Frozen Fruit Popsicles Taste Test

– Today we suck on some fruit Popsicles – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Summer – If you don't already know, I'm Stevie, AKA the disembodied voice occasionally talking to Rhett and Link over a mic AKA the host of LTAT AKA the executive producer of this very show – And I'm Courtney from Smosh AKA Smosh – I've heard of it – Yeah

– In the spirit of summertime and because this week is all about frozen treat goodness, today Courtney and I will be taste testing some of the most popular frozen fruit bars to determine which is the best – So basically we're gonna suck on a lot of Popsicles – Yep, get ready gif-makers and meme lords – Yes – It's time for Which Fruit Pop Will Make These Fruits Stop, and Say Hey? – We're gonna be rating each pop on this board

– And we have a scale from one to six, starting or ending, depending on how you look at the board – Yeah – [Stevie] Six, it's the pits I plum don't like it It's bananas how average this is

(Courtney chuckles) That was a good one – I love that – That's really good one I ap-peach-iate this Almost pear-fect, and number one, it's sub-lime

Are you ready to taste some pops? – I'm so ready for my mouth to be cold – Let's do this – [Courtney And Stevie] Round one – Okay so first up we have Edy's Outshine Fruit Bar in strawberry flavor We're gonna be tasting a variety of fruits today

– Do you have a favorite? – I'm not a big fruit person which is not helpful for this episode, but I am in Link's chair so I will play the person who doesn't like anything and you can eat all of the Popsicles – Heck yeah, down – So let us begin But I figured just to ease people into it not being Rhett and Link in front of the camera– – Yeah – What we should do is put on these awesome masks that Lucas made us

– Oh yes! – Because then the people at home can, you know, see the faces that they want to see – Yeah, familiarity – So just– – Okay, like this? – I don't know, neither one of us can see anything Morgan, is this good? – [Courtney] Popsicle – Can you find yours? – [Courtney] Yeah, touched something cold and wet

I'm hoping that's a Popsicle – I'm looking through my mouth hole – [Courtney] You wanna cheers our Popsicles? – Did we do it? – Yeah we did it I think Okay – Oh wait hold on

I feel like we need to talk like them as well – [Courtney] Oh yeah, I'm a big man – I feel like this is a really good Elizabeth Holmes impression (Courtney chuckles) And also is a little bit deeper than Link's voice But this is the man voice that I'm going to be using so, did you already put the Popsicle in your mouth? – No

– I'm doing it now – [Courtney] Here we go Mm – Mm, this is so good – Mm

That's a good Popsicle – [Stevie] I can't get the angle – [Courtney] It's got chunks of strawberry in there I love that – Oh my lord

I actually really like this Maybe I do like fruit (Courtney laughs) – Would you say this is your favorite fruit so far? – Yeah, I think so I really like this a lot but I feel like we gotta put it in the middle because– – To, yeah – It's just the start so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna look through my mouth hole and gonna turn around and I feel dizzy for some reason

(Courtney and crew chuckle) But I feel like, do you agree with what I've done? – [Courtney] The middle is smart – Oh my gosh, you've dripped all over your beard – [Courtney] Yeah You know, I'm a big man, I make big messes – [Courtney And Stevie] Round two

– Up next we have the classic Popsicle and the most popular flavor, cherry – This is like childhood for me I remember my mom stocking the freezer with these and I also remember not liking them very much – Yeah, there's stickiness on the table but I don't know if it's Popsicle (chuckles) – The desk has been through a lot

Chase, can you grab something? – Yeah yeah – Thank you – Okay cool, okay cool – We might as well clean it – [Courtney] Mm, that's good

That's delicious – [Stevie] I think we should, the guys do the thing where they donkey lip something which is basically like just using your– – What? – Yeah I feel like that's the best way to taste it Okay guys, guys, guys, guys We're good, thank you

– Sorry – Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you – Oh God, teeth freeze (mumbles) (Stevie and crew laugh) I got brain freeze and teeth freeze – What's happening? – But it's so good

– Here's the thing, this is probably so much worse for you than this The sugar content level – It's morally conflicting because you want the healthy one to be better, but the sugar and high fructose corn syrup in here is wild – Yeah, so we need to decide if we're making, okay, if it's purely taste pleasure, taste pleasure based, I feel like this one we have to put above the other one Even though in real life I would feel very guilty about eating this right after

