Fans Tell Rhett & Link How Much They Mean To Them

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and according to all known laws of aviation, there's no way a bee should be able to fly

Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible This week's guests feel the need, the need for YouTube's algorithm to remain fairly consistent Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauding) Wow, so cool

Again with the crotch touching And you're not talking either so that's part of it, no words can be said? – [Link] Where's my hat, where's my hat, where's my hat? There it is (sighs) (Rhett claps) – Hi guys Welcome Thank you

– What do you think about our secret handshake? – I loved every minute of it I hope I was really emoting through my face while you were doing it so that people could understand just how much I loved it – We'll teach it to you – We've been working on that We've been working on that all week

– I really like the hat placement currently I'm gonna, can I break some bee hearts? – Call me currently whenever – Some bee quote, Bee Movie quote lover hearts? We were briefly discussing this before because the quote from the intro's from Bee Movie – Oh starring Jerry Seinfeld? – And a lot of people really like it 'cause it's a really inspiring quote but then I Googled it and when you Google things, it kinda ruins everything – Oh

– 'Cause it's not true – And yeah so it's a nice idea but in reality, bees do not disobey any laws of physics If they did, bees would be responsible for ripping apart time and space whenever they flew around In reality, bees create, which is also cool, these mini hurricanes with their wings and the eyes of these mini hurricanes have a lower pressure than the air outside which lifts the bees upwards – Blah blah blah, no, Stevie, it's magic! And don't ruin it for us! – Mini hurricanes are kinda cool

I also wrote that quote down and then I wrote in the part which is like, which is also cool, but then I had to read it 'cause I didn't remember it so I just wanna be clear that at that point, I was quoting myself, but in between that– – You know what– – Which is also cool – I don't even think you needed to explain that I mean really – Which is also cool – Which is also cool

– Which is also cool, yeah – It's also cool, guys, it is the season finale of LTAT – Man – No! – It is also the final video– – Thank goodness – On this channel for a couple of weeks so it's like, it feels like the weight is, the pressure is on

– Well I feel like I should have worn something different This video's gonna be up there for two weeks? – This is gonna be lingering – I like what you wore, I think you look very pretty – I was fishing for a compliment Thank you for giving it to me

– (laughs) Okay – I mean, we gotta take a little break – Yeah, but we have a lot to unpack because we've mentioned on the show about what's happening this summer and it's a lot and I just wanted to take part of this episode to kind of reiterate and explain and talk about some stuff that we haven't even talked about at all So we're gonna do that today – Mm-hmm

– Also, what would a season finale be without compilation videos that make you think, gosh, look at what we've done and how far we've come – To give us that sense– – I love those – Of nostalgia and accomplishment that only montages can give – Or that throat feeling where you're like am I gonna cry? – Or die Choke

– Which has nothing to do with your throat but yeah, or am I gonna choke? You want that– – Am I gonna die or choke? – Am I gonna choke feeling So we have a couple of those and then, you will not believe this But I actually asked a sincere question on Twitter this week in hopes of sincere responses – Aw – So I asked what does GMM mean to you and we got so many amazing responses and I wanted to pick a couple and share them with you so we have that as well

– Uh-oh The throat thing's gonna happen – But before all of that, we gotta start with food so please Mythical Chef Josh, if you could join us – Oh wow – I told Josh that my quintessential favorite food is nachos and so he so kindly made nachos for the season finale

– All right – Oh, there's no catch? – No I don't think that– – They're just nachos? – There's a catch, yeah, I think they're just nachos – This is just the anti-rejected snack, this is the accepted snack portion – Too bad you can't reach 'em – Do you want me to load a nacho for you and walk over and hand it to you and walk back? – Okay, I would love to see, I would love everyone to have the view that they love

– Your love of nacho? – No that has a whole slice of jalapeno on it – No no no I'm talking about Josh's backside when he walks across Not me eating nacho – I like to turn it and then just walk and give like the full– – Yeah that's perfect – And then if you could just hover in front of me for a bit

– That'd be great – While you eat it – [Josh] Can I pull up and show the tattoo? – Yes (Rhett laughs) – Well it's covered by your mic pack – [Josh] That's fine

