Fortnite Dance Challenge ft. Ninja

– We're about to dance – All Fortnite long

– Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning – Please welcome the king of Twitch, the master of Fortnite, the sporter of blue hair, Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja – Yeah oh yeah! – Welcome, welcome – Thanks for being here

– You got those warm gamer hands – Yeah, man – Always ready! To touch some buttons! – Mine are freezing Now, I've never played Fortnite I've seen it over my son's shoulder

All I know is that you slurp juice, you build rickety ramp-like structures and llamas – Yes – Yeah – It's basically, I like to think of it as Dance Dance Revolution 'cause there's dancing as well, and llamas – I mean there's a lot of dancing and there's a lot of, I mean you're not wrong

I wouldn't say you're right, but you're not wrong – You know what, he's wrong – You saying he's wrong – I played it I'm not very good at it, in fact, I'm horrible at it

But we do think of ourselves as good dancers so we thought we could have a Fortnite dance-off because we don't really know the dances, and would you be the judge? – I would love to – All right, it's time for– ♪ Everybody was Fortnite dancing ♪ Huh! ♪ And Ninja was entrancing ♪ Ha! ♪ Stand back while I get to prancing ♪ Hoo! ♪ Fortnite has got all of us dancing ♪ Uh! Okay, we are in the dance zone Tyler, can you please tell us who we are – Yes, we got Rex of course, and then we got Cuddle Team Leader – Cuddle Team Leader

– Yes – Boo! – That sounds about right Okay Tyler, you're gonna tell us the name of a Fortnite dance and then you're gonna give us verbal instructions only and then we're gonna bust a move – Okay, and after we have successfully pulled our groins, we're gonna watch the clip of the actual Fortnite dance and then you're gonna score us on a scale of one to 10, cumulatively at the very end, the winner gets a llama trophy! – [Rhett] Hoo! – There it is – Llama trophy

– [Link] Woo, look at that, does it waggle? Is it on a spring? Yeah (Tyler laughs) – This is awesome – Look at that – [Rhett] Now I'm tempted, now I'm gonna try! – We're gonna hide this puppy for a little bit – All right, let's dance

– [Rhett and Link] Round one – Gentlemen, your first dance is called Dance Moves It is the default dance in Fortnite – Dates Moves, that's it? – Dance Moves – Okay

– Number one Start by doing the running man You will continue to do this with the following additions in this order Touch your knees together once Clap your hands once

Use your hands to push down Move your knees inward and outward Point ahead of you with your right hand Finish by folding your arms together – I love the ending

I can do the ending – You can do the ending You're gonna nail it – And the running man I've heard of – Yeah yeah

You guys ready, that's it, so – All right, who's gonna go first? – Rhett, you're going first – Oh gosh – [Link] Rex – Okay, all right

Oh oh, I got caught up (sharply exhales) I'm gonna get winded before I get to the part where I figure out what I'm supposed to do – [Tyler] I could re-read it (Rhett claps) Nailed it (crew laughs) Nailed it, all right, Link your turn

– All right (shoes squeak) Uh, I forgot Let me start over Boomp, boomp (rhythmic grunting) (crew laughs) – All right now let's take a look at what the move looks like from Fortnite

(dance music) – Yeah – Okay – Yeah, I felt pretty good I think – There was some of this and then that was– – I feel pretty confident I missed a little bit of the sideways motion

I forgot about the knee waggle – Yeah you did, it was more running man, but it was all right – In the end, I really locked it in – You're looking at the card All right so I'm giving the seven to Rhett and the six to Link

– Whoa, yeah! – Oh one point – Yeah, that's right! – It was the consistency of the running man that just kept him– – We're back to middle school on you! – He kept the running man afloat, huh? – [Tyler] Yeah, he did – [Rhett and Link] Round two – All right, what's up next? – All right, dance two, you guys consider yourself best mates, right? – We often call ourselves best mates – Best mates

– Yeah there you go Well that's perfect because this next dance is called Best Mates – Oh okay – All right, number one, hold your arms out Run in place with high knees

