Extreme Would You Rather Challenge #3

– Excuse me but what is a mothshake? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– It's November 6th, y'all, and I know you been paying attention when we been telling you that today is the US midterm election Check your local info to see exactly when your polls close Go before work, go at lunch

Go after work – Yes – As long as you're in line at closing time, you can vote It's a great way to be Mythical best – Yes and we know that the Mythical Beasts like to vote because you voted on some strange scenarios for this very special election day episode

– That's right, if you've ever been on a long road trip or trapped in a junkyard refrigerator with some friends, you may have resorted to a little game of hypotheticals called would you rather – But we're not interested in hypotheticals around here We're interested in hyper-realicals That's why we once again are about to play You Choose, We Lose: Extreme Would You Rather Challenge And we posted a bunch of would you rather questions on the internet and 20,000 of you responded

– Wow – Now we're going to take turns guessing what the majority of you said you would rather do – If we're wrong, we have to do the thing that the most of you Mythical Beasts said you did not want to do and if we're right, the other person has to do it So in every round, someone is punished with the least popular option – Fun

– Rhett, you are further from the sky than I am closer to a horse foot so you get to go first – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay Rhett, you ready? – Yeah – We asked you would you rather do a tuna tartare body shot out of a hairy belly button– – Oh gosh – Or do a shot of tartar sauce, tuna water and body wash

Rhett, how do you think they responded? What did they rather? – I feel like the body shot out of a hairy belly button– – Hairy bear's belly button? – Sounds worse because hair belly button sounds super nasty I actually think that taking a shot of body wash would ultimately be nastier– – Yeah Well – But I'm gonna go with just sort of the visceral reaction that when you see hairy belly button So I think more people said they would rather do a shot of tartar sauce, tuna water and body wash

That's what they preferred That's what I'm guessing – Okay, let's see if he's right The majority of you preferred to do a shot of tartar sauce, tuna water and body wash Which means you're correct

– (chuckles) Yep – Which means I have to take a shot of tuna tartare out of your hairy belly button – Well it doesn't have to be mine but I will volunteer mine – Is it hairy? – [Rhett] You better believe it – Oh gosh

What's that wire? – [Rhett] It's got one really long hair (crew laughing) – All right that's Rhett's microphone wire He's not going to the urgent care right after this Like you've got a tape worm coming out of your chest – Is this table strong enough for me? – We've got plenty of 'em

I don't even know what tuna tartare is – Bring it in, oh – It's raw tuna, Link – You can't, oh my gosh – Hey

– This part's just as bad as that part – Dang man – There's some link in there – Oh there is? – Yeah At least a little bit

(Rhett chuckling) – This is round freaking one! (crew laughs) This is round one, Link! – I would not rather I mean I would take the shot of body wash, looking at this? – You know what, a lot of people would pay for this (crew laughs) That's the thing There are people all over the world that would pay good money to eat out of my belly button (chuckles) And you get to do it for free! (laughs) – Stop being so jolly about it

It's like a bowl of jelly down here – Can I be laughing? – Can I get a, "You can do it, serpent king?" That would really help me – You want a chant or you want it from me? – A chant – [Rhett And Crew] You can do it, serpent king You can do it, serpent king

– Get it all – [Rhett And Crew] You can do it, serpent king – Don't leave any – You can do it, serpent king – Make it clean! (slurps) (coughs) (crew laughing) (Link coughs) What happened, man? – I– (coughs) – Is it my, are you reacting to my belly button or to the tuna? – Neither

I thought it would be a good idea to suck as I went for it and it went into my lungs – Yeah typically you don't suck tuna – It went into my lungs – Just eat it – (coughs) It's still in my lungs

– Well, you might die But you should probably finish this before you do – God, man Did you warsh? – No I knew this was a possibility and I didn't wash

(crew laughs) (Link coughs) Hey, don't cough it back on me There's a little bit more There's a piece way down in there (laughs) – I'm out! – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Okay, here's the next one

We asked you would you rather wear underwear filled with clam chowder, or wear socks filled with itch powder – Itch powder in the socks Now we've experienced itch powder before And it is effective But I think, I mean, if you haven't experienced it and the itchiness of it, I would be suspicious of how itchy it really is and then I would think that clam chowder in the underwear was worse, and by the way, I think it is worse

– People might think, it might feel good – There are people who think that – [Rhett] It probably feels good for a little bit – They have their own dedicated websites Oh gosh, clam chowder, in the underwear

Like in the intimate– – Underwear – The intimateness spot – Yep, that's what I call it – Is not the thing that I would prefer and it's not the thing that you prefer That's my answer

So you preferred itch powder in the socks – Let's see what they did Oh (laughs) You're wrong – No! I don't under, I don't understand

– It was close, but– – What do you got– – 54% It's final, Link That means you're gonna have to fill your miniature horse socks, available at Mythicalstore – Oh look at that

– Oh, nice – (chuckles) That's the silver lining I get to show those off – But you gotta fill 'em up with itch powder Chase is gonna come in and– – There's one

– Fill those up Chase – Gonna hold it up for me? – Well not really but I will – [Link] This is a itchy itchy sitchy sitchy – How bad could this actually be? – It looks like saw dust, look at that

What is that? Oh my gosh – Come on, don't breathe it in – I already breathed in the tuna tartare I felt sure you were gonna be wearing clam chowder underwear, man Okay, put this on

– And put this one on – Oh my gosh It's already itching a little bit 'cause it's like – What's the sensation? – Well it itches – Well it itches, would you believe it? – (chuckles) It itches – The itch powder itches – Let me tell you right now It itches but it ain't as bad as having clam chowder in your region! – Yeah that was a missed opportunity

