Game of Thrones Food Taste Test

– Today, we dine like the King of the North – Let's talk about that

(upbeat synthesizer music) – Good Mythical Morning! – And valar morghulis, which is of course, Valyrian for 'all men must die', which is not exactly the uplifting message I was looking to start today's show with, but when it comes to Game of Thrones, that's about as uplifting as it gets – Yeah, so to celebrate the return of the biggest show on TV and it's final season, we're putting our little fingers on the culinary pulse of Westeros and bringing some of the most iconic Game of Thrones foods to life So, hold the door to the fridge, because we're about as hungry as a herd of Dothraki after pillaging a village full of sister kissers It's time for Real Fake Food: Game of Thrones Edition – Now, some of our friends, like Feast Of Fiction and Binging with Babish and others, have created delicious looking versions of some Game of Thrones foods, but that is not what we're about to do

Our goal is to make the food as true to how it exists inside the world of Game of Thrones as possible Not some fancy version that you would feed Mema Tyrell on her birthday – In other words, indigestion is coming But, before we get to the meals that are dark and full of terrors, let's ease into things with something that's just brown – Okay

(intense music) – Bowl O' Brown is a cheap, murky brown stew served in the slums of King's Landing, specifically Flea Bottom, and it's meant to serve as sustenance for those who can't afford anything better So, let's see some exciting brown action (laughs) – It's only a name, but an easy burden to bear Far easier than hers – In Flea Bottom, we call them bowls of brown

We pretended that the meat in them was chicken We knew it wasn't chicken – No boobs in that clip, huh (crew laughs) – You little Alright

(laughs) Now, the time has come for us to taste our own bowls of brown Oh, Sir Jordan of Pig Anus Sir Jordan of Pig Anus – Oi there, lords It is I, the guy who gives you the brown

(laughs) Oh – [Rhett] Slap it in there – Oh, yes – Look at that – Oh, I'll give you quite the slopping, lord

– Oh gosh Oh, there's a whole snail – This looks amazing – [Jordan] Oh, and some brown for you – [Link] Leave brown

Okay – The brownest of the browns – Okay, that's, that's – Yes – So brown

– Oh, you lost– – That's enough! You lost some of your brown, lord! – I'm right here – (laughs) Alright! – You have like, hearing loss or something – I live next to a dragon, so I don't know how loud I'm talking – Okay – Alright! – Thank you, Mr

Pig Anus – [Jordan] It's Pigganus! – Oh – (laughs) Okay, thanks for clarifying – [Jordan] Oh, I got quite the ribbing about that in junior high (laughs) – Ribbing or rimming? (crew laughs) – According– – Hey, what's in this? – According to The Sworn Sword graphic novel, which was written by George R

R Martin himself Uh, the ingredients are often unidentifiable mystery meats which may include fish Hey, you're getting some brown on me, man – Oh yeah, sorry

– Fish, pigeons, rats, cats, and even dead bodies of dubious origin! It all depends on who made your brown – Alright now, some blogs and YouTube chefs have come up with tasty, sanitized recipes of the Bowl O' Brown, but, this bowl of brown has different stuff It has beef tendon, pork kidney, rabbit, duck tongue, black pudding, which is beef blood, snail shells, vegetable peels, and just a pinch of salt (crew laughs) – And there is a whole egg of some sort – [Crew member] That's my bad

I put some quail eggs in there – Oh, thanks – [Crew member] We were cleaning out the fridge – Uh, I don't even really, (coughs) I'm just gonna kinda get an unidentifiable slurry – Oh gosh

– Watch for bones – Watch for bones We have been getting the bone warning – [Link] I just don't wanna– – [Rhett] Dink, dink your brown – Oh gosh, that a whole part of something

– That's good, that's good, that's good Just start small – Dink it and sink it – That is just a bone (crew laughs) – It's a very beefy version

I think that is probably a lot more nutritious than what they were actually eating – [Crew member] There's no real beef in there – Oh! – Woah, very earthy (crew laughs) Oh, gosh Like only 30% of it is digestible

– [Crew member] Yeah – Or chewable, ope, there's another piece – Yep, and I'm already there – What is that? – [Crew member] Bone – (laughs) Ehm, bone! – That's, okay

– The good news is it only gets worse from here – Oh, gosh Next up! Drogon's Burnt Goat (crew laughs) (intense music) Now if you thought we'd eat Game of Thrones food without finding out what dragons like to eat? Then you know nothing, Jon Snow! – Oh (crew laughs) – Or whatever your name is, Doug Snyder perhaps

– Okay well, buckle up, Doug, because we know exactly what dragons like to eat (goat bleats) (dragon screeches) (goat cries) – And this is that actual goat – Yes Yes, it is And this goat is currently at a state of medium rare, which is far too undercooked for the likes of Drogon or Rhaegal, so we need to get it to a proper degree of dragon doneness

Enter the Dragon Is that a different thing? – Yeah it is, different movie Cah caw! – So I just say, grab a haunch, or I don't, this is a part I don't know what part it is Grab a part, and point your dragon at it

You gotta massage the dragon's neck Get right in there on the thyroid – I'm so hungry – Oh gosh (blow torches ignite) – Oh, look at that! – [Link] Yeah, fire! – Okay, you get it nice and singed

