Extreme Celebrity Diet Taste Test

– How do actors lose those rolls for roles? – Let's talk about that (upbeat instrumental music) – Good mythical summer! We hope you are enjoying your summer

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– Just in time for your summer experiences and, Mythical Beasts, you probably lose and gain weight from time to time, but you don't get paid big buckets of money to do it That's because you're not a movie star, unless you are and if that's the case, then we're gonna guess exactly how you got so fat or skinny because it's time for How Much Food Have These Actors Chewed To Get Their Movies Viewed? – Alright, here's how this is going to work We're going to read about an actor who lost or gained a lot of weight for a role, then we're going to guess what their diet was using multiple choice with these little paddles, A or B Whoever gets the most right wins an Oscar Meyer wiener Yes, that's how we do it around here

You have to give an acceptance speech, just like a real movie star, and the loser has to eat a smoothie of all the meals in Good Mythical More Let's do this Alright, what's under that cloche? Christian Bale lost 63 pounds to star in the movie The Machinist, you remember he played a sickly insomniac He went from 173 to 110 – [Link] Dang, look at the difference, man

– [Rhett] Yeah, he's skinnier on the right – Well his jacket's open, it kind of gives a pudgy effect – Okay, how did he do this? Did his diet consist of A, one can of tuna and/or one apple per day or B, one spoonful of peanut butter and/or one banana per day? – Boy, he had to have been in a bad mood either way – I don't know, he had the and/or both days You know, when you've got an and/or situation, you can't be too disappointed

– Well, I would just do the and situation every day Well, peanut butter and/or a banana, that's better than an apple and tuna – That is one that seems more agreeable with an average person but Christian Bale ain't no average person – Alright, let's get ready to give our answers – [Stevie] Three, two, one

– B, it's gotta be B – No, I think it's the tuna and the apple because there's more variety They don't go together but let's find out who's correct Correct, alright – I would've thought that he would've been conscious of the mercury poisoning

Are you okay? Why don't you eat the tuna like that? – Nope Alright, let's find out who our next actor is It is Russell Crowe, who gained over 60 pounds for the movie Body of Lies, no pun intended Dang, he bulked up to 257 pounds – It was the body that lies

That lies, I emphasized the wrong word – [Link] So that is not a fake belly Could've done a fake belly – Yeah, well this is Russell Crowe He's committed, man

– Did his diet consist of A, cheeseburgers for breakfast and lots of Sprinkles cupcakes or B, daily meals of fried chicken and two pieces of lamington, which is a classic New Zealand cake made with butter, chocolate, and coconut – Okay – Never heard of lamington before, but it seems like it would put on the pounds – Sprinkles cupcakes, is that a brand of cupcake or is it just cupcakes with sprinkles? – I think it's just that Either one can put 60 pounds on

– I'm just trying to look into his belly and see if anything comes to me Is that a fried chicken belly or is that a hamburger belly? 'Cause there is a difference One, the fat sits a little bit lower – Oh, does it? – Yeah, but I'm not gonna tell you which one – [Stevie] You ready? – Yeah

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – He went lamington with a homeschool meal – Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too, so we agree We were both wrong! I wanted to eat some lamington I was hoping that was under here

– Well, have a burger – [Stevie] Those are Sprinkles cupcakes, it's a store – Oh, is it a store, we were wrong on all counts Okay, Rob McElhenney gained 52 pounds to play an overweight version of his character on his show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia There he is, wow, he went for it

– [Link] Oh, wow – He tried to eat 1,000 calories per meal and he peaked at 212 pounds – How did he do it? – Was it A, Big Macs and occasionally three donuts for dessert or B, Triple Whoppers with cheese and occasionally three mini cherry pies for dessert? So is this a Big Mac man or a Triple Whopper man? – And do you think, just as a side question, if you needed to gain a whole lot of weight, if it was me I wouldn't eat the desserts, I would just eat more savory stuff – I would eat all of the above – I know you would

Which one of these would you choose? I would choose A 'cause I don't like cherry pies Triple Whopper's pretty nice, though, that charbroil Woo, this is tough – Man, these are both equally respectable choices – I don't know how he feels about cherry pies

I wish I did – [Stevie] Alright, three, two, one – Oh, fine, I'm gonna change my answer – I'm going with what I would choose to eat – I'm going with Triple Whoppers for the charbroil

– Alright, let's see what we've got, let's see what we've got Big Mac! – Okay, there it is – I mean, I can't see a Big Mac and not take a bite out of it – But you know what, here, hold on, I've got an idea Make one of these the top bun

Make one of these the bottom bun Make one of these the middle bun – That's not gonna work – Smoosh it and goosh it (crew laughing) – My finger went right through the burger, I ain't complaining

