Guess That Cheesy Infomercial (GAME)

– Today’s episode can be yours for three easy payments of $1999

– Well let’s talk about that (upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning – We’re going on tour this summer and if you wanna see us play live you better I’m the one that plays guitar, man – I play the air acoustic guitar man I’m really good at that

– You better act fast ’cause all the shows are nearly sold out – Yeah, we’re gonna be in Las Vegas, Nevada Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado Milwaukee, Wisonsin, Indianapolis, Indiana Detroit, Michigan, Omaha, Nebraska

Minneapolis, Minnesota, tell your friends and get your tickets while they last at rhettandlinklivecom – Yes, now with everybody cutting their cords these days, and I’m not talking about the umbilical, I’m talking about – That happens – The cable cord – That also happens

– One of the things that we’ve lost in all the convenience that we’ve gained We have lost the art of the infomercial – I miss the infomercials – Well you’re in luck, buddy, ’cause you’re about to watch a bunch of ’em It’s time for these infomercials be cheesy but guessin’ what they’re sellin’ won’t be easy

– Okay, so infomercials out of context? – Okay, here’s what I’m gonna do, Link No, not exactly, I’m going to play a little bit of a ridiculous infomercial – Like out of context – Well, I’m gonna just play just enough so you don’t figure out what the context is – Okay

– So kind of half way in context – So, devoid of context – And then I’m going to give you some multiple choices as to what the actual product is that’s being sold Are you bored, ’cause your going to sleep – Until you show me an infomercial

I’m always falling asleep when I watch infomercials – If you get three or more wrong, you have to drink out of the champagne ShamWow which is a ShamWow soaked in champagne And if you get– – Okay – three more than that right, I have to drink out of the champagne ShamWow Are you ready for your first infomercial? – Yeah, man

– Let’s watch – [Narrator] Hot dogs, they’re as American as baseball and apple pie But what makes a hot dog more than just a hot dog? – Wouldn’t you like to know? – What makes a hot dog more than just a hot dog? – What is it Link, is it A, The FrankFiller A tube that injects the condiment of your choice into the middle of your hot dog B, The Happy Hot Dog Man, a plastic contraption that turns your hot dog into a human like figure? C, The Puppy Press

– No – A custom Panini press that turns your bun into the shape of an adorable dog, or D The Hot Dad, a hot dog that will cheer you on at your next Little League game – And I bet he’d show up every time too, wouldn’t he? – My dad did, your dad didn’t? – No he didn’t (everyone laughs) C is possible but like, why you gotta make me spell it out, dude

I’m hoping – That’s my kind of humor Honesty – Frankfiller, A – Alright, let’s see the rest of the commercial

– [Narrator] But what makes a hot dog more than just a hot dog? Introducing the Happy Hot Dog Man It brings ordinary hot dogs to life, making lunch time more fun Just put your hot dog into the Happy Hot Dog Man and close the lid The Happy Hot Dog Man makes a happy imprint on your hot dog – It’s like a toy you can eat

– It’s like a toy you can eat, mom – It’s like a way that I’m allowed to slice hot dogs ’cause I can’t use knives I need this, but I don’t want it – Well, the interesting thing is – I want a frankfurter filler

– The interesting thing is that’s the same tool that the doctor used when he gave us the vasectomies – Right, just slam it down – Oh, it’s a little man (Link laughs) I can’t make babies anymore but I can have fun (Link screams) Let’s watch, let’s watch the next one

– Oh, got another one here – Oh, whoa, get the net, there he is, got ’em – Whoa, whoa, get the net Whoa, come on now – I love this

You know, I’m getting cable now again – What is, you know what, there should be a streaming show on Netflix – Yes, that’s what I was thinking, just this stuff – That’s just infomercials I’d pay for it What was this an – We should do that

– infomercial for, Link, A, the Rub-A-Dub Glove, a steel coated glove that can de-scale a whole fish with one swipe – Cool – B, the Fish Magnet, a vibrating light-emitting pole that attracts fish when placed in the water, C, the Wonder Boner, a steel rod that removes all of a fish’s bones by impalement or D, a lawyer who specializes in Boating while Under the Influence cases ’cause that’s definitely what’s happening – Okay, so C wasn’t the joke – No, believe it or not

