Hilarious Kid’s Holiday Lists (GAME)

– Kids write the darnedest holiday lists – [Boys] Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning, and merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve! – Today's very special holiday episode is sponsored by Capital One Eno from Capital One is the intelligent assistant that looks out for you and your money 24/7 Eno alerts you to suspicious charges, sends bill pay reminders and even helps you shop safe and easy online – Actually, Eno contacted me this morning with a double charge alert because Eno alerts you if your account has multiple charges for the same amount of money at the same venue, but in my case, it actually wasn't a mistake because I purchased an inflatable reindeer for my front lawn and then I decided he needed some company so I went out and bought a second inflatable reindeer Maybe they'll multiply, I don't know

– I don't think that's how reindeer work – Eno, what's my balance now? Okay maybe I need to slow my roll on buying inflatable reindeer Thanks for helping me out, Eno Huh, that warms my artificial heart There's nothing I love more than helping humans

– Oh wow, so friendly If you're a Capital One customer like we are and you don't already know Eno, now is the perfect time to get started because the holidays are here and if you have kids like we do, you gotta know how much money you're gonna spend on all those gifts they have on their lists, in case, you know, Santa doesn't get to it all – Uh-huh and speaking of lists, it's time for, Do We Know the Gist of What Exists on These Kids Holiday Lists? – Sponsored by Capital One Hello boys – Hello boys! – Welcome back to the show

– Hello there – Hi – Oh, very proper – Hello there, guys – Based on your last experience, you're back for more, huh? – Yeah

– Yeah? – You ready for more guessing? – Maybe – Playing it cool this time, I like it – All right yeah, here's what's gonna happen We're gonna see an image of an actual kid's holiday wish list that was posted on the internet It's got something amazing on it but it's been censored out and then we each have to guess what that thing is

You guys are playing as a team You can give your individual answers but if either one of you get it right, team Shando gets a point – Yes and if team Shando wins, then we have to buy something for you guys off of your Christmas wish lists If I win, Link's gotta buy me something and if he wins, I gotta buy him something – Either way, you guys don't have to buy anything

Does that sound good? – Great – Mm-hm! – All right, let's see the first holiday wish list Dear Santa, for Christmas I want, please, a dog that blank, some ice cream, and some flip flops A dog that blanks some ice cream or is that separate? Stevie, can you tell us? – [Stevie] It's a dog that does what is the question that you're answering, that's the blank you're filling in – Okay now we're gonna write ours down but you guys can just have 'em in your brain

You don't have to share it with each other unless you want to – This feels pretty, I don't know, straightforward – Well it can't be too straightforward, else why would it be something interesting posted on the internet? – I mean it's interesting, but it's straightforward I can't imagine what else it would be I like the idea of this as well

– Okay Shepherd, what do you think it is? A dog that what? – Craps (crew laughs) – Pretty much any dog (chuckles) – No a dog that craps some ice cream – Oh, that would be great

– And some flip-flops – And you know what, Shepherd, McLaughlin minds think alike – Free ice cream – I used the slightly more appropriate term, poops You probably as the 10 year old should be saying poops and your big dad should be saying craps (chuckles)

– Well poops, because some ice cream's in a different color, I don't think it's connected, but I do think that's a great idea for a new type of dog Lando, what's your answer? A dog that what? – Dances – Dances There are dogs that do that – Dances some ice cream? – Mine is talks

'Cause I mean– – What? – What do you mean what? – I don't think you guys understand how this works This dog is doing something to the ice cream, guys – Yeah – I'm pretty sure There's no comma

– It can't talk some ice cream – There's no comma – Just say ice cream? – [Stevie] The dog's not doing anything to the ice cream Let's reveal the answer though – [Link] Poops! You got it right! (Rhett laughs) A dog that just poops! – I thought it was a dog that pooped some ice cream

But– – That's even better! – But hold on, but craps is technically poops, so we both get a point – Yes Of course I don't – [Stevie] Ready for the next one? – Yes Dear Santa, I want a iPhone and I want a flatscreen HDTV and one million pieces of blank, and I want a iPod and I want a computer, a sister, a limo, and a limo driver

– Just get your sister to drive the limo – Yeah – Okay this kid's pretty ambitious, so– – I have one – K, I have it too – So again, you each have your own answer

– What would a kid want pieces of? – I've got a guess Lando, why don't you go first? – Legos – Ah – Okay yeah That's a pile of Legos

– A million pieces of Legos – Yep – Okay Shep, what about you? – Chicken (Rhett laughs) – Pieces of chicken

(chuckles) – I mean, that'd be a good Christmas list Again, we're kind of on the same wavelength I thought it was food as well A million pieces of bacon – No, I'm thinking it's a million pieces of Bitcoin

– Oh – He's trendy – [Stevie] All right, let's see what it was – [Link] Shrimp, it was a food – [Shepherd] What? What? – A million pieces of shrimp

– Pieces of shrimp, chicken and shrimp Bacon-wrapped shrimp – No, uh-uh – Give us half a point – No

McLaughlins, you should not get a point – First of all, we're not on the same team, son! (crew laughs) – [Link] Nobody gets a point there – [Stevie] All right let's go for the next one – [Rhett] Dear Santa Santa, if you bring presents with blank, bring blank

Okay – [Link] So this is two blanks? – [Stevie] Two blanks – Two blanks, boys If you bring presents for blank, bring blank – Try to figure that out

– Mine makes logical sense I don't know if it's the answer Link you got something? – Mine kinda makes sense – Mine does – Mine is, if you bring presents with ribbons, bring scissors

'Cause I hate having to remove ribbons from presents – Okay, I was gonna say if you bring presents with you, bring a sack (chuckles) – Just giving him job advice – Remember, put those presents in sacks, Santa Don't forget that

