Green Fried Chicken Taste Test

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I sawed this boat in half and repaired it with only Flex Tape

Not only does Flex Tape's powerful adhesive hold the boat together, but it creates a super strong water tight seal so the inside is completely dry Yeah doggy Just cut, peel, stick and seal This week's guests keep their processed meat in the physical Spam folder Please welcome Rhett and Link

(crew applauds) Did that work? Did it look cool? Yeah? – Yeah, it had to – I mean it looked cool from my angle, let me tell you – It had to! – Your two butts just creeping back towards my face – Here, hit me, man, hit me – You're a masochist? (Link grunts) I actually kinda hit myself

Sorry – That's fine – Try again – Only shot you get – Hey guess what day it is

– Saturday! – Saturday! – You're right, I like to ask you questions that you can get correct and then we can celebrate about it – It builds confidence – Yeah, you got the day of the week correct – How old am I? 40! (sputters, laughs) – It doesn't work if you ask yourself questions – [Stevie] Yeah you can't ask yourself questions

– Well did I answer correctly? – You got some fuzz, fuzz, you got some fuzz – What do you have on your face? – I got it – Fuzz – Fuzz – You used to have fuzz on your face

– 40! – Fuzz! – Guys, 40 years old and 1500 episodes – 41 – Well actually I guess it would be 1504 by this point, episodes of the show – As we say, the 15th hundredth episode – And fourth

– We can't say it without saying the two T-Hs – 15th hundredth and fourth – And guess what, it's the 28th episode of LTAT That's kind of also a big number but I guess, I know that we're going against the 1500 thing but I'm just saying it is kind of a big deal to reach that 28 point, you know? – Yeah but you'd probably never get to 1500 because it's just a weekly show – [Stevie] Oh man

– Just so you know – Or after 28, it's all downhill That's my experience, you know what I'm saying – I mean how many years would there have to be if you did, you don't even make it to 50 in a given year probably – Another riveting opening– (Stevie laughs) To an LTAT

– What? You're just– – Hey, hey, if you wanna make it about LTAT – Well, speaking of another, today is all– – 30 years? – About nostalgia– – 30 years – 'Cause I'm bringing it back like I mentioned in the More, from earlier this week when that happened So we have some old, old drives here So we recently reorganized our server– – The old drives

– Made some room, and we have old drives that have old footage and I was thinking to myself, hey, what's on those drives? Ha ha ha, am I right, self? I ask myself questions I can also get correct because I got this one correct and there's some real good stuff on the drives So I have just plucked something that you're gonna hate me for later and I have that to show you – Oh come on No, why do you have to do this? I told you to delete all that stuff, man – This is when LTAT sings, Rhett

– You're supposed to go through the embarrassing stuff and get rid of it so no one can ever see it again – Well I compromised a drive and then I think– – It took years – I'm looking at you, Morgan, but I don't know who it was – It took years to get it back – That was working to get the drive back

– Well there's also some stuff that I just can't find still and I'm very sad about, but this stuff is like, I'm talking way old I'm talking real good, so I'm excited for that, and then also we have photos that I asked various different crew members to dig up from the past that I don't think any of the Mythical Beasts have really seen So we're going to show those – Love it – But first, did you know that tomorrow is St

Paddy's Day? – Yeah oh yes – Ah – So instead of a– – Top o' tomorrow to ya – Rejected snack this week, I thought that we needed to do something St Paddy's themed because the thing that we did do was so gross, so I thought that this might just redeem it

– Not more intestines – Whatever – With a green chicken bucket – Oh – Green chicken bucket

– Yeah – [Link] Looks kinda like mossy, moldy– – It looks disgusting – Fried chicken I'll take a thigh – Last year we did green pizza and had other green things in that episode but we didn't do green fried chicken

So I figured hey, let's do green fried chicken – I'm a white meat man, he's a dark meat man – I have a problem telling the difference between a breast and a thigh when it comes to chicken (Rhett chuckles) – You're not the only one – That's a– (crew laughs) – I'm looking at, I'm looking at Ben

