Guess That Reverse Slow Motion Explosion (GAME)

– Today we blow things up: backwards – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Luke yay-lar see-um-walls – What? – Luke you-lar see-um-walls I said slow-mo is really cool in reverse which is even cooler and the only thing cooler than that is exploding things and then watching it back in reverse slow-mo It's time for You'll Have FOMO If You Don't Know-Mo What We Explo-Mo'd In Slow-Mo! – Preparation for this episode, the Mythical Crew has exploded a bunch of random things using various methods

This is a fun place to work unless you explode yourself – Oh – Now they also recorded this all in slow motion so now we're gonna watch the clips in reverse and see who's better at identified what is being exploded – Yeah and we're gonna each have 10 seconds to buzz in and guess what exploded and if we guess correctly we get the amount of points that are left on the timer when we buzzed in We get it wrong, the other person has a chance to buzz in and get the points that are still left on the timer

In the end, the winner overall gets to reverse slow-mo slap the loser in the face – Sounds fun – Let's do it Oh my goodness What in the– (buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Link

– I think this is a lava lamp – Yeah that's what it is – You're correct Let's watch it play out – It's on a base

– Yep – And the cord Whoa that is, oh it's with a golf swing – [Rhett] Or a baseball bat – [Link] Oh baseball bat, yeah

Mike Paisley and a baseball bat – Wow – [Stevie] And let's watch it in real time – That's good form, Mike (glass shatters) Oh ho ho! – [Link] Dang, Paisley! – The inside of that is toxic, right? – Well he's wearing hazmat gear and a complete face guard

– Ah yeah he'll be fine – My favorite part about that was just the disgusted look on his face Like (sighs) I don't know what he was disgusted at, it's pretty awesome– – Oh he's working up his anger – Seven points

– Well that's a pretty good start there It's gonna be tough to do better than that – All right play the next– – The next video – [Link] Okay, under a cinder block (buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Rhett

– Gingerbread house – [Stevie] You're correct, let's watch it play out – Eagle eye (Rhett chuckles) Smashing– – Yeah I saw that peppermint, man I saw that peppermint man

– [Link] Every year, my kids make one of these at my in-laws' house and I come in with a cinder block and do what we're about to watch in forwards – You should – [Stevie] Here it is in real time (cinder block thumps) – [Rhett] Oh ho – Take that, Hansel and Gretel

Were they inside at the time? – Man I love destruction It's fun, okay, did I just tie it up? – [Crew Member] Yep – Oh wow – Wow seven to seven

– We're good at this – How many rounds are there? Okay, so three more rounds – 300 All right, bring it – Next one

– [Link] Oh we got a ax and a lot of dust What is that? What is that? – [Stevie] Link – I think it's a can of spray paint – [Stevie] Incorrect (buzzer chimes) Rhett

(Rhett laughs) – I think it's Axe Body Spray (laughs) – You paused it after it was over Did he get any points? – [Stevie] One point – I got one point – Can we watch that again in reverse? (eerie music) All right now can we watch it in forwards? (object thumps) Whoa! – Wow

(laughs) Oh, wow – Lucas, that was Lucas He was like a video game character – I was thinking he looks like somebody that you face in like a B horror movie – That was– – I always smell like Axe Body Spray

– You could be a villain in like, well I could say a C or a D horror movie We only have budget for a bandana over your face You pulled ahead by one Let's see another one Oh man, what is that, nasty

(buzzer chimes) Oh – Rhett – I'm going out on a limb here I think it's a meatloaf – [Stevie] I can't take that

– Oh gosh! – I can't take it either – [Rhett] Why can't you take it? – [Link] Well it's definitely meat – [Rhett] Oh I know what it is – [Link] But it's something else – It's a– – Golf club hitting a– – [Stevie] Link

– It's a meat brain (crew laughs) – Meatball for 100, Alex (laughs) – I thought it was, I mean a meatloaf and meat, that's not a meatball, that thing looks huge – It's a meatball – It's a meatball

– It was this big! – That's zero points – Hold on That's not a– – No no – In no world– – Oh no you can get– – Is a meatball this big – No, have you been to Fazoli's? – That's a frickin'

Tell me where you've seen a meatball that big – Grandma's house, man – All right that ain't a meatball It was a ball of meat, yeah – That was a meatball

(soft music) It was a meatball – Listen, it looked more like a brain – It was technically a meatloaf at that size but– – [Link] I see a cerebellum, I see a brainstem – Wow no points for Link (laughs) – Here let's– – It's a ball of meat

– [Stevie] You wanna watch that ball of meat in real time? – I wanna watch that brain get exploded, yeah – [Rhett] It's not that big – He missed – No follow through, huh Lucas? – Lucas you missed – You gotta turn the hips and then really follow through but you know what, it's still pretty impressive

Where was that meatball from, our home kitchen? – Oh yeah – That's 'cause no one in their right mind says I'm gonna make a meatball and it's that big – Oh I'm sure there's places that make meatballs bigger than that – I'm not trying to be a sore sport I can still win

Oh this is flaky – [Rhett] What? (buzzer chimes) – Oh – Rhett – It is an animal skull of some kind Do I have to be specific? – [Stevie] I'm gonna give it to you

– Oh I think he has to be specific – Oh come on! – Come on, I saw a, just be specific for craps and giggles – I mean I was gonna say coyote or deer – [Stevie] Oh my God, it's a coyote skull – All right, then I'll give you the point

(Rhett laughs) – [Stevie] All right, let's watch it play out – [Rhett] I saw that jaw bone right here – [Link] Yeah, I saw it right after you – [Rhett] Oh dang, y'all – Let's see it in forwards