– Usually what I like to do is I like to hold my nachos like this It's a two-hand experience – We should get some too, oh my gosh, you know, guacamole is one of my favorite things This looks really good I like a nacho

– Cheers – [Link] It's a little bit of work, you feel like you're earning it but not too much work – [Josh] It's interactive – Dink it – Wow

– What kind of cheese is that? – It's a homemade nacho cheese sauce, a little bit of American to kinda round everything out and a lot of Monterey Jack and then some homemade salsa in there to kinda bring that spice up – It's good, man – You've done it again – How do you like the meat? – Meat's great – The meat is very good

– Yeah – Yeah – Anything special about that? – Well so all I did is I took the chicken hearts and I cleaned 'em and deveined 'em and just took the fat off of them and then I kinda finely chopped it like a steak picado and then I just kinda braised that with some guajillo chilis and a little bit of black beans for about four hours – Yib-zib-zip-zip-zip-zip, chicken hearts – Yes, so these are chicken heart nachos

There was a catch, I lied to you and I'm very sorry I will never do that again – You know what? – We needed to – They're still good Did Stevie know? – Yeah

– Did you eat it? – It was really good! Yeah I mean you blatantly asked if there was a catch and I didn't anticipate that question but I think we skirted it pretty okay – Yeah by lying – He just lied – I just learned that you know how to take things that are bad when Chase boils them and make them taste good – Yes

– That is so weird, isn't it? – That is – Because I think that– – What is happening? – We were going to take this opportunity to talk about the Saturday content during Good Mythical Summer – Whoa! – Oh – So like you mentioned on the show, Saturdays during the summer are not gonna be LTAT Saturdays, they're gonna be Mythical food, Mythical Chef Josh Saturdays And we have a couple different series that we're going to premiere on the channel, the first of which is called Food Fears and it links directly into this nacho plate

You just shoved nachos in your mouth but are you okay to talk about the show? – Oh yeah, so the show is called Food Fears and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take one of the ingredients per episode that you guys have historically really hated over the years That might be pork uterus, that might be some sort of animal testicle, anything contained inside that you typically wouldn't wanna eat and I'm going to try and make someone less afraid of the food and make them like it by teaching people how to create a super awesome dish like these chicken heart nachos – When Food Fears stops, we're gonna do a few of those, and then it's gonna be replaced on Saturdays by– – Future Fast Food so I'm going to try and prognosticate what, say Taco Bell, Carl's Jr, McDonald's next big mega viral menu item is going to be using my intimate knowledge of the fast food ecosystem – How intimate have you been with the ecosystem? – So intimate that I cannot talk about it on this show without getting the video demonetized – Okay

– That's not true But pretty intimate so yeah, so I'm going to be trying to figure out what the next big item is and then cooking it so it's kinda be like here's how you do a fast food copycat – It's gonna be awesome – I'm excited about it because I'm the guy that goes to– – Good – To these places and looks in the window and then immediately walks in and gets the thing that's the new thing in the window but you're gonna basically tell them what they should be putting in the menu

– Exactly, I'm gonna bring my new thing to their window and then ask them to eat it and then they're gonna call the police and then I'm gonna say, "You can't arrest me, "I'm a sovereign citizen" – Spoiler alert (Rhett laughs) – Yeah so that's what that show is – No I think, I'm personally very excited for both as I'm sure you guys are at home and it's all Josh, all Saturday That's the tagline

– Give 'em a heartfelt invitation – All right what's up YouTube fam, it's your, no (all laughing) Please tune in every Saturday for 10 weeks to check out Future Fast Food and Food Fears It's gonna be a lot of me cooking, a lot of wacky times, hopefully no one throws up and hopefully people like the things I make for them – Wacky times, he said it! – Wacky times

– Did I say wacky times? – You said it – Well that– – I'm gonna hold you to that! – In fact there's a third show called Wacky Times – No it's called Facky Finds – Yeah it's gotta have an F theme – Well thank you Josh, and these nachos were delicious even though they were chicken hearts

– Can't wait to watch, man Can I be in an episode? – Yes you may – All right – Both of you may, do you guys wanna keep these? – Sure – Yes

