Expired Food Taste Test

– Today we each a bunch of expired food – Lets talk about that! [ Bright Music] – Good Mythical Morning! – Some of my favorite foods are spoiled, liked dry aged steak, blue cheese, and car seat fries

– Well today we may be adding to that list because we're gonna be tasting some expired foods, but the question is, will we actually be able to tell that they are expired? – It's time for ♪ You're the date that's on my food ♪ ♪ You're the expiration ♪ – Americans on the whole are so terrified of eating spoiled food, that we waste 150,000 tons of food each day – Every day

– Yeah, and confusion over expiration dates is a big cause of that waste In fact according to Timecom, expiration dates solely indicate freshness and are used by manufacturers to convey when the product is at it's peak That means the food does not expire in the sense of becoming inedible For unrefrigerated foods there may be no difference in taste or quality and expired foods won't necessarily make people sick

– No difference in taste or quality, huh? Well we will be the judge of that That's what we're gonna do We'll be presented with two versions of a food, one of them will be beyond its expiration date, one will not, we're gonna taste them both and then stick our flag in the one that we think is expired – Whoever guesses the most right will officially be name tagged 'Expiration Brian' – Alright! – Let's get to tastin'! – [ Rhett and Link] Round one! – Mmm Yogurt! I'm predicting yogurt's tough because it's so tart – Well it's got a bacterial culture already in it

– Lets start over here – Come over here! – This one's smooth, that one looks lumpy – A little chunky

– Smells like yogurt – Ill take your word for it – Unflavored, which wouldn't have been my choice, it doesn't taste good to me – I like it I like a straight

– It's pungent tart yogurt I wanna know that that bacteria's gettin' inside my system and reorganizing the gut flora

– Your gut flora? – The gut flora – You might just be liking expired yogurt [ Laughs] – I don't like the idea of knowing that one of these is definitely expired and I'm definitely gonna eat it – The edge has been taken off a little bit hasn't it? – I don't if it's because we ate it second, but it's not as pungent, but the consistency is definitely different – But does the edge increase or decrease? – Are you getting an after taste? – Spoon

Distinct taste of spoon – Okay, I'm ready to vote I'm voting we don't have to, you don't have to do a three, two, one Just vote man – Okay

– Have some guts Ha! I just wanted to trick you This one's definitely expired, I got an after taste that was nasty – I think its tart and it gets better with time, its like wine – [ Stevie] The expired yogurt is on

Rhett's side – Yeah man – [ Stevie] 22 days old

– Yes – 22 days old? Still like it – And it's not that much different, just only slightly – [Rhett and Link] Round two! – Both of them look like barbecue sauce to me – But it's ketchup

– It's dark ketchup – That's dark, this is even darker, get a little pinky dip – Has some acidity, which is not unexpected I don't know what kind of ketchup that is – This is a weird brand of ketchup

– It's a weird ketchup – For it to be this dark anyway – Whoa! – Got a lot vinegary – Again I don't know what that means – Yeah I don't

– What does it all mean Link? – Here what I'm gonna say, I'm gonna tell you which one I like better This one has got much more bite, it's much more vinegary – Almost spicy – It definitely tastes better Okay I'm ready

– I'm going against what I did last time in assuming, yes okay against – [ Stevie] Do you want a three, two, one? – Yes – [ Stevie] Three, two, one – Yeah This one tastes good, that one got a nasty

– Yeah it's lost it's tartness, which is what happened to the yogurt so I'm going with the lesson – [ Stevie] The expired ketchup, which is over six months expired – What?! – [ Stevie] Is on Rhett's side – Yes – Yes! – Okay it's changed significantly – It mellowed, but not in a good way

– Things mellow – [ Rhett and Link] Round three! – Caesar salad – Expired salad Now salad gets slimy – Yeah

– Very soon I tried to make like a limerick – Um, okay I'm gonna start over here because I'm hungry Heres a piece of chicken, doesn't look expired

– Gonna learn things – Nothing unexpected here, I'm gonna get the same thing I really don't want to eat expired anything, much less chicken and leaves, which is what I call Caesar salad when I order at a fine dining establishment – Do you have the chicken and leaves? [ Laughs] – It's a little more floppy – But would they put the expired item on my side three times in a row? [ Laughs] – I don't know, I'm not keepin' track of that

– That's all part of it Link, that's all part of the game – I will say, it doesn't taste dramatically different Agree or disagree? – It's just floppier – Okay – [ Stevie] Okay, three, two, one

– But a floppier one has to be expired – It's gotta be the expired one – [ Stevie] The Caesar salad, which expired yesterday, is on Link's side – Oh! You switched it up! – But it was only one day expired, so that's why it was so tough That's just floppy salad man

You don't wanna eat your meat and leaves like that – Chicken and leaves – Well chicken and leaves in this case – [Rhett and Link] Round four! – Ricola! Expired – I don't believe I would ever consider a 'logenge'

[ Laughs] – A what? – A 'logenge' Do you have the lozenge to follow up my chicken and leaves? – You said 'logenge' – Do you have 'logenges'? To follow up my chicken and leaves What I was trying to say was, I don't think I would ever consider a 'logenze'

[ laughs] a lozenge expired At no point – Well look though, look at the color difference

