Glue vs. Real Food Challenge

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and they call me hell, they call me Stacey, they call me her, they call me Jane

That's not my name This week's guests are the poster boys for co-dependency Please welcome Rhett and Link (chuckling off screen) (scattered applause) Did you giggle? Was that someone else's giggle? Was that your giggle, Andrew? I heard a (giggles) which is exactly the, come back! Why aren't you coming back in? – [Rhett] Oh, yeah, we sit, yes – I know I always insult you at the top, but you always come back

– Take it so well – You always come back, then we have that 30 minute long discussion after where you're like, you know– – That hurt my feelings when– – I'd appreciate it, yeah – No we don't – I don't feel supported – Hello gentlemen

– Hello – Casey would like me to mention that your shirt looks very good with the set – Awesome – And that is an opinion that Casey holds – Well Casey's got great taste

– What is that? – That's for you to put your finger in (laughs) – [Link] That's where that's gonna be the rest of– – It's called the buddy loop – The co-dependent buddy loop – So your buddy can stick with you all day – That's Pat's side though

That's Pat's buddy loop Oh yeah, this is for you – Oh Last week, I teased the fact– – Don't break it – That there was gonna be a little collab video on this week's, I almost said L Word, but that's not the show we're on

That's just the show that plays in my mind – [Rhett] That's probably available now though It's probably available, we could call the show that show – No, it's coming back – It's coming back? – Yes! And today's episode's sponsored by The L Word

(Rhett laughs) I think my life is sponsored by The L Word No, we did a collaboration with Rooster Teeth and we're gonna show that today You guys were there – Yeah I remember that – So we're gonna show it to you 'cause you guys weren't there

Also I asked the Mythical Beasts if they had a single ticket for an event, which one of you they would invite and why Because I'm evil and it makes me laugh so much to just read veiled insults about you in front of you to you so– – I like 'em too – We're gonna do that, but first, today's snack is sponsored by, I said sponsored twice, is sponsored by Austin – We got two sponsors? – Yeah – Yeah

– So okay it's not a rejected GMM snack – We don't have any sponsors For the record – But, when we were down in Austin, we were emailing with the Rooster Teeth team and they said that they were going to have plenty of kolaches – And we didn't even know how to say that when we saw it in the email

– It doesn't, you wanna say, what did we wanna say? – Ko-lah-shez – Ko-lah-shez, yeah They would have plenty of kolaches on set for us to eat and I was like, is that a mis, they've clearly misspoken here – Autocorrect, it's an autocorrect They meant to say koalas

– It was improper autocorrect – And then we get down there, we're asking 'em about it, and they're looking at us like we've got three heads Two heads I think is the slogan – Three – Okay, we're pretty, it's not spoiled

We're pretty cultured and I don't, I'm not, a little humble brag – We put it, we live in Los Angeles – Exactly – We're pretty cultured – No no no, in Los Angeles you can get– – [Rhett] We have access to a lot of cool foods

– Yes, you can get whatever kind of cuisine you want and eat a lot of ethnic food – I ain't cultured I ain't cultured – But you've heard of what we think is a large number of different ethnic foods you can get – So much access here

– So we had no idea what this kolache thing was and they were making fun of us because apparently, kolaches are like the Austin go-to And you're probably wondering what's a kolache – They were like it's just a common thing, not just an Austin thing – Yeah well David will you bring in the kolaches? So turns out that they are these delicious, thank you, stuffed pastries – It's really the perfect food, I mean, it's basically just a bun with a bunch of different things in it

– I wouldn't call that a pastry I'd call it a bun, a stuffed bun – Sure – Well first of all– – Stuffed buns – By show of hands, how many of you guys knew what a kolache was? – [Crew Member] Josh does

– Okay well Josh doesn't count – Kiko knows from being in Texas – But that was a third – That was the minority – I mean yeah

The three of us did not know – What's in it? – Anyway so this is what has happened, so Davin was like, do you wanna have, 'cause Davin watched the Rooster Teeth content that you guys were in so if you haven't, go check it out, they did– – A lot of fun We had a lot of fun there – The RT Podcast and Always Open – Yeah we did