– Yeah yeah yeah, pretty good – Thanks Josh Okay before we get to talking about the rest of the summer content, we have our first compilation If you don't know how intros work on this show, boy, it's been a long time so how did you watch all these episodes and then get here and not know? But the first half, I'm Stevie and blank is a fan submitted intro on Twitter and then the second half, this week's guests, is just like a little something I like to toss in So we made a compilation of all of the fan-submitted intros which you can go watch on one of our social medias that I should have known but it will be in the lower third @rhettandlink wherever it is

– We're lower thirdin' it – So go check that out, and then, what I'm about to show you is a compilation of some of the this week's guests intros So look at what we've done This week's guests had me at hello, we will pay you to make YouTube videos Please welcome Rhett and Link

This week's guests are the poster boys for codependency Please welcome Rhett and Link This week's guests make at least 69% of their sexual innuendos inadvertently Please welcome Rhett and Link This week's guests are the reason for those don't get in the pool with active diarrhea signs

This week's guests don't want a lot for Christmas There's just one thing they need, relevancy This week's guests went to town riding on a pony, stuck feathers in their hats and called them hats Please welcome Rhett and Link This week's guests always negotiate when someone asks a penny for your thoughts? This week's guests put their pants on just like the rest of us, only when they have to leave the house

This week's guests cut the mustard just as much as they cut the cheese This week's guests always answered honestly whenever they encountered a Got Milk ad Please welcome Rhett and Link This week's guests believe more than anybody that two heads are better than one But one chin is fine for two

This week's guests answered the phone with, "Whazzup," for a few years beyond the acceptable time limit This week's guests once exorcised a dozen deviled eggs and checked a twice baked potato into rehab This week's guests are super particular about the order in which their names are said Please welcome Link and Rhett This week's guests scream, "Yeah," and, "Someone's in here," respectively when they're using the restroom and someone knocks on the door

Today's guests do love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain but their pina coladas have ground-up testicles and their rain comes in the form of human chocolate fountains This week's guests call tomatoes maters, potatoes taters, and portmanteaus man taters This week's guests will be comin' around the mountain when they come because the particular road they're driving on was made that way, versus through the mountain, most likely due to construction costs or some other geological impossibility This week's guests were last week's guests Please welcome Rhett and Link

(crew cheers and applauds) Welcome, gentlemen – [Link] That was gonna be something awkward (chuckles) – Did you guys see that last part? The part where that just took a really long time for you to sit down? – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, that was awesome – How did you find that? – I thought that was the best part of the video – Okay

– The part with us? – Yeah (laughs) – That's such an honest answer (Rhett laughs) With zero comedy behind it The part with us (Rhett laughs) Okay so check out– – No I loved all those intros

– My favorite was man taters – Man taters Check out the fan intro compilation on our Twitter Davin said in the middle of that – Twitter – And thank you guys so much for sending me in those intros

I will need some more for the next season of LTAT – Boy, we really been through it – We been through it– – Together – But that wasn't the been through it compilation I mean it was a little bit of been through– – Boy you really set it up for us to go through it

– Yeah Okay so the rest of the summer I just wanted to clarify what's gonna be happening because– – Yes – After this episode, we have two weeks that are dark on this channel, but that doesn't mean that we're dark with content because– – Correct, correct – We're launching a bunch of new original videos featuring the Mythical team over at the Mythical Society

So you can go to MythicalSocietycom if you're not already a member and sign up, and if you are a member, you can start watching new original content next week because we're gonna be dropping a new video, dropping That was like– – We're gonna drop it – Yeah it's like an album every week – A new video every Thursday over on Mythical Society

That starts next week, that goes all the way through summer, all the way until season 16 All the way beyond that so go sign up You are also gonna be on tour this summer so if you don't have tickets, go to RhettAndLinkLivecom and let's throw up that graphic that has all of those dates so you can see if Rhett and Link are coming to a town or place near you – Lots of fun! – [Stevie] There's so much! – Summer 2019

– Every day there's things So I just wanted to talk a little bit about that And let people know what was up – That was so titillating – Now's the part where we start getting more emotional

I wanted to just take a peek at what we've done on LTAT thus far Before we break into the summer, before we come back with a new season in August so here's a little reel of all of the fun that we have had together on LTAT Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I may regret this Today's guests are tall, funny and not my dads

Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) (tender music) I didn't want to set the bar so high for this show that we would never be able to repeat it, but I also didn't want it set it low 'cause I want people to watch – [Link] It's Saturday, nobody's got anything to do – [Rhett] You know what, let it lay, man You don't have to say anything about it

You do you, I'll be normal, and everybody'll be happy – You don't have to believe in it You don't have to not believe in it Alls you have to do is be open to the possibility – I was born into a void of pure darkness

As a child I swam in a stream of blood and then after college, I just backpacked around Europe for a couple of months – [Crew] Megan, Megan, Megan! – [Alex] They claim to be the number one internet morning show in Weedpatch, do you believe that's true? – I don't know (gentle orchestral music) – [Link] As if the show itself is not awkward enough But no stay out here, let's get even weirder – [Rhett] I tell ya, I am excited about the rest of the year after seeing what is possible

(swelling orchestral music) – [Link] Sing, boy! – Get in that pool and sing, Zack! Does this water bottle– – Float in water when filled with water? Yes! – [Stevie] Any other words you'd use to describe it? – A strange, weird, I would not use funny, but that seems to be what they think it is – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – [Link] F-O S-H-O (Rhett laughs) – Maybe it was a little less emotional than just– – No I cried a little bit No so when– – I cried a little bit

– So when you start hearing my dad talk and you hear, "It's strange, weird," I thought that was me talking – Really? – I was like why am I talking like that? I was like oh it's my dad (laughs) Strange, weird – Strange, weird – But not funny

(laughs) – Man, that was so good, Morgan, thank you for putting that together – We've really been through it – We have been through it Man it's hard to get emotional with bits like will this water bottle float in water but the music was helpful – That was a highlight for me though

I've been doing that on my own in the bath tub My wife is– – You discovered a lot – Will this water bottle float in water? – She gets so tired of all the water bottles in our bath tub – (laughs) Just you sitting in your bath – Come here, come here, look! – Playing with water bottles

– Honey, can you bring me another water bottle? – Look what this one does! – I think that we've gotten so many unsolicited– – Letters – Responses and letters about how much GMM means to people and we from time to time kind of recenter ourselves about what we're doing and what it means and I just thought that maybe we could go to Mythical Beasts and kind of have them put into words what GMM means to them so I asked on Twitter, what does GMM mean to you and keep it fairly short and I did allow screenshots of notes so some things are a little bit longer I got so many responses So I wanna thank you guys, I don't have, I can't possibly go through all of them and if I don't go through yours, just know that we saw it and it means a lot If you want a good cry, go over to my Twitter @StevieWLevine

You can read through all of the responses But I actually had to print out some things this time I had 20 pages of selects and now– – What? – And then I whittled them down There of course were themes One, people all over the world watch GMM so a lot of people from different places had things to say about what time GMM came on for them and how it had helped them learn to speak English or connect with this culture or find something in the show that maybe wasn't available in their lives wherever they lived

A lot of people use GMM as a bonding time for their family, it's the time of day where they can actually sit their entire family down and watch something together so that was a really nice theme and then we had a number of people speak out about depression and issues of anxiety and how the show has helped them overcome issues like that or kind of use it as a take a break from the realities of that, but I wanna start off with some more perhaps straightforward answers and then we'll go along This person obviously gets what we're going for, @kimchiBYU, bee-yoo, it means laughing with my kids each morning with a bowl of cereal in my hands and a prayer in my heart that they don't understand any of the innuendo (Rhett chuckles) – Yep – That's what innuendo's for – They don't

– Right – It's designed to go over the children's heads – [Stevie] Yeah, okay then we had– – It comes out of my mouth and still goes over my head – Right, true – Bew! – Then we had a bunch of kind of metaphors and wordplay responses– – Oh let's get into the wordplay

– @SamanthaIsTexan says to me GMM means when you buy Cheese Ritz and eat one that has extra cheese When you want both tots and fries and the cook accidentally put both with your meal When you thought you left the oven on but you turned it off GMM is everything you need to be happy in life and feel at east – Aw! – Ah! – That's pretty good

– The oven thing – You're not gonna burn your house down – Yeah, @nckellywrites, also writes That was part of the name – Okay

