Flamin’ Hot Snacks Taste Test

– Today we take flamin' hot where it's never been before – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning – We invite you to check out the Mythical Society, the online nexus of exclusive Mythical content, including our private chat room where you can interact with other Mythical Beasts and participate in monthly AMAs from us and crew members Join the fun today at MythicalSocietycom – Today we gon' get flamin' hot! – Uh-oh

– Because flamin' hot-tah! – Oh you move, the microphone moved – Flamin' hot! – You got so flamin' hot – Oh sorry, I flamin' hotted ya (chuckles) It ain't just the spicy red powder that stains your fingertips and your bowel, bitch – Uh-oh

– It's a high mark of culinary achievement, a staple of gastro ingenuity, a flamin' force so inspiring that I once gladly became it (suspenseful music) Ugh Okay – You taste incredible – Here's the nipple if you wanna lick that

– For the record, I did not lick your nipple – On camera – Thank you for offering though Link is not the only thing to have been flamin' hotted Of course there's Cheetos but there's also Flamin' Hot Funyuns, Fritos, and Doritos, and even Taco Bell had the Flamin' Hot Taco but there are still of foods out there that have yet to be flamin' hotted until today

It's time for Stuff We Try That You Can't Buy: Flamin' Hot Edition – That's right so the question is, what has not been flamin' hotted that should be and we picked some popular name brand foods and asked Mythical Chef Josh to make flamin' hot love to them (Rhett chuckles) – And it's gonna be our job to see if what was birthed is worthy of mass production We're gonna be deciding is it flamin' hawt or flamin' nawt? And we're starting with breakfast – Yeah, awhile back I saw this picture, popped up on Reddit

Flamin' Hot Cheerios, new, people got really excited about this but it was just shopped man – Just shop– – Just Photoshop it It wasn't a real thing but we're gonna do the Cheerios R&D department a favor and test this one out ourselves – We have invented Cheerios: Flamin' Hot version – [Link] Yeah look at that

See if we got nutrition facts and a maze – A maze – For the whole family – [Rhett] It's amazing! – Look at that it's basically like hell Cheerios – There's nothing in here

– What you call it– – As you can see, I'm moving it like this because they're all right there – It's over here, my brotha – [Rhett] Now go ahead and pour some milk in there – Now the interesting thing, Josh, about Flamin' Hot Cheetos is that the recipe for the flamin' hotness is not published If you look at the ingredients list on the stuff it just says flaming hot flavor so– – So how'd you do this magic, man? – [Josh] Yeah so there's some kind of industrial food additives that you know you can kinda reverse engineer out of it, things like maltodextrin for anti-clumping and it gives it more body

– Of course, yeah – There's also red dye number 40 powder that's mixed with dextrose – Love that – Of course, dehydrated cheddar cheese powder's one of the main flavors that you get – Really? – [Josh] You don't realize it because it's cut with so much citric acid, 'cause Flamin' Hot Cheerios are really sour

Flamin' Hot Cheetos, not Cheerios – Yeah – Oh man – Sour? – Yeah, so you get a lot of acid with it so I got citric acid powder and then that is just gonna be combined with salt There's a lot of MSG in Flamin' Hot Cheerio, Cheetos

Garlic, onion, a little bit of white pepper and it was all ground in a coffee grinder actually to get the universal powdery consistency – And it tastes– – Incredible! – Spot on flamin' hot flavor – You're right about the, what's the thing that makes it sour? – [Josh] Citric acid – Yes, that is one of the things that makes 'em so addictive, that there's this super sourness and super hotness at the same time, and it tastes incredible on Cheerios – How did you do it? You just told me how you did it and I'm still like how did you do it? – Hold on

It's not just, but hold on, you're responding to how well he recreated it – Yeah I haven't even got to the Cheerio part – I'm responding to how good it is – Uh, well that's a different story – But you don't like hot stuff

You don't like Flamin' Hot Cheetos to begin with – You know what I'm sorry that I have my own opinion on this show sometimes, Rhett You need me to agree for you to be validated? – It has nothing about me I'm validating the people who are excited about Flamin' Hot Cheerios, not as some novelty because they thought it was real Now it is real

And as someone who would actually be excited about it, I think I'm gonna have to be the judge of this thing and I'm gonna say without a doubt, this thing is flamin' hot – And I'm gonna have to be the second judge and say as a cereal lover, I don't want it flamin' hotted I'm sorry, so kudos to you, Josh We're not fighting – It's so good