From your elbow to your hand, let that loosen up, and then in rhythm to your running let your forearms and hands bob back and forth – Ah, ah! Yeah, okay, okay! – Okay, all right – The entire time your knees are– – High knees, you say? – Run in place, high knees, yeah – High knees, you say? – High knees High knees I say

– High knees he says – Yeah, Link are you ready? – Uh, yes – All right you're going first All right – I think that's it

– I'm lovin' it, that's perfect Rhett, if you're not sweating, you should be – Okay Woo! – Got it – That was last time but I like it

All right, Rhett, are you ready? – Yeah – All right (crew laughing) Oh my God, this is too good – I hear joints exploding – Yeah, there's a lot of cracking

– All right, let's take a look at the dance from Fortnite – [Link] Oh – [Tyler] Rhett literally was doing the opposite of the hand motions, he was going up – [Rhett] Oh, I went up with the hands – Yeah they actually flop

– You had the flop, I was really impressed, Link – Oh in rhythm – Yeah – In rhythm! – You had it He did have that, so

– Ah, okay, hm – You guys ready? – Yes – Missed that one – Link – Niner! – Rhett

– Seven! – Oh! – Boom! – Oh – I think that they were both perfect but Link peaked I think – Oh yeah that's it, he peaked – Peaked on what? – Definitely – I haven't peaked, I've still got further up to go

– [Tyler] You got more? – [Rhett and Link] Round three – All right gentlemen, next up is the Zany dance Your instructions are the following: high step in place, right left, right left and repeat – What's the difference between a high step and a high knee? – I honestly don't know, I think you just lift your foot up more but– – That's not helpful but okay – I'm just reading the instructions

And give it some swagger please, like you mean it – Swagger – Yeah you know Just a little boom, there it is, that was it While high stepping in place, you're gonna throw your hands down and then back up

Okay, yeah, all right Continue high stepping with your hands up and then clench your fists Clench your fists that's, there you go – Clench my fists – You're holding your fists together

That's not clenching them – Oh – There it is And then you finish by keeping your right knee in the air and throwing your hands up like saying uh-oh and freezing Link went first last time so now Rhett, you go first

– Oh gosh Uh-oh – What are you whimpering about over there? – I'm just reviewing it in my mind Uh-oh – Wuh-oh

– [Tyler] Way-o – Here we go (grunting) – A lot of heavy breathing – There was a lot of grunting in that (Link grunts heavily) All right, Link you're up

– I can't remember what happens to the hands first, but don't tell me – Okay – Uh, okay (crew laughing) – Okay, the clenching and nailed it Okay, you know what, you did, you stuck it on the ending, I'm not gonna lie

Let's take a look at the dance from Fortnite please – [Link] Yeah (electronic dance music) It's a lot tighter than I was – Yeah, it was definitely tighter But I think Link definitely nailed the ending

Ooh, the surprise I feel like Rhett, I don't really remember what your dance was (laughing) Yours was a lot of like feet kicking – Yeah yeah, I definitely got my feet a lot more involved because you said swagger I thought this was swagger

– Yeah, that's swag That's swag – Man That's a cool dance What we did, however

– Cooler – Probably not so much – Don't worry, we're gonna go a four for Link and a three for Rhett (both groaning) – Oh we hurtin' – Falling behind! – Don't worry, I feel like this last one, there's a lot of room to make up in this last one

– Two point differential! – Pressure's on – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Are you ready for this one? There's no description If you guys don't know what the dance is, you're pretty much screwed – It's undescribed? It's untitled? – There's a title

But that's it, there's no steps – Oh you're not gonna tell us how to do it – Yes, I was on that – If you've been on the internet in the last year, you'll know what it is – Well I'm on the internet but I'm not on the internet

– [Rhett] On the internet – All right dance four The dance was created by someone referred to as the orange shirt kid It is one of the most popular dances, but here's the thing, I'm only giving you the name and that is Orange Justice – Oh gosh

