FOOD FEARS: Bacon (with Colleen Ballinger)

– Does anyone truly not like bacon? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – First up, if you'd like to win a trip to visit us and watch the show being made, listen up! – Yeah, go to Mythical

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store and click on the Silver GMM Tee for all of the info and rules on how to enter Good luck – Yes, now, today, a few weeks back, we played a game where I asked you to predict internet confession videos – Mhm – And we had one from our friend Miranda Sings' alter ego Colleen Ballinger

– And I don't like bacon I know, what! – I do remember this And I do remember right after that, you went off! = Mhm You don't like bacon? You're freakin' kidding me right now? You call yourself a YouTuber? You know what I've done to get here? I've had pig anus in my mouth! When good men hear that somebody doesn't like bacon, those men act – Yes

– But we're not waiting anymore Please give a good Mythical welcome to Colleen Ballinger! (cheering and applauding) (game show music) – Look at that! Grand entrance! – I know, so exciting – Pull up a chair – I will, hello – Sit on down

– Thanks for having me – Hugs – Oh you're hugging me but I don't like bacon (Rhett chuckles) I was nervous I didn't know what I was gonna come into

– I'm not hugging you yet – I feel like because, that was pretty aggressive I don't know– – Well, it's not the first time someone has done that to me Anytime anyone finds out I don't like bacon, they get very upset – Right

– Okay good Well then we are upset, I'll take the hug back – But we really, really appreciate you accepting the challenge – Oh I'm excited – And being willing to be here

– But if we accomplish our mission by the end of this episode, you will like bacon – Okay I'm ready for it – So are you ready to embark on a journey of smokey self-discovery? – God – It's time for Food Fears: Bacon Edition So you're not a vegetarian? – No, no

– So I've never met a non-vegetarian that doesn't like bacon What happened to you? – Nothing happened to me I just, I don't like bacon I don't like that it's like salty, crunchy plastic – Always? – When I was growing up, my mom would make bacon for us and she'd always burn it to a crisp

Like black charcoal burnt – Oh you mean like this? – See like this piece kinda right here You guys, there's like snail tracks on this (Rhett laughs) I don't understand what is appealing about this – Okay well step one is to establish a base line of just how much you hate bacon and so we thought that we would give you– – We have a picky eater meter here

– Yeah we thought we'd give you the bacon that was the pinnacle of the bacon that you hate from your childhood – Okay – Would you mind just eating just to– – I will do whatever you want – We gotta establish– – Okay, so also– – I would recommend taking that– – The snail trail piece? The burnt one Yeah I also have to say, this better be the cheapest stuff there is– – It is

– 'Cause that's also what my mom– – That's what she did? – She'd get like the cheapest on sale like 99 Cent Store bacon – Oh, our writers did their research They knew exactly– – Oh I can smell it – What they were doing – It's bad! (Rhett laughs) (Colleen moans) And I'm pregnant so it's like even worse

– Hold on I can also smell it and it smells great (Rhett laughs) It smells like bacon – Okay here we go Just take it – That is some crunchy bacon

– It tastes like I'm eating a plastic fork – I've had much better bacon for sure – But on a picky eater scale, I mean, I'd still give it a seven – You're lying – I like crispy bacon

– It just tastes like burnt It just tastes like burnt nothing – Okay where would you put the scale? – For sure would be all the way to one For sure, I would never voluntarily eat that – Okay well it looks like we've got our work cut out for us

(mysterious music) – Okay it's pretty obvious that you're blaming this entire thing on your mom – Okay – Which is classic And that's okay, at least you're being honest (chuckles) What is her name? – Gwen

– Gwen – Gwen okay It's all Gwen's fault – This is Gwen's fault – No! (laughs) – So we're gonna begin with our own jank version of regression therapy

– Okay this sounds like it could be permanently damaging, but– – Oh no no no no This is gonna be great – We're experts – Here's what we're gonna do We are gonna, we've taken a little bit of training

We went and looked at a WikiHow – Okay – Here's what we're gonna do We're gonna take you back to that initial memory, that initial traumatic bacon event, okay? The first time you remember your mom serving you this bacon, we're gonna address that memory and we're going to remove all the power from it Okay, removing the power from the memory