– Oh that's, that's a thigh – What is this? – That's a thigh – That's a thigh – Do you want a thigh or do you want a breast? – I want a thigh – You want a thigh, okay

– I want a breast But I'll take a leg if that's all they got – It's not an appetizing– – Well let's see We got two– – It's not an appetizing color you know, it's like, mm, that makes me hungry for some fried chicken – You know what, just give me a leg, it's easier to eat

– Here you go, you can have the big daddy – Oh if all my buckets were dark, I mean, I'd be so happy – I love looking into a bucket and not being able to see anything You know? – I don't even understand what's happening – I like dark meat

– We can dink these – Dink it – I did the double dink – And green it, so let's find out if it's flavored – Look at that

– Whoa – It definitely broke the skin a little bit – That's good – Oh wow That is a lot of green

– Davin also was like, "Do you want a mystery green drink?" I said, "Yes, Davin, "of course we want a mystery green drink," so I have that too Because I know that was riveting, why not follow it up with something that doesn't look as cool – This is mystery – It's a mystery and I believe Davin holds the key – Yep, still doing that

– Distance dink it and drink it – Cream soda – He's guessing cream soda I'm guessing– – No it's got something else sour in it – It doesn't taste– – Robitussin

– Very flavorful It smells like Robitussin – It's straight cough syrup – It's watered down cough syrup, don't drink too much – Did you drug us? – [Davin] That's just plain disgusting Coconut LaCroix

– [All] Oh – I like Coconut LaCroix – Yeah, it's plainly disgusting – When you mix it with lime though, it's pretty good – I like it better when it's not– – And the green makes it taste worse

– Me and Pat do that on a regular basis – Can we get to the reminiscing? I'm actually, I'm excited about it I'm sorry, I don't mean to rush – Okay so here's some factoids which we were talking about earlier and I was like, I'm gonna talk about this on LTAT – Okay

– So I joined with you guys, I joined with you, that's how I talk about it – Yeah yeah – I joined with you – It's like a club – Yeah

In January of 2013 And then Ben came on in February of 2013, and Jen– – And neither one of you know how to telL the difference between dark and white meat chicken – No I know once you get into the meat part, I'm just saying it looks like a fried blob and that just to me, you know, it's really hard to tell Then Jen came in September of 2013 and that's when we were only hiring people whose names rhymed – Oh

Yep – So then we tried to name Chase Chen (all chuckling) – We tried, now you can work here– – He rejected it – But we're gonna call you Chen – But actually Chase, Alex, and Men which is Morgan, all– – Men

– Joined us in the summer of 2014 and then Kevin came in December 2014 and so on and so on and so on so those are our OGest members So I asked for photos and I was like, you know, we had some good times in the old studio Are there any old studio– – Had some bad times too probably – We did So here is our first pic, pec, pic

It's from Jen, there's a lot of discussions going on over in that crew section about this photo I guess, which is– – Okay – [Stevie] Your first office in our first Burbank studio – Yeah we had our, we went between having our desks facing each other when it was in my garage, and then at least in the first iteration of our desks in Burbank, they both faced outside next to each other – [Link] It was like a bus bench and we're sitting down, the desk is here – In Sherman Oaks, we faced each other

– Yeah – In that Burbank office, we both faced the same direction Now we face away from each other (chuckles) – Yeah – No we turned these desks and we faced each other here

Eventually – Now that ruins my story though – The evolution, you were correct because this next photo is a couple weeks into us working together – [Link] Yeah so this is earlier in time This is when you were– – Yeah

– [Rhett] Oh and you did a little caption, work – Yeah (chuckles) – So work, this is you taking a photo of the two of us working – Yeah I don't know really what I was thinking so much 'cause also it's not a great photo I mean back then it's just, my Instagram was psh, you know, who knows