– Yeah, if no one was watching, I'd pick this one But if it was at a party with a bunch of people and they're like ooh Popsicle, I'd be like I'll take the strawberry one – It's fine, no one's watching now – Yeah yeah, no, right? – [Stevie] Okay should we put it at number three for now? – Yes – Okay

– That is a good move – Let us do it – You get the honors, ooh – Moving on – [Courtney And Stevie] Round three

– We have 365 brand lime – My mom used to get 365 Popsicles but never a lime or a lemon flavor I'm not really a fan – Really? – Of lemon or lime – Is it the sourness? – Cakes or sweets

I don't know, I will literally eat a lemon but when it's lemon cake or lemon Popsicles and stuff, nah – Why would you eat a lemon? – Just to do it – Okay (chuckles) This stick is like– – Oh – About to come out, is yours coming out? What a feckin'– – Whoa ho ho ho

– Put your stick into that now – This Popsicle almost got naked, dude – This is not acceptable Okay, shall we dink it? – Yeah would we– – Whoa, it is a loose stick – It's a loose cannon Popsicle, you know what I'm saying? – Okay dink it

– Dink it and suck it – Hello, my name is Link Neal and this is my entry into the third annual Rachel Maddow lookalike competition Me, Maddow Me, Maddow Maddow, me

Maddow, me – I like it You don't like this? – Lime as anything other than a fresh lime is upsetting to me – Because you love eating limes just straight up but– – Fresh, keep it fresh, you know? – Oh man, we're already at odds here, Courtney I knew we'd get here

– Is this like your favorite? – But not this quickly No, I honestly, listen I will say– – Are you thinking about putting him right in there? – I kinda was – I would be willing to do that – Okay

– Yes – Okay we'll do it – All right So it's four? – Sure, yeah – Or is it three? – It's somewhere in there

– All right – I think that's good – I can get down with that, yeah – Let's do it – [Courtney And Stevie] Round four

– This is from the brand Helados and it is the mango flavor – Yes – Got some cream in there – I don't know why I'm excited about it but I am I'm getting progressively excited about these pops

– Ooh this one's nice and soft So creamy looking – I like the dairy addition, I will say It just looks great – We'll see

– Dink it – Dink it – [Both] And suck it – [Man] Some plants for ya – Oh they're beautiful

– Huh, thank you That's so weird– – Look at that – Lucas has never ever gotten me a plant before I kinda like the way yours looks– – Yeah look a those leaves – A little bit more though

– [Courtney] Oh yeah – [Stevie] Mm, that's a good Popsicle – [Courtney] This is delicious – [Stevie] I mean, I'm enjoying it I'm enjoying sucking on this Popsicle

– [Courtney] Yeah you know? I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first but– – Maybe if we could, I do appreciate the gift but (grunts), maybe we slide 'em – [Courtney] Oh okay yeah, that's probably a good idea (Courtney grunts) – Yep, okay Thank you though, that was really thoughtful – These were lovely plants, lovely plants

– I do like the dairy part of this I'm questioning the other part of it, the fruit part of it – See I'm the opposite I wanna like it but I don't like the creaminess of it I like the mangoness of it

– Okay but at least we're on the same page about the not liking it part – Yeah, yeah, totally – I feel like this goes down here – Yeah, bring it all the way to the end – All the way down

– Yeah – [Courtney And Stevie] Round five – Next up we have Trader Joe's Fruit Frenzy which is a trio of fruit flavors including raspberry, lemon, and strawberry Boy, I said all that and I didn't mess it up at all – You did it

– There wasn't another take (both chuckle) – This might be my favorite These fruits together is incredible, holy smokes – This is pretty, this is the fancier version of the Rocket Pop Is it Rocket Pops? The red white and blue? – The red white and blue ones? Yeah it's Rocket Pop

– Yeah I know we literally just did an episode that featured those but it's hard to remember names – Fruity – Ready? – Yes – [Both] Dink it and suck it (low whoosh) – [Stevie] Uh-oh

– [Courtney] What happened? – [Stevie] Guys, is everything okay? – Is there a malfunction or? – Yeah, everything okay? – (sighs) That's so good – Sorry I've only gotten the top flavor – Yeah – But what I taste is really delicious