– Y'all are wrong – Missed opportunity – You could have seen him put clam chowder in his region! – But I'm glad – Now my socks are just itchy – [Rhett and Link] Round three

– Okay, we asked you would you rather use your friend's comb as a fun dip stick or use your friend's deodorant as a lipstick Rhett, which do you think they preferred? – I thought this was super obvious at the beginning, but now I'm confusing myself, because– – What did you think was obvious? – I was thinking well clearly you'd rather have the fun dip stick because– – With hair on it? – Your hair is not as gross as your underarm but the problem is is that, it's relative because the comb is going into your mouth but the deodorant is just going onto your mouth You see, but I don't know if people, people are just like, ugh Most people, I don't know, I can't explain the last round I don't know how that happened

– Mhm – But I think most people– – My feet are itching though, I will say that – They're not taking the time to consider this as if they're doing it, the way that I'm doing right now They're just looking at it and they're kind of responding to something and I think we see your friend's deodorant I'm kinda going with the same principle of the deodorant, the belly button, it's a body part

It's a little bit nasty up under here So I'm gonna say they would rather use their friend's comb as a fun dip stick – I agree with that answer but most of you preferred yes, to use your friend's comb – Yes – You were also, as Rhett said, afraid of using deodorant as a lipstick

– That means, Link– – Which means I have to do that – Wow It's just kinda working out – What are you gonna do? – I don't know – You can use it

– I'm gonna use this deodorant, then I'm gonna give it to you as lipstick – What brand is that? – Oh it's Good Mythical Deodorant We consulted the finest graphic artists (crew chuckles) – Available at Mythicalstore

– Oh gosh – Oh what's it say on the back? – For your pits (chuckles) We consulted the finest marketing experts For the slogan – For the catch phrase? – What do you think about for your pits? Sold! – Oh gosh, you still got that worm hanging

– My left one tends to stink a little bit more – So I put my mouth– – This is my off hand – Put my mouth on your hairy belly button – Oh good, I got a hair I thought I'd catch one if I went hard enough

– I put my mouth on your hair belly button and I now am putting my– – Get a closeup of that – [Link] My mouth on your hairy armpits – Got a little curly-cue on there for ya Link, your lips look a little chapped I know that says for your pits, but (chuckles), it could also be for your lips

(chuckles) Ugh, make sure you get that hair transfer Oh oh oh oh oh oh! Oh it's still on there – You can have it back – Oh, thank you – [Rhett and Link] Round four

– Okay, maybe, maybe you'll get, you know what, no, actually, we're both gonna lose in this one Because we asked you would you rather drink a milkshake out of your friend's mouth or have your friend drink a mothshake our of your mouth A mothshake is a milkshake made from moths (scattered crew laughing) – Is that a thing or is that something that we made a thing? – We probably made it a thing But here's the thing, we're both going to suffer in a matter of moments regardless of how you answer this

– This is borderline baby birding which was one of the most damaging instances ever on this show for me – Borderline baby birding (chuckles) – Oh gosh – Sounds like something you get a citation for – Drinking a milkshake out of your friend's mouth like with a straw

Or holding a mothshake in your mouth Not having to consume it but your friend still has to consume it out of your mouth So holding moths in your mouth or drinking a milkshake out of your friend's Man, this is tough I hope you guys thought this through

(sighs) I don't think anybody wants to put moths in their mouth (gulps) – You just made a cartoon swallowing sound (both laughing) (Link sighs) – I think most of you prefer to dink a milkshake even though it would be out of your friend's mouth 'Cause hey they're still a friend – [Rhett] Okay you were right

57% of people people prefer to drink a milkshake out of their friend's mouth which means that– – I won – You're going to drink, I'm going to drink– – A mothshake– – [Rhett] A mothshake out of your mouth – Out of my mouth And I don't know why I'm smiling 'Cause I still have to fill my mouth with moths

There it is – Oh gosh This could pierce you – Look, it wants to go towards the light Ugh

I want you to go ahead and smell it so you don't think that it's me that smells like this – Oh gosh – It's bad – It's not anything like what I thought it would be – And as a friend, I'm going to put a whole lot in my mouth

– Okay – So that– – And listen – Putting it in, like actually– (slurps) Like get in my cheek or something – And don't– – Don't put that straw down my throat – Don't spit it out in my face

– Well I'm going to on purpose – Don't do it, man Don't come for my face – I won't – That's not what I signed up for

I signed up to just drink a mothshake out of your mouth – Honestly I remember signing anything, 'cause I wouldn't have All right – And I am gonna stick the sharp end in your mouth because that'll prevent you from moving too much – What is it? It's a sharp end

All right so I'm gonna go like this – I'm not putting the sharp end in my mouth 'cause I know you'll move around and you'll kill me I'm not gonna move around – Happy breakfast – What have we become? We become men who drink mothshakes out of each other's mouths

Aren't you proud, Mom? (softly moaning) (Rhett gags and spits) (crew laughs) I got some down I'm done! I don't, oh gosh! Oh it's so, it's dairy So it's, it's– (crew laughing) I've done it (Link grunts) Ugh That was horrible

(Link retches) I'm sorry I got some in places – Ugh – Ugh – All right – It definitely got in my mouth

We're all winners today! – Thank you for responding to our surveys Keep looking for that on our socials, but for now– – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – (exhales) You know what time it is – I'm John – I'm Geri

– It's pretty nipply in Urbana this morning – It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – (chuckles) He's like, just in case you didn't hear me say nipply – I'm actually touching it – Click the top link to learn about some real life animal politicians in Good Mythical More

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