Guess The Selfie Fail (GAME)

– Today we look at your duck lips – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning – And big news, we are thrilled to announce that we are awarding a creative grant to one of you amazing Mythical Beasts – Yep, if you are in the Mythical Society, third degree, and need help on a creative project, you can apply for a cash grant from us as well as personal feedback on the project from us Just go to MythicalSocietycom for more information and to join up

– Yes And now I'm going to do the remainder of the intro selfie style and if you think I'm doing this because it ties in thematically to the game we're about to play, you are absolutely correct – And normally I would join Rhett in doing an intro selfie style because that is a thing that we do on the show a lot, but unfortunately, I left my selfie stick in the meat freezer of an abandoned Arby's which has more security guards than you might think – It's time for What the Hellfie Went Wrong With This Selfie? – All right Link, I have dug up some of the worse selfies ever taken, some photos, some videos I'm going to show you one with a part of the picture or video edited out

– So they're censored? – Yes, it's very censored – Ooh – Now, if you get three of these wrong or more, then you have to post a horrible selfie to our Instagram account but if you don't do that and you don't get three or more wrong, I'm gonna do it, okay? – Okay, and you're good at that – Yeah, right I can do bad selfies all day

Here's the first one Take a look at this, Link – Oh my goodness – There's something behind this girl taking a selfie What is it? A, an angry dog trying to claw his way in

B, two police officers waiting to be let in C, a shirtless man puking – Wow – Or D, the definitive answer to what happened in the Sopranos finale – Oh

Okay, so– – What is back there? – So just the shirt she needs to have on is not an option That would be the dad answer – [Rhett] You think there's something wrong with that shirt? – It's not much of a shirt I would love to see a shirtless man puking back there I can't imagine how that would happen, but you know what, I'm feeling the love and I'm going with C

– All right, let's see the reveal! – [Link] Oh, good gosh! – Yeah, angry dog – What the heck is that dog, is that dog smooshed? What the– – Actually, that dog is not upset it just has resting bitch face – (chuckles) Okay It's not a bad word when you're talking about a dog I get it

– Let's see the next one – Okay happy– – These guys are celebrating – Sports team of some sort – It looks like a soccer team, maybe, rugby team, I'm not exactly sure – Okay

– But there's something there in the background, what is it? Oh it's a sports team in Netherlands, that's the information I have – Okay – Is it A, a partially toweled man blow-drying his Netherlands region (chuckles) – I do that – B, a couple scoring

Woo woo C, a fully nude showering teammate Or D, a marijuana dispensary They really are all over the Netherlands (Link chuckles) – Okay, his Netherland region

Like I said, I do that Especially when it's gotten so cold here in Los Angeles – Huh Warm yourself up, huh? – A couple scoring– – Whatever it takes – You know what? I felt the love last time

– It didn't work though – If I was feeling love I would guess A I think it's C but you know what, screw it I'm guessing A, a man blow-drying himself – All right let's see the reveal

No Link – Is he? No he's just– – [Rhett] Don't think he's got a blow-dryer (laughs) – He doesn't have anything – That is a nude man – Wowsers

– Showering And oddly enough he's not part of the team He's just, it's just a man who decided to shower at the right place, right time! – The shower boy – Link, you're doing horribly It's looking like you're gonna be posting a selfie

– Nope, I'm about to make a turn – Let's see another one What is behind this girl who's very excited? What is in the corner of this selfie-taking girl's bedroom? A, a raccoon eating her trash – How? – B, a girl eating a corn dog – Maybe

– C, a baby giving the middle finger – Hopefully – Or D, a housekeeper clearly on strike (laughs) Woo! – I don't get that one – 'Cause the room's dirty

– Oh, thank you – Housekeeper's on strike – Hmm, girl eating a corn dog I'm gonna go with, man, the love tells me to go with C – Where do you feel the love? – A baby giving, in the sternum, like right there

– Yeah – Floating above my heart – You're going with what? – A baby giving the middle finger – All right let's see Nope

(chuckles) It's a girl eating a corn dog (Link laughs excitedly) And plot twist, this is actually a Tinder profile picture for corn dog girl (chuckles) Seems like quite a catch (chuckles) – Whoa, okay Mm-kay

Got that one wrong – You've gotten them all wrong – Yeah I'm going for the negative queen sweep– – Negative queen sweep – So this next one is a video selfie fail and I'm going to show you a clip and then pause it right before what you have to guess – Or don't

– Yeah we're going to (upbeat music) – [Link] He's dancing (upbeat music) (whacks head) (both laugh) – Okay, so you saw what happened – All right, my answer is, gets hit in the head– – No no no – With the controller