– And a bunch of other things as well, and he was like, do you wanna eat kolaches on the show? I was like yes because they're our new favorite non-pastry bread roll – Jah – Turns out in LA, there's one place you can get kolaches, in Chatsworth which is– – Oh Chatsworth, my favorite part of LA – Not LA – That's it? – [Stevie] Yes, and they only have one flavor

– Beautiful Chatsworth – And I was like no We can't do Chatsworth kolaches so there's a kolache place in the OC that overnights kolaches so I'm not making any promises, but the cool thing– – I at least feel validated that you can't get 'em in LA proper – Exactly But the cool thing is is that they had a crap ton of different flavors that I thought, like when we were in Austin, we had breakfast kolaches

– It's good – Like you know, sausage, egg and cheese kolaches which were delicious – Yep – Jelly – I don't know about these but I wanted to try some of them because– – They look so uniform

– The first thing that caught my eye was the pizza flavored kolaches So Yeah

– Pizza flavored? Now I'm gonna break this open – I don't know – No no no no no – The pizza kolaches – That's like ruining the whole point of the fun

– I want them to know what's in it – Bite it and then show 'em – I just can't do that because I had the idea and you can't be right – Oh gosh man You just completely– – I'm biting mine

– Desecrated a kolache – Look at that So it's not– – Oh man – Oh man – That is pepperoni– – It's just pepperoni in it

– [Link] And cheese in a bun – Oh man – That is so good – Can I bite another one? – I was concerned, yes I was really concerned because of the overnightness

And also like– – Need not– – These will be good for months – Need not no longer be concerned – Yeah just the view of these didn't excite me but hey now, hey now, hey now – [Rhett] Sausage and jalapeno and cheddar – Don't touch my kolaches

– Toss me another one – I just touched the sticker – Okay wait, yeah, so that's the most normal one There's Philly cheesesteak – Oh gosh, yes

– See we can have one of those We don't need to (Stevie chuckles) – Hold on– – Rhett doesn't– – No I'm not gonna have one, I'm sorry

I can't– – What's wrong? – I wanna bite into it – I'll half it with you – [Link] Do you wanna eat the, okay– – Did you touch your herpes before you– – No I (mumbles) The herpes is in my blood, it's not on my lips right now You want me to bleed on it? – Yeah, no don't, oh God

Don't throw meat at me You can't throw meat at me – So it's kinda like a Hot Pocket, but, and that seems like it's an insult But I'm just trying to put it into a place where you can understand it – Oh my God

– I'm gonna stack mine on top of each other and I'm gonna eat it all later – Okay we got– – Yeah the pizza one is fabulous – BBQ – Oh really? – Oh okay – [Link] Just split it man, don't be– – Oh no this is another Philly cheese

– Oh, oh because we– – You looked through the peep hole – I'm so sorry I'm so sorry, here – You guys split and I bite whole I'm a kolache purist man

– Okay next time I'll just split it myself so that Link doesn't have to split it– – No I like it when Link splits it and then he has to give it back to you – [Link] I'm a kolache splitter – Mm, oh, mm – What kind of barbecue is it? No no no no no, please – Take it, come on

– No, stop – Please – You don't want me to hit you in the face – First of all, look at the kolache stack The kolache stack that I've got

– [Stevie] Wow, this looks delicious – I need to go, if you still have kolaches, I'll come in, I'll take a bite out of each one, you do that in the display case, they'll sell like hot cakes – This is really good! – Yeah – Every single one that we've had is really good – What's the name of this place? We need to– – It's like Korean– – Promote them

– What is it, Davin, or Josh? – It's a little bit like bao – [Josh] Kolache Factory I think they're actually Houston-based but they opened up an outpost in Tustin – The Kolache Factory is one of the places that has 'em in Austin but the people at Rooster Teeth said we got you guys the good ones We didn't go to the Kolache Factory

– Ugh Well how would we know? – I think they said the frou frou ones, not the good ones, but the fancy ones – Okay sorry, I'll speed up this This I was just interested in – No slow it down

(chuckles) – This one I was interested in because it's Italian chicken – And you like Italians and you like chicken – Yeah Oh, I didn't do what I said I was gonna do which is split it for myself – [Link] Yeah that's my job

