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– Habaner-no or habaner-yes? – Let's talk about that ("Good Mythical Morning Theme" by Pomplamoose) Good Mythical Summer – Hi guys, I'm Sean Evans

You might know me as the guy from Hot Ones where I eat spicy wings and interview super famous, super well-known, super beloved A-list celebrities Today I'll be joined by Alex, was it? – Yep, yeah, it's Alex I was an extra in Scream 4 – I didn't know they made a fourth – Yeah, there's four of them

I worked on it, it was pretty cool Did pretty well at the box office, you know? – I'm just messing with ya, Alex, I'm just messing with ya – Oh, okay – You guys Alex as one of your favorite Mythical Crew members, but today he's taking a dive into my realm – And I'm excited to do it, Sean, because today we're tasting a bunch of habanero flavored snacks to see which one tastes the most like a real habanero

It's time for – [Both] Super Snack Flavor Match: Habanero Edition – Here's how this is going to work

We're going to eat a bunch of different habanero flavored snacks We'll compare the flavor of the snack to an actual habanero pepper – We're each going to rank the snacks on a scale of one to 10, based solely on how close to a real habanero it tastes, so each snack will be scored up a total of 20 points Whichever snack gets the highest score will be declared the most real habanero flavored snack ever – But before we taste the snacks, we really need to have a starting point

We gotta taste an actual habanero pepper – Oh, great Perfect You like peppers? (laughter) Alright (crunching) Mm

It's really nice – I'm having flashbacks (laughter) – First time for me (laughter) If you're having a hard time with this, that's not good (laughter) (coughing) – Alright, let's get to our first snack

– Awesome (burp) – Alright, first up we have the original Ass Kickin' Habanero Popcorn – Okay The flavor is fresh in my mouth right now (laughter) I don't if you can tell

Great Alright, this looks like it's $1148 for a pack of three That's a nice deal (laughter) – Let's see if that's a steal, alright? – I'm stalling, if I'm being honest

(laughter) Alright, I'll try it Do people normally nuke their taste buds right before they do this? Okay One to 10 Any initial thoughts? – I would say this: I think that by just scorched earth– – [Alex] Yeah – –in my mouth right now

It is kind of affecting the way That just tastes like– – Yeah – –pretty good popcorn – Yeah Everything probably would taste like habanero after you eat it I don't know

I'm gonna give it Let's just start baseline of five, right? – So, to me, not as spicy as the pepper, not as intense as the pepper – Yeah

– I notice that your hiccups– – Yeah – –have stopped – Yeah – I'm gonna give this a four To me, this tastes like popcorn

– It's a gentleman's nine on the first round if my math is correct – There you go – Alright, next we have Buffalo Bill's Double Habanero Beef Jerky That's twice the habanero (laughter) Double

– $1799 per bag, half pound Does it taste like a habanero? – There's only one way to find out The original habanero pepper taste is starting to go away, so that's good Hmm, okay

Chewy It is jerky, though, you know (laughter) Sean's not talking with his mouth full I will, it's fine (laughter) – Once again, I was impressed with the popcorn because it was really good popcorn

This is really good beef jerky– – It is – –and it does have that habanero kick that mirrors the pepper that we ate – It's true – To me, this is a solid eight out of 10 in matching the flavor of a habanero – That's an eight! You know, it's got

That's a little extra for me there It's got the flavor It's pretty spicy

The beef is really coming through as well (laughter) I'm gonna do a solid seven Pretty good – According to the Amazon page, they say, our hottest flavor We took our chipotle habanero recipe and then doubled the amount of habanero

I am feeling– – Yeah – –twice the habanero here – It's doubly hot – So if I'm as good at math as Alex over here, seven plus eight, that equals 15 Alright, up next: Takis Nitro

To scale! – Wow! That's exact! (laughter) That's unbelievable! – So on the packaging already, kinda winning you over Let's see if it tastes like a habanero – Kudos to that graphic designer (laughter) (crunching) Ooh I don't care for that at all, Sean

(laughter) That's just the taste, though Now, how close is it to habanero, though? – Well, you have a dominating lime in there – Lime, yeah It should be lime habanero and not habanero lime, I think – I think that the lime is definitely outweighing the habanero, if we're measuring it out

– Yeah – But as far as gas station snack goes, I rock with this Alex – Wow – You don't care for it at all? – I don't care for the flavor, but is it You know, I don't like lime stuff I don't like lime Tostitos or anything like that Not a sponsor Darth Jaul, an Amazon user, gave it two stars

He's with me, he says, not as tasty as Fuego, plus was too much red dye It stains Oh, great, now we're gonna have these on our hands the rest of the time – Darth Jaul's right about that – Yeah

(laughter) Appreciate all your hard work, Darth Jaul an Amazon – Not the world's worst snack, in my opinion, but to me, it just tastes like a hot lime I'm not getting much habanero – Yeah, there's not habanero flavoring actually at all – They might've nailed it on the package

– Yeah – I'm not sure they hit it on the product I would give this a four out of 10 – Yeah, I think I'm gonna stick with a four as well It's just kind of a spicy lime

They should name it Spicy Lime Takis – [Sean] That's eight – Alright, next up we have Love Corn, not to be confused with Corn Nuts Different brand Same idea, though

Habanero chili flavor (laughter) Habanero chili flavor Love the name I mean, right of the bat Love Corn

– It's a snack that gives you a hug (laughter) – Really You're going full handful, I respect that – [Sean] You have to commit to it, you know? – Yeah – That's a Hot Ones, you know