– The next thing is– – Okay – What does Mr VR guy say next? – Oh – After having done that Is it A, eat that, you piece of crap

– Okay – B, how did I hit something? C, how the beep did he get in here? Or D, he reveals that we've all been in a VR simulation the whole time – Whoa I just actually got a little scared for a second – And this is the moment in your life where it's about to happen

(gasps) – No, okay so I'm going for the wrong answer, which should make this easier 'cause there's more wrong answers I'm going for D – (chuckles) You okay? You're going for D – No, I'm going for the negative queen sweep, but I think the answer is C It could be B so I'm gonna go with A

– [Both] Eat that, you piece of crap – Let's see what he said (upbeat music) (whacks head) – Whoa, how'd I hit something? – (laughs) How'd I hit something? I'm gonna keep playing – How did I hit something? – It ain't gonna stop me (Link laughs) Incidentally, he's playing– – How did I hit something? – He's playing Dance Dance Hematoma

(Link chuckles) My new favorite game (chuckles) All right here's one that'll stick in your mind for awhile, Link – Okay – [Rhett] What's there in the middle? (laughs) – I have to believe that there's a term in Urban Dictionary for this – Is it, yeah

(crew laughs) There should be if there isn't What's in the middle there, is it A, a little boy (laughs) B, Ryan Reynolds C, a bloody foot (Link chuckles) Or D, it doesn't matter what's down there because their eyes are up here

– Oh Got it I would say the cleavage at the bottom of that photo, I don't know, like the depth is off or something – I think it's just you got in a little late I think she just pushed in a little late

– All right forget about that Let me try to answer your question Mm-kay, a little boy or a bloody foot Wow, okay I actually think this is a little boy

– Mm – So I'm not going to guess that, I'm going to guess (chuckles) a bloody foot – All right let's see it It's a little boy (Link laughs excitedly) Look at that little boy

– He built a fort! – (laughs) Yeah that boy grew up to be the world's best milk man (crew laughs) – That's, okay, that's weird – I mean it's just the facts – Is that it? Oh you do know – It's not even a joke

– You read his Wikipedia – Yeah yeah You're right, I've looked at his bio – All right let me see another one – Okay now we got another video selfie fail and we're gonna show you just a freeze frame and then we've censored out the part that you're gonna have to guess, okay? – Oh okay

– Here we go – [Link] This is off-roading situation – [Rhett] You see this guy's got the selfie stick – [Link] He's got the selfie stick He's about to hit something, what? – So what happens, A, he swerves to avoid an alligator and flips his car

– Wow – B, he drives into a deceptively deep mud patch and his Jeep is instantly filled with mud C, he drives into a pickup truck carrying a canoe, destroying his windshield Or D, he drives into the path of a falling cartoon anvil He flattens and then re-animates

– (sputters) Okay I don't think his car flips 'cause I just don't think that's fun for anybody, even the alligator – Yeah, mm-hmm – I think that he drives in a deep mud patch so to get it wrong I'm going to guess C, that there's a canoe involved – Let's watch it

– Aw – No it's a canoe Oh ho ho! Yep, there's the aftermath – [Link] Wow That could have killed him

– Yeah it could have It didn't – If they were going faster And if a selfie stick wasn't involved – Well keep in mind, this happened in Florida so it's actually not considered a fail, it's just a Friday

– (chuckles) Well the fail is that I got it right, so no queen sweep – Yeah, okay Link You got one more Let's bring it up, another photo – [Link] All right, a little flirtatious fun happening here

– So I'm not sure what's happening in the foreground but you're not worried about that You're worried about what's happening in the background What is behind these selfie-lovin' ladies? A, a kid about to cut the brunette's hair B, a dog eating one of the girls' underwear C, a dude on a toilet, or D, a girl eating a corn dog

Same girl as before but different corn dog (Link chuckles) – Don't force the meme If it's gonna happen it's just gonna happen – Yeah yeah yeah yeah – Old dude on a toilet

That's believable I'm gonna try to get this one right And I think it's a dog eating one of the girls' underwear – Okay, let's see – No! – It's not an old dude on the toilet, it's a boy on the toilet

– Boy on the toilet – And fun fact, all three of them are pooping Okay Link, you only got one right which means that you are going to be posting a horrible selfie on the Rhett and Link Instagram – Okay – So head over there and check that out

– And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hey this is Jimmy – And Whitney – And we're from– – Galax Virginia

And we're here with – Stevie! – Chase! – Ha, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Stevie, you didn't tell us you were going to Galax

You're everywhere Click through to watch us play Richie's Plank Experience – It's a VR game And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Zip-ups, crew necks and pullovers, oh my

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