– Orange Justice – Oh god, Link, you don't know it – Oh, we don't know it – You guys both don't know it? – No, we don't We don't spend a lot of time on the internet, we're just on the internet

There's a big difference – I've heard of flossing – Right, can you give me a floss real quick? – That's something like – [Tyler] Yeah (laughing) (crew laughing) – This is the defeated dad floss, I don't know

– You guys don't wanna, yeah – I can't – Basically just like that – It's even got a smell to it that I don't like – All right, so Orange Justice, man

– Orange Justice – Orange Justice Crap – Created by a kid – Orange shirt kid, yeah

Yeah – Orange shirt kid – Justice – Not just justice, it's Orange Justice – How do you demonstrate justice in a dance? – All right I think I got it

(laughs) – All right – Having no point of reference at all, I think I have it – I think I got it, all right Link, you go first So let's see what we got

– Whoa lost my hood Gotta star in character (Rhett clears throat) – Okay, Link – That's it – That's it

– I'm done – Nailed it, nailed it All right Rhett, are you ready? – Oh yeah – All right, I feel like he knows it I don't know why, I feel like he actually knows it

– And I would like to submit to the one-man jury (chuckles) I'm wearing orange (laughs) – Is it a shirt? – He's already got one point – It's right on the shirt area But with the Orange Justice

You gotta take all the stuff that's bad– ♪ And move it to the good ♪ ♪ You gonna take all the stuff that's bad ♪ ♪ And move it to the good ♪ ♪ Orange Justice ♪ ♪ Orange Justice ♪ ♪ You gotta take all that bad ♪ ♪ You gotta move it to the good ♪ ♪ You gotta take all the bad ♪ ♪ You gotta move it to the good ♪ ♪ Orange Justice ♪ ♪ Orange Justice ♪ Said Orange Justice – All right – Now hold on Just because he's, he can't narrate the dance! You can't get points for describing what it is I mean I have a description for mine too

– That's what it is – You have a description for yours too? – Well yeah but you should have been able to get it just from feeling it – I did, I did – Like there was an orange And then there was justice

But I don't have to be like– ♪ First you take the orange ♪ ♪ And then you get your justice ♪ ♪ First you get the orange ♪ – Now I didn't speak directly about the orange ♪ Then you get the justice ♪ – It's indirect justice – It's all good, good, good I didn't have to do that Because you already knew that

– It'll all be taken into consideration All right This is gonna be tough, man This is gonna be tough Can we actually just show them what the Orange Justice actually looks like? – As if we need to see it

– [Tyler] As if they need it (electronic dance music) – [Link] Oh wow Hold on, I've seen my, my son does this every day! – I know! – It's like my son rolls out of bed doing this Why? – Basically what I did – [Tyler] Yeah, almost

– Orange Justice ♪ First you take the bad ♪ ♪ Then you make it bad ♪ ♪ Orange Justice ♪ – Justice is where you take the bad and make it good Just so you know So we're all on the same page – That's it

– It's actually one of my favorite dances in the game I don't think there are negative point cards, so we will– – I've got quite a deficit to make up – You're only actually down two, Rhett So it's not that much First it's going to be two points for Link

– Two – Rhett, four point But hold on! – So we have tied – I cannot forget the plus one for wearing orange for Rhett – Orange Justice, baby

– No! – Always wear orange, kids Mm-hm You never know how it's gonna pay off – [Tyler] Congratulations, Rhett – Oh, thank you

Look at it jiggle – The llama trophy – Thank you Ninja for joining us today Make sure you check him out on Twitch, and check out his new merch at TeamNinjacom

– Yeah, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You say, "You know what time it is" – You know what time it is – Hey, how's it going? This is Mode Select Will from Warrensburg, Missouri Always remember to make tomorrow amazing

And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Oh, right – That sounds like an NPR voice – I like that – Click the top link to watch us eat a Durr Burger in Good Mythical More

– Oh my gosh, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's going to land – [Rhett] Join us in one last Mythical toast This version of the GMM mug is going away forever, so get yours now at Mythicalstore

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