Herding Ducks For A Day

– Today we become official duck masters – Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning – Our week in Memphis, Tennessee brings us to the legendary Peabody Hotel (classical music) – Mm-hm, we're gonna be trained to perform a very important job here to become duck masters Yes, they have very popular ducks and we're going to master them – And at this point, we have no idea what that means

– And remember, we're here visiting the headquarters of St Jude Children's Hospital St Jude pioneers research and treatment for kids suffering from cancer and other life-threatening diseases at no cost to the family – We're raising money for St

Jude this year with your help, you can donate by clicking on the blue donate button If you don't see the blue button or you want more information, you can go to StJudeorg/GMM – Now let's master some ducks

– [Rhett] At the Peabody, they're obsessed with ducks because every day for nearly 80 years, they've been marching them down into the lobby fountain and then back up to the roof – [Link] But it takes a lot to get those ducks marching – They live in here? There's not a knob on this door, Link (chuckles) (knocks on door) – Gentlemen, won't get much success there, it's fake That's the water tower shed

If you're looking for the ducks, they're right around here – Okay – Come on by! – [Rhett] I think that might be the duck master – [Link] The rooftop duck palace features a replica of the hotel, a fountain, and the ducks – [Rhett] And everything that comes along with them

– All hail illustrious duck master – It's a humble title, thank you very much – Where you you sleep in here? – It's tight habituation but we get to know each other pretty well, no, no, no The ducks are the only permanent residents here at the Peabody Hotel – Very well-behaved, okay so how do we master them? – We're more like the butlers to the ducks, so we do everything from turn down service, room service, morning service, valet service

Really anything and everything duck and duck related – Okay so trained but not tame – Right They're wild raised, wild kept, and since I don't pick them up and pet them here or feed them out of my hands or lay out trails of food for 'em or give them little nicknames or anything, they stay wild – So you don't name 'em? – That one looks like Harry, I mean– – You just ruined his life

You can't, now he's separated himself See he thinks he's better than everybody else Unname him, unname him – [Link] Sorry, you're not Harry, you're feathery – [Rhett] That's still a name

– [Link] All right what do we do? – So mostly it's tidy up time – Like cleaning poop? – Yeah, cleaning poop In fact, you guys will be doing all the work for us as you are duck masters in training We got you official regalia and everything There you go, guys

(operatic music) – Yeah, it takes two guys to deal with this hose Oh wasp, wasp! (yelling) Like water off a duck's back, it's happening The saying that I've used for years in many different situations is happening for real in front of my eyes I am the master now – In training

– [Rhett] Okay, they're clean enough to be presented to people now? – Yeah, it's about time to get set up for duck march – Duck march time – Here we go What I need is this to lay down – Is this a big Crown Royal bag? – [Anthony] You don't want a drab red carpet, right? All right, nope, nope, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back

We're gonna go all the way to the edge You can just roll it That is also effective (classical music) – Going good, I should say (chuckles) – [Anthony] All right gentlemen, I think we're square

Duckies! You all know what time it is! It's time to– – Spin the Wheel of Mythicality – [Anthony] Nope! It's time to allons y, allons y, duckies Here we go Very good All the way duckies, oh very nice

Very good (classical music) Five, four, three, two, one Gentlemen Here we go All right, all very fine duckie master Carol, might I give you that? – Yes, sir

– [Anthony] Thank you, sir Duckies, very good, stay on carpet – Oh gosh, oh– – Duck masters in training You're doing pretty good, pretty good, a little right leaning, very good Duckies, use all the stairs for us please, very nice

And– – Woo! – [Anthony] Well done, duckies, very nice! – [Rhett] Oh wow – [Anthony] Very good job! – Oh, I was so nervous I thought I was gonna have to– – [Anthony] We're not done, come on, let's go – [Link] Look how happy they are – Ladies and gentlemen, the march of the Peabody ducks

We thank y'all so very much for joining us Have a wonderful day, great job, duckies, very nice work – Yes! – Very fine – Yes! – Yes! – Excellent job by duck masters in training I think you'll get the hang of it, certainly by five o'clock

– So how often do we get in there today? – We're gonna get in there slightly less than one time today Now we gotta roll up this red carpet, get everything tucked away and we gotta feed the ducks ♪ Little kicks ♪ ♪ Little kicks ♪ ♪ Little kick to the carpet ♪ That was harder than I thought it would be The ducks are fed on a silver platter because they fancy – [Link] And also because you can't touch it