– Fish magnet, this is when you say that’s what they called you in high school – Oh okay, yeah – You’re not gonna go for it? – No – Okay, I think, Wonder Boner, Rub-A-Dub Glove ’cause it’s one fell swipe, cleaning the fish – Let’s watch it

– Just wait ’til you see what I got It’s the Wonder Boner, take the fish Find the top of the spine, and you slide him through the ring on the Wonder Boner and voila – The Wonder Boner – My wife would like that

(Rhett laughing) – Okay, alright – The Wonder Boner – They know what’s going on, or at least that one guy does – You don’t think it’s great? – I think it’s great, but I think they’re in on the joke, that’s what I’m saying – Well here’s the thing, the Wonder Boner

I mean the joke kinds writes itself and so I wasn’t gonna make a joke, but it’s actually true that that was my nickname in high school – Oh, I was trying to give it to fish magnet (laughter) That’s what I was whispering about if you didn’t know – Okay, let’s watch the next one – [Narrator] Nowhere to run, nowhere to ride? – Didn’t give you much

– Nowhere to run, nowhere to ride – Nowhere to run, nowhere to ride – Now that’s not rain, that was a sprinkler I can tell from the angle of the water – Maybe it’s really windy

What’s the infomercial for, Link? Is it A, Fun Slides, strips of plastic that strap to your feet so you can skate on the carpet B, the Bed Bike, fun wheels that you put on the bed to turn it into a stationary bicycle C, Hip Zip Hooray, an indoor zip line with rubber posts for safety, or D A new identity after you accidentally call your teacher Mom You’ve done it, man, I did it multiple times

– Yeah, and you wanna get out of there Witness protect ack-at-min Are you telling me B, Bed Bike is a bed turned into a bike? – Yep, a stationary bike – Oh, a stationary bike, um, zip lines There’s no way that can be possible

Fun slides I think is it, A – Let’s watch it – [Narrator] Nowhere to ride? Now wherever there’s carpet, blast off with Fun Slides Fun Slides bring the good times inside You don’t have to be a pro, just strap ’em on and go go go, more fun than socks on a polished wood floor

Fun Slides let you slide on carpet – Carpet (Link making mouth noises) – [Both] Slide on carpet – If you don’t already wanna kill your kids (Link laughs) – Get ’em Fun Slides

– If you don’t already, because that’s the objective, parenting That’s the premise of your joke – Try not to kill ’em – Father of the year – Okay

– How am I doing, by the way? – You got one out of three – Oh – Here you go, here’s another one – [Narrator] Robes are heavy and hot And towels with fasteners, I think not

– Wow, that’s quite a freeze frame you got there Okay, I didn’t hear what they said ’cause I was just looking at if the towel was gonna fall – Towels are heavy – That’s not what they said, they didn’t say towels are heavy – Towels are heavy and hot

Yeah – Okay – What is this for, Link, is it the Wearable Towel a towel with arm holes, B, the Microwrap a heated onesie that you warm up in the microwave before wearing, C, Pajamaz with an exclamation point – Pajamaz? – Yeah, with a Z and an exclamation point That’s terrycloth PJs that zip apart at the torso for multiple drying options

Or D, the Low Blow, a giant blow dryer for your no no parts – Ooh, I already have one of those – It’s just a blow dryer – Every morning, um, and you think I’m lying – It’s not very efficient

– Ask my neighbors ’cause I leave the window shades up The Wearable Towel, all of these sound like the same thing, A, B, and C It’s like all of the above is my answer – No, one you put in the microwave One is a towel with armholes

– One you zip apart – And the other is basically clothes with a zipper – I’m going with Pajamaz with a zipper – Let’s watch – [Narrator] And towels with fasteners? I think not, now there’s the Wearable Towel

