Golden Tee Shirt Winner Studio Tour

– [Crew] Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan– – Hey – You made it! Hey, welcome! (crew cheers) (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show

I'm Stevie and I love orange soda I do I do I do-ooh! This week's guests don't want a lot for Christmas, there's just one thing they need: relevancy Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew cheers and lightly applauds) – Relevancy, is he here? (chuckling) – I'm kind of, it's been a roasting couple sessions of my intros, but you know, that's where I am right now This is the season finale

– You're like Kenny Rogers' Roaster – What? – Kenny Rogers had a fast food restaurant called Roasters or Roasting, or, Kenny Rogers' Roaster – Did you know that the Tour of Mythicality special is out today, not just for pre-order but for regular order? – Just real quickly, you're not gonna say anything about my pants? – Yes, your pants are cool – I didn't know it was wear your pajamas to work day, but you know, I love 'em – Oh

– When I found these on the rack, you know what I thought to myself? I'm gonna buy those so Stevie will say something about them On Let's Talk About That – Aw – And then we had a conversation about Kenny Rogers I feel like I just wanna go take 'em off now

I feel like I wanna take 'em back – Let's do that later – But it's too late 'cause I think I just soiled them – (chuckles) What? – [Link] The tag still on 'em? – Is that what happens when you get sad about about somebody? (chuckling) – When I get sad, I crap my pants I have my whole life

(chuckling) – You get the sad squirts – I really like your pants, Rhett I'm so happy that you wore those for me– – The sad squirts – And Kenny Rogers today Thank you for wearing them

– Well thank you for saying something – The Tour of Mythicality special, let me tell you where you can get it at, we have a list right here iTunes– – Sweatpants – Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft, DISH, DIRECTV On Demand, and TiVo, and I'm sure some other places But those are the main places that you should go

– TiVo? – If you like any of those places, go to them and then get the special You won't be disappointed – Get your family and your friends around They don't have to like us beforehand I bet you they might like us afterward

– They might find us somewhat tolerable – [Link] Afterward – But that's all you need during the holidays – Don't forget about the documentary part – That's true, there's also a live album

We talked about that last week You can go watch that episode of the show Now you can, all those things – The documentary – Special, documentary, live album, happy holidays, everybody

– Yes – Psh, crap your pants – On today's show, on this season finale of LTAT, Ninja was on the show, the main show this week – [Rhett] Yep – Did a little dancing with him

– Yep – I have a behind-the-scenes clip I'd like to show you and you So that will be coming Big news, our Golden Tee of Mythicality winner came to the Mythical Studio and we had a full day of funnities with her – Yeah

– Yes we did – Also included a Johnnifer vlog throughout the day with her, documenting her experience so that we could show you guys that on this very show – Man – What's happening? – This is what I used to do when I gave plasma in college for extra cash You pump your fist in order to really get that plasma going

– Uh – You could get it done in two rounds versus three (Stevie laughs) – Just put a pillow in front of your hand or something – There was an audible what the (bleep) from the crew just now (Rhett laughs) – You did it too, don't act like you didn't do it

– Yeah but I didn't do it now (Stevie laughs) I did it when I needed to get ready for plasma and I didn't do it in that suggestive way – Guys, believe it or not– – It's not suggestive – I also have a while the cameras were rolling clip of Link– – Oh really? – If you could even imagine that those exist to show you as well, but first, it is beverage time and because it is almost Christmas, our beverage is Christmas-themed It used to be warm, now it's kinda probably lukewarm to cold– – Good

– It is glogg Glogg, glogg? – Glogg – Someone else say it Because I asked specifically and didn't feel like I could make the sound – Glogg

Glogg Traditional Scandinavian winter beverage – We'll just ADR Micah saying it every time you say it – Grandpa Lundquist – This is non-alcoholic

But traditionally, it's basically like mulled wine, so it's supposed to be hot – Mulled wine – I did pull up a page of info about it – Heat and serve Heat and serve

– Heat and serve Dink it, smells good, it smells like potpourri – Yeah it does – Smells a little bit like cloves – A Christmas store basically

– It tastes better than it smells 'cause it smells so strong – It tastes like a Christmas store to me – Is there a Hanukkah drink? – Not that I can recall – Manischewitz – Manischewitz wine

