Guess That Famous Cry (GAME)

– Do the rich and famous still cry? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Celebrities, they're just like us

They get emotional, they cry But then, they wipe away their tears with a billfold of Benjamins and that's why it's okay to laugh at them – That's right, and today we're gonna see if we can match the celebrity to their on-camera tearful breakdown It's time for– ♪ This is what it sounds like ♪ ♪ When celebs cry ♪ We're here at the wealthy wailing wall When we press the buttons on this wall, we hear an audio clip of a celebrity in tears

Now, this may be from a movie but it also could be from real life, like YouTube video That's real life, social media, in an interview, et cetera – Okay and then we're gonna each guess which celebrity that could be and we'll place the famous face indicating our guess Now the celebrity bank that we're gonna be working from includes Claire Danes – Tana from TanaCon

– Tom Brady from the NFL – Kristen Bell, from I'm not gonna keep doing that Just Kristen Bell – Kim Kardashian from our dreams – Markiplier, also from our dreams

– Nick Cage – Chrissy Teigan – Laura Dern – And Leo DiCaprio – Leo DiCaprio, okay

Bring in my bank See how this works – We're gonna do this, we're gonna go through these six rounds and then we've got a switcheroo round where we can kinda take what we've learned and do one switcheroo Now the loser is going to have their secretly recorded ugly sob played It will be leaked on our Instagram page

Remember when we looked at those dog reunion videos? – Oh no, I didn't want that to get out– – We didn't know we were being filmed – All right let's hear the first one I don't know how difficult this is gonna be I think it's gonna be kinda difficult – Okay, press the button

(quick sobbing) – It's a short one (groaning) Oh, still going (grunting) (moaning) (crew laughs) – It was a man – It's isolated audio of a man grunting But there were no context clues

– Yeah it's just the sound, Link – Go with it – I'm doing it again (quick sobbing) (grunting) – I'm thinking all of these could be Nick Cage Nick Cage is gonna go somewhere, he could go anywhere

– It seems like it could be, Markiplier is the first thing that kinda came to my mind – He's got a deep, throaty voice But this wasn't that deep and throaty – It sounds more like a theatrical performance though, so I'm going to go with– – Okay Shall we hear the second one? Would you like to do the honors? – Yeah I'll hit with my elbow

– [Woman] I wasted everyone's time And I wasted everyone's money, I wasted everyone's everything and I feel bad You don't think I feel bad? (crew laughing) – I do think you feel bad At acting I guess when you isolated it, it seems like it's a bit– – Hold on, is this a– – Is it an actor in a scene? – Well hold on, they're obviously trying to make us think that it's Tana

I know you didn't go to TanaCon like I did – I'd heard of it – It was a complete disaster I thought that it was gonna be perfect Everybody that was involved with it made me think this is gonna be awesome

I was there, I slipped out of VidCon, I went over there and I was like, this is so well put together, I'm gonna walk in, I'm gonna do my meet and greet, 'cause this was the thing I do on the side without you But then when I got there, it was just a complete cluster F And at that point, I was like, Tana really needs to apologize So it kinda seemed like that might be her but it also sounded like Kardashian – [Woman] I wasted everyone's time

I wasted everyone's money, I wasted everyone's everything and I feel bad You don't think I feel bad? – Yeah, wasted everybody's money That's TanaCon I actually don't know what Kim Kardashian sounds like, I just know what she looks like (Rhett and crew laugh) – Well, Link, I have been paying attention, so think it was Kim

– Oh really? I can switch later though so you think you got me, but– – Or it could be a setup, Link – Number three (echoing woman's sobs) (Rhett laughs theatrically) That one's got some reverb on it – Oh man! – I know that Claire Danes is famous for her cry face in that show that I haven't seen, Homeland – Yes, Homeland

– [Link] Many years of the cry face – I would imagine that they just add reverb at random times in Homeland (echoing woman's sobs) – That's one of those cries where it builds up and then (fake sobs) it comes out Even though you're fighting it (echoing woman's sob) (crew laughing) It's starting to sound like a laugh to me now