– Okay Shep, what's your answer? – Well, I was going to say with wrapping, bring scissors – Oh yeah? – Oh – Yeah – It's a very smart answer – Maybe you guys are onto something with your little scissor talk

– Wrapping bring scissors – Wait what? I was too – Oh you were too? – I promise – Okay What's your answer? – Bows and scissors

– Well it's gotta be scissors, I mean, three people say scissors – We all think it's scissors – [Stevie] Well we can rewrite it, 'cause here's the answer – [Rhett] If you bring presents with batteries, bring batteries – Oh I get it

– That is so annoying – Oh! – If you bring presents that need batteries, I think is, oh – All right this is a list – For Santa – List for Santa

iPod, Minion too? – [Lando] Toy – [Shepherd] Minecurft – [Rhett] Xbox, Minecurft – [Link] Minecr– (rolling tongue) Ooh – [Rhett] And blank for mom

– [Link] And then the Instagram caption says my son's Christmas list still makes me laugh I don't know what SMH stands for – Shaking my head – Oh – SMH that you don't know that

– [Link] At least I know my son has my back and wants his mommy happy That's a clue – Yep – [Link] I love you baby DJ – Oh his name's DJ? I thought the other kid's name was OK or something

– [Link] Rhett, what do you have over there? – You said OK – I thought his name was DK – I went with schnapps – Wait, what? – Oh, it actually says schapps – You're like a kid's Christmas list

– You know, Mom likes schnapps – What's schnapps? – We'll talk about it later – Okay I got one Didn't work the first time, maybe this time Bitcoin for Mom

(Rhett laughs) You know, try to do some investment on her behalf – Okay, Lando, what'd you think? – A date – Oh Is that the fruit or is that like, like a person? – A person – Okay

– That's pretty good – Shep? – A boyfriend – Oh okay Same thing – Guys on the same page

– [Stevie] Guys might be onto something Let's see what it is – [Rhett and Link] Husband – [Rhett] Okay I think we gotta give a point to team Lando for that – You date a boyfriend and then they become a– – Husband? – Yeah, but what if the guy brings schnapps? Maybe half point? Half point? – No half point

– Okay, all right – All right let's see the next one Dear Santa, you better bring my blank this year or there will be consequences There's a, what's the big blank? – I think it's a picture – Yeah

I think it's a picture – Yep – You know how kids think Crazy kids – Okay

– All right, Shep, what do you think? – My dad (Rhett and crew chuckling) – Aw He even drew a picture of his dad under there? – Okay, all right, hey Shepherd, Daddy's gonna be home for Christmas this year (chuckles) – Lando, what's– – Everything's gonna be okay, son

– What's your answer? – I thought brother Maybe he wants a baby brother or something – Oh, baby brother this year – Yeah but not baby because it wouldn't fit in there – Okay, good point

– I just said pony Keep wanting a pony – Yeah, that probably makes sense I went with money, which could be Bitcoin – Okay, it's always a bad answer

All right what is it? – [Stevie] All right let's see – It is a pony! – Oh yes! And look at that pony, it looks like a– – That is a weird pony – [Rhett] Yeah that pony needs to go back to leg day – [Lando] Needs to work out – Looks like a cross between a pig and a Lima bean

(Lando chuckles) – [Stevie] All right guys, this is your last chance – No – Okay, last chance to catch up with team Shando All right this one's long Dear Santa, there is only one thing I want for Christmas

Crossed out, oh summer vacation (chuckles) All right, I don't really understand this I guess he repurposed this That one thing is to bring blank to my house because I think blank That blank looks like more than one word

If you can do that, I would be so grateful Learn how to spell grateful, kid! Thanks Santa – So was this a repurposed list or was this, I want you to bring it now but it's for summer vacation – My guess is this was for Christmas and then he waited until, Santa didn't do it for Christmas so he ended up doing it for summer vacation – I'll go for the small blank

Not the big one – Just figure out something – Okay – [Link] Only one thing I want for Christmas – Okay

You boys got anything? – I do – Okay Go for it, Lando – Rhett and Link, and I think I can go to the Tour of Mythicality, maybe? – Oh – Oh

Oh you're making this a plug, I love it And where will they find out more information? – You think this is a fan letter, okay – TourOfMythicalitycom I did not tell him to plug our Tour of Mythicality website– – That's good though

He should do that more – I do love that Maybe that's it – All right Shep, what about you? – Grandma because I think she's going to die soon (crew laughs and gasps) – But not at Christmas but definitely by summer vacation – Shepherd

We should talk (crew laughing) – That one thing to bring my grandma Yeah I just said a pool 'cause it's summer But now I'm thinking it's Grandma (Rhett laughs) – Well mine was a little dark as well

But not quite as dark The police because I think my parents might be criminals – All right – [Stevie] All right, let's reveal it for the win – [Link] Leonardo DiCaprio to my house because I think he's cute and I would like to meat him

– [Rhett] Meat with an A (chuckles) – I don't know how meat with an A is a verb – I think that means dice him up – And eat him – All right, no one got those points right, but that means Shando, you have won with two points

– Yes, and we're gonna be looking at your Christmas lists in Good Mythical More and I guess we're gonna be buying you something off of them – Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this episode Go to CapitalOnecom/Eno to learn more and get to know Eno today – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You guys say, "You know what time it is" – [Boys] You know what time it is – I'm John from Indiana – And I'm Paul from Idaho – [Together] And we're roommates

And we got each other GMM Christmas presents And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality Woo! (Rhett laughs) – Woo! I love that bro man – Yes, click the top link because Shando's gonna share their Christmas wishlist in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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