The towel with arm openings, the Wearable Towel keeps you totally covered and gives you the freedom to use your hands Great for getting the paper – Great for getting the paper – Hey mom, our neighbor’s a caveman – It’s actually more embarrassing to walk outside in that thing than it is to go outside naked, just go outside naked, man

– [Link] What a dummy – I’m Fred Flintstone – Just because you got muscles doesn’t mean you’re not a dummy – Alright, this next one, by the way you still only got one right, this next one is from the early 90s – [Narrator] Is talking on the phone getting out of hand, look out

– Whoa, what is she doing with that phone? She dropped it right in the bowl – I love the fact that, like, what was what was the person saying there? It’s just (makes mouth noises) Are you making my favorite cake, honey? Oh yeah – What’s this infomercial for? Is it A, the Telescarf, a fashionable scarf that holds your phone so when you drop the phone, it doesn’t fall too far Or B, Phone Relief, a plastic headband that keeps the phone by your head via Velcro C, The Shoulder Holder, a plastic cradle that rests on your shoulder so you can keep a phone in place by your head

Or D, Phone Gary, a guy named Gary who holds your phone because he’s got nothing better to do – A Phone Gary, help wanted, name has to be Gary Again, these all are so similar I don’t think the scarf is it I think it’s The Shoulder Holder, C

I think it’s just like the cradle there – Let’s see it – [Narrator] Is talking on the phone getting out of hand? Look out, you need Phone Relief The ultimate in hands-free phone design Watch, just simply attach the special bubble back fastener to any phone

Then attach the Phone Relief headset It’s that easy, Phone Relief works with your favorite phone, an amazing breakthrough product you’ll use every day – Ha, look at it – You can knit, you can grill – That guy grilling, man, he’s living the life man

I’d love to peek over and look at my neighbor I can see that happening, I’d be like can I come over? – Yet somehow it’s still cooler than a Bluetooth headset Okay, Link – The neck’s muscles on one side are really gonna – You can’t win now, but you know what, we’re having fun

– I think I’ve been winning the entire time – Let’s watch another one – [Narrator] Ouch, stubbed your toe in the middle of the night, stumbling around in the dark is dangerous – The dark is dangerous – Okay, what is this an infomercial for? Is it A, Twilights, stylish glasses with built in mini flashlights, B, Angel Socks

Socks with built in safety halos meant to gently push dangerous obstacles out of the way C, BrightFeet, high tech slippers with built in LED lights that light your path Or D, a candle (everyone laughs) – I mean, with proper marketing, you can sell anything, even a candle I was thinking the BrightFeet concept when I heard about Angel Socks ’cause Angel Socks, what y’all laughing about? – When did you hear about Angel Socks? – When you said it

– Oh – When you said Angel Socks I was thinking about BrightFeet, even before you said it – So you wanna go with BrightFeet? – My answer is C, BrightFeet because B can’t be a thing – Okay, let’s watch – [Narrator] Stumbling around in the dark is dangerous

Don’t turn on the light and wake up the whole family Now, there’s BrightFeet, the high tech house shoes that light up your night BrightFeet are like personal night lights that move with you anywhere, and BrightFeet’s powerful LED light softly and clearly illuminates an area up to 25 feet in front of you Everyone loves BrightFeet, it’s the latest craze sweeping the nation – I’m sure that doesn’t work

– Well especially when you have to pee on one foot Well, you gotta aim, you gotta see where you’re tinkling – I do that already – Oh, like an Ostrich – More like a yoga pose

– Link, you were right, congratulations but you are mostly wrong, so you are going to have to enjoy some champagne from the champagne ShamWow in Good Mythical More – Well that seems like a prize to me – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I’m Kent

– I’m Jasmine, and we’re at High Point North Carolina, and we’re at – [Both] The Red House – Where black people – And white people – [Both] Buy furniture, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Get yourself a sofa

– Awesome Click the top link to watch us match the Mythical Team Member to the infomercial item they purchased in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality gonna land The Snotebook is back and it’s more mythical than ever Get the Mythical Snotebook now at mythical


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