(Stevie chuckles) – [Rhett] Look at that one – Thank you Does it taste like pizza? But chicken pizza? – [Link] This tastes like herb chicken cheese– – [Rhett] How many kolaches can I stack on each other? – I don't know if it's that I'm getting less hungry, but– – Hmm, mm-mm – The pizza one was the best – That does tend to happen as you eat

– On this one is sausage, jalapeno and cheese which is a little bit more like the ones– – This one's very good – That we had – It's a fun thing, I mean the best buns that you can get are where? – [Stevie] You're gonna eat all that later – Oh gosh – Oops, I didn't mean to touch that one

Take it back – Oh! – [Link] Golden Corral had a good bun – It's a whole wiener sausage – Oh yes, we experienced that – I can't split this one then

– Oh it's a little spicy – What do you mean you can't? – You want me to split the wiener? – I want you to split the wiener and throw the wiener at me – Okay – You wanted it to get in my face that time – I threw it high

– It's tough to stack five kolaches – [Link] I don't like the wiener – You and me both – [Link] Mm, kinda spicy – [Rhett] This is like a glow worm that got in accident

– I semi agree with that And these, I don't understand, these are like open, Josh does this count? – That's a danish That's a danish, Josh – I just don't– – Rhett's correct That is a danish, I put 'em in there to fool you

(laughs) – Can't fool us – They did have those in the mix – [Stevie] Oh did they? – I feel like I got it just for the sake of, you gotta end– – You want one? – With a sweet tooth – They're assorted so– – [Rhett] That one, the purple one – See and I pre-snacked on some almonds before I came in here

– It's best to pre-snack with kolaches – Or as I was coming in here 'Cause I saw these kolaches and I didn't wanna go too hard on kolache town – Here we go – But I am anyway

– This was an amazing experience for me I don't know how good it was for you – Was that a mukbang? – A kolache mukbang We're gonna have to re-title and redo the thumbnail for this video – Wow I had a lot of fun

– But actually, bread did play a part in what we did with Rooster Teeth while we were down there We played a little game we call Bread Vs Glue because you know, Red Vs Blue rhymes and that's the whole basis for why we played it – You may have to tell 'em what Red Vs

Blue is though – Yeah Red Vs Blue is the longest running, I believe I'm not speaking out of turn, the longest running Rooster Teeth series since 2003 which makes it 56 years old – Whoa! – Yeah – It is a feat what they've done over there

It was really cool to hang out and get to see them and it all started with that series – And the kolaches that morning So here's Bread Vs Glue – You guys ready to eat some glue? – So ready to eat glue

– Have you ever eaten glue before? – You know I really haven't and I never understood the– – The kindergarten fixation? – I don't think I ever knew anybody who ate glue – Well if you never tried glue you don't know the fixation – Yeah you about to find out, well maybe You might not end up eating any glue There is a statistical possibility that only we will end up eating glue

– I like that, yeah – Correct – This is a game we play on GMM called Peeker, Picker, Poker Face So under one cloche, there's gonna be a delectable pastry under one but on the other one there's gonna be a delectable pastry slathered with glue – Get it, Bread Vs

Glue – Right – (chuckles) We thought of that for awhile So the peeker which will be either you guys or us will determine who's gonna go first We'll look at it and then based on the reaction of the peeker, the picker then has to make a decision whether or not they want to switch the two cloches or keep them the same and then we reveal and you have to take a healthy bite of whatever is under your cloche

So to determine who's gonna be the picker in the first round, select one of these glue sticks We'll let you guys go, whoever had the longer one is the picker – Barb, I believe in you Beginner's luck – I usually am good at sensing what's longer

– All right Rhett you take the other one, take the top off And then push it up – I'm seeing a lot of air in that one – Oh no – Is longer better? – Longer, well, yes, 'cause you get to be the picker

– Oh gotcha, okay – Uh-oh, we're catching up Are you– – That's it, that's the length That's all the length I've got (chuckles) – This is still going, I don't know

– Okay, I think you won – We win, all right – Just barely, okay so you guys get to pick first Let's do it All right the cloches are in front of us

We are going to peek – I feel like this is always gonna be difficult– – Watch their faces, watch their face – Okay here we go, we're about to peek – Dude, I wanna get glue That's a big grin

– Hmm – Maybe they're doing that to throw us off on purpose – They often do this against each other, not with each other, so – A lot of breath coming out – Here's what I feel

