – I can't survive without knife (laughing) – I don't know – Okay, what do we got Stevie? – Let's reveal it Instagram – Instagram

– [Rhett] What? (laughing) – I think we should've gotten that one, technology – [Stevie] Guys, you're so far away that this is the hardest game for me – Knife is technology – [Stevie] Um, I don't know I feel like Rhett said you, – People post mac and cheese on Instagram

– Which is like – A connection with somebody – Yeah, it's a connection – Oh but, Lando what did you say? – People might post a bowl of mac and cheese on Instagram – [Stevie] Oh man

I mean, Lando's arguing – They're most likely to post you though – For himself – [Stevie] Rhett, do you have anything to say? – Yeah, I mean you want to make a connection in the DMs with your mama Right? (laughing) – He doesn't get the point (laughing) – I think this one goes to – I don't think anyone (mumbles) Lando, so another point for Shando

– Lando, you got the point – Yeah, whoa – Okay – Man – All right, next letter

– I'm glad I said that – [Link] Camp Thunder– – Bird – Bird (laughing) – Was very fun even though I blank seven blank I enjoyed archery and rock climbing

Overall, I enjoyed it thourely – Okay – I have an answer – Link, you got something over there? – [Link] Yeah – Okay

– Oh my gosh – Even though I killed seven squirrels – Okay – And that could fit there Yes, I agree

(laughing) – I got to it first Shep You need another answer – I went with something, the opposite of what happened to you at Camp Caraway I said took seven dumps, like a daily dump – Oh wow

Yeah, that's quite a swing – Like he was like I'm so regular I mean, it's so fun even though I'm so regular – I was gonna say that, but in different words – What? – What was your words? – I pooped seven times – Okay

– Oh – Well, I was Well, I had seven farts so Yeah, I count my farts – You guys are on the same wavelength

You count your– – I had seven farts (laughing) Took seven dumps, pooped seven times, and killed seven squirrels – Let's reveal it – Okay,what's the real answer? – And had seven farts – Puked seven times

– Puked seven times – That's very close to pooped seven times – [Stevie] But then it's kind of like a mixture of farting and pooping, so again I think this goes to Shando – Dang it, Link – Yeah

– What do you mean me? – Oh yeah, we're not on a team, are we? (laughing) I said dumps, Stevie – [Stevie] I know but – But I said poop – Give him a point They can't tie

Someone needs to win – I think Lando said times So did you though? – Oh no, he said times You're right He actually got one of the blanks right

– Oh, I did – Okay, whatever Dear Mom, day five of camp is a lot better The blank on my blank is gone, and now I can run My friends hate when I say blank, so I'm trying to stop saying it

Love Josh – Instead of camp it looks like it says camo, but in different – [Stevie] We're gonna make this one two points – Oh, here you go Give us a chance

– Spice it up, you know – Well, there's three blanks Why don't you just make it three? – [Stevie] Let me check the rule book on that Yeah, it looks like we can do that – Wait, what? – I have one

– I have one – Okay, Shep what do you got? – Um, well the rash on my thigh is gone, so now I can run – And what about the I, my friends hate when I say what? – Moist (laughing) – That's a bad word, isn't it? – Moist – It's not technically a bad word, but it's kind of a nasty word

– Yeah – That's weird (laughing) – Rhett – I'm confused – I said the tick on my groin is gone, and my friends hate when I say groin

(laughing) So I'm trying to stop saying it – Okay I said the sore on my wiener is gone, and they hate when I say wiener – What? – [Rhett] Lando – Um, I was thinking just the gum on my shoe is gone and gosh 'cause you say gosh too much

– Yeah, gosh – I hate that But I guess gum on your shoe would make it hard to run – Yeah, sometimes it just locks you in place – All right, what is it? The rash on my P-nus (laughing), and my friends hate when I say eggs

– Okay Rash, that's one point – And – Hold on, but I said groin, and Link said wiener – [Stevie] Yeah