(skull cracks) (Rhett laughs) Lucas – You're enjoying yourself too much, Lucas – We need to mo-cap Lucas doing this stuff just so we can put him in the D movie – Oh now it's a D movie? – Without paying him – Oh

– With CGI and– (Rhett chuckles) All right let's see another one You're taking the lead, man – Yeah (buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Link – It's a guitar

– I think that was what was used to bust it Not what– – Incorrect – What? – That was what was used to bust it But what was it that got busted? – It's a guitar – No

It's a wooden– (buzzer chimes) – Rhett – It's a wooden, it's a wooden like Lego, it's a wooden building It's a wooden tower – You don't get more than one guess – [Stevie] Well

– A wooden building is still correct – Do you know what the correct answer is? – [Stevie] I don't, I mean, I feel like, okay, go with me here Whatever, we were at two points I feel like I'll give him one point for this – Oh thanks

– So because it's a model of an Eiffel Tower so let's play that out (orchestral music) – [Rhett] Oh you should give me two points for that but I'll take one – But what about guitar? There was a guitar that did smash – No – Do I get a point? – [Stevie] No

– (sighs) If I had had a better attitude earlier in this episode, would I have gotten a point? – No – That's a possibility – Okay – So I got a point And let's watch it the regular way

(wood smashes) Is that my guitar? (smashing guitar) – Now afterward that guitar got torn up I still think I should get a point (Rhett chuckles) It was about the guitar gettin' smashed – You know what, you can get seven points in a round and come all the way back – All right I'm going for it

This is glass of some sort What– – Oh gosh, there's no form yet There's no form (buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Rhett – You're trying to pull ahead, man

– Glass of Coke – [Stevie] Incorrect – Ah – Link (Rhett chuckles) – Decaf pot of coffee

– Oh decaf for the win – [Stevie] I'll give you a point It's just a coffee pot of coffee, let's watch – But it was decaf – But it's decaf 'cause it's got the orange cap on it

– [Link] All right is this Paisley again? Is he the one doing the baseball work? – [Rhett] Yeah he's the left-handed baseball man – Let's see it – Let's watch it (glass shatters) – Look at how defeated he looks after he's done – Paisley, you need to talk to Lucas about owning it

– Your celebration – After you're done – Post destruction celebration – [Stevie] I did not know that about the decaf top I'm over here like whoa, I learned something

– You been drinking that orange coffee and being like, this isn't really doing it for me – Orange coffee just doesn't have that umph – (laughs) Orange coffee – Wow – All right guys, this is the last one, here we go

– Its still anybody's game, Link But you gotta buzz in early, man You gotta go for it You're gonna have to really go for it – Okay

Oh it's sandy (buzzer chimes) What are you doing? – Rhett – Sand castle (laughs) Woo! – Correct (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] I mean it's gotta be a sand castle

It's sand, man I mean what else could it be? – [Link] I don't know, it could have been anything made out of sand – [Rhett] Oh it's a sand castle (laughs) – [Link] Pretty cool – Wow this is a fun game

(laughs) You wanna see that in forwards? – No (Rhett laughs) – [Rhett] Let's watch it (sand scatters) (Rhett laughs) – He did smile – You did You were happy about that one

– You did smile at the very end – Oh wow – It took awhile I think you guys must have been so concerned about really nailing it and did this work – Yeah

– Thank you for taking your jobs so seriously Lucas and Paisley – Hey Link– – You did a fabulous job You did miss the meat brain a little bit but– – Hold on you're delaying the fact that I get to slow-mo slap you in reverse So first thing I gotta do Oh that side? – I would say you followed through, right? – I gotta start, I really wanna get– – Well if you do that then I'm gonna go this way

And that's not for camera – Hold on, I won, man Let me just control it just a little bit, just a little bit Just put your face like this You gotta really– – This is not how a slap ends

– And then I go– – What are you doing? – I'm reversing the slap I'm starting and then I'm reversing – When you slap, do you stop right there? – [Stevie] Guys, I've told you about this – Dude doesn't even know how to slap Let me show you how to slap! – No I don't wanna have to go all the way past you, man

– Listen, I'm on the freakin' edge, man I'm so frustrated – Okay so you want me– – It was a brain I'm just telling you – You want to go like this and then grasp your face and then leave it like that

– Listen man, when you slap, you follow through so you need to start there and then you come back together – I'm starting from the moment of impact – Why would you do that? – My slap starts at the moment of impact – So wait don't touch my face (crew laughs awkwardly) – Does this do anything? (buzzer chimes) – When you slap somebody, you follow through, man

– I understand that – Yes or no So you follow through – [Stevie] Guys I thought this was a safe prize – [Link] And now what do you do? – You want me to make contact with your face, see

That doesn't work That won't work, that won't work, man – Roll that in reverse, that works – We have to do perfect timing I have to go like this

I have to come all the way and I have to make, I have to catch your, no no, you have to slow down I have to catch your face right here I have to slap you on this side of your face That's why I was trying to start there See, I have to catch your face for a small moment

Here we go, come on, come on, come on Catch it, and then let it go But really what I wanted to do– – That's it – Is I really wanted to press down– – I'm gonna push on your face too – Oh oh, what is wrong with him? Do you see this? – Push on my face

– Who has the anger problem in this relationship? – Pushing on my face has nothing to do with this exercise – Who has the anger problem in this relationship? – Listen man, who wants to push on my face – [Stevie] Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing You know what time it is (crew laughs) – Hi we're Screen Aussie Film School based in Bristol

– And it's time to spin the Wheel of Myth– (low blast) – That was very film school video – Totally worth it – Click the top link to watch Good Mythical More in reverse – What, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Get the Mythical Merit Badges you deserve now at Mythical

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