– We just choose to disagree – [Rhett] So the verdict is flamin' hawt – Flamin' nawt – Now that we've had breakfast, let's move onto lunch in a can If you've ever wondered, does Chef Boyardee have flamin' hot ravioli? They boyardon't but maybe they should – Uh-huh and we have made that, look how bright that is

– Now if you can't remember what regular ravioli looks like, bring that in just to see how red this has gotten I mean that's– – Look at the difference Now Josh, did you just sprinkle actual Chef Boyardee or did you recreate ravioli as well? – [Josh] No I recreated it so I mixed the flamin' hot powder into fresh pasta dough, overcooked it just like Chef Boyardee and then I actually made it– – Oh come on, hey – Yeah, yeah – What? – Is it in the stuffing too? – He helped win World War II

He's a hero but he overcooks his ravioli – The meat mince stuff in the middle is flamin' hotted? – [Josh] Yeah I even pureed it just like theirs is so you don't really have to chew – And Josh, I can't give you all the props 'cause I gotta give some to the art department Zack and the art department worked this stuff up But it does have your face on it so you're– – Oh yeah, you still win

(chuckles) Okay – Chef Boyardee is you now – [Josh] Yeah – Now I thought this was pretty interesting Flamin' Hot Cheetos were actually invented by Richard Richard Montanez who was a janitor for Frito Lay and he decided to coat a Cheeto with a homemade chili spice and then of course, there was a huge response to that

He was then promoted to VP of multicultural sales for Pepsi Co America – Wow! – That is a story for the ages – You go, Richard! Dink it, sink it – Hmm, it' actually pretty subtle

– It has a rolling heat to it – I like foods that look completely unnatural Check mark there – There's a little Whoops, I dropped it on my hand This is on the table – Now, you know how I feel about this, I already said it was good in cereal, so this makes more since 'cause this is a savory item adding some so– – Oh yeah absolutely I'm eating it off the table and you know what's been on this table

– Oh so you likey? Mikey likey? – I do, yeah – I think this could definitely work on a mass scale – Chef Boyardee, listen up Beef ravioli– – [Rhett and Link] Flamin' hawt! – Up until today, the famous Smucker's PB&J sandwich Uncrustables has been both uncrusted and un-flamin' hot But why not? – Look at that

We got a Flamin' Hot Uncrustable, y'all – It looks so real, Smucker's We just gotta hand one over to ya and say, well just keep doing, put that through your factory Unless it's bad – Oh yeah that's what we're gonna find out

Incidentally, Smucker's slogan since 1962 has been with a name like Smucker's, it has to be good Why? – I don't get the logic, like what about the– – It could be bad Think of the things it rhymes with – It's like smack is smacking? I really don't know what they meant by that We're good on size

It's a little less– – Come on, you didn't have to do a side-by-side, come on! (crew laughs) Why you gotta do that to Josh, man? – [Josh] It's not the size – Let's just dink it, get a healthy bite, and bite it – I love this so much I wanna eat it first This is a magical thing and again you're messin' with something that's precious to me – Mm, it's also subtle

– You haven't gone too hard, yet, there's a bit of a heat – There's a bit of a heat – At the right moment Mm – The sweet and spicy is really good

– And peanut butter makes everything butter (chuckles) – I'm about to eat the whole thing – Yeah it's good – I think you might have a difficult time marketing these to the intended audience because other than Link, mostly children enjoy these So I just don't think that kids are– – And I'll fight kids off when they're down to like one package left

I'm like punching kids in the face – I just think children, the whole flamin' hot meets like pre-schoolers, there's not a big market – You got a marketing challenge – From a marketing standpoint, I'm gonna say flamin' nawt – But from a taste standpoint– – From my soul standpoint, I'm gonna say Uncrustables– – [Rhett and Link] Flamin' hawt

– There are few foods so perfect that they should never be tampered with and Twinkies are one of those foods but we went ahead and tampered anyway because if we didn't, we'd just be eatin' a regular Twinkie We have flamin' hotted the Twinkie – But actually Twinkie has tampered with other versions They've had peppermint, strawberry, peanut butter, and cotton candy over the years – How have I missed this? – Since it was created in 1930

