Guess That Meme (GAME)

– How well do we know our memes? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning

– What would it look like if we took a legendary classic game show whose genius lies in its timeless wonder and multi-generational simplicity and made it about dank memes and random violence – We're about to find out It's time for– – [Rhett and Link] Meme of Fortune! – Please welcome your host, a Vanna White in the streets and a Pat Sajack in the sheets, it's Emily Fleming! (crew applauding) – Thank you – AKA Aquawoman – Yeah, well if you mean bed full of bronzer, then yes, you're correct

(both laugh) Oh boy, welcome to the show Here's how it works – Thank you for having us – Oh thank you, yes, I live here Here's how it works

I'll show you a meme image and the puzzle is the text that is meant to go along with it – Okay – You spin the wheel, guess a consonant and earn money You could buy a vowel for $200 If you guess an incorrect letter or you hit a losing wheel spot or you incorrectly solve the puzzle, you'll get the random slap of misfortune

– That's new – Yeah you betcha The winner will receive a seven day and six night carnival Tom Cruise – Oh wow (upbeat music) – Here's our first puzzle

(electronic chiming) – [Link] Okay, we got some sort of cute dog in a– – [Rhett] In a pipe or a hole or a, hmm – [Link] Kinda hanging through there, kinda peeking – Okay – Are we ready? – Mm-hmm – Rhett, you are going first because you are taller

– Oh okay I can get used to that I'm gonna– – You're not already used to that? – I'm gonna spin (Emily chuckles) (crowd cheering) – [Link] Look at that wheel – [Rhett] There's some ball bearings in that

– [Link] Hey – Very nice, $500 – 500, uh, T – T, good job, there are three Ts – [Link] Three Ts, dang

You already got 1500 bucks potentially – Yeah brother, pay attention – Would you like to spin again or buy a vowel? – I'm going to buy an O – I'm so sorry Rhett– – No! – Dang! All them letters– – There's no Os in there? – And none of 'em of Os? – What? – What? What if they did that on Wheel of Fortune? There's no Os? – What! That can't be real! – There's gotta be Os! All right I'm not gonna– – The good news is because you didn't choose it first, you're not gonna get a slap – Oh, okay good

– All right I'm going to spin – There are no Os, Link (crowd cheering) – [Link] Oh I like that fake audience clapping – [Rhett] Ah, very encouraging – [Link] Ah, $8

– It's $800 – Oh, even better – And it doesn't really matter anyway – I'm gonna guess, is there an S? – Yes there is, there is one S – Only one S? – One S? – Yes, would you like to guess the puzzle? – Heck no

– Okay – Uh, hmm, I'm gonna spin (crowd cheering) Hmm, $500 I don't know a lot of memes, but I frequently am one so that's not really gonna help me here – It's very relatable

– Is there– (crew laughs) Is there an R? – Yes there is, there are two Rs – Boom – Way to go – Okay, I would like to buy a vowel – Okay, it's $200

– An E – There are four Es – What? – Good job – Boom – That's what I was looking for

– [Emily] Yeah – [Link] Okay spin again (crowd cheering) No whammy, $700 and is there an H? – There are three Hs, great job – Yes Okay, I'm going to buy another vowel

– [Emily] Ooh yes – I'm gonna buy– – You have quite the bank to do it – I'm gonna buy an A – There are three As – Yes

Spending my good money – Ooh – Spin (crowd cheering) $700 again Is there an H? – Yes, there are, we've already done them

(Rhett laughs excitedly) – Yeah brother! – Hold on – Unfortunately you forfeited your turn – I'm looking at the H – I see That's a good story but unfortunately you have forfeited your turn

– Hey that's a lot of pressure with all these letters The dollars All right, go – Okay – Dang it

– Can I buy a vowel? – I believe you can, you do have money in your bank – I wanna buy an I – And you may, there is one I – Oh, really? Okay I'll spin – Okay

(crowd cheering) – 600 – 600 Very nice – C – That's what I was gonna guess when I said H

– Oh it's a great guess – It is a good guess because there are two Cs (electronic chime) Would you like to solve the puzzle, Rhett? – [Rhett] Golly, I know, the heck is that last word? – Oh you know all of 'em except for the last word? – Yeah Spin again Don't get unlucky, don't get unlucky, don't get unlucky

(crowd cheering) 600, N – Good job, there are three Ns – [Rhett] Oh yeah (sighs) – [Link] I don't know what that word is – It's always hard to know what to do with your hands, isn't it? (crew laughs) (Link grunts) I feel really dumb for not knowing what that last word is

– [Link and Emily] You should – [Emily] Sorry (crowd cheering) – 600 L – Good job, there are two Ls

– [Link] Oh! – (chuckles) Good – I'd like to solve the puzzle! – [Emily] All right! – When you can't reach the last Pringle – That is correct! (crew applauds and cheers) Way to go, Rhett! – All right I want in a Pringle can! – I wanted to say when you can't reach the last wrinkle And I was like, that is not it