– Manischewitz – I guess that would go with any Jewish holiday Does anyone wanna, I don't think there is one – Is there like just right around Hanukkah, we only drink this around Hanukkah? – No There's potato latkes and then there's jelly stuffed, or jelly-filled donuts called sufganiyot

– [Rhett] Well this sounds like an opportunity, Stevie – [Darren] Micah is saying schnapps – Shahnahps (crew laughing) – [Darren] I have not partaken in schnapps during Hanukkah time but Micah claims that he has – Shahnahps

– Okay Darren – I think that might just be Micah's personal Hanukkah Oh yeah schnapps is for Hanukkah – Is there a special schnapps flavor? – [Micah] Hello, it's me Micah My family always said that schnapps was a eastern European Jewish thing to drink around holidays

So– – What flavor? – [Micah] I don't know, peach (Rhett laughs) Peppermint Whatever you feel like – I don't know, peach – Doesn't matter, as long as it's shahnahps

– Shahnahps – Hey Micah, while you're there, let's go ahead and get the ADR of you saying glogg – [Micah] Glogg (crew laughs) – We'll put that in every single time – [Stevie] See what I mean, it's pretty good

– Very percussive, glogg – That you say glogg, it will be him – I don't think Casey's gonna like that very much (Rhett laughs) – Don't do that, Casey – [Micah] Glogg, glogg, glogg

– For those of you that don't know, we had a very big golden tee event this year where one special Mythical Beast got a one of a kind golden GMM logo t-shirt and everyone else got a silver t-shirt and the person who got the gold t-shirt got to come on the show, on the show after the show, and come to the Mythical Studio for a whole day of Mythical funnities, like I said before – Right – And we captured a little bit of it so let's see it (laughing) (Link laughing maniacally) – Okay, it wasn't that funny (Rhett and Link laugh ecstatically) – Oh, Megan! – That is so– – Megan, you didn't! – [John] All right we're here at Mythical and we are about ready to meet up with the golden tee winner

Oh this feels amazing Let's go pick up Megan (yelling) (chuckling) (upbeat music) What up, Megan? – Hey – I'm John – Hey nice to meet you

– [John] How y'all feeling right now? – Really excited – Pretty excited – My heart's beating in my throat Okay, I don't know what these are – [Jen] These were on the seat

(laughing) – What do I do with my feet? Oh, I don't know I don't know how I'm supposed to feel (laughing) – [John] So Stevie wanted us to give you some facts about the crew – So Alex's favorite thing is when people go up to him and just flick his earlobe – Ellie has been married four times

Alex and Kevin, they actually hate each other's guts Ooh there was a fight yesterday – Yeah extreme fist fight In the studio bathroom, Link has placed a fart jar So you have to insert one fart into the jar

– Cameron, are you listening? – [Cameron] I can handle that – Chase was born in a blimp and it's projected that he will die in a blimp Do you wanna know some facts about the studio? – Okay – Yes – The legend is that our studio was built on the burial ground of a lot of failed Disney child actors so around like 2 a

m you can hear them messing up their lines (laughing) So did you believe any of those, be honest – No (laughing) (whimsical music) Oh

(laughs) – [Crew] Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan, Megan– – Hey – You made it! Hey, welcome! (crew cheers) – That wasn't weird, was it? – No! (chuckling) – Guys this is Cameron – Hey Cameron – Hey – They're gonna be married unless we screw it up

– [Crew] Cameron, Cameron, Cameron – Lick my gross body challenge – Leftover prototypes – This looks suspect (crew laughing) – [John] Yeah Megan said that she's seen every episode

– Whoa – Is that true? – Yeah – Seriously? – Yeah I've watched every single episode – So when did you start? – I started watching it like three years ago

The first one I saw was Will It Taco – This is, that's a bull's penis This is an ostrich egg This is a bunch of leftover beef bile This is the co-worker's breast milk

This is a cow's placenta that I'm too afraid to take out of the mailbox (laughing) – [Link] Get closer – [Josh] This might be a snake Oh gosh We don't know

– So this is the green room, this is where the guests hang out before Good Mythical Morning We've got guests' Polaroids posing like Lionel (camera shutter snaps) Keep going, keep working, we're just gonna listen in a little bit – Oh, and, about that other fun thing– – It's gonna be good! – Yeah it's gonna be – As the golden tee winner, I think that you've earned the right to ascend into the secret loft