– The neon moon to my rundown bar The boot scoot to my boogie It's been the consistent bright spot in a rough period for me, ever inspiring and enjoyable I owe my remaining sanity to GMM and all those involved I just love the crap out of it

– Oh, Brooks and Dunn references – Yeah love that – You know how to get our attention – Then @neonmoon87– – Oh gosh – I didn't even intentionally tie those things together

– Really? – GMM to me is like a tropical island that I would happily get stranded on for a lifetime – Very little resources, no way out – Oh I thought you were critiquing the tweet I was like that is so rude – This person obviously has no access to resources

(Stevie laughs) – It's the island, I get it – I'm saying like our show, you know, it's like– – Yeah – You might find a pig and eat it but then that pig, then you'll have to start eating other survivors – You find yourself taking weird chances for survival, yeah, that's exactly what it means – @mikicharr says GMM is that friend you want to introduce to everyone because you know they'd all enjoy their company

– Thank you for introducing us – @PraiseSharp, GMM is a haven of creativity Ideas take physical form Mythicality is a well-marinated bite of how the world can be a better place Add a great crew with just as much ambition and drive as the two main guys and you have another thing that makes the world better: laughter

– Wow – Well-marinated bite – Marinated – I love that – I love to marinate

– And props to the Mythical crew Thank you guys – You're all so well-marinated – I'll pass that along You guys are so well-marinated

Just sink my teeth into you, just rip your flesh and it's like wow, it's perfect – Mm-hmm, so there was also of course a big theme of family and home @jclodge95 says I watched the show pretty much every day for the last seven years I'm 23 now and I literally grew up watching it Rhett and Link are like my internet dads and I couldn't have asked for better ones

– Clean your room! – Wow – So weird – Can we have custody? – Sure, yeah 23 I think is fine – We're going to speak to a lawyer about that

(Stevie chuckles) – @thevelvethook says GMM means friendship, comedy, community and embracing your true self It's a light in the darkness It's a familiar comfort It's about something that became bigger than the sum of its parts GMM is the best in all of us

GMM is home – Bigger than the sum of its parts – [Stevie] Yeah (clicks tongue) (laughs) – That's sweet – @CelestialLink says GMM has been an escape for me when my own world has been a difficult one to be in

It's a comforting place where no matter what, everything feels good and fun It's two best friends, sharing their dream with the world and bringing people together from all walks of life It's home – Home – Home, again

Home twice – We might need to redecorate the set to make it even more homey – It's pretty homey – To lean into that – It's pretty dang homey

– We could put up a bedspread – We should do it from– – Over the– – We should do it from a bed – Well no – Let's replace the desk – Put the bedspread over the desk

– There's definitely a faction of the audience that would enjoy that show – A waterbed – @The_Real_Editor says GMM is not just a show but a home A place I can go to escape and laugh I feel inspired, confident and silly

It's a source of joy welcoming to everyone GMM has helped me pursue the career of my dreams and has introduced me to some of my best friends – Thank you (Stevie laughs) Thank you for that – @MsBuffyLee says GMM meant getting a relationship and a connection about something with my four-year-old son who has autism

It meant him getting a connection with his four siblings and bonding over GMM – That's awesome – Yeah, do you notice I'm getting more emotional with the things and then my voice is getting wavery? Okay so on that theme, another strong theme is that the show's just been there for people when they need it (weeps) @kelekua28 says GMM is a show I can turn to to help me forget about my anxiety and depression and just overall make me laugh when I'm having a bad day Thank you Rhett and Link and the Mythical crew for creating something so magical

I love you all so much – Hmm – @ptj20098223 says as an LGBT member in a homophobic country, GMM means a funny, precious, modern western life that I can look up to So that, that Okay (Rhett chuckles) @Linkypoo4lyfe, GMM helped me get over being in a verbally abusive relationship and I remember the day I started watching them and I laughed so hard I forgot about everything in the past and focused on today All I can say is thank you to Rhett, Link, and all the the Mythical staff – You're welcome

– You're saying you're welcome and thank you after things – Well she said thank you so you're welcome – This was great, this was a poem @mythicalgracee says hey Stevie, I made a poem saying what GMM means to me It's called What GMM Means To Me

