Funniest TV News Fails

– You've heard of fake news, but have you heard of mistake news? – Let's talk about that (upbeat electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

– First off, in darkly funny, thrilling news, we wrote a darkly funny, thrilling book It's a novel called The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek and we'd be honored if you read it The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek comes out this fall but you can pre-order it right now at bleakcreekcom – In other news, we're going to play a game about news, specifically those times when the news graphics were either wrong or completely ridiculous

It's time for ♪ Can you believe these graphics ♪ ♪ That were on the news ♪ ♪ You can try to guess the answer ♪ ♪ But you might lose ♪ (Link sings) – Yeah – You know who sings that? – You, man

– Me, that's right (laughing) – Fake news – Okay Uh, Link, what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you a news graphic, a chyron is what we call it in the biz – I love chyrons

– And, there's something either, somebody made a mistake or it's just a ridiculous story – Okay, yeah – Either way it's gonna be crazy And you have to guess using multiple choice which was the thing that was actually on the screen If you get four of these right, you get to give a weather report on IGTV

– I love weather manning – IGTV's not a new television station, it's just Instagram TV – That's okay – Don't get too excited – Is there a green screen involved? – Uh, yes

And if you don't get four right, guess who does get to give the weather report? – Still me – Tall Boy Okay, here we go Here's the first one – And now the weather from Tall Boy

– Here's the first graphic – [Link] Okay New at 10 – PB&J Sandwiches, question mark, question mark, question mark? – What's under the question mark, Link? Is it, A) Code for drugs? B) Trying too hard? Or C) Are they racist? – Code for drugs Anything can be co-opted as the code for drugs – Uh-huh, well that should give you a clue – Not racist I think it's trying too hard That sandwich isn't, but I know some who have

B – Link, you're trying too hard because the answer is C) Are they racist? – [Link] What? – Yeah, I just remembered that the PB&J sandwich is not anywhere nearly as racist as the kale, kale, and kale sandwich (crew laughing) – Kale, kale, and kale – Kale, kale, kale – Oh, okay, okay, I got it, all right

K-K, I get it, kale, kale – I made a KKK joke, you know (crew laughing) One a year

Okay, here we go Here's the next one – Dr Russell: Girls more likely to have What? – What are girls more likely to have? – According to Dr Russell – A) Hateful little minds, B) Ice-cream headaches, C) Gym class excuses? – So which one is Dr Russell? The woman or the guy, 'cause, that's gonna, I don't know if that'll help

– You know what, no, I, well, you know what, I'm not gonna say anything other than the fact that the woman looks like she's in a news studio and the man looks like he's in front of a weird wall at his home – Good point I'm looking at Dr Russell's face and I'm thinking (laughing) Hateful little minds, which is the craziest one, but hey, this is the internet – Link, you're in sync with Dr Russell, yes! It's hateful little minds Also be sure to check out Hateful Little Minds premiering this fall on the CW

(laughing) – Dr Russell – I'm especially fond of that one Okay, here's another one Markie Ashby, not blank, not blank

This is channel two What is Channel Two Katu saying Markie Ashby is not? A) Not wearing any pants, B) Not going to die, C) Not good on camera? (crew laughing) C's not a joke, it could be an answer But it is kinda funny because some of these might be funny – Yeah – Don't overthink it

– The chyron person could've made that as a joke, not good on camera I'm gonna go with, I'm gonna with not good on camera – Okay, well the answer is A) Not wearing any pants And here's the– – Tilt down please – I don't think they can do that, it's a still image

And here's another Markie who's not wearing any pants (crew laughing) – Okay, I remember that ad – Again, one picture of Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Klein's, a year Yeah (crew laughing) – Feel it, feel it

– There it was Came quite early this year – Feel the vibrations – All right, here's another one Here's another one

– [Link] Wife stabs husband with, what? Look at her face – [Rhett] Yeah, really look Try to look into that woman's eyes – She did not feel good about what she did – Yeah, look at that crooked smile, smirk thing that's happening

– All right – And guess what she stabbed her husband with What does it say? A) Legos, B) Squirrel, (laughing) or C) Dinner? – Okay, you could make a, some sort of, a knife with Legos, I guess – Yep – You could freeze a squirrel in a configuration, and if it's pointing– – Oh, frozen squirrel