– Was this right when you started working for us, January? – Yeah it's a few or couple weeks after – Oh wow – I think actually that's about, that's as wide of a shot as you'd get in that little office – Oh yeah for sure And I don't know if I've ever told this story anywhere

But I know that we've talked about it One thing that stands out to me about this period of time, 'cause we were only in here, I was only in here with you for a few weeks before we moved to our other Burbank studio – Ah – Was the incident with the permanent marker on the dry erase board (chuckles) Which I don't think I've told

Do you remember this? – Yeah I do – Okay yeah tell the story – 'Cause I can't remember who played which role exactly I mean I can via knowing you, who I think played each role but what I think happened– – I never got angry – Was that Link drew on the dry erase board with a permanent marker

– And then Link got mad about it – Yes because I was given the marker– – I didn't do anything – To write on the board – I did nothing – By you

– And then you went to try and erase it and it didn't come off and then you both got really upset about it not coming off but I was there – My recollection is that it was his fault because he implied that I should use that marker to write whatever he wanted me to write on the board – I give you the marker, you have the power of choice (laughing) You made a decision – Yeah so I ruined a perfectly good white board

– No no, no you didn't 'cause someone figured out how to fix it – That was me! (Rhett laughs) – Why are you spoiling her story? Let her tell– – I couldn't remember – You're both and I think this happened after you had slapped each other in the face, that day – Same day? – No, I think it was after that fact or maybe it was, I don't know, it was around that time period Really emotions were running high

– It was a crammed space – And while you were fighting about it, I Googled, how do you get permanent marker off of a dry erase board and then I fixed it and then you're like oh, thank you – We'll keep you around – Yeah – What else can you do? (laughing) – Well, you're not gonna tell 'em what the solution was? – I don't remember, I think the solution was coloring over it, yeah

– [Crew Member] You write with a dry erase– – Yeah – You write– – Yeah – Yeah yeah yeah, exactly – [Link] Write on the dry erase– – And then you erase it afterwards – You see how fast my hand's moving in that photo? – You were

– Man that was back when I could really move that left hand You know? (Stevie laughs) 2013 Man, I've slowed down a lot – Then we moved into our first studio and here's a photo from Chase of Alex testing out the pool shirt – Oh pool shirt

– Yes – In our back lot area – The pirt as we called it – And I believe that is Kendall who was a production coordinator at the time – Uh-huh

– And I think this is one of Alex's first, Alex, is this your first weekish? It was right at the start – [Alex] Yeah this was after we did the OCD shoot, so it was like two weeks in – Oh wow – My first week was the OCD shoot – We also made him test the rest of the outfit which included the pants and the helmet but I have a lot to get through– – Pool shirt and pool pants, yeah

– Look at how much fun he's having – [Stevie] (laughs) Yeah, well there was a– – Is it still that fun, Alex? – There was another photo where he didn't look like he was having that much fun but I chose to go with the one where you look like he was having fun – It's always been fun – The water and the hose– – It's always been fun – Gets really hot

– And then I stumbled upon a series of back lot photos 'cause honestly it was such a small little parking lot but we did so much in it – Yeah we did – So here's a photo of Link with a llama in our back lot and if you recall, we had to get that llama up the stairs – Yes – To shoot with the llama, and we successfully got the llama up the stairs but then when the llama had to go back down the stairs, it appeared as if the animal handler had not calculated that into– – Much easier to go up

– Much easier to climb – Yeah, and the llama, if I remember correctly, was doing some things that had us a little nervous about the llama's next move 'cause I don't think the llama was excited about being in our fake living room – Llamas always keep you guessing though – Yeah – This wasn't for the show, this was for– – HuffPo Comedy

– Like a free credit report ad I think – No it was for Free Credit Score – Free Credit Score – But that made a better caption 'cause I just didn't wanna be like, have you guys seen the Free Credit Score commercial on the internet? – Right, #ad That was before you had to do that