The one on Rhett's side is much more vibrant – It's like a amber color, you know, it's as if you might find a biological specimen in the middle of that, in which you could start an amusement park with – I think this is taking me back to the Alps – I don't even think tasting is required – Pursing my lips on a extra long horn

[ Blows Horn] That's what they do in the Alps man – I didn't need all that imagery – This cloudy one, I'm a bit afraid of – What if it gets purer with time, you ever thought about that? What if the cloudy is the way that they want it to be You ever think about that? Alright, I've got my answer

– Does the cloudy one that you spit out taste different than the other one to you? – I didn't taste the other one, I don't need to In fact I'm gonna tell you how many days it's expired It's over two years expired – Well I'm gonna tell you right now, it tastes no different – Yeah

– Because I had the guts to taste it – And you know what, it probably – I'm still tasting it

– It probably still has the same Ricola effects – Yeah – [ Stevie] Are you ready? – Yeah – [ Stevie ] Three, two, one – Got it

– But is has to be expired, I'm still eatin' it though It's great – Two years – [ Stevie] It has expired over three months ago, and it is the one on Link's side – Yep, yep, if you had something different I would have questioned everything about my existence up until this point

– But it still tastes great [ Sarcastic Laughing] – [Rhett and Link] Round five! – Okay we have some spaghetti – And I believe these are both whole wheat noodles – I believe you as well – Believe me man, I wouldn't send you astray

Now is it the noodles or the sauce that's expired in one of these? – [ Stevie] Both – Both – Both! – Both! – We spare no expense – Can you say that again Stevie and say 'bof' with an 'F'? – [ Stevie] Bof – Good

– I got no complaints – Eh – You do? – Yeah, I wouldn't taste it again – Okay, you just about – Noodled myself splurted yourself Oh gosh – I'm startin' to get some complaints on this one

– I got more complaints about that one than this one – I mean I'm pulling on experience from eating the discontinued snacks that we buy off Ebay and do whole episodes around and I'm getting some of that like saw dusty thrift store thing from these noodles – Oh, he's spitting them out Wow – I'm not trying to telegraph my vote, but I think I just did

This is gotta be – It's gotta be right, but I gotta do something, I'm trailing at this point But you know what, that's gotta be expired right? – Uh no you can do that – No nope nope – No you can do that

– Okay good, that's good, stop there – You can do that – [ Stevie] Okay so the pasta is over five months old, and the sauce is about a month old, or past expiration, and they're both on Link's side – [ Both] Yes! – That's very obvious, I do not recommend keeping that spaghetti around – Again, I don't think it's gonna hurt us, but it does not taste good – It wasn't the sauce, it was the noodles mostly – Yeah

– [ Rhett And Link ] Round six! – We have a full American breakfast – We got a english muffin, eggs, bacon, and expired coffee on one side I don't feel great about this – [ Laughs] Why not? You're an American! – Who wants to eat an expired egg – Me, because I wanna be able to tell people what it tastes like

– That's the thing that makes me most nervous man, the egg The thing you're going for first – It's been cooked though I gotta taste a little bit of the egg, and a little bit of the egg – That egg tastes normal

– But there is a difference There is a difference – This egg was a little softer but again it might have been prepared slightly differently Bacon – You ever eat an American breakfast and just think, ' Yeah, I am an American

' – No – Me neither – That bacon – You ever eat a continental breakfast and think, ' I am on a continent' – Yes

– Yeah, all the time – I will say that bacon did not taste good at all, but it's a different brand of bacon than this one I think – And we also have coffee – This bacon tastes much better, but it may just be a brand thing – Well we got one mug

– How was that coffee? – Which side did you, well never mind – Can you imagine if we ate like this, like in public places – We should go to a Holiday Inn and have a continental breakfast and eat it like that, and just film peoples reaction We'll start a prank channel! – I'm gonna get this! – We'll call this dual eaters havin' the continental breakfast! – Its like a team building exercise – Okay I have a strong opinion here

– I have a very strong opinion, it's based mostly on the bacon, and a little bit on the eggs – [ Stevie] Three, two, one – Yep that's what it is man – We agree – This is expired

– What are you basing it on? What's telling it? – Every single thing tasted a little bit worse – Okay, Stevie? – [ Stevie] You are tasting eggs that expired 13 days ago – What? – [ Stevie] Bacon that expired 28 days ago, and english muffin that expired 25 days ago, and coffee that expired over a year ago – Yep – That coffee was bad

– [ Stevie] And all of it was on Rhett's side – Yep! Hey! – We're good at this – Yeah, you're just a little bit better though Congratulations Link, that means that you are officially ' Expiration Brian', I'll do the honors – Come on, come on man

I finally won something! [ Grunts] – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – I think, don't worry about expiration dates, that's what I learned Maybe we shouldn't – Yeah don't worry about the time [ Laughs] – Oh, you know what time it is

– I'm Michael – I'm Stephen – I'm Molly – And we're in Buise Creek, North Carolina – And it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality! – Oh they're at the graveyard! – At the meeting spot! – That's where we used to meet

At Buise Creek – I drew the location in our Book of Mythicality – Congratulations finding that! – Good job guys! – Click the top link to watch us match the crew member to their food poisoning story, on Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land! – Mythical amazon tees now available overseas for free deliveries, if you're a prime member that is Prime shipping now available in the U

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