– Okay, I think your reasoning is sound on this So I wanted to put Tom Brady, but– – You didn't – Backed out at the last second Here we go, number four (sharp exhale) – [Man] It was just a tough day, you know? – Let's hear that again

There was a lot of noise It's like audio from a public restroom – I think there was a farmer's blow at the very beginning Just imagine a farmer's blow (sharp exhale) (crew laughs) – [Man] It was just a tough day, you know? – Now I know Markiplier has cried quite a bit

– Oh! See 'cause I was thinking that this was like a post-game interview, but you're right It sounded like Markiplier – He's cried quite a bit and he's had a lot of tough days and he shares his tough days with the people – But Tom Brady's grilled after every performance And they're not all grand

– Tom Brady don't cry – He's been known to deflate – I mean he's got like 18 Super Bowls, he's married to Gazelle (crew laughs) I know her name is Gisele, okay? But I picture her as a gazelle (chuckles) – You don't think he has his hard days? – Man, he's got everything going for him

(sharp exhale) – [Man] It was just a tough day, you know? – I'm sticking with my guns Let's hear number five (soft moan) (chuckling) (sniffling) (crying) – That's like a laugh cry, is it not? Did you her laughter within the cry? – I think I heard another person – There is another person – Mixed in

(soft moan) (chuckling) (sniffling) (crying) – There's a guy wheezing, but I think that the subject in the foreground is a girl – I'm gonna go with Kristen on this one I remember, was it Veronica Mars, was very emotional Very emotional show to me I didn't ever remember– – You know who's partner writes emotional music that she can tweet about all the time

– But does she normally– – I'm not trying to relegate them to roles like, oh you're an artist and you're someone who tweets I think Chrissy Teigen is great I thought her name was Christy until I just looked at the name on the back (Rhett laughs) It's Chrissy – You really keep up with her, don't you? – That's cool

There's no T, there's just two S's – But this would have been like a cry on social media? (soft moan) (chuckling) Is that John Legend with her? – That's what I'm thinking John Legend, sitting at the piano, just cracking up – Hold on, let's listen to John Find him in there

(soft moan) (chuckling) (Link imitates laugh) (sniffling) (crying) He's not there, John Legend's not there I'm confident – Now is she married to Dax Shepard? – Yep – He's got a podcast They did one together

It might have been audio pulled from that But I'm sticking with the Teigs – All right, round six (man whoops sadly) (crew chuckling) – Finally Finally we've got it

But you know what? Is it still going? It should be (man whooping sadly) – What a moron (chuckles) What a beautiful moron – It happens twice (Rhett laughs) You hit it once

(man whooping sadly) – Okay So now we get to do a little switcheroo (rhythmic whooping) You're gonna break it! (rhythmic whooping) – Hey it ain't me, it's the ghost of Nick Cage And, wait for it (crew chuckles) (man whoops sadly) – There you go

– And wait for it (sharp inhale) (Rhett mimics breathing) – It's just – Okay (man whoops sadly) There it is (Rhett laughs) – Okay now we get a little switcheroo

– But we don't get to know how many we've got correct I'm sorry, my OCD's getting the best of me here – Yeah, well I'm about to do some switching here, 'cause I was trying to intentionally confuse you as we played – I think this is right I think you're wrong, you're gonna switch these

– Switch that – I definitely think that this is, that's not Leo – Okay – He didn't have any lines in The Revenant He did kinda groan a long time

– He's been in other movies, you realize – Oh I bet he was grunting (grunting) This is from The Revenant– – You can't play it again! – I can't play it again? Yeah you can play it again – Oh, okay (chuckles) (man whoops sadly) (crew laughs) (rhythmic whooping) (chuckling) – [Woman] Everyone's– (sounds overlapping rhythmically) – I add a beat to that, y'all