(upbeat music) – Here's our next puzzle (electronic chiming) – There he is It's a stock photo of a man on a toilet floating in the Milky Way He looks rather defeated – Link, you're going first

(crowd cheering) – [Rhett] Huh – He looks like I feel right now Guessing a letter that I was looking at Okay, I didn't lose a turn so 900 bucks – Very nice

– I'm gonna guess R – Ooh, I'm so sorry – Really? – There are no Rs and that means you get a slap (whacks) – (laughs) Was that a tiny hand? – It was, on a– – It was a tiny hand slap That didn't hurt

– On our tallest minion – Just spin or buy a vowel (crowd cheering) – Oh, oh, oh, oh! Woo-hoo! I win a trip! – No, you haven't won it yet – You must guess one consonant or vowel correctly and then you win a trip all expenses paid for you and a friend to visit Chase's office! – All right I gotta figure out who I'm gonna take – Good luck

(Rhett chuckles) – S – Way to go! There is one S – Woo, you barely got that trip – Woo, there's only one – Also I'm free on Wednesday

– Okay, noted – Spin again or buy a vowel – I would like to buy an I – Great job, there is one I – Can I buy another vowel? – Yeah

– I would like to buy an A – Ooh – No! – Sorry, there was no A (crowd cheering) – No plankrupt, no plankrupt Oh that was never gonna get here

I was looking at yours I didn't know, $800 Okay, is there an M? – Ooh, so sorry There is no M and you know what that means You get slapped in your face

(whacks) – Oh – You can have a snack later – It's bologna and they left you some (laughs) – Do you want it? – Nope, I'm good right now (whacks) Okay, I'm going to spin

(crowd cheering) Whoa, no – [Link] Plankrupt, plankrupt, plank – 500 Oh man, T? – Oh no, there's no T So you're gonna get slapped in the face

(whacks) With some trash – Oh come on – That felt kinda nice (chuckles) – All right – All right spin

– [Link] No whammies, big bucks No! Yes, $500, $600 – Ooh lucky – Is there an L? – Yes, there's an L – Only one

– There's one – Okay – You guys are crushing it – I'm gonna buy a vowel – Very nice

– An O – Oh, yes, there is four (Rhett laughs) There's four – Oh, oh, oh! – Oh! – Os, okay I'd like to buy another vowel

– Go ahead – An E – Very nice, there are three Es – Okay All right, spin

(crowd cheering) Is there a P? – Very nice, there are three Ps – Yes Poops, I got some poops! Okay Spinning again (crowd cheering) All right I'm in a good territory

$500 – Very nice – Is there a B? – Very good, there is one B – Oh only one – Oh, one

Didn't help you much, did it? – Nope, gotta spin again (crowd cheering) Is there a K? – Yes, there is one K There's one K – Oh gosh Oh, oh, poops be like

(crew chuckles) – I'm lost too, man I don't know what that second word is – I know everything and it's killing me right now – Gonna spin (crowd cheering) – Ooh

– $900 – [Emily] Very nice – Is there a N? – Yes, there are Ns – Yes! – There are two Ns – Oh! – Okay

(Rhett laughs) – Ah – Okay I'd like to solve the puzzle – Oh boy – No phone poops be like

– Nailed it! (crew applauds and cheers) – Yes! No phone poops be like – [Rhett] It's like just being out in space – Out in space – Yes, in orbit – Yeah, just staring down at your empty hand

– Just think about that thing you said last night that you shouldn't have said (upbeat music) Okay it's time for the speed puzzle Here's how it works A puzzle is appearing here and when the time starts, it will start to randomly fill in with letters and you have 30 seconds to buzz in and solve for the win If you buzz in first and you're incorrect, you will be locked out of the system for five seconds

Winner gets $2000 so it's convenient that our loser could win it all back right here Truly anyone's game but probably Rhett (laughs) – Oh, sorry, sorry – All right, whatevs Let's do this

– And here's your image – Oh Some little owls and a kitten – All right and start the clock – B, B, E, E

E, dang there's lot of letters Lots of Es, dang look at all those Es – Ope When– – You gotta buzz in – And Rhett is buzzed in

– When you lie on da same, you get the job – No So you're locked out for five seconds and start the clock again – Uh When

When you lie on your resume but get the job! – Link wins! (laughing excitedly) – Boom boom boom boom boom! Woo! – Our winner will receive a seven day and six night carnival Tom Cruise – And this is it – That's it – I'm so jealous, I'm actually kinda glad I'm going to Chase's office (chuckles) – All right

Thanks Emily And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – We're the Cooper family from Oklahoma and we're in The DoSeum in San Antonio, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – The Wheel of Mythicality

– Whoa, they got a triple wheel – Oh ho – Next season Click the top link to watch us react to memes you made about us– – Us? – In Good Mythical More – And to find where the wheel's gonna land

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