You go for it every time and I respect that – Love Corn Does it love me back? – Let's find out

(crunching) Got a lime thing going on with this too! – And a hand-stain situation – Yeah! This is Takis all over again (laughter) Now, I did touch my eye earlier – Rookie mistake – The most rookie of rookie mistakes

So I've got a little hot spot right here (laughter) This Love Corn isn't making me feel any better, to be honest – But you know, Alex, that's a real commitment, you know? Sacrificing for your art over here on the taste test (laughter) – We do it every day here, you know? – You know, Love Corn, to me This was such a powerful flavor, you know? Like when I took that big handful, it really punched me in the face in a way that I haven't had so far in the taste test but for the original habanero – That's true – To me, this is the snack that most closely resembles the taste, both in its impact and the way it hit my mouth I'm gonna give this a nine out of 10

– A nine out of 10 is a strong, strong score – Nine out of 10 I stand by it – I get a little lime flavor in there as well, but the actual habanero flavoring that they put on this is the closest to the pepper, for sure So I'm gonna give it a solid eight

– That's a 17 Alright, up next we have Mama Zuma's Revenge Habanero Potato Chips – Okay – On a brand level, I'm not sure a name that invokes a bag full of diarrhea– – Yeah – –is such an inviting thing

– They're definitely saying these chips will give you diarrhea, which I respect, you know, as a warning You know, you're keeping it real – And you know what? If that's something you're afraid of, maybe don't dabble in the habanero snack genre, you know? – If you can't handle the diarrhea, stay out the bathroom, you know? – That's what they say – Mmhm Is that right? Did I do that right? (laughter) Okay

Ooh, this tastes nice, though You're with me, alright It's got a nice flavor Not very hot – Not overpowering

– No – You know, that's the key with a chip If you have a big bowl like this, nobody eats like one chip, two chips, you know? So to me, it's a manageable But it does have You know what? I just got– – It's coming in now – I just got a throat situation going on here

– You wait on this one – It blooms a little bit late – Yeah – This is a spicy potato chip – Yeah, it is

This has something to it I keep eating them, though Why? (laughter) – 'Cause they're good – They do taste good – It does taste like a habanero

– Mmhm This reminds me a little bit of the popcorn that we had earlier – It's hotter I think that it's a lot like the Love Corn – And you love that Love Corn

– I'm giving this an eight out of 10 – I'm giving it an eight too Sean's really been influencing me on these things – [Sean] That's a 16 – Alright, next up we have habanero Harvest Snaps Flavored Black Bean Crisps

I'm looking at it, they can't see I should put it this way (laughter) – You know, all the snacks so far, they've had an orange tint to them – This guy's brown (laughter) Real brown

– Just looks like a bunch of spent roaches – Spent roaches or wood chips – This is like ashtray over here – Yeah – Let's pull up this Amazon review from Amazon Addict– – Okay

– –because I like it First off, one star – Not a great start – I like, too, how he starts with, I guess taste is subjective, you know? (laughter) – I guess – He qualifies his refute before he continues

– Yeah, yeah – He's like, well, taste is subjective, but you know what? This is not as good as the tomato basil lentil That's by far the best – Yeah – This one was a disappointment

Let's see if we agree with Amazon Addict – He says he's tried them all The review is also titled Hate the Taste, in case you we were wondering where he was going with it This guy's a hater These aren't that bad

– Not that bad, but– – [Alex] They're not that good – No, yeah, I'm not I don't think I picked this up, I don't think I cop, but I don't think it tastes anything like a habanero

– It tastes like a taco – Yeah This is like Yeah, they put habanero on the bag, maybe I don't know, they taste like black beans to me– – Mmhm, they do – Not that spicy, and certainly no habanero whatsoever

I'm not picking up anything I gotta give this a two – I'm going one It's garbage and I'm with ya I hate the taste

(laughter) – That gives us a total of three Alright, up next we have Late July Bacon Habanero Classico Tortilla Chips They put bacon on the If they put bacon on the package, then I'm in, you know? – You're with it – I'm very basic that way – Sure, sure – So I'm intrigued – Okay

– Off rip – I'm into it They look like Dorites Doritos (laughter) I can shorten it

Ooh We have another user here who's not particularly thrilled with these chips He says, habanero it's not Why in the world would habanero even be on the bag? The chips are good, but when you put habanero on the bag, you expect something to burn you This guy is a sadist, he's insane

(laughter) – So I would say with this, you know, it's a good chip, but the taste test is not how good the chips are, or how good the Love Nuts are, or how good these things are It's how much does it taste like a habanero? – I love the way you say Love Nuts, Sean (laughter) – And to me, this is just middle of the road This is a six I'm gonna give it a six

Benefit of the doubt with this six Like the bacon touch – I can taste the habanero, but it's There's no heat to it at all, which is confusing – And once again, to scale (laughter) – [Alex] Wow – I think they have the same graphic designer – Same guy designed it

There's one habanero guy who's really doing it all If I have to give it a score, I'm gonna give it What'd you give it, a six? – Yeah

What are you gonna give it now, a six? (laughter) – I think I'll go with a four – A four – A four – [Sean] That gives us a 10 – That's a 10

Okay, so Stevie, where do we stand? – [Stevie] With a combined score of 16, our runner up it Mama Zuma's Revenge Potato Chips, and our winner today, with 17 points, is Love Corn (laughter) – Okay, it looks like Love Corn is the most real habanero snack of all time If you wanna see more spicy goodness, check out Hot Ones on YouTube – And you can check me out in the background of Scream 4 (laughter) – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

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