– I think Link – But P-nus – [Stevie] I think wiener is the closest to P-nus – I think Link's – [Stevie] I gotta say

– Yeah, wiener's the closest to P-nus, but groin is where it's at – I got three points on that, guys – And it says the next one's worth four points – I was awarded – [Stevie] Well, let's see it

– [Link] Dear family, you probably will get this after I get home, but here's what's happening I lost my camera I saw a blank blank blank in a jar, and it's raining a lot From Keaton – [Rhett] What? – [Link] Debbie downer

– [Stevie] So what, are we thinking like a three pointer for this one? – Okay – Uh – We gotta get this – Okay You boys got answers

Who? – [Lando] Yeah – Lando go ahead – Um, big fat bug – A big big fat bug in a jar Okay

– Oh I just said big dead spider – What'd you say, Shep? – I was gonna say pickled dung beetle – A pickled dung beetle in a jar – Is that a thing? – I took this a totally different way, and I went with I say an old man poop in a jar

(laughing) – Don't go to the educamp, boys – The educamp It's told that you go to the educamp There's a railroad tracks underneath the bridge – Bridge

– That actually could happen – Yeah – Yeah Okay, what's the real answer? – At least it wasn't rain in it – [Rhett] I saw a dead baby deer in a jar

Oh gosh – Oh my Gosh – How big was the jar? (laughing) – It was huge – Ah, so it's gotta be one of you guys because you all said animals – I said the word dead Did you say dead? – I said big fat– – Big bug, big fat bug

– You said big fat bug – And he said pickled dung beetle – I said the word dead though– – But we both said animal – Yeah, I get at least one point – [Stevie] Yeah

Yep, I do believe– – We both get a point – That means that team Shando gets 15 points, and Link gets also 15 points – But sometimes your poop can be shaped like a baby deer

– Um – I think my question is– – One point, Stevie I don't have any Just give me one – No

– Just one point – No, Stevie – Just one point – Why is it that the most– – [Stevie] You know that the comment section is gonna be saying this too Why do you do this to me? – Why is it that the most juvenile answers are coming from the two of us? Wiener, pooping in a jar

– Well, that was right though Okay Ah, next one Dear Mom and Dad, I love everything about this camp except the blank Love Sarina

– [Stevie] And guys this one since it's the last one it's worth 44 points – Stevie – I'm fine with that You cool with that boys? – Sure

– I'm not – Are you hungry? – It comes down to us – Hungry? (laughing) – That's right – You like glue, right? – I love everything about this camp except the Okay

– That word looks strange once you Is that how you spell that? There's no way that's how you spell that – That's how you spell that – Shepherd, help your dad spell something (laughing) – You got an answer, Shep? – Um

– I guess not (laughing) – Can I go? Can I go? People – Oh – Oh, actually I do have one – Dang, that's cold

– I do have one People I have one – Okay – The old guy named Link – Shepherd if you want to throw the whole game just to get a jab in on me, I'm cool with that

– I was on the same page as Lando I said the people as well Is that how you spell people? – Yeah No wait, yeah – Yeah, it is

It is – You spell people, P O (mumbles) – Yes

– P O (mumbles) – Uh, I love everything about this camp except the dead deer in a jar (laughing) 'Cause I assume that Sarina went to the same camp – Okay, but use a different stationary

– Yep – What's the real answer? – Campers – Campers – [Link] Oh, almost councilors – [Rhett] Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, he

– [Link] And then it became the campers – [Stevie] You know what? That means that– – We both get the points – [Stevie] Yeah – We won We won

– Oh – Congratulations boys – And that's (mumbles) – Yeah – We won

– You have won – So that means that– – You like mud – Link and I have to share this, right? – No – Right? – No – Yes, please

– Okay – Rhett, you lost entirely, so you got to eat that nasty S'more – I'll enjoy it in Good Mythical More – For now thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You guys say you know what time it is

– You know what time it is – You know what time it is – Hi My name is Joe I'm from (mumbles), New York, and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality

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