Expensive vs. Cheap Products (GAME)

– Queer Eye joins two dumb guys – Aw, let's talk about that

(Rhett and Link laugh) (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Today we're joined by none other by the star of Queer Eye and author of an incredible new memoir, please welcome Karamo Brown – Woo! – Thank you, you very handsome and smart men – Oh, thank you (chuckling) – Welcome to the show

– Thank you – Now Karamo, what's your favorite self-care or luxury product for yourself? – Hmm, hmm, I don't really have, on Queer Eye we usually go low with our products so we don't really spend a lot of money on things – That's fine – People think we do Only person who spends a lot of money is Bobby

– I'm like a massage man I will throw bookoos of cash– – Me too, there we go – At a good massage – I agree with you 100%, a good massage – Okay but I think your mentality is going to contribute well to this game because everybody deserves a little luxury but you don't always have to pay out the nose for it, or do you? It's time for Is This Price Tag High or Low? We Guess Products with Karamo from Queer Eye, the Show

We're gonna be presented with two different products One is luxury and one is radically lower priced A and B and then we have to decide which one is the luxury item – Right, and we're each gonna use these paddles in order to indicate which one, B or A or A or B, whichever we think is the truly lux product We're gonna be competing against each other and the person who wins gets a warm hug and whispered words of encouragement from Karamo

(Karamo chuckles) – Oh I'm excited about that Let's do it (funky music) – Okay we're starting off with grooming which is Jonathan's specialty on the show, but Karamo I gotta say you're clearly the most well-groomed man I've ever sat next to – I appreciate that I think you two are probably the most well-groomed men I've ever sat next to

– Two? – Oh wow – I'm just saying – And Kevin's here too (Rhett laughs) – Great, when you sat down I told you how good you looked – He did

– Yes – All right so Kevin is gonna be some sort of subject Stevie, what do we have here? – [Stevie] Yeah that's right, in this round, you'll be testing hair pomade on Kevin who needs some help with his hair One of these is a $24 OUAI high-end brand hair pomade and the other was $329 from Walgreens so you're gonna find the luxury pomade

– [Link] So that one's yellow and greasier and this one's beiger and looks to be creamier – All right let's start with A – Question – Yeah – What do white people do with pomade? – I know I'm a white guy

You just rub it really hard in your hands and then you're just like– – Hey, I can answer (Karamo laughs) – So it's hair grease – Yeah yeah, and this one is especially oily here Yeah this, oh wow Kevin, you're gonna love this

– Okay hold on, quick question Do, from what I remember from all of my white friends telling me about their hair, not to make this about race But it is right now (Rhett laughs) I thought you normally don't like your hair to be greasy – Yeah but I like Kevin's hair to be greasy

– Got it, okay, so if this is already greasy, then I'm already assuming this might be the cheaper product because if that's not something people like, then just a thought, just a thought – Yeah get your hands in there – And it's definitely that – I mean it works well though You look great on my side

– Now we you're not really saving any space for the other one – But I'm confused, so what is this doing other than making it feel really– (Rhett laughs) I don't like this product on you – Okay so this, this kinda has a glue consistency – I'm gonna tell you the five of us have always joked if we ever switched categories, the category I'd want is design but I will tell you this, I've always wanted to do this (claps) Honey, let me tell you something

We've been here, listen you gotta love yourself, okay? Do this for me I love you so much, okay? – You know, I've always wanted this too so – [Link] It's pretty great – Queen, I killed it, you're amazing, love it, fierce – And let's see– – Wow, Kevin

– The profile too – Look at that – [Link] Okay so are we ready to vote? – I believe so I don't wanna touch my paddle now though – Again we are voting for the– – Cheapest? – The luxury

– The luxury – Luxury, okay – [Stevie] All right paddles up Three, two, one – Oh so we agree, so you were kinda setting us up

– If both of them are greasy, I assume the one that's greasier would be the one that had a little bit more luxury to it – If you can go, go all the way – [Stevie] Okay the luxury pomade was product B – Yeah – Ooh! (funky music) – Okay now we're moving onto food which is Antoni's specialty, also my specialty, I mean I like to eat a lot

What do we got here, Stevie? – [Stevie] Before you are two versions of traditional Hawaiian poke One was made with sushi-grade ahi tuna from a gourmet grocer for $22, and the other one was $5 made with Costco tuna and other ingredients Which is the luxury poke? – We're about to eat Costco tuna? – Listen, don't sleep on Costco, okay? As a single father, Costco helped me feed my children – Okay – So

– But with Costco tuna? – You know what, we're not really big tuna people so – I'm a big un-tuna person – Oh yeah? – So I'm gonna have, I may just go off sight – [Rhett] Well I can tell you right now, they look very different This is redder but also less cubed, you know what I'm saying? That's uniform over there

– [Karamo] I see – Does this taste like it was sold in bulk? – Mm Yeah that, it's not as good as I'm used to my tuna being when I eat– – You don't really like tuna? – When I eat big chunks of tuna – You don't really like it? – No I did just eat some though

– Mm-hmm, good for you, trying new things I'm proud of you – Yeah it was really good I bet this is gonna be better Mm

– Do they give the tuna out as free samples at Costco? – I hope not (Rhett chuckles) That'd be horrible – Hmm, I can't tell if the one that's like, they both taste pretty good – I'm ready to vote because to me this one seems obvious – Hold on, since I did my Jonathan impression, can I do my Antoni impression? – Yeah do it

– See when you have the tuna, you gotta make love to it and stare at it, tell it how beautiful it is That's when it's gonna like put flavors in your mouth, you know? – Oh yeah, I made love to some tuna in a Costco once (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, make love to tuna – I was asked to leave – There you go

– You like that tuna – You're making me make out with it but not actually eat it I ate some of the seeds – I'm ready – All right, paddles up, here we go in three, two– – Luxury one is– – Luxury one is– – [Stevie] One

– Are we voting, are we voting? – [Stevie] Oh yeah yeah, there was a one – Yeah you said three, two, one – [Stevie] Locked in and the gourmet poke is product B – By the way, I'm oh for oh (funky music) – And now in honor of my silver-haired confidence booster Tan, we got the fashion quiz

Stevie, what do we got? – [Stevie] Please welcome Will and Matt who are each modeling ultra hip athleisure, shoes not included One of their outfits cost $410 from luxury design house Aime Leon Dore which is featured in high-end department stores like Barney's and the other cost $60 from Fashion Nova, a bargain brand featured in retailers like the nearby Burbank Town Center Mall Which is the luxury outfit? – First of all, I want that orange outfit So after you're done, I would like to take that off of you and keep it if that's possible – That would be a dream

– Does that mean it's luxury or cheaper? – I don't know yet but I will just tell you it is fly to death That orange with the black and white stripes, I'm loving every part of this – And we will be posting that video of Karamo taking it off of Matt on Instagram (Karamo