– [Rhett] A little for you And way less than half for you How's that for a first time duck master? – That is adjacent to acceptable So if you just set that right here – [Rhett] That one's putting his butt on it

– The ducks have been fed! Yay – That one kid clapped So now what do we do? – Well I go off and do duck things, and you gentlemen, I need you to watch the ducks – Gladly – Six hours babysitting the ducks

Waddle we do? It's hard not to name them – What do you call that one? – Feathers McQuackerson – Duck Norris – Donald Glover

– Jack Quack – Duck Bill Nye – Bird Guy – Sean – Duckface

– Feather John Misty – There's only five ducks and we just had a lot more names – Yeah we named a couple of them twice Don't tell the duck master (classical music) – Come over for story time, ducks

Gather round for story time Once upon a time, there was a wonderful fountain that was a home to five wonderful ducks who swam around in circles for certain hours of the day – And then one day, one of the ducks was like, guys, think about it We're sitting here in this freaking fountain all day for other people's enjoyment What about us? What do we want? And then the other duck's just like, I don't know, this is pretty cool

Maybe this is what we want And they stayed in the fountain – Happily ever after Did you know that ducks, they don't fly south for the winter, they actually burrow – I did not know that

– You know how like a beaver will make a dam? – Mm-hm – And then, you'd be amazed at how many rooms a beaver can put in a dam – Oh I can only imagine – But one of those rooms they build for ducks – Did you also know that ducks are carnivores? – I did not know that

– Yeah, so we fed 'em earlier today and it looks, it's just a bunch of ground up bones – Seriously? – Yeah – You gentlemen aren't misleading our guests, are you, about anything? I mean facts– – No no no Only duck facts, only truths – Have you ever touched a duck? – I have

– You wanna touch those ducks? – I do – But you can't – You can't, you can't – [Link] Got him (classical music) – Duck

– Duck – Duck – Duck – Duck – Duck

– [Rhett] Duck – Duck There's no goose, so, this game really doesn't work (classical music) Okay, get me the duck outta here All right, time to close up shop, get these ducks back on the roof! – [Rhett] Nice and easy, nice and easy, nice and easy

You know what, I think we probably got better at this – Ah, it's a slip knot – Everything's gonna come really easy except for that We didn't do that before, but I mean, the rest of it (classical music) Again, I kinda feel like the vacuum has a mind of its own

– No that's me pushing the vacuum – [Woman] You missed a spot – What do you mean, you missed a spot? Why don't you come out here and vacuum this? It's not easy – You ever seen two men vacuum before? – Never in my life, first time – The time is near

You have gone through well, with more or less success the skills required to be a duck master I have for you though some official official regalia Gentlemen– – Does this mean what I think it means? – You are gonna be duck masters for this afternoon's ceremony (cane pounding) Ladies! And gentlemen, please help me welcome, with triumphant applause, my honorary duck masters, who've been training all day for this moment Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome Rhett and Link! (classical music) – [Link] Wow

– Woo, good job, guys – We did it! Rhett, this really represents the ending of a wonderful day of learning, becoming one with the duck – [Rhett] I don't know where these ducks end and I begin – [Anthony] All right duckies, very nice Mind duck masters Rhett and Link, very good

– [Link] Time to go to bed – Well done, duckies, very nice! – No dead ducks – We did it – Mission accomplished – Yes

♪ Go to sleep ♪ ♪ Little ducks ♪ ♪ We're so glad we didn't kill you ♪ ♪ You had a nice day ♪ ♪ In a fountain ♪ ♪ And now you're on a roof ♪ – Masters – Thanks for giving to St Jude using the blue button – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Hey ducks, you say you know what time it is

(squeaks) – Hi my name is Margot – And my name is Abby and we're from Mt Zion, Illinois – But today we're in Memphis, Tennessee – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Oh, I'm from Illinois too, but I'm not from Memphis, but hi, it's Ellie and Jordan Click the top link to watch us try some death calls in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality will land – [Link] Are you a proud supporter of GMM and Mythical? Well thanks, wear it like a badge of honor with these new logo tees, available in a variety of colors Get 'em now at Mythical


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