– So that it could then be stabbable But I do think that they had an altercation over the dinner Lots of fights happen over dinner and then what do you pick up to stab with? The dinner, C – Actually Link, it's B) Squirrel (laughing) That is the face of a woman who has stabbed her husband with a squirrel

– I'm sorry, it was the only thing available – Can't believe it actually worked – I'd like to meet this squirrel – Yeah That woman sounds nuts

– I don't wanna meet her (crew laughing) – Here's another one We've got a burning structure of some kind – Okay – What does it say underneath the horrendous fire? A) School kids get day off, B) Have a great day! Or C) Home prices dropping! – Specifically this one

Oh gosh – It depends on your insurance policy actually – Man, nobody wins with this, but someone definitely gets fired, no matter what the answer is This is tough I'm gonna guess school kids get day off

And this is a mix up – Wrong, Link It's have a great day! – Have a great day? – Yes – I mean, if your house isn't burning down, you have nothing to complain about – Well to clarify this was actually a broadcast in hell so this was a great day

– Oh – Well, Link, you're not doing too hot – There's still hope – Yeah, you've for three more – Just need to news anchor myself

– Take a look at this guy – [Link] Okay Robert Nelson – That's Robert Nelson, what does it say under Robert Nelson? – Okay – Is he A) A cool kid, B) A vape teen, or C) Adopted? – Okay, all of the above

Is that an option? – No – Vape teen I said it out loud, so I guess it's my answer, vape teen Why not? I have nothing to go on, Rhett – Can't you look at Robert Nelson and tell he's a cool kid, Link

Look at, he's got, he's layered – [Link] No – [Rhett] He's layered – [Link] Oh, he is layered – [Rhett] You know? – [Link] Okay

– Kids that age, if you're layering at that age, you're a cool kid That's what I always say – Layered Hamilton, that's what, that's what his nickname is, like the surfer – But incidentally, he is also a vape teen and he is adopted You were right

– Don't vape, not cool – And, breaking news, Link This round is twos-worthy– – Oh, well I need it – Meaning it's worth two points But you still gotta get both of these last questions right

– Yes, okay – To be the weatherman – All right – [Rhett] Take a look at this man, John Levesque – [Link] It says 41 degrees on the left, 52 degrees now, so it's gonna get colder tomorrow night

– Oh, get ready (crew laughing) Okay, what interesting thing are they telling us about John Levesque? A) Won't eat his vegetables, B) Not Kevin James, Or C) Had to go home and shower – Okay, see, it's somebody having fun with chyrons, no matter what the answer is here, this is someone in the studio and this is their last day and they're going out with a bang – Okay – That's my theory

– All right, okay – So what's the funniest one that someone who worked at a news studio could come up with? – Okay, so you lowered your standards a little bit – Yeah, right, and I would say, not Kevin James for two points – Link, you sure? – What about had to go home and shower? Now that you revealed it – Yes, it's had to go home and shower

Incidentally that is Kevin James, but the answer was had to go home and shower – Dang it – Link, you know what Because you're my buddy, I'm gonna let this one be worth three points – Yes, thank you

– So you can get those four points – Come on – I believe in you I want you to do the weather because I know you like it so much – I love weather giving

– Here's the last news image We got a dog – Gosh, look at those shoulders on that dog It's boof! – Okay What's underneath this dog's picture? A) Nosey neighbor, B) What's for dinner? Or C) Sexual predator? – Not sexual predator, that's too funny

(crew laughing) Slash inappropriate Nosey neighbor makes little to no sense But what's for dinner could work under any news story, I think – That's, yeah, you're right – Just try it

Next time you're watching the news, just like, I'm going with what's for dinner? – For the win, but actually the loss It's sexual predator – Sexual predator – Yes, that little dog's a sexual predator He likes it rough

(crew laughing) Link, unfortunately, I gave you all the chances I could but I'm gonna have to, Tall Boy's gonna have to do the weather report on IGTV So be looking out for that on the rhettandlink Instagram – Can I control the green screen? – I dunno We'll have to talk to someone about that But thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what Time for dinner (crew laughing) – I'm Donovan from Northern Indiana and I have the Book of Mythicality here And I decided to put my own little flair on it And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Putting flair on the Book of Mythicality Click the top link to watch us play news anchor or weird stock photo person in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Ready, on your mark, get the set of all new Mythical mugs available now at mythicalstore

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