Habanero-Stuffed Jalapeño Challenge

– I should just sit here for a moment (sniffles) – [Sean] I feel like I'm squeezing your hand

– The tear's rolling down my cheek now – [Sean] It's a real powerful one I like when just the one tear comes right down the cheek – Single tear – Single tear, right down the cheek

– Yeah (poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and you're watching Disney Channel Our guests today are hairy, middle-aged, and they'll put anything in their mouths Please welcome Rhett and Link

(person cheering wildly) Wow – Too much, Chase, too much – Got a fan out there – Too much, Chase – And it's Chase

You guys didn't hear that intro, did you? – Yeah, yes – Hairy, middle-ages, put anything in our mouths – I didn't think you were gonna be standing in front of the camera that I was looking into, so– – We'll talk about that later – Week two, down! – I'm only really hairy in the places that I think are appropriate – Oh, I don't even know

I don't wanna I was just using it as an adjective, 'cause like hairy sounds funny– – You're the one still talking about it – I was like thinking about Rhett's beard – I moved on, you're still talking about it – The way that you pronounce adjective is you– – [Stevie] Adjective– – You pronounce every consonant

I think the C is technically silent – Also you know something weird I pronounce is beverage – Is that a segue? – Beverage, it is, I didn't even write that down as a segue, that's how good it was No my original segue was, it's Labor Day weekend, which means no one's watching this, so we can drink But I had the beverage segue

– Ah – Today's not-a-sponsor is Nooma Organic Electrolyte Drink – Do we get this? – Yes It is a organic coconut water plus sea salt, but it is flavored watermelon lime – This can't be bad

– I think it's gonna be better than last week's drink– – I hope so – Is my guess We believe in the positive power and impact of fitness communities We hydrate them We're a part of them

We support them – It's a little weird – All of these high-priced drinks have to have their own story, like, their belief system They all have their own religion And then you read about it and say, do I wanna subscribe to this beverage's religion? – We don't care what you believe in

We just wanna know you make a good beverage And what are the adjectives that you use to describe it? – I like this – They're throwing way too much of this I can actually taste salt – You don't like this? – You know what, I would be willing to say that I like this

– (chuckles) Okay Not as an endorsement – I don't actually but I would be willing to say that I like this, that's the level of affinity I have for it – Would you guys like to know little pieces of what's gonna happen today and not the whole thing? – Yeah, yeah – So that our Mythical Beasts can know

I'm going to give a Mythical crew member $25 I'm going to– (Rhett claps enthusiastically) Yep – Are we eligible? – Of your money Sorry, not of my money But like, of your money is what I'm– – I knew you shouldn't have been clapping

– Yeah, sorry I'm also going to– – I have Australian money, still – Why do you still have that? – Look, look, I have $25 Australian, which is less than $25 American, but that's what's– – Do you have more than that? Do you have the equivalent of what $25 would be? – Probably but I'm gonna keep that to myself – Okay, I'll give this along with the other thing that totally makes sense I also am going to eat a hot pepper with Sean Evans of Hot Ones while holding his hand

– Wow – And I'm gonna just reveal a little bit of what happened when the three of us went to New York City together, that city – Oh really? – Yeah In fact that's what I'm gonna do first, and you don't know I'm gonna do it, and I'm a little excited about it, but it's not that big of a deal I just have it and you don't know about it, so it makes me feel good

– Is it a hidden camera? – It's hidden camera footage? – Yes, the entire time we were in New York City together, I was filming you (chuckles) – [Rhett] You were recording us like Omarosa? – (chuckling) Yes – The whole time we were in New York? Stevie, you gotta let us know that kinda thing – No okay, so we went to New York– – It's horrible – Last week, I don't know, we'll say last week that we went to New York

Time is confusing But we had a good time and we're constantly seeking social media opportunities and reminding ourselves– – Constantly – Hey, we gotta do that So there was one point where we saw– – Sorry I touched your arm – He's touching my, I need to move over

He's contacting me – Where we saw what we thought was really cool street art, and then, you posed in front of that street art, and then– (Link chuckles) We thought maybe you weren't supposed to pose in front of that street art Let me, let's– – [Rhett] This is why you got me to text this to you last night – Yes, so then after we took the photo, I started to think like, I think this is penises It looks a little bit like– – Fleshy maybe

All flesh is not the male reproductive organ, Stevie – Well and then you were like, but there's a cherry What does a cherry have to do with it? And I had to tell you what a cherry– – [Link] Well there's also eyeballs on it – That can happen It does happen

