Guess That Post Malone Meme

(upbeat music) (fire crackling) – We are hanging out with Post Malone – Howdy

– Post, the internet loves you They love your name, and they love your face – Mm-hmm – And they love punning your name and Photoshopping your face – Yeah

– Yes – You've been memed, man – Yeah – Do you look at these? – I do, and I've seen a lot It's hard not to get them sent to you 20 times a day

– (laughs) I bet – I should have picked a name that doesn't rhyme with anything (laughter) – That's tough to do – Yeah – Well we're about to send you a couple right now

Like Roast Malone – Yeah – is a good example – Yeah, that's nice – [Rhett] You've seen that one – [Post] Looks juicy, yeah

– [Rhett] Very juicy And here's Leave Britney Malone – [Post] See, I've never seen this one (laughter) – Oh wow – That's pretty good

– [Post] It looks like me – [Rhett] Only needed half of your face for this one – [Post] Yeah, exactly That's kind of spooky – And you may not know but every episode up to this point has been pre-Malone but now every episode from here on out will be Post Malone

(laughter) – Wow – Is that like a conversational meme? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Is that what just happened? – Yeah – That's just a pun – It's educated

– Yeah, I mean, we need somebody to make that meme based on what I just said – Okay – Okay, so that's up to you, Mythical Beast – I'll do it – Alright, so this is the game we're gonna play

Post, you're gonna go behind this wall which looks like you're about to do a puppet show And I want to give you the freedom to break out in a puppet show at any moment – I left them at home I left them at home but next time we'll just– – Next time we'll just do do a puppet show – Just a puppet show

– You're gonna do some quick changes and then you're gonna come up and do some meme enactments – Okay – For us Now, those are basically physical re-enactments of digital memes – You guys ready? – Yep

– Yep Post-it Malone – [Post] Wow what a– (ding) – Dang it! – He didn't get in all the way in the hole – Alright, bring it (spraying) – I hear something scurrying

– What are you smelling, boys? – What am I smelling? – [Rhett] Post Cologne – Wow (laughter) (ding) – I do smell it – Yeah – Dang, you got– – I got it

– They killed you with cologne back there – [Rhett] I hope they sprayed it on something and not you – [Post] Ya boys ready? – Yeah – Do it – Ooh, ooh

– Ghost Cologne – Ghost Malone – Ghost Malone, sorry (laughter) – You go, Rhett! – I got it (ding) – I got it right

I just said cologne Dang it! – That doesn't count, man – But hey, he still is wearing cologne So, that is Ghost Cologne – No, it doesn't work

That wasn't it – Okay, you ready? – Yeah – Yeah, pop in – Home Alone – Home Malone

– Post Malone – Post Malone – Post Home Alone – Post Malone – Home, home al– – Post Home Malone

Home Post Malone – [Woman] Rhett, you got it right off the bat (ding) – Oh, really? (laughter) – Is that why you were– – He was so quick, yeah – It was what? – It was Home Malone Yeah, I was genuinely scared

– Home Malone, right – Genuinely excited – Home Malone It sounds just like Home Alone but it's Home Malone – Are you ready for me? – [Link] Do it

– [Rhett] Yeah – I'm coming in like a storm – [Link] Idea Idea Malone Post Malone with a light bulb on his head

– Edison? – Pretty good – [Link] Is it idea related? – No – [Link] Or is it electricity related? – It's a an object – Is it a light bulb? – It's a light It's something that– – [Link] Lamp Malone? – It holds a light – Socket (Post laughs) Post Socket

Sock– – Oh, Light Post Malone – There you go! (laughter) – I honestly didn't think anybody was gonna get that one (laughter) – Light Post Light Post? – Yeah, you know, Light Post Malone – Oh what's up Rhett and Link? – [Link] Phone Malone

– Hold on Oh sorry, I gotta take a call – Uh – On Hold Malone – On Hold Malone

– What's up Timmy? – He's talking to Timmy – Tell Timmy hey – Timmy's unrelated – Oh – But I will say hi to Timmy

What's up Timmy? – [Rhett] Three-way Call Malone? – Call Waiting Malone Call (Post clicking tongue) – [Link] It's when somebody– – Sorry, I'm gonna have to do that later (laughter) – Post Haste Malone? – Procrastina Post-crastinator – Sorry Timmy, I'm gonna have to do that later I am on Rhett and Link (Rhett laughs) – [Woman] You guys are so close

– Real close, that's why I want somebody to get it – Posthumous? – Post (laughs) you just– – Who's dying? – Postal Malone? No – If you can't do something now, you're gonna have to until later – [Rhett] Postpone Malone! – There you go! (ding) (laughter and applause) – Gosh! Postpone Malone (Rhett laughs) – Okay, you boys ready? – Yeah

– [Post Malone] I'm coming at you big time now – He's coming big time this time – [Link] The Post The Post Movie – That's the name of the movie

– [Link] The Post Malone – [Post Malone] Yeah, that's right! (ding) – That's why I said – It's the movie It's The Post – The Post, yes

– Malone – Because he's in it now – It's a Steven Spielberg film, everybody knows that (laughs) – That's good, alright so it's five to two Dang it

– Link, you gotta catch up – I'll do it, I'll do it – [Link] Toast Malone – Ah ha! (ding) – [Post Malone] That's pretty good That's pretty good

– He's on the comeback trail – Didn't even have to say it – This one's tough It doesn't really It almost rhymes Say it with an accent (exhales deeply) – Post Malone-y Bologna (audience laughs) – Am I Italian? – [Rhett] Pissed Malone? – Wow, what a guy! (laughs) (ding) – Wow! – That's incredible

– Alright, the good news is for the rest of Good Mythical Morning history, Post Malone's gonna be right over there in that square – Hold up, I get my prize – And you get a prize – I become a meme, I don't know what it is – Ew, it's ugly

– [Woman] Any guesses? – Oh, Rhett McLaughlines – [Woman] Yes (laughter and applause) – Is that it? (laughter and cheers) – He's better than you! – That is crazy! – I feel like Mr Rogers or something – Thanks to Post Malone for being here

Check out his new single Rockstar available now Did I have to tell you that? And look out for his album Beerbongs & Bentleys coming soon right? – Yes sir, hopefully – And thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Oh, you say, you know what time it is – You know what time it is

– Hi I'm Andrew – And I'm Jack – And we're from Melbourne, Australia – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Alright

– Down under! – Click the bottom link to watch this episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch us get a sweet taste of the pizza churro – Ooh – in Good Mythical More! (wheel spinning) – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – Get a whiff of this Our brand new fragrance Mythical No

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