Full Face Art Supplies Makeup Challenge

– Is a hot glue gun a makeup tool? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning! – Putting on makeup is kinda like doing crafts on your face

– Yeah – And just like doing crafts, it's supposed to make you feel better – And if you're bad at it and you end up stressed out and covered in glue and macaroni and wondering how glitter got into your underwear So today, we're gonna double down on how hard it is to be beautiful with a craft store makeup challenge – And of course, the beauty gurus out there have attempted this challenge, but we're gonna try and take it to the next level

It's time for, can these two old farts be made up with craft store arts? We've asked Mythical crew members Ellie and Jordan to go to a local craft store to find some crafty beauty hacks – Each round we're gonna try out a hack that they've attempted to invent and we'll determine if it works and declare crafty or crappy Let's see the first challenge – Hello, we're back with another beauty hack challenge But this time we're in a craft store

Now this has existed before, we didn't invent this – This is GMM so our version has to be dangerous and stupid – So the first thing I feel like we need to figure out is what we're gonna do for their foundation – Right, right It's the foundation of this piece

– Yes When people are really good at makeup, they look like they've been airbrushed I was thinking we could maybe just go straight to an actual airbrush paint gun – Is that safe? – God no – Hard to say

– Airbrushes have specific paint But I figure if we just water down kids' paint, it'll work just as well – That's great reasoning – That may be, like, non-toxic health-wise, but beauty-wise, that's toxic – Okay Rhett and Link, we challenge you to use a craft store airbrush and kids' non-toxic paint to spray each other's faces for foundation

– Wow Thank you for all your work and your research – Who was that person, an employee? – [Ellie] I think she's a art major – (chuckles) Art major – Okay, not a safety– – It's the store owner I would guess

– Well, who knows – So we've got paints here You've got some paints over there Bring those in, Rhett We want a flesh tone, blue? No

Purple face? Sometimes – Well they've already loaded up pink here because I think the only thing that we could find that was close to a flesh tone was pink and then we've got some orange So pink's in there right now so that's what you're going to be (chuckles) – I should take my glasses off – Yeah so I'm gonna turn this on

(device vibrates) Oh, you should probably hold that 'Cause any man who's having his face sprayed should be holding a vibrating compressor As far as I'm concerned So I'm trying to keep it out of orifi Just keep that closed

– But relax the face, right? (device vibrates) Ooh – Here it comes – Ooh, it's cold! – [Rhett] Oh, oh it's nice – It smells like an elementary school – Nice, even tone

This is really, really nice – Hold on, I gotta take a breath, hold on Okay, okay go ahead – You look great I'm blending the lips in, it's going right over the lips

Turn towards me a little bit Your ear needs it – Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm! (chuckles softly) – Real nice Okay, I feel– (Link moans) I feel pretty good about that It looks like you may have broke out

– I look sunburned kind of It's not as pink in here – You wanna change it out for orange and let me go? – Yeah, man – [Ellie] You can also breathe It's not gonna kill you

– Oh, it's not gonna kill you to breathe this stuff in? – Yeah, no – Because why, you been breathing it in, and you're fine? – It's not toxic, it's children's paint, man – It's not toxic on your skin but like in your lungs forever? I would hold your breath if I were you – Okay You turn that back on, I'll hold it

– Come on, baby, kick up Do it, start Come on, you can do it – Is this normal? – It's gotta go into high mode There we go! Okay

I mean this is like spray tan situation Oh yeah, turn to your left a little bit Or your right, sorry – No that is to my left – Oh yeah, you're getting orange, man

Ooh yeah! Nice and even – It feels nice, I like it – Nice and even tone – It's refreshing – What are you shaking for? – Because you're doing it up my nostril

– Okay turn back towards me – Oh wow, wow! – Both looking good – Well the orange really flows, doesn't it? – This is what they call foundation – Do you want me to hit you up with some orange, because it's a lot thicker than the pink – Give me some orange highlights

– Highlights? – [Ellie] You could contour and highlight, yeah – Yeah, I'm gonna contour, so, right down the middle – Why you going right down the middle? Make my cheek bones pop, oh – Turn – Well hold on, this is just foundation

I don't know what you're doing – I'm making you look great – Okay, how's this? This is what they call foundation – Jordan? – Yes – There's nothing more important in this life than bold brows

– Nothing Not family, religion, civic pride Brows are most important – Every other day you see a new brow trend and one of those was brow extensions Which is when people would pay like $100 for like 10 days of extra brow hair being added to their brows

I think we can beat that and I was thinking, doll hair We cut it up, take a glue stick, cover their brows in it and smack it on – Yes, and instead of costing $100, it'll just cost 100 doll hairs – Oh my God Okay Rhett and Link, we challenge you to make your brows bold and beautiful by cutting up doll hairs and sticking it on with a glue stick

– It's gonna look so cute! – Oh yeah – Okay – Oh look, you got my color, thank you – All right – [Jordan] I hope you get that job in the Willy Wonka reboot

– Yeah, mhm – [Jordan] We're all pulling for you – I'm so big That's the thing that's going against me, but – [Link] It looks like little black Slinkies, man

– Does doll hair end? – I'm gonna do like a grab and chop – Oh yeah, doll hair goes on forever – So I'm trying to make pieces I can just glue to my facial region – [Rhett] Is this why most dolls have curly hair? Is there a way to take the curl out? – I couldn't have told you that most dolls have curly hair, I didn't know– – Most of the dolls that I've played with do (Ellie chuckles) – I only play with dolls with curly hair

– Does it have curly hair, Mom? 'Cause if it doesn't, I don't wanna touch it – Wow – It's amazing how it begins to expand You could probably wig a number of dolls with just one little pack here – All right, I'm going in with the glue