I think one out of every 100 people has an eyeball on their genitals (laughing) It's the twin that never separated – So we didn't post this – No we didn't, but, if we had talked about– – Because you convinced us that this was, it was like man flesh graffiti – Yeah, I'm still not fully convinced it's not, but if we were going to post it, we did come up with a really good caption, and we wanted to caption it: is this (bleep)? – Right, and I thought that the double meaning was, we're also in the photo

(Stevie laughs) – So I think the answer whether or not those fleshy things are, the answer to that is yes – Yes, and maybe – But also while we were in New York City, I don't know why I keep really saying every word of the city 'cause no one does that, but I'm gonna keep saying New York City – NYC, that's what the cool folks say – When you're talking about 2014, you also say two-thousand-fourteen

– I do? – Yeah – You gotta drop that Say 20 – I'll stop that You actually, Hot Ones, you've been asked to be on Hot Ones so many times

– Requested – The fans have wanted, yes, you've been a number one request, Sean Evans and his team mentioned And finally you got to go on, and if we're told correctly– – Can we do the shout-out? – Yeah, we're gonna give a lot of shout-outs – Shout-out to Sean Evans and the entire– – Hot Ones – Team

The entire Hot Ones team – It's a good bunch of people – I just wanna let you people know that you got it going on And yeah, I'm giving them a shout-out – They're like really genuinely nice

– Good people – And they're good at what they does They're good at what they does, guys – When came in to host the guest episode, he is just so freaking nice – I thought they asked good questions

– Oh yeah, I was a little creeped out by how good the questions were – The research, the level of research – The research was crazy – Yeah, no one has brought up my 1998 Real World rejection ever in an interview except Sean Evans – But no, Sean Evans was so nice

He also agreed to do this video with me and I just thought it'd be funny to eat a hot pepper and hold his hand, but I thought, you know what, we need something better for the title and thumbnail so I created a ridiculous looking pepper and let's just watch the clip– – And we have not seen this – You have not seen it – Yep – Sean, thank you so much for agreeing to do this I don't know why I agreed to do this

I came up with doing this This will come out the week after, oop, I revealed it The week after Rhett and Link's Hot Ones episode That is the carnage – [Sean] Which was a blast, by the way

– As you know on the show, they've eaten the Carolina Reaper, the Trinidad scorpion The very first one we did was a ghost pepper – Yep – And on the ghost pepper episode on the show after the show, I ate a slice of habanero – Wow

– Whoa Whoa, whoa – Didn't it make you feel alive? – Where do you feel it? – The tip of my tongue – It makes you feel alive, right? – Don't touch your eyes, your eyes are watering – Watering

– It makes you feel like you could run through a brick wall – I was very miserable on that one slice of habanero – Naturally – And today, I'm going to be eating this really gross-looking thing that we've created It's called a habanero but with a J

Because it's a jalapeno and a habanero – Wow – It's a YouTube thing, you know Well now it's a YouTube thing – We're making it a YouTube thing

– This is the first ever thing So the thumbnail will be like this I don't wanna put you through this, you just went through all that – Right, I appreciate that – But you know like when you're in pain, you like to just squeeze something

I was hoping Thank you – It's a lot hotter than people think or that you realize so the fact that you're doing this, I'm holding a hero's hand right now – Yeah I like that we're pre-holding hands, this is good Okay, I'm gonna do it

Am I gonna do it? – She's gonna do it – I'm gonna do it (crunching jabanero) – [Sean] It's a big league bite right there – I think we're doing really well right now – [Sean] I think so too

The anticipation is what's getting me right now – I am so proud of myself right now, but I'm gonna start crying – I'm just gonna be real with you – Does it get better? – It gets worse You shed some tears, you squeeze a hand and you get through it

– I should just sit here for a moment (sniffles) – [Sean] I feel like I'm squeezing your hand – The tear's rolling down my cheek now – [Sean] It's a real powerful one I like when just the one tear– – Single tear

– Comes right down the cheek Single tear right down the cheek – Yeah I feel very vulnerable right now, like I could tell you really some childhood secrets Nothing's really coming to mind

My mouth feels really bad right now – [Sean] You know what, I think this, you might be vulnerable but I can see a strong person in front of me – You've called me a hero today, a strong person – And that was a real bite, but you still have your feet under you – Yeah

– You, me, Rhett and Link, we're all mouth on fire, burned out, but all better for it – We should do blood oaths next time – Just like they did when they were 15 – You know so much about them, Sean – The research just keeps– – So much about them

– So much filed (Rhett and Link chuckling) – You started crying – Oh yeah – You should have punched Sean Evans – What? – In the bread basket

– No way! – What is the bread basket, what part of the? – Just like in the upper abdomen – He's so nice, you can't punch him – But just to get out the rage I really couldn't see it, you really didn't emote– – Oh I'm a silent rager You know that about me