So go ahead and close your eyes – Okay – Take a couple of deep breaths, and take us back to your first memory of your mama's bacon – Okay – How old are you? – Probably like seven

– Seven years old Where are you? – In my mom's kitchen – Okay what are you wearing? I'm not– (crew laughs) I'm not trying to make it weird, I'm just, I want– – I think you made it weird – No no, that's part of it – Made it weird but yeah, I do wanna know– – I have no idea

– What are you wearing? – Probably some princess nightgown pajama outfit – Put yourself back in the princess nightgown – This is weird – Jammies – Okay

– You're making your way to the breakfast nook or whatever it is you ate breakfast at – And what does your mom say? What does she say? – She probably says, "Here's your breakfast," I don't know But I'm remembering the smell pretty viciously – What did it smell like? – It's just burning, the smell of burning – And how's that make you feel? – Makes me feel like I don't wanna eat this

I want cereal – And what do you say to your mom? – I don't want that – No, give it even more power right now Do you hate the bacon? – I hate it, it's disgusting Tell her, straight to her

– Mom, I hate your bacon – Okay, more emotion, let's give it all we got – Mom, I hate your bacon! – Oh I don't think she knows yet – Mom, this bacon is disgusting! I don't wanna eat it, it's gross – It's like what, Mom? – It's like burnt plastic, burnt paper it's so thin

It's gross, I don't want it, Mom – What does it make you wanna do to Gwen? – Slap her in the face with the burnt bacon – Okay – Let's pull back a little bit but let's get more emotion about the bacon Just– – Mom, I hate your bacon

– Mom, I hate your bacon – Mom, I hate your bacon – Mom, I hate your bacon! – Bigger – Mom, I hate your bacon! – Mom, I hate your bacon! – Okay, now we're gonna begin to take the emotion out of that – Start big, Mom, I hate your bacon

– Mom, I hate your bacon! – Down a little – Mom, I hate your bacon – Less emotion – Mom, I hate your bacon – You're becoming a robot

– Mom, I hate your bacon (laughs) – That's it – You're in the right place – Open your eyes Now that we have successfully extricated the emotion from that moment and your traumatic bacon past, we can move forward

– Okay (mysterious music) – At risk of putting my foot in my mouth, I have to ask you, are you pregnant? – Yes, I am – Oh good (chuckles) – Okay we knew that, but tell us about what is something that you're craving? – All the time? – Yeah – Is chili, that's what I want

– That's the answer that our research dictated – [Rhett And Colleen] Yes – And I'm very glad – We're going to use a meat that you love, if chili is a meat, yeah it is To bridge to a meat that you hate

– Okay – [Rhett] Okay so we have two bowls of chili here – Wait, there's bacon in this? – Okay no, see this one, not bacon – [Colleen] Oh okay I see – We're gonna start you with the not bacon chili so you can become acquainted with this chili, commit to it, and then we'll just add a little bit of bacon

– Baby steps – I am so excited – Just enjoy that – I can just go in, I can just do it – Yes, right

– Okay This has been my jam I wonder, I wanna know what kind this is, but I'm just gonna go for it – [Rhett] Okay, all right – Oh that's good

I love chili – Okay, great We're in a very good place – Yeah – Oh that's good

Right amount of spice – Okay, yeah Josh slaved over this – Credit to Josh over there – Congrats

– Mythical chef – Slow roasted – Incredible – You like cooked this for a day? – [Josh] Oh yeah, that was all night – Really? – Yeah, overnight

– No way, oh my gosh – This is not out of a can – Can we save this? – Yeah you can save that – Yeah definitely – Now I'll give you a whole new spoon, a whole new experience

– Oh okay – This is the bacon chili And just let me know what you think – Just breathe into it (Link breathing rapidly) – (chuckles) I'm nervous

Okay, oh gosh Dripped into my non-bacon – You've soiled your other chili – This one's better (Link laughs) Okay, this one's good

Here's the thing– – Oh it's still good, okay – The thing is I can like taste the flavor of the bacon but there's none of that crunchy burnt nasty – Uh-huh – I was expecting like flakes of crunch and there wasn't – Okay, all right