– It's really good, tastes like that Outshine right there – Yeah except for I kinda like raspberry better than strawberry – I think we gotta get down to the bottom then – Okay ready? – Ready? (low whoosh) – Uh-oh – Oh my gosh

– [Stevie] Do you wanna just lick from the bottom to the top? – [Courtney] Yeah I'm gonna do a little, yeah back and forth, that'll be good Get that lemon in there – Mm (Courtney moaning) – [Courtney] That's good – [Stevie] Yeah, that is good

– Okay that's good – That's weird The lights are back on – I was like they'll fix it eventually, right? – This is my favorite one, period – Mm-hmm, and now I made it look like a Pizza Hut roof

(Stevie chuckles) But this is delicious – Okay, I think the answer is clear This goes all the way up her – Perfect! – [Courtney And Stevie] Round six – And last but not least we have Solero, coconut flavor

– Is coconut a fruit? – Let's hope so 'cause there's fruit bars – I mean yeah, we're not gonna replace it at this point Can someone here tell me if that's true? Isn't it just a– – [Davin] Coconut is a fruit – Thank you, Davin Wow, look at that on the God mic situation

– That was really cute I will say there are only two things I like coconut on and it's donuts and acai bowls, two very different things – I thought the second thing was gonna be a joke but no you, it was just two things – No yeah donuts and this (beep) (Stevie laughs) So we'll see if I actually like this

– This is another one where the stick just doesn't wanna– – Is it one of those? – Yeah – Oh mine was nesting in here – So I'm doing this technique, the pinch it technique Okay, ready? – Popsicles don't have a smell What's the deal? – Oh crap

All right dink it – Stevie, also yeah, Courtney too, I got this rash Do you guys– – Oh my gosh – What do you think about that? It kinda looks like suckers and it smells weird I don't know, do you think it looks okay? – It looks like– – Should I get checked out or

– [Stevie] It does, it looks like little hickeys – It kinda hurts a little bit mainly when I do this – [Courtney] Oh oh buddy, don't make yourself feel pain – But I gotta do that when, 'cause my nose itches but it's– – You know– – That's weird, man – I actually, I don't know a lot about rashes

– It's spreading a little bit too – [Courtney] As we speak, geez, what the heck is going on? – [Stevie] Okay well you know what, let's leave this for a little bit later – Yeah maybe not the best time – Okay – But good luck, buddy

– Thank you – I think everything will work out with that – I hope so – My favorite way to eat Popsicles though is when it's all just dripping down my palm – [Courtney] Yeah so your hand tastes more like the Popsicle than the Popsicle does

– Okay what do you think about this one? – Pretty good – Okay, I think that this is, I've had this type of coconut dairy type of thing before I really, really like it 'cause it's not super sweet – Yeah, it's chill, it's like a laid-back Popsicle – But is it as pretty, it's very important

(Courtney chuckles) As the one, the Fruit Frenzy bars that we liked so much is the decision we have to make And do we wanna favor nostalgia of the Popsicle– – Yeah – Over it? – My thing is, I don't know, this one's like an explosion of flavor that I really, I really like And this one's like a little explosion but also I'm super cute looking This one is like a blank canvas of a Popsicle

– Also by the way it's melting, I could just eat it like this and have the same experience (Courtney laughs) Which is also– (Courtney laughs) – Oh my gosh dude – Highly convenient There's a convenience level in this Popsicle – Power of Christ compels you, this Popsicle

Ooh! – Oh gosh That happened quickly I feel like the choice is either number two or number three – I'm gonna say number three – Yeah 'cause you said the other thing was explosion

Would you mind, my hand's a little bit occupied Would you put that at our number three spot? – You know what, I can do that So that was gonna bump up Fruit Frenzy to number one Popsicle brand to two and we put Solero right there at number three – Yes

So we've discovered give us a pretty Popsicle and a good alliteration and you get our number one spot If you haven't already, make sure to check out all of our Society Originals at MythicalSocietycom – And if you didn't hate me on this video– (Stevie laughs) Be sure to check out more of our Smosh content, we have our Smosh sketch channel, Smosh Pit and Smosh Games – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Jordan I'm from Temecula, California and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality Woo hoo! – She got something on her boob and it's a good logo – It's a cute little thing

(chuckles) Guys, click the top link to watch– (tone beeping) – [Link] The end of summer is nigh, but you can still look fly Take advantage of our end of summer sale through July 31st at Mythicalstore

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