Link went in with a smile but he went in really fast, like he was committed to it before he opened it That's how I feel – Like he thinks that if he does that grin– – But I don't know what a smile means – I could just be a happy person – Or maybe he thinks we're idiots

(Rhett laughs) And if he smiles right away, I don't know, I don't know, what does it mean? – Do you think that's gross or do you think that's good? – I think it's gross – I think it's gross too Our pick is that we're not switching We're keeping ours and you eat that– – All right – Okay

Reveal – Can I make the ching noise? Ching Yes (laughing) Ching, yes! – Yes – We got some glue coming– – That's icing, right? – [Barbara] Oh my God, that is so much glue

– Enjoy, Barbara – Shall we? – Make sure you get enough on your bite – Just hold it in the middle, here we go – That's nice Burns, would you like a bite? – Oh, your mustache

– That's not bad glue – Mm – As far as glue goes – I might need a napkin – Yeah I think I need one too

Okay it's your turn to peek – Ready? – I'm ready, I'm ready Look over there, guys – (laughs) Okay They both did the same thing which was they had a reaction but then they both, they both turned up their nose later

– Burnie actually went Twice – Yeah

There was a look – I feel pretty confident about switching – It was a reaction – Yeah we need to pick theirs to eat – Yeah, yep

– So we are switching – Is that your final answer? – Yeah, definitely – We want you to eat what's under here – And we are going to reveal it to you right now, yes! (laughing) – Damn it! – Woo! – See, you guys with your crinkle noses We don't play! – You don't even know us! How did you do that? – Oh that looks horrible

– On the scale of things that we've eaten– – Get to where the jelly– – Oh there it is – 'Cause there's like strawberry niceness– – [Rhett] Yeah yeah yeah you wanna– – No get to where there's glue – Oh she got a good bite Now just chew and just forget what just happened – The jelly and the glue are making some weird paste

(Rhett laughs) – So this is my first time ever eating glue – Oh good – I have never done this before – Is this a bad time to tell you I have fake teeth? (Rhett laughs) – [Burnie] Oh my God – You like it? – It's not bad

– Burnie likes it! – I kinda get it now – I would say we're tied – Yeah we are Okay in this last round, we are calling it the hot glue round, not that you're going to be eating glue from a glue gun – Aw

– Dang it – It's glue mixed with Tabasco sauce – We're not gonna be eating any glue to be clear – Oh, I'm told that even the one that doesn't have glue on it does still have the hot sauce beside it in order to make them both smell the same – They smell the same

– Are you ready for us to peek? Are you making like a– – I wanna be able to watch it back – Okay I don't know if that's in the rules but we'll let it slide (both laughing ecstatically) (Barbara chuckles) – These men are professionals, I got nothing out of that – Your eyes are tearing up a little bit – [Burnie] Oh is it Tabasco that did that? – [Barbara] The Tabasco

– What would give them more tears in their eyes? A shot glass of Tabasco, or Tabasco with glue combined I think a shot glass would I think we should take theirs – You think we should take theirs? – Nope – You know what– (laughing) My strategy immediately fell apart

– Well there's also some strategy in terms of the people placing the food down because– – Aw you're getting way too deep in here This is how I fail like the SATs because I think about the guy making the questions Look at that poker face – I think– – Solid poker face – I think we should switch

– Yeah I think we should switch – Final answer? – Do you want it to be? – Hmm – No, yes – No? – Yes, no

– Yes, we're gonna switch – Switch – All right we will reveal to you what you have picked to eat – Oh boy – Oh I don't like the way he said that

– [Burnie] Oh my God (Rhett laughs) – There's glue and Tabasco sauce on that – Woo, what you got over there that we're gonna eat? – Oh you have to take a shot of Tabasco – Oh wait is this a kolache too? – Aw – Kolaches are my favorite

– Why are you pinching the kolache so hard? – 'Cause I know that there's a wiener in there – There's a wiener in the kolache – [Barbara] Would you like the first bite? – I get the hiccups when I eat anything spicy, but I think the glue is gonna counteract that – [Rhett] It's gonna take the edge off – See I personally love Tabasco sauce so I was actually excited about this

– That's legitimately terrible (laughing) – Oh wow, it'll give you– – I don't like it – That was not good – You'll be regular for the next 72 hours – And then after that, you'll never go again