All right so we got two of these – So we got some flamin' hot in the cakey part but also on the inside, right? – It still smells mostly Twinkie – Yeah you wouldn't know unless you looked at it – [Josh] And there's actual whole Flamin' Hot Cheetos blended into the cake dough itself so there is some corn meal in there – Dink it

– Twink it – I'm gonna break it and take a look Look at that Pink hot goo in the middle – The cream doesn't balance it as well as like the peanut butter and jelly balanced the hot from the Uncrustables

– I would say it's a little weird – This might be the first one for me at least that's just not workin' – I'm not feelin' it – I like a red Twinkie – I'm not feelin' it either, man

Maybe if you put peanut butter in there (chuckles) Then I'm back on board but– – Okay so Twinkies – [Rhett and Link] Flamin' nawt – I'm willing to bet you a Hungry-Man microwave dinner that if you love Hungry-Man microwave dinners, then you also love flamin' hot powder – It is, that's true

– Which is why it makes sense to combine those forces into one, the Hungry-Man Flamin' Hot country fried chicken TV dinner – Oh look at this Now, we've got flamin' hot fried chicken, we got flamin' hot mashed taters, we got flamin' hot corn, but we got regular brownie (chuckles) Because it's just a little reward for getting through the meal – Oh is that right? – Mm-hmm

– Just a little comparison if you wanted it Here it is Sad – Happy – Happy

– I guess just– – Man, I haven't had a TV dinner in so long I used to just live off of these – You've been a Hungry-Man before? – I've been called a Flamin' Hot Hungry-Man many a time – You wanna get some taters or you wanna go straight chicken? – I wanna get some taters Dink it

Yeah, doesn't even look like a potato, it looks like some sort of strange Mars food – It's good, I mean, it's exactly what you think it would be Now it tastes like you were saying From a marketing standpoint, the Hungry-Man market– – They are ready – They are so ready

– They are ripe – There's Hungry-Man, listen, seriously – They are begging – Listen to us, we created so many things on this show and no one has ever been like you know what, we're gonna do that – Hungry men are down on their knees– – Hungry-Man

– Around the world beggin' please to be flamin' hotted – Oh that's, oh, you guys put our address on there (crew laughs) Oh, I was gonna call them out where they're at I don't know where Hungry-Man is – And don't say where we are

– Well it just says, you know, Hollywoodland But listen – Hollywoodland, California – Come on, Hungry-Man, listen You guys gotta reinvent yourself

What's going on in the Hungry-Man board rooms these days? It's not fun, it's not stale coffee – It's not that you need to be less hungry, you just need to be more flamin' hot – Don't be afraid of them people's ideas! – Mm – Make a frickin' Hungry-Man Flamin' Hot Hungry-Man I said it twice

– Wow – That's good – It's really good You guys are doing a good job – Flamin' hot corn is good

It's better than regular corn – Live your flamin' hot life – Hey listen, we'll do a whole PowerPoint Is that what you need? – Is that what you want from us? You want us to stroll into your business with a laptop under our, what's that called? – Arm – Arm

And do a PowerPoint? – We will do a freakin' PowerPoint– – We will click – In your frickin' board room I don't care where it is, it's probably in the midwest – There's probably gonna be– – I'll go there I can fly

– 24 slides at least – Gosh! Just fricking live a little – Get your head out of your own butt – Hey hold on, no no no, take that back, take that back – Okay, I'm sorry

– 'Cause I'm serious, I'm going if I have to, listen, I'll come by myself 'cause he just insulted you – Listen man, you're not that hungry, your head's not in your own butt – That's right Your stuff is great already but it needs to be greater – Yeah yeah, we can team up

– I mean the brownie's good So anyway (chuckles) – Hungry-Man frozen dinner – [Rhett and Link] Flamin' hawt! – So Chef Boyardee– – Please! – Smucker's, Hungry-Man Hey, we're gonna PowerPoint up, just let's meet up somewhere

– Anybody who wants a PowerPoint presentation from us, hit us up, we will be on a flight, you know – Everybody else just keep doing what you already been doing and don't listen to us at all – That's right, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm in my boy's hostel

My name's Alithia This is my bag of onion Cheetos also called Kurkure And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Ho! Look who's here – Click the top link to watch us try some flamin' hot ice cream in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Ready, on your mark, get the set of all new Mythical mugs Available now at Mythicalstore

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