(Rhett chuckles) Okay so we are going to throw, Greg's gonna throw the link to Hot Ones in the description so you guys can check that out if you haven't already And this is a shout-out to Greg as well Greg is our content manager– – Yeah Greg! – He used to be at the front desk, which is our first line of defense – Welcome Greg! – You're going real deep – So this is why, this is why

– Is Greg in here or something? – Yes, I promised Greg I'd give him a shout-out – Is Greg paying for this endorsement? – No I like when the Mythical Beasts know people behind the scenes and what they do and so– – But not that much though – All right we'll edit all of that out (Rhett chuckles) But I brought it up because when you guys were doing the WIRED Autocomplete Interview, which I don't know if it's gonna be out at this time My guess would be not, so I'm not gonna spoiler anything, but one of the questions– – Spoiler anything? – I'm not gonna spoiler alert

I did use it as a verb – You could have just said, "I'm not gonna spoil anything," but, that would have been a spoiler alert – One of the questions was like hot to find our studio And you were like, "Oh you shouldn't find our studio "But Greg has had to deal with many a-people finding our studio," and I don't wanna get all Nanette on everyone right now but I did wanna have a serious moment of how that is really scary and don't come to our studio

– Can we get Greg to do that? – Yes, now we will cut to a clip of Greg telling you please don't come to our studio (Rhett laughs) He's gonna be so mad He's not gonna like that, but that's good I think he should – If he doesn't wanna do it, we could do it with a sock puppet

I'm not saying– – No no no Greg's gonna do it It's fine – Hi, I'm Greg I do a lot of things around here at Mythical

But one thing I don't do is tolerate stalking If you're stalking, just keep on walking, away from the people or person that you're stalking And I feel like this is implied, but once you're away, stay away And just to be very clear about all of this, the people I'm talking about are Rhett, Link, and the Mythical crew And the place that you should never ever be unless you're invited is our studio

So please, help me make our studio a safer place And also, just help me (soft music) – Okay, we are back from either what was Greg or what was a sock puppet or something that was not Greg, depending on if he agreed to do that – Because we didn't wanna make him do it, but if he did it, he did a great job – Good job, Greg

– Speaking of other heated topics, 'cause this can get real heated Can we talk about Munch Madness for a second and how invested the crew got, which I believe at some point you mentioned on the show or mentioned elsewhere, but there was a clip that didn't make it to air where I in the room got very angry at what you did – Yes – And I yelled, "This is bull (bleep)," because it was, because nobody picks Bugles Because some of the choices you made were just wrong– – Have you had a Bugle? – And I was upset about it

I enjoy Bugles I mean, I don't wanna get into Bugles, this is not about Bugles – Have you placed a Bugle on your finger? – It's about you, right? – This is about me No this is about veggie burgers, 'cause we did the veggie burger taste test this week 'cause Labor Day weekend is right now, and learning from our mistakes of Munch Madness where we put our hearts and souls into brackets that we filled out and thought hey– – Yeah how much money The reason why the crew was so invested was because literally they invested money

– No! – It was a gambling ring – No, we were invested because we felt that you were wrong – But there was a winner – There was a winner, yes – Of money

– But that's illegal, you can't say that – Oh – There was no gambling – But there also was no gambling for the veggie burger, but we didn't tell you about it But the real game was, which veggie burgers you were going to pick, not which veggie burgers were in our hearts because we learned from the time before

– That we can't be trusted – See I thought Casey– – This doesn't work – Was on the camera and you were so into it, and I just thought you were into it – The veggie burgers? – Now I'm learning– – Oh, yeah (laughing) – Casey is only invested in what we're doing if she's got money on it

(chuckling) I've learned that – That's not true – It is not illegal if we use Australian money – Yes – I think that is true

I think that is a law You can gamble with other currency – This is the revelation of the winner – So this is the reveal, and I would like to invite two crew members onto the camera, Jacob and Ellie Please join us

(crew applauding) – Jacob and Ellie like to wrestle for that Australian money – Where do they need to be, on the couch? – They're gonna scoot – Let's present a united front so we can still have a two shot that's just Rhett and Link – Jacob, is it your first time on– – On anything, yeah – On anything

It's Jacob's first time! – Welcome to anything, Jacob – Jacob heads up production for us He's very important And Ellie's been on before, we don't need to re-introduce her – No

– So did they tie? What's happening? – Okay so this is the reasoning behind why they're both here – Try that if you want to It's horrible – We tallied the results of the contest right after it happened obviously And we wanted to keep the winner secret for this very moment where they would appear