– I'll stop completely, yeah – Wow – Now– – We can– – Swallowing was difficult – Look like a T-rex hands – Oh God! (chuckles) – You got a little on your lip

You might wanna lick that out of there (Rhett laughing) (Burnie coughs) – Oh, my gag reflex is kicking in – Got a little on the right, there you go And a little bit further down, there you go – This is giving me so much pleasure

(laughs) – Oh that was awful You guys wanna try some? – No I'm good – Hate to have you– – No been there, done that– – Leave Austin and not have our specialty – I graduated from kindergarten – Oh sorry

– Got a certificate and everything – That makes one of us – All right they were such good sports They ate the glue unapologetically – They got the raw end of that deal

– Thank you Barbara and Burnie – I thought we had such a good time down in Austin the whole time– – Yes – And really like the Rooster Teeth, the whole team is so amazing – [Link] Open arms, open arms – It was such a great experience and that was so funny

– So much fun So great – And so much love – And Open Arms is a good song too – Yeah, one of the best

– Again, if you haven't seen Rhett and Link on Always Open and the Rooster Teeth Podcast, check those two things out Links are in the description and congrats to Burnie 'cause he just announced he has a new baby on the way So– – There you go – Good luck with that – All right hold on tight, Burnie

(Rhett chuckles) – Like I teased at the top of the show, I put out a little Twitter scenario And asked the Myssical Beasts– – Those Myssical Beasses – You have an extra ticket to an event this weekend, but only one Who do you bring: Rhett or Link? What's the event and why did you choose him? A lot of people said Rhett because they wanna sit on his shoulders This is a summary

– I got a bad back – I just wanna let you know– – Can't do it – You know, the bulk of the responses had something about that – Ironically, you have a much greater chance of sitting on my shoulders – Well

– Because you like it when people sit on your shoulders – Well, Rhett's not gonna let anybody sit on his shoulders 'cause of his back – Oh, you gonna let somebody sit on your shoulders? – If they invite me to something – Maybe a toddler – I could have bribed these people ahead of time with my shoulders

– Okay yes, next time A lot of people wanted to bring you both to a Brooks and Dunn concert That was another theme – That'd be a lot of fun – Brooks and Dunn

– Yeah – I think they're touring with Reba again – Oh – That's a– – Maybe a Vegas thing – One two three punch

– I didn't have any Reba mentions This was an interesting theme and I don't know if it's because you said something somewhere else and I just haven't heard it or seen it A lot of people wanted to take Link to a Wiggles show – When my kids were young enough to watch The Wiggles, I did not allow that because of how– (Stevie chuckles) How torturous it was – 'Cause of how much you wanted to watch it alone

– So maybe back in the day– (laughing) That's me time, kids Go away! – This is Daddy's show! – I don't remember I don't remember anything specific – You could be a really good Wiggle though – Shut up

– No, I'm just saying– – I think that's why people may wanna take you I don't know Just specifically you too – We had some Wiggles-based content or conversations in our past but– – Wiggles-based content – Wiggles-based content

– We graduated from that – During the Wiggles stage – Okay so here's some of the responses I got – Multiple people wanna be taken to a Wiggles – Yeah, @julian_fashooo says, it's a convention for people six foot seven and taller

I give Rhett the ticket then utilize the other ticket by hopping on Link's shoulders, thus becoming one seven foot tall, three inch, seven foot three inch tall person – Okay so I do get someone sit on my shoulders – But they're only one foot three inches tall – The math on this, yeah I couldn't quite work out the math

– Maybe it's more of a piggy-back scenario – But then I was thinking it has to be when they're sitting down so it'd be like from the butt, groin area to the top– – That still doesn't work – And it still doesn't work – From the shoulders really – Still doesn't work

– @thevelvethook says, the event is Burning Man I take Rhett as his apocalypse persona Meatagain Everyone admires his necklace of human bones and we race dune buggies Mad Max style – Okay I'm in – That sounds pretty solid

– Yeah yeah – I mean, I have no problems with any of that – I mean I do plan to go to Burning Man at some point and I do think I should go with a necklace of human bones while I'm at it – (chuckles) Yeah Oh human? Yes