– And then we also had you eating or biting a whole raw fish – [Rhett] Oh this is for the calendar – Yeah – YouTube Calendar, yeah That was a cool little shot

– Yeah and look at my framing though – So we're stranded – Yeah that's pretty good – We were stranded on a life boat in the middle of the ocean – But also in the parking lot

– We brought in sand for that? – Those were the– – Those are real fish too– – Yeah I do, I do – [Rhett] Dang – And those risers were from that time that we had an audience on the first episode of The Mythical Show – That one time we did that

– And then we kept 'em for a long time And then also I found photos of guests from The Mythical Show who have evolved now So back then this was the SourceFed team and Goorgen who shot with us in the back lot Now, it's the Valleyfolk team – The Valleyfolk

And Goorgen – And Goorgen – (chuckles) Goorgen's still Goorgen – I mean, he looks pretty good – [Rhett] He is such a man of stature, look at that

– He's a bright light of life wherever he goes – I agree with that And then also, in terms of foreshadowing, look at this photo – (chuckles) Yep – Look at that

– That was The Mythical Show We did a, that wasn't Duo or Don't-O right? – No no no, I don't remember, I have another photo of when we did the Star Trek Middle School Musical that's set up in a similar fashion What did they do on The Mythical Show? I can't– – I think it was The Newlywed Game It was something a little simpler like that – I know the Fine Brothers were on and we did, oh the Fine Brothers were on and we tried to stump their speech

– Speech jam And turns out that the Fine Brothers are not susceptible to speech jamming – Yeah But I don't remember what we did with Smosh, but look at them, they're celebrating now – Look at that

– Yep, celebrating the future – And of course we weren't always in the studio or back lot for The Mythical Show We also went golfing – Yes we went and played with the Drutter Right, was that what it was called? – Yes and we did not pull a permit for that

– There's Jason, our first employee, so he proceeded you, then Ben joined – Yeah that's Ben – Yeah that was Ben – Yeah and for the Drutter, I mean basically we went up to this golf course and we just like threw a golf ball and hit a golf ball and we had, it was not appropriate – It was one of the best days of my life

(laughs) I mean as you can see– – Slingshot golf was not a bad idea – Pure, pure elation I'm happy about my outfit, I've always loved a visor – [Stevie] Your outfit looks real good – And I wish, we should do that more often

The days that we just go out and just take over a golf course We just take everybody out – Mm – Take about 20 Drutters – I think we did tell them we were gonna do that

We did get, did we, I think we got permission to use the slingshot – No no no This was when we had like– – We were very nervous to be slingshotting across this par three course because we didn't ask them – No and we had different bags– – [Ben] We also skipped around a lot to get away from people – The Drutter broke down, we hid it inside of a golf bag and then we only brought one camera 'cause we were trying to hide it

– Yeah The audio's really bad 'cause we were by the airport and we didn't know it until we got back to the studio and all of the audio was just screwed up – Oh because of the RF signals – And then one of the very first music videos we shot after the joining of Chen was I'm On Vacation So this actually, Chase this was your first week

– Ha – Chase joined as an intern and you can't really see him He's peeking out, he is in fact the holder of the umbrella in this photo – With the big straw hat on? – [Chase] Yeah, that's my big straw hat – And– – your job on day one was to hold an umbrella for Stevie

– Yeah – I think she captioned it that I was her manservant – Did I, is that what it says? – Oh it's right here – I don't have my glasses on – [Rhett] #Manservant, yeah

– [Link] Tyrannical photo of me from the I'm On Vacation shoot Yeah, yeah – Mm-hmm, yeah – #Manservant – But like everything about you– – Horrible person

– In that picture, including the expression on your face is like, I need someone to hold an umbrella for me in the sun – Yeah well okay this is what happened This was the second day I believe of a three day shoot for I'm On Vacation and the first day, Ben and I wore like– – [Link] Beach wear – Beach clothes – Beach shirt, shorts