– They've been waiting a long time – They've been waiting a long time Turns out though that Ellie told everyone including Jacob– – Okay – That Jacob was the winner of the bracket system, is what I'm calling it, the bracket system – Oh you spoiled it

– I felt like I should be there – I'm giving Ellie the floor to explain herself – Oh, I thought I was coming out here as a fake maybe finalist – Oh no (all laughing) – We wouldn't do anything like that

– Okay, can I just say that no one told me it was a surprise to the person – What? – I get that we weren't supposed to tell Rhett and Link, we're not supposed to tell Rhett and Link anything – Right – Ever (laughs) – With games! But like, he's gonna get mic'd up like it was a surprise

Come on – Yeah that's ridiculous – Jacob knows his worth – Okay, you know what, I believe that So, I'm going to give you each a prize

– Hold on, Ellie wins a prize for spoiling the prize? – Ellie actually wins the burger gift certificate – Wow! – [Stevie] That says Jacob's name on it – Oh my God – And Jacob wins this money – Oh God

– Which you realize is less than $25 – Yeah but that's also a piece of paper – I can't believe we have a stronger economy than Australia – Yeah but he's gotta go to a place– – Will this buy a plane ticket? – Ellie's gonna share it with Jacob – You guys can trade that, it doesn't matter, whatever– – Yeah you can pow wow on that one together

Jacob, I wanna pull up the results real quick – It's pretty cool money though It's plastic and you can see through parts of it – You won by like a point Ellie got 17 and Jacob had 23

– [Ellie] Wow so really close – The points went from zero all the way to 23 – Who got zero? – I don't wanna, you know, I don't wanna throw him under the bus because he's nice – Oh it's a him – Yeah

– It's okay – Let's do it anyway – But I'll throw John under the bus 'cause he got one (all laughing) – That's crazy Well 'cause if I remember correctly, when we were doing the taste test, everything was pretty obvious

I mean you guys went off-script 'cause you always do, but like, when we were tasting it, it was like, well why wouldn't anyone choose the ones that were chosen – I have a confession, I didn't taste any of them – What? – I guessed on them all – Oh whoa! – Whoa! – That's insane – You just blind guessed? – Really? – That's insane

– I've had the one that won, that was the only one I've tried out of all of them The rest I just guessed Because David made me do it (laughing) – And now look at you, you got Australian money, man – So impressive

– Yay! – If you ever find yourself down under, pull out that folding money, buddy – Don't say down under and pull out in the same phrase (chuckling) All right guys, thank you – Thank you – Thank you, Ellie

(Stevie clapping) – Wow – That was it – That was it, it – It got a little uncomfortable for a second – [Stevie] Like physically? – It was a little heated

– When you confronted Ellie I was like, I don't know if I wanna– (Stevie laughs) I don't know how I feel about that – Right, right – I'm kinda glad you did it though – Ultimately it was fine

– Yeah we need to deal with that kinda thing We need to have overconfidence and resolve it – She responded honestly – To teach people how to do that kinda thing – Yeah, I'm gonna just bring people on the show from now on just to talk about everything

– These people on the internet, they don't know how to talk to each other That could be what this show becomes, is you find some way to shame– (Stevie chuckles) A staff member and then they have to come out here and explain themselves – We can shame John on camera for getting one point – That's true – Let's just show a picture of John with a sock puppet

– Okay, here we go – All right – All right guys, that's all I have this week Please remember to like, comment and subscribe– – Oh we're asking for that? – Yes We're not asking, we're telling you to please remember

– What about click the bell, because we never say that – And click the bell! – Click the bell guys, we've never asked you to do that – And then we have our line that we're still practicing – What does the bell do? – Remember it's, until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – There was no keep on

– Exactly, yeah – Yeah we didn't say anything between– – You didn't – Until the next LTAT, – Keep on– – BYMB – It's a lot better – Until next LTAT– – F-O S-H-O

– What does that mean? – Fo sho? – I did that last time – Yeah but it's not an acronym, it's just a word that you're spelling (crew laughing) – Be your Mythical best Forever on sideways, Hamptons – Oh? (chuckling) You know what, let's not do that

You can say that – All right, okay – Okay ready, three, two, one – [Together] Until next– – Oh I'm sorry – Until the next LTAT– – No no, not the

– Keep being – Until next? – Yeah Until next – Okay (mumbles) – [Rhett and Link] Until next LTAT– – You wanna join us this time? – Keep on BYMB

– What do you need a count or something? When I touch the desk, that's when you do it – [Together] Until the next– – No, you don't say the You don't say the – Oh my gosh Let's just cut to a video of us doing this with the sock puppet

– [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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