Alone – A lot of people don't get to go up there, but Megan, feel free to ascend (mysterious music) – [Link] Yeah we'd love for you to do it We're gonna stay here – Okay

– We're just gonna wait for you to come back down – [Megan] Got it – [Rhett] What do you think? – Get ready, get ready She's coming back down (mysterious music) – What? We just got a shrug? (laughing) (upbeat music) Here we are

– Part one – Kids write the darnedest holiday lists (upbeat music) – Done a pop – [Rhett] The Golden Tee of Mythicality! Megan, come on down! (crew applauds and cheers) – Look at this shirt! (yells) (laughing) (upbeat music) Hey! – That's why John is here with a camera Isn't it gonna be so cool and meta when on LTAT tomorrow, they insert this clip of me pointing and saying, tomorrow you're gonna see this on LTAT

I just guaranteed I got some face time on LTAT It's tough to come by these days – [Stevie] Stoke a fire (crew laughing) – Cheers to you, Mythical Beasts Thank you for being your Mythical best

(crew applauds and cheers) – That sounded really funny (Rhett laughs) – [Crew Member] Hold it – [Rhett] The first ever and hopefully first of many Mythical Golden Tee of Mythicality winners, Megan Give it up for Megan (crew cheers) – [Link] Cheers! (low-key rock music) – Keep your expectations low because I don't make speeches often but thank you guys so much for having me

I don't wanna cry but this has been like crazy cool – [Crew Member] Aw (laughing) – I'm sorry – Let's hear it for Megan! (crew applauds and cheers) – [Stevie] That was a great speech – Yeah, you guys are wicked

– Yeah! – Yeah! (crew cheering) (low-key rock music) – They told me– (crowd drowns out speakers) (Alex and Kevin yell over each other) (smashes glass) (laughing) – Wow So can I win next year? – No – That was so special – Can I enter? – Wasn't that so special? – All right when she started crying, I'm like, oh no I'm crying – I know

– I'm not good at watching people cry – I gave you a pants compliment and then I just watched that I remembered what you said on yesterday's More about not getting face time on LTAT– – Yep, that's right – And now I kinda wanna take it back – Well no but face time and leg time is two different things (chuckling) – She was so sweet, and we all had such a great time while she was here, I hope she had a good time

I think she had a good time, she cried I don't know, sometimes that means you have a bad time – No I was thinking– – [Stevie] In this case she had a good time – If she doesn't cry, then I don't know if we're gonna do this again So but you know what, she did, and we will

– Just continuing our mission of making people cry – Yes – Year after year – But that's not all the fun that we had this week – Oh we've got more? – We have more

That made me very emotional I feel like, it's good, it's a season finale, things should be emotional but now it's gonna go in a different direction emotionally so just buckle right up because it's Fortnite time – Uh-oh – Okay – So as you know, before we do anything on the show, we test it

The Mythical crew tests it And this week we had Ninja on and we did our format where he gives you the name of a dance and steps and then you have to complete that dance without seeing each other and without knowing the dance and so it was Kevin's episode and Alex's episode So they took their dance and their dance instructions and they pulled some of the Mythical crew members and had them do it to see if it was gonna be okay for you on the show They threw in a little twist, but I don't wanna spoil anything, I just want you guys to check it out for yourself – So we're just seeing the dance moves for the Ninja segment

Thank you for being our test subjects – We're gonna tell you the name of a dance move followed by some instructions As I read them, you can kinda do sort of the movement that I'm reading to you So your first one is called dance moves Clap your hands

(clapping hands) – Thrust both arms outward and inward while high-stepping in place – What? – Now clap your hands again – Am I doing it, this feels right – Okay then high step in place while you're using your hands to push down – Okay, all right, now continue stepping in place while using your right hand to point ahead of you

– Okay and then you just end by folding your arms together All right, very good, that was pretty good Davin, do you wanna show them the reveal? – Oh – Oh – All right we're not gonna give you the name of this dance 'cause it gives too much away

– [Kevin] Just the instructions – Step one is says stand on one foot and look to your right – Which foot? – It's your interpretation Step two, plug your nose – Now it says hop up and down while doing kissy face

– [Kevin] Okay now while you're doing that, take a quick selfie – So you're doing these all at the same time We're taking a selfie– – Taking a selfie Kissy face, yep – Now spins it says

– Spins – Spin? – Yeah spins All right now, squat – And now it says hug your partner – Hug your partner