Colleen, what if I told you that both chilis have bacon? (crew laughing) – Are you serious? – Yeah (Rhett laughs enthusiastically) – I don't wanna lose her! – Woo! – Yeah – Yeah! – I'm shook! I really did feel like I could taste it in this one – Exactly! – It's all in my mind! – It's in your mind! – Exact same chili – You're lying! – Now we were lying

Now we're not lying – This was all in one– – This has bacon in it? – It was all in one big crock pot It is exactly the same chili, it's just, one says bacon on the bowl and one says not bacon on the bowl (crew laughing) Hey, you know what? We're making progress – Oh my gosh, I'm impressed

I'm so excited! – Hold on now, we've got you to like bacon that's basically hidden in something – Right – But that's not what we're after We're after pure bacon enjoyment – Yes

– And we're gonna get you there (mysterious music) Okay now we'd like to try to get you to form a positive associated between bacon and something you love and we know that you love musicals What's your favorite musical? – Into the Woods by Stephen Sondheim – Woo! That is great, because we've got a surprise for you that would be very weird if you had said any other musical – (chuckles) Oh God

– Just sit right there – (chuckling) Oh no, I'm nervous – And buckle up (orchestral music) – As you can see, Colleen, I'm the bacon – And I'm the bacon's wife

– And we think this might change your mind about us (Colleen laughing) – (laughing) This is so intense (Colleen laughing) Oh my God! (crew applauding and cheering) – That do anything for ya? – That was incredible – But are you hungry for bacon a little bit more? – No I just wanna watch the rest of the musical (laughing) – That's it

– That's all we rehearsed – Dangit! – But we've got more for you (mysterious music) Okay Colleen, we've come to the final step, the moment of truth – And you know what, you've worked really hard You've been very cooperative

And I feel like she's ready – Yep – Okay, we would like to present you with what quite possibly is the best bacon on the planet – Okay – Yes

This is thick cut Kurobuta pork, Japanese heritage breed bacon Sous vide, then seared AKA, some really good bacon – Okay So, it looks the same as all bacon to me

Doesn't look any different – Okay, I'm not offended – Well you guys are bacon connoisseurs Which one should I go for? – I actually think this one, the one closest to you is the most uniform It's like most evenly cooked

I think that's the one that you should try Which end doesn't matter – Okay, oh it's kinda sog – Yeah 'cause this is how it's done – Now don't you bite it

– [Rhett] Before you eat it– – We need to reintroduce the picky eater meter here Of course, when last we saw the meter, you had placed it squarely on the zero – [Colleen] Mhm – So what we'd like for you to do is eat it, process it, take as much time as you need – Okay

– And then, indicate on the scale, anywhere on the scale, your new relationship with bacon – Okay, are we ready? – Well I'm just gonna go ahead and bite some of this bacon before you do – (chuckles) I'm kinda nervous – That is the best bacon I've ever tasted Come on now, relax, relax your face

– Mm – Don't let us guilt you into an answer Anywhere you want This is for real – Okay, for real

– This is for real – Based on everything that's happened today – Mhm (suspenseful music) (Rhett and Colleen laugh) (suspenseful music) (Rhett laughs) – You know what? – She moved two whole notches! – That's 20% improvement! – Woo! – Right? – Yeah that's pretty good (crew applauding) I gotta say, it was the chili

– But not that – Not this This wasn't horrible though Like I didn't eat this and go like, I'm gonna spit this out I was like, I could swallow this

– We're claiming victory – We did it! – Thank you Colleen so much – And be sure to check out her channel Colleen Ballinger on YouTube – And you know what guys, we want you to comment below and let us know who else you want to see us help conquer their food fears, so put their names below If that's other YouTubers, whoever you want, and you know they fear some food, comment below

We'll help 'em – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You say you know what time it is – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Israel

– And I'm Scott And we're here in sunny San Diego, California on Bacon Street – And it's time to spin– – [Together] The Wheel of Mythicality – How about now? (laughs) – Did that do it for you? – That did it! Where is the meter? – Moved you to a three – Where is the meter? – I think their arms were stuck like that 'cause they were there the whole time

– Click the top link to watch us guess Colleen's pregnancy cravings in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Do you want to win a visit to the Mythical studio? Now's your chance, go to Mythicalstore and click the Silver GMM Logo Tee to find out how you can win the trip of a lifetime

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