(chuckles) GMM makes me happy in so many ways It is the bright sun in my darkest day It brings me joy to watch Link and see him gag at any gross thing he drinks I love spending time with his best buddy Rhett, see him eat spicy things that burns his palette The crew's so amazing too

To see all the different foods and contraptions they make out of the blue All aspect of the show is great There are no imperfects that I can even state As this poem comes to a close, I just wanted to let you guys know you have amazing fans from Los Angeles to Tokyo – I don't do that on LTAT

(chuckles) – Well that's disappointing – (chuckles) Just kidding What! (yelling continues) – Wow – There was a harmonic in that one – Yeah

I was trying to make it keep happenin' Keep cappenin' happenin' – Thank you for all that you do making me laugh and smile with Rhett, Link and the Mythical crew Every day we feel so blessed to hear you guys tell us to be our Mythical best Well Grace that was very cute

She said she wrote it in 15 minutes That was pretty good for 15 minutes – Yes – And then this is a longer one There are so many longer ones, I'm so sorry I couldn't read all of them

This is from @rhettmcneal GMM is an escape for me from the world It's a safe place to go where I know I'm going to smile and laugh It's one of the only constant things in my life While everything is changing, GMM stays and that's one of the most comforting things

GMM means being your absolute Mythical best even when you feel like you can't be yourself anymore Not only has the show been there for me but it has taught me so much It taught me that it's okay to not be okay but to always laugh despite it all, and I know it sounds crazy that two guys bathing in chicken noodle soup or eating testicles has done this for me but it's true GMM has given me and so many Mythical Beasts a home when we didn't have one before and I'm forever thankful – We haven't bathed in chicken noodle testicles though

– That's a good idea – I'm teary-eyed – I know Are you done because– – I'm done – No I'm just gonna, just burst with tears

No, it is really helpful to hear those so thanks for pulling all that together and we do read a lot of the comments and even when we tour and we get to meet fans, Mythical Beasts get to tell us a lot of the same things that we hear this way so, and putting names with faces and so on but it's very special to know that we're special to people And I mean when we started, when we started making YouTube videos there was no way we could have known that and even when we started the show and we said we want you to make this a part of your daily routine and we were saying things like that as part of the vision of what the show would be, we still didn't anticipate– – Well we've always been trying to entertain, you know It was very much just oh we're just gonna make you laugh and I think A, we sort of underestimated what laughter could do for people and having something consistent that they could laugh at but then beyond that, the way that this community has formed around the show and then in turn, you guys actually determine so much about what we do We don't make this show in a bubble It's not just all of us sitting around and figuring out what we're gonna do

We make this show kinda collectively as a family because you guys are so interactive and so engaged with what we're doing that so many of the things that we do are kind of an answer to, something that you've asked for or something that you've hinted at or something that we've sort of developed a sense that you might like and so this is very much a two-way relationship that has, like Link said, this wasn't anything that we ever anticipated or planned on but you helped make it a reality – Yeah we know that, I mean, life can throw so much at a person and we know that all of us go through things and some of us are constantly going through things So I'm just grateful that we stumbled upon, because we decided to do a daily video, I'm just grateful that we stumbled upon a format which creates a playground for us to be ourselves so that somehow by osmosis it encourages people to also be themselves, just yourself be of weird as you And also it's something that people count on The consistency of it and knowing that we're creating this world that's an expression of our friendship and beyond that an extension of the creativity that all you guys as Mythical crew members and the ones that aren't here that I'll speak to through the camera too are helping infuse the show with who we all are as a family and I'm really glad that that transfers and creates a safe environment for people to, if that needs to be an escape or some sort of a support moment, that 10 to 20 to 30 minutes every single day

I think we are all, the two of us, the three of us, everybody here, I know I speak for all of us in saying that we're just truly honored that we can be a safe place and kinda like a comedic haven in the midst of whatever's going on in your life so– – Thank you for making all of us a part of your daily routine and for watching and enabling us to continue to have fun making this show with you – It's been a great season 15 and a great run with LTAT – Yeah, I don't have anything to add to that I think that was perfect So this is the last time for this season that we'll say our final line

– [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O! (poppy electronic music)

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