– Aw – And finally Kiss, kiss your partner

– [Alex] Kiss your partner – [Teresa] Cheeks? – Okay let's do that all together – Okay all together – Oh what? (laughing) – All together Take a selfie

– Selfie – Squat – Squat Okay and hug– – Hug and kiss – Kiss

Oh my God, that's very good It was great All right Davin? – You wanna show 'em playback on that one? – There better be playback – We just made that one up – Yeah yeah

(laughing) – Very good job, thank you guys so much! – Thanks for coming – And that's why the four of them haven't spoken to Kevin or Alex this, okay, now I get it – So the only way Kevin and Alex get along is when they're trying to get other crew members to make out with each other – It appears, yeah So yes that's how we test things on this show

Just in case you're wondering – Yeah you cut the hugging and kissing part which is nice – Well the entire dance was made up – That too – Okay good

I'm glad we're on the same page – Yeah yeah yeah yeah – And if that wasn't enough behind-the-scenes action for you this week– – It's not I need more – I have one more clip of the cameras rolling while we were getting ready for an episode

Something unique took place Check it out – [Rhett] This guy's maybe likable in some degree – Wake up my face Wake up my face

Wake up my face You have to wake up your face? – I don't think, I don't think that's working Ana knows that it's not working She's coming in to wake up your face – You comin' in to wake up my face? Wake up my face

♪ Slah pah dah dah pah ♪ – [Crew Member] All right, set – In the spirit of In the giving spirit of the holidays today, we're giving you a very special behind-the-scenes look at how these unique gingerbread men are made

Using Google Pixel 3 and its awesome features, we filmed Mythical Chef– (groans) – Wake up your face, man, I'm tellin' ya – It's not my face – Wake up your voice – It's my throat – Wake up your throat

– Here we go (chuckling) Here we go (Link chuckles) I'm telling you, man, you gotta wake that face up I mean, I'm not gonna tell you how to do things – Mm-mm, not today

– Speaking of that, I actually learned something this week– – From me – This week that kinda backs up waking up your face scientifically You're gonna thank me for this – Yeah – So when you wake up, okay, so during the evening

During the sleeping, when you sleep, you don't blink, and so you quit producing tears And a lot of times, that's why your eyes get super red and kinda swollen and then when you wake up and you start blinking again, you start producing tears and some of the swelling starts going down That's why you have puffy eyes in the morning So technically if you don't start blinking, now I don't know about the rest of the movement in your face, I don't know if that's doing anything, but the eyes need to do this when you wake up to literally wake up your face – Hm

– It's a scientific fact – I don't think the faster and stronger that you blink– – No no, yeah, yeah, you do like this That's what wake up your face should look like – So are you starting to do that now? Is that gonna be something you start in the new year? – Haven't you noticed? For the past couple days I've been going between every take You been too busy waking up your face

– Right – You gotta fully relax your mouth when you do that like he does Guys– – I wake up the whole face 'Cause the cheeks need to be independent The teeth need to be, the teeth and the lips need to be– – Wake up your teeth, how do you wake up your teeth? – I always say my cheeks need to be independent of everything else

That's all, that's the whole season of LTAT This is episode 18, there's been 18 episodes – I don't believe it, 18? – It's the end of 2018 And 18 – That's a coincidence

– [Rhett] Did you mean that? – [Link] That doesn't have any meaning – I worked backwards, made that happen – So there's only gonna be 19 episodes in 2019 – Yeah exactly Next week we have a bunch of top five content on the channel

– Yep – We're gonna string it out Keep it going, give you something spesh – Highly recommend, but this is all that there is of LTAT – Stevie, I just want to take a moment to thank you

– Thank you, Link, for what? – For stepping into the desk and for making this show happen – Yep – Just putting up with our crap Keeping it going – So it's like a six year long thank you that– – Oh wow, you been putting up with our crap for a long time

Speaking of that, I'm not gonna be standing up anytime soon – [Link] Within the context of this show (Stevie laughs) – I'm not gonna make you clean it (chuckles) – What? All right – So anyway

– Here's to Stevie Here's– – [Micah] Glogg, glogg– – For Stevie – Here's to LTAT It's a new thing we started this year – Yes, cheers to LTAT

Thank you guys and thank you guys for liking, commenting and subscribing, and now, for the last time of 2018– – [Rhett And Link] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – You did it all by yourself! – [Link] F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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