I add a beat to that (sniffling) – [Woman] You don't think you I feel bad? – I'm not changing any of my answers – Oh! (Link claps) – I am not confident in that I'm gonna lose no matter what This is how I roll – [Stevie] Let's see

Number one is Markiplier – Yes! – Yes! – [Stevie] And he's crying because the scary game scared him and take a look – I'm gonna play with a mirror enemy– (screaming) (body thumps) (soft moan) (Rhett chuckles) (groaning) (Link chuckles) – That's performance art – That's why I picked Leo – All right, so I got this one right

What about the next one? – [Stevie] Okay, this is Kim Kardashian – Yes! – Aw! – [Stevie] And she's crying because she felt bad about ending marriage Ending marriage (chuckles) – Okay – That's a nice way to put it

– [Stevie] After 72 days, let's see the clip – I wasted everyone's time I wasted everyone's money, I wasted everyone's everything and I feel bad You don't think I feel bad? – So say that though Don't say all this other dumb (bleep)

(Rhett and crew laugh) – My thoughts exactly – Ah yeah, I knew that because I enjoy that show while on vacation – So we're tied up, that's what she sounds like That's cool – [Stevie] Does good fake though, right? – You talking about Markiplier again? Yeah Markiplier works it up for drama all the time

– Yeah, exactly, all right – Okay, next one – [Stevie] Number three This is Claire Danes in Romeo and Juliet – Aw, dang, Link! – Not Homeland, okay

– [Stevie] And she's crying because her true love killed himself because he thought she was dead Let's play the clip (crying echoes) – Okay Pre-Homeland ugly cry I don't think it's that ugly

– Here's the bad logic that I use on that So I knew that that was Kim, and so then I thought, this was from Shane Dawson's documentary because he's been doing those documentaries and doing it about Tana, and I thought he showed a Tana cry with reverb So I thought it was a post effect – And we agreed on this one – [Man] It was just a tough day, you know? – That's Tom Brady

– Is it Tom Brady? – [Stevie] That's Tom Brady – Yes! – [Stevie] He's crying because for a minute he thought he might not become a millionaire NFL quarterback Let's take a look – Finally when the Patriots called, I was so excited I don't have to be an insurance salesman, you know? (sniffles) – Oh

He cries too He's the perfect man (Link laughs) – That long, flowy hair Gotta bring that back – Now here, if I don't get this one right and you get it wrong, you automatically win because we both picked Nick Cage at the end

There's a lot on the line here, Link I can only tie! – [Stevie] All right This is Kristen Bell – Oh! – [Stevie] And she's crying because Game of Thrones went too far Let's see

– [Dax] What happened? (sniffling) – I don't like this show anymore – [Dax] Why not? – Because they went too far this time (Dax laughing) Because I think that they really crossed the line (Rhett laughs) – Yes – Wait, she's the definition of likability

– Yeah she is, it's all an act, it's all an act – Let's watch Nick Cage – [Stevie] Yep, you both got this right It's Nick Cage in Vampire's Kiss, and he's crying because he's a vampire Let's see

(whoops sadly) (Rhett chuckles) (whoops sadly) – Oh! Nobody can do that like that (crew chuckles) – Who else on earth could fake cry like that and make it so believable? – And then you wouldn't edit it out – Wow, so we have tied – That means we're both getting our cries leaked on Instagram – Oh gosh

– That's how it works on this show When you tie, you both lose – So go to our Instagram page Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

♪ Hi my name's Erin, I'm from Kalamazoo ♪ ♪ It's in Michigan, not Dr Suess ♪ ♪ It's time to spin the big ol' Wheel ♪ ♪ Of Mythicality, no big deal ♪ – Thank you Erin! Click the top link to watch us try to guess the crew member based on the sound of their cry in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] We wrote a book Then we wrote our names in it

What comes next is up to you We suggest buying it The limited edition signed Book of Mythicality's available now at mythicalstore

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