I'm gonna go, oh gosh Putting the glue right on the brow – It's purple – I'm not thinking about the clean up process at all at this point – Speaking of Willy Wonka, I mean

The Oompa Loompa, I'm really turning into an Oompa Loompa over here Unintentionally – And my face, is my face turning purple? – I hope so – I'm gonna try some brow Oh this glue is working good

Oh look, and I've got a little curl hanging See, I've found that the best technique, as I've done this for a few seconds is just to jam as much on there as possible and then I'm just gonna trim it right off my face with a sharp object – I've always wanted curly brows (crew laughing) – That's very dainty, mine's a little bulkier I've gotta thin this out a little bit

– Yours is maybe a little over the top I think mine is nice and subtle When you first see me, you're like, is there something different about his eyebrows, and then when you get closer you're like, oh, yeah, his eyebrows are bushier than normal And his right eyebrow completely covers his eye – Look at this, I'm giving myself a little shearing

– Be careful, Link – [Stevie] I'm afraid you're gonna cut off your own eyelashes – Don't stop him – I think this is pretty great – How do I look? – I think you need a trim right there

It's coming down over your eyes I wanna see those– – I like it It's mysterious I think it'll probably fall throughout the rest of this episode so I'm just gonna leave it in full bulk form right now – Okay, I'm feeling pretty great

I got a little accoutrement right there – Yeah, you're getting better looking by the minute (chuckles) – Okay Jordan We just used a glue stick for the brows What else does glue stick remind you of? – Okay, uh, kindergarten

– No, like in the beauty world – Oh right – The glue stick – Back to school, back to school shopping – Glue stick is like lipstick, and then you can just shove glue stick on your lips but what should we stick to it? ♪ Beads ♪ So many beads! – Good harmony there, too

♪ Beads ♪ ♪ Beads ♪ ♪ Uh ♪ – Don't swallow 'em You can probably swallow a couple and it'll be fine – One or two – You can swallow a few – You can pass like a full wedding ring through your system

– Yeah, you could pass some beads – In addition to beads, there's other stuff we could stick to their lips in this particular craft store – It's a surprise! – Oh there's beads and a surprise Bring in the beads and the glue stick – So I have a different idea for you

Why don't you come with me, it'll only take a second – All right All right, glue stick it up – [Jordan] Yeah, tongue, tongue it Tongue the beads

– How do I look? – Uh, yeah, I mean– – I feel incredible (Jordan laughs) – All right, I'm back Ellie hooked me up with some miniaturized scene stuff on my face – You have a sky for a top lip– – With a cloud That's not herpes

(chuckles) – You have a nice park scene with a tree and a happy couple sitting there on your bottom lip – Look, it's a earthquake Whoa! Earthquake Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa – [Jordan] Link, it would be rad if a model train came out of your mouth right now

(Link mimics train whistle) – There it is – Oh gosh The tongue train – [Jordan] Oh no! – All aboard the tongue train! Oh no, please, forget I ever said that – If you wanna get hot, the last step to getting hot is to use a hot glue gun

– Oh, okay, that's a fun pun – So we're gonna stick oil pastels through the hot glue gun tube, melt them, squirt them out, use them as a creme blush and eye shadow – That's a good idea – I feel like that probably won't work (chuckles) – Probably have a lasting effect of maybe a little red 'cause of the burning

– No, fam – Okay Rhett and Link, we challenge you to put on a creme blush and eye shadow using only a hot glue gun and oil pastels – I hope you like ouchies – Yay! – That guy in the middle– – This is gonna work! – He didn't really seem like your craft store type but he's defying expectations – No, he was like a really hot art school teacher

– Oh, well thanks Ellie (laughs) – Oh – What, you didn't? – I didn't get that vibe, but okay The thing that I felt was most insightful was, "No, fam" I think that applies to this entire episode

So we've got crayons Is that what these are? – [Ellie] Oil pastels! – Oil pashtel – I need to add some color to my cheeks, so I'm gonna go with the pink – I'm gonna try to brighten up my deep, deeply set eyeballs with some sky blue Look at that, I mean, it's amazing how it perfectly fit in this glue gun! – [Ellie] Thank you! – It's like it was made for it

– Jordan and Ellie! – [Ellie] Jordan thought it was a bad idea This is all me – Ellie and Ellie! Jordan was also there Oh, there it is (Rhett groaning) Ooh, ooh! – [Ellie] Don't touch it right away

– Woo, that's hot! – Link, it's a hot glue gun – I mean, I didn't (softly blows) Okay, oh yes, that's a good temperature

– Oh there we go, wow – Woo! – Don't touch it right away – If you get it at the right temperature, it's kinda soothing – Oh look Ooh! – Ooh, look at us! Yeah

I feel like I need to blue some bag action too Cover up the bags – [Ellie] With the blue? Okay – I feel like I'm really missing that eye shadow Can I come and steal a little? – [Ellie] Yeah Rhett, you could give yourself a cut crease

– What does that mean? – [Ellie] It's like a fancy makeup term where you go into the crease of your eyes and it makes your eyes pop – Speaking of eyes pop Bam! (chuckles) How's that? – [Jordan] I think you guys look like what Johnny Depp thinks he looks like (Link laughs) – Look at that – I mean put me on The Hunger Games, right? May the odds always be forever in your favor

– Well I don't know exactly what we've created here, and I don't know if it's a new trend, but I know it made my day a little bit better (Link mimics train whistle) – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Leah – And I'm Shiloh

– And this is Biff – We're in Orange County, California – Wearing our Rhett and Link merch – And bubble face masks – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – They steal Barbara? – Woo, it does look like your dog

– Click the top link to watch us make our own Sims characters with Jordan in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land So many Mythical badges, so little time Collect them all at Mythicalstore

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