– 'Cause it was really hot and we both got super sun burnt And then the next two days we had to wear long sleeved shirts and I think Ben had a scarf on and so Chase had to follow me around with an umbrella But I will say, it does appear that he actually did have fun on the shoot 'cause he made a new friend which you can see in this next photo Yeah – Ew

What is that, Chase? – [Stevie] It's his first Mythical friend – [Link] Oh that's your body double, Rhett – [Chase] Yeah that was the Rhett that fell off the bike – Yes – Golly– – [Stevie] In that very realistic scene

– Where did we Where did we get that thing and how is the face so not normal mannequiny? – Perfect? I don't recall I remember– – Is that from Halloweentown? – Being in the parking lot

– We rented it and then we broke it Whoops (crew laughs) – Wait but also Alex had a story that I had not, I don't know if you wanna share that story, Alex I had not heard– – Oh I love this story – Yeah

– On the beach? – Yeah the beach story – [Alex] Well we had a base camp that was far away from where we were shooting and so we had to run stuff back and forth and I had to run back and forth so many times that I just threw up on the beach (Rhett, crew laughs) – What? I've never heard that story – I didn't hear it 'til yesterday – [Alex] Ben was the only one who knew about that 'cause he looked at me and he was like, "Are you okay?" And I was like, "Yeah, I just threw up though

" (laughing) – Threw up on the beach – I just threw up on the beach – Yeah – It was hot, man – That was a grueling one

– That's called heat exhaustion, that's not healthy – And just because I did mention it in More and I felt like I needed a payoff, this is a picture of beautiful Kevin from when he had long, flowing locks And this is his first week He's juxtaposing the party sign in the background with his innocent look – Non-partylike vibe

– I do remember the party sign It would come on on Fridays – Yeah – [Kevin] Yeah it was Friday at five o'clock Alex assigned that job to me and then, anyone that came in or out of our building, he told them that I was the party sign guy

(laughing) – I don't remember you ever being in that studio, Kevin How long– – Aw that's nice – [Rhett] Yeah he was there for awhile – Yeah that was also when we had the– – I just remember moving out of there before we started hiring more people – The fake poop incident was also in that studio

Where someone very important, someone very important, oh the head of Hulu was coming for some reason to have a meeting with us and we had this fake poop that we had used for something and so for a couple weeks afterwards, everyone would leave the fake poop in different places and someone left it either on the edge of the toilet seat or on the rug right in front of the toilet and he used the restroom – [Alex] You asked me, he asked where the bathroom was, and you like looked panicked 'cause you knew it was in there and then, I thought we had taken it out so I was like, don't worry Stevie, it's good The bathroom's right over here and then someone put it back in there (crew laughing) – It's fine – And Hulu's never been the same

– Yeah right – That's right Everything went downhill from that point – Okay speaking of it going downhill, I don't know how you're gonna react to one I'm about to throw to – Oh gosh

– But please make sure that afterwards, you say that you loved it so that I don't get attacked on social media or in the comment section Hey, do you remember when you guys put together a hosting reel? – Stevie (crew chuckling) – Because I do and I have it right now (soft music) – We're Rhett and Link I'm Rhett

I'm taller and my eyebrows are more pronounced – I'm Link I wear glasses and my beard grows faster – We viewed thousands of clips and selected your funniest, most brilliant, shocking and sometimes bizarre videos – So sit back as we bring you the very wide world of Online Nation

– Rhett and Link on location at the Grammys – Who are you wearing? – Uh, Plastic Man – Very nice You work Even your stupid watch works

– [Rhett] You look good though, you match – Thanks – In height ♪ It's the boy Twista tell me what you think ♪ ♪ Drop on the floor we'll talk about Rhett and Link ♪ ♪ Rhett and Link don't stink ♪ ♪ Every time I blink ♪ ♪ They going through my mind when I think ♪ – History is full of great debates – Paper versus plastic

– Ninjas versus pirates – Comb-overs versus mullets – But the greatest of them all– – Mac versus PC You know one may think that we'd be intimidated with all this sports talent around us – World class athletes