– Whoa! I burnt my, my, my Drogon nose (laughs) – I think that's regular (blow torch ignites) Oh Link, you got– – [Link] Yeah! – [Rhett] You're putting plastic fumes onto your stuff, man – Oh, oh – Blow it out, blow it out! – Jordan's over there laughing

Yeah, poison him! – I think I, yeah You might want to eat mine and not yours Okay, I'm going for, – Mhm, smells– – a good solid bite here – It smells like burnt dragon I'll bite from a different spot

– Oh, it's warm – Dink it Oh! (crew laughs) That's pretty top heavy – It is You almost hit me in the nose

– Wow And sink it – [Rhett] Oh – Very gamey! I mean, it's uh – It tastes like a barnyard

– Hmm, yeah, it does – It's not bad It's well seasoned Good job with the seasoning (crew member laughs) I know what we're doing the rest of the day

– What, eating the rest of these? – Yeah, we gotta finish them, man – We can do it – Waste not, want not – Or feed it to the dragon – Is that another name for Morgan? (crew laughs) Next up, the Red Wedding Feast

(intense music) Now, even if you haven't read or watched Game of Thrones, you've probably heard of the Red Wedding If there's one thing the Red Wedding is remembered for, it's the food – Yeah (crew laughs) – And, just in case you've been living under Casterly Rock for the last six years, this clip has some spoilers (crowd chanting) (crossbows firing) (crowd grunting) (crowd screaming) – Sure, a lot of people died, but did you see that spread? (crew laughs) – Now, I mean, I've read all the books

At least the ones that have been made so far Come on! Let's make some more books The thing that I noticed is that they– – More books, more books! – They go to great detail in describing all of the food, which allows us to have a very accurate Red Wedding A thin leek soup was described in the Storm of Swords, as well as a salad of green beans, onions, and beets, river pike poached in almond milk – Oh, almond milk

– Mounds of mashed turnips that were cold before they reached the table Jellied calves brains, a leche of stringy beef, and plenty of red wine So, some good stuff, some uh, questionable stuff – Yeah, and Josh actually prepared all of that, but the office at Dire Wolf actually ate most of it when he wasn't looking, so here's what's left We have the stringy beef, we've got the jellied calves brains, and the mashed turnips

There's turnips! – Oi there, lords You can't have a Red Wedding without some blood Oh, yes, lords – Oh my gosh – Yes

– Okay, Okay – This is not, this isn't chocolate syrup and corn syrup This is real blood! (laughs) It's real, yes Oh, there we go From someone who's just been stabbed right in the baby

(laughs) – Okay, okay, okay! – Right in the baby – Alright! Thank you, Sir Jordan from the House of Pig Anus – [Jordan] It's Pigganus! You're willfully mispronouncing it now to embarrass me (laughs) – Okay, so, it actually does look a lot like chocolate syrup, but it is legitimately pasteurized cow blood Apparently, when you pasteurize it, it gets a little thicker

– Oh Just imagine how the actors felt You know, it's like, really guys! – Well, Link, I doubt it was, I think it was just prop food – No, they went method with the food, man It is known

– Yeah, if you watch a show like Game of Thrones, and you want to be in the world But just imagine what it would have been like This is what it would have been like, well, maybe a little bit less blood A little bit lighter on the blood But Pig, you know Pig Anus

He's – He's? – Sometimes, he gets carried away Oh

Oh, does that, is that jellied calves brain in cow's blood? – Yes, it is, sir – Hmm, let's enjoy Oh gosh! Ah! – Let's get some of this at the same time I'm putting it all in one bite – Yeah, yeah, yeah, get the perfect– – I don't want to do two different bites

– Get the perfect bite – [Link] Oh, oh, my gosh – [Rhett] Uck – If we don't get this down, we've got to go to the wall (crew laughs) Live out our lives with the brothers

– Got to be celibate, – In black! – Got to be celibate – But not practically (laughs) – Okay – They tend to overlook those things when you have a, a steamy gleam in your eye Like Jon Snow, man

– Yeah, yeah – That guy could get away with anything (crew laughs) Why am I making sure I got it all? – I don't know You don't have enough blood Dip, dip, get some dip

Oh, gosh Yeah, yeah There we go, here we go Dink it (laughs nervously) – And sink it

(Rhett and Link gagging) – They could use that as foley, foley for when those people get stabbed in the gut (retching) – Yeah, they had some great foley – Uh, I tried But I guess it's off to the wall – Wow, you know what? I'm not even gonna watch the show anymore

– That's it, that ruined it for you? – Yep, yep, it ruined the show Not watching the Red Wedding but eating it – Well, we came, we saw We put it in our mouths, and then we spit it out Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Sam – And I'm May, and we're here at the Game of Thrones concert in San Diego Valar morghulis – [Sam and May] And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality

– What happens at that concert? There's a band? – There was like, cauldrons in the, in the front and a mosh pit – Click the top link to watch us find out which Game of Thrones characters we are in Good Mythical MORE – And to find out where The Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – If you missed the Tour of Mythicality, have no fear The all new Tour of Mythicality special is here, available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and a wide variety of platforms, including most cable TV providers

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