– Alright, who we got next? Matthew Mcconaughey, yes, he lost 47 pounds for Dallas Buyer's Club He won an Oscar for Best Actor and got down to 143 pounds Man, that's tough Did his diet mainly consist of A, Diet Sprite, a plate of boiled green beans, a handful of trail mix, and five to seven croutons dipped in jelly or B, a Diet Coke, two egg whites, a piece of chicken, then another Diet Coke and an incredibly tiny portion of tapioca pudding? Gotta have that little taste of sweet, I guess, either way – These are both very specific

– Okay, I mean, I can see, you know, someone losing a drastic amount of weight saying, "Oh, man, "if I can just have a little dip of jelly on my crouton, "just a little bit," you know? I could see that happening – I could see Matthew Mcconaughey coming up with that idea – Diet Sprite or Diet Coke? – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – I think he went with the more traditional diet – The crouton jelly thing, I think that's totally, "Alright, alright, alright

" – Here we go! You're wrong, Neal! – Look at that little tapioca pudding – Two Diet Cokes – Egg white – It's all white – It's all white, you're exactly right

– It's alright – All white, all white, all white – The already petite Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds for her role in Black Swan She did win the Best Actress Oscar for it though, so it was all worth it – The Oscars like it when you make a drastic change to yourself

Demonstrates sacrifice And especially if there's a swan in the title – Yeah, we almost called this Good Mythical Swan – Right – For the Oscar

– Just for the Oscar – Yep, and then we realized we were not eligible for Oscars You know, because of the conviction (Link and crew laughing) Did her diet consist of A, solely carrots and almonds, and that's not carrots that have a special soul, that is just carrots, or 12 glasses of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and syrup a day? – So a lemon juice cleanse is basically– – Carrots and almonds – Those are meager rations

– Sounds like a Simon and Garfunkle song – We could write that song – Yeah, let's write the song they didn't 'cause they're not getting along these days It's sad, every time I think about it I shed tears ♪ Every time I think of you ♪ ♪ I think about carrots and almonds ♪ – Okay

– [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Going for the juice cleanse – Yeah, yeah, yeah, this seems right down her alley, right? – Let's see if we're right – Oh, carrots and almonds, Natalie Portman! Sorry, whoops – Handful of nuts is a healthy snack

– Yeah, it is (crew laughing) – Oh, for this one we have double cloche Jared Leto gained 60 pounds to play Mark David Chapman, the guy who killed John Lennon, in the movie Chapter 27, you seen it? – I have not seen Chapter 27 – Me neither, but dang if he didn't gain some weight – [Rhett] Yeah, he did

– Did his diet consist mainly of frequent indulgences of entire family-size KFC meals, as well as a cake on top of a pie microwaved and drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce, that's crazy, or B, frequent indulgences of entire large Domino's pizzas, as well as whole ice cream pints microwaved and mixed with olive oil and soy sauce? But the soy sauce? – I don't know why he added the soy sauce, but the olive oil makes sense because you're just trying to just pack it with calories – I bet that would be good but Jared Leto, he's all in, man That jacket (crew laughing) – Yeah – I don't know

A pie microwaved on a cake – His vest and fedora look, it looks like a guy who's, like, a magician at age 16 Like he goes to high school with you and then all of a sudden he's a magician You don't have to wear a vest and a fedora to be a magician, it doesn't make you more magic – But if you wear one, we do know that you are a magician

– Right, it's a dead give-away – [Stevie] Three, two, one – I'm going with B – Oh, shoot, I'm losing, so you're forcing my hand to change unless you wanna change – The olive oil, I feel like I've actually read this

– My only chance to even tie is to change my answer to a cake on a pie Oh, and we have the cloches I'm like, waiting Alright – It was the pizza

– Okay, but this, this is what I'm interested in because we've got ice cream pint– – Let's eat it with a fork – Oh, look, I love ice cream in this consistency, but I don't know about soy sauce Sorry, the damage is done, Tess I can smell the soy sauce, that's what scares me Why would you do that? – We're gonna find out, Jared

– Dink it – Sink it – No, Jared – What? – It's too salty – I kinda likes it

I don't know if I would do it exclusively Let me see how it goes with pizza – Maybe just a dash of soy sauce The no-look? Maybe a dash would be okay – Me and Jared need to start hanging out and gaining weight together

I'm gaining weight for the fall, y'all Getting started right now Oh, I also think I just won – Congratulations, Rhett, you won the Oscar! Where is it? Oh, congratulations, Rhett, you won the Oscar! Remember, it's just an Oscar Meyer wiener – You guys didn't even heat it up? (crew laughing) Y'all made me a cold, limp wiener? – Speech, speech, speech

– I'd like to thank Jared Leto or Leto, whichever one he prefers I'll see ya Friday night, buddy I'll bring the pizza, you bring the olive oil (crew laughing) – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is! – Hi, I'm Jen, and I'm about to run the Star Wars 10K

Here's Darth Vader and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – May the force be with you, Jen! Click through to watch Link drink a smoothie made of all the diet meals we just saw while opening mail with Jen – And to see where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land in Good Mythical More Dink it, sink it, drink it, buy it Our double-sided Dink It and Sink It mug is available at mythical


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