– Yeah – But we're not because we've got quite the athletic accomplishments under our belts – Here's a first place ribbon for Science Olympiad – You probably think that watching internet videos all day is fun – But it's not, it's stressful

– And that's why we've made appointments at this place Now you and me, we're kindred spirits because we both got the chin strap going – We do got it, you know what I didn't think anybody else used that term, the chinstrap I thought I was the only one that called it the chinstrap

– Well I'm the one who came up with it – We're developing a new sport It's called the mental game Maybe put those on – You can't put these on

These are for guys who are like 80 or older – [Link] Visualize winning – Is it happening? – It's happening I'm Brady Quinn and Rhett and Link's big ol' sunglasses changed my life – Our next upload from a group of filmmakers in Brooklyn, New York

– Brooklyn! – Proves that seeing is believing – People from all over North Carolina and even farther away come to the pumpkin festival every year to put these suckers in gear – Welcome to the wonderful world of garden tractor pulling (upbeat country music) – We are gonna actually pull in the competition (upbeat country music) – So what do you think it is about this particular video, Chocolate Rain, that caused it to sort of have this internet explosion? – I don't know, I mean, I think it's a catchy beat

♪ Chocolate rain ♪ ♪ Chocolate rain ♪ – Oh – Don't forget you can see your videos here too – Just upload them to us at cwtvcom/onlinenation We'll take care of the rest

– Ha ha ha! – Brooklyn! – Brooklyn! (Rhett laughs) Listen, this is how I feel about that I think that the Online Nation stuff was painfully embarrassing – Did you have a stylist? – But the other stuff was like hey, I think there was some promise in the other stuff – Oh, we had a stylist, his name was Warden Neal – Warden

– Warden Neal – Ward – Neal? – Warden Neal – We shared a last name (chuckles) He spoke like this

– Warden Neal Hey you gotta understand that was 2007 We looked hot for 2007 – If there were logos on our clothes, he would say, "Uh, this has a logo but we need to geek it" And he would come in and he would black out the logo

– Instead of Greek it he would say geek it – He would need to geek the logo – There was a lot of Ed Hardy, Ed Hardy – Yeah it was like, everything had wings that could just fly off– – Yeah – Any time

– But that The long tractor pull, the lawn mower pull thing – That's a good video, man

– I don't know if that, we were trying to pitch a television– – I might have that video in the archives – You got the whole video? – It might be true and I also think there were several videos– – Well we had a whole idea for a show called Good Ol' Boys – Yep, I have that as well – And it was us– – Oh you gonna show that? (Stevie laughs) – No, no, not going to – Okay maybe later

– We were gonna go around doing stuff like catching catfish with our hands, tractor pull, other redneck things – Yeah, stuff from back home – And the pitch, the pitch starts from the same place that the hosting reel starts from, like in front of that little green screen, like tight tight tight shot You're pitching what the show is – With my greasy winged hair

– Dude, your voice, I swear – It was higher – Yeah it was higher and had more of a southern accent – He had a second puberty once we, that's when we moved out here It happens with some people

– I think once you start having children whose voice drops lower than you, you gotta compete with that – Right I gotta talk like this I gotta seem cool – I should actually– – For my boys (chuckling) – Drop the balls

– Oh wow – Okay that's all I have, I did wanna remind you, there's one week left to donate to #NoStacheHungry if you wanna see Rhett and Link– – Do it – Shave Josh's stache ♪ One week left to donate to No Stache Hungry ♪ – You guys completely blew away this campaign so I'm just putting this full-screen graphic here so I can do this video in pickup We will be shaving Josh's stache

We will be shaving Josh's head, and we have a new 30K mark If you wanna see Josh get a tattoo designed by Rhett and Link So please do that, the information is in the description Also the link is in the description Information is something I haven't said before but you know what I'm trying to say

– Brooklyn! – And now for our closing line – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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