– Oh I do think I should go with a Mythical Beast (laughing) – @rhettroedits That's pretty clever – Oh! – Well if Rhett's name is in the username, I mean, it's probably gonna be taking Rhett That's fine

– I would choose Rhett to go to an eating competition because I think he can fit a lot in his mouth and then there's the face, the newish face that's like side and one eye's down a little like– – [Rhett] Oh that's a new emoji? – This one in particular – What did that mean? – I don't know though – (chuckles) Okay, good Link, sorry, here's some for you – Where do I get to go? – There you go, @cheynw99 says, Link, no matter what event

Because then someone would be more confused than me (Link chuckles) – I'll tell ya, if you go to an event and you know what it's gonna be and you know your way around it, it's like, that's like 98% of the fun of being there It's like whoa, this is a concert (sputters) I thought this was an antiques show (Rhett chuckles) – I thought that was a little back-handed

So here's another– – I didn't – Another Link one – You should do one that's more complimentary – @singularmutual who says I'd take Link I feel like for every embarrassing thing I'd say, he'd say like 30

– Right, I make people feel better about themselves at their feeling of me as expense But not my own feeling I feel a certain way about myself independent of what they feel about me – That's good – So I'm there making them feel great

– Right – Apparently – His selflessness – And that makes me feel good – Great

Well I'm gonna move onto Rhett 'cause I didn't know if you would be feeling good at this point so– – Oh you wanted to take, okay, I don't know how I feel at this point – This is from @Sourdough_Dan – Oh Sourdough Dan, uh-oh – Yeah he said Rhett I feel like he'd be more likely to go with the flow and not complain

– Oh, Sourdough Dan, I appreciate that – Yeah, so that's, you know – That one also seemed to be about me (Rhett laughs) – [Stevie] All right well here's another Link one – Well could be, yeah

This one is about you definitely – @B_Roll_ I'd take Link to a con and see how many people think he's cosplaying as Rachel Maddow – Oh (chuckles) – See, they knew

This is your tweet They knew how to get on the air Give a little Maddow – It's okay, okay, this person actually thought that Link reminded them of their husband It's @Apriltastic, she says, regardless of the event, I'm taking Rhett because Link is just like my husband and sometimes I need a break from him

– Wow, Mister Tastic – Okay, how does he feel about that? (chuckles) And how do I feel about it? – He thought he replied You like Legos though 'Cause this one's about Legos – You like Legos, right Link? – (chuckles) Yes

– This is from @manlike_ty10 I would pick Rhett as a friend to absolutely any event, preferably to a sci-fi convention because he seems like a smart, too good for you kinda guy which is how people see me If it's ever a silly event like a Lego convention, I'd pick Link (Rhett sputters) – Lego events can very serious – There are too good for you people at Lego events

– Listen (laughs) And there's a– – Trust me – It gets really serious because, I mean, there's all these constructions of Legos that have taken like months, if not years to build and it's like, they won't let you touch 'em They won't let you breathe on 'em, they don't want you to get near it At least not me, whenever I've gone to all of 'em

– But it's not as pretentious as a dominoes event – Like you can't point quickly Stop pointing quickly! – Have you been to a dominoes event? – Oh yeah, don't walk ungingerly! – Yeah – Ungingerly – At least Legos are structurally sound and– – Sir you need to be in your socks

– Okay, and I do feel a little bit bad so this one is, this one's not for you, Link – You know what, if you feel bad, just hang out with me and you'll feel better about yourself – You're right – It's from @EASetser who says Link Whatever it is, he'd be more genuinely excited about it and less likely to disrupt my experience by over explaining things I already know

– Oh Yeah, 'cause I mean somebody I guess over explains things (chuckles) Must be you (chuckles) – She was not an option – Oh really? – That was about you, dude

– Oh okay – And here I am over explaining it to you – And finally from @tamley8, the event would be in my basement I'd take you both Smiley face

– Oh – I'll take you both – I don't know how to take that What's that emoji? (grunts) – Yeah All right well, that's all I got

– That's all you need – That was really fun for me – Let's just take a beat – Yeah let's just take a couple deep breaths (inhaling) (exhaling) – Kolaches really (clears throat)

(exhaling) – Un, til next LTAT– – Oh you ready now? – Until– (chuckles) – [Rhett and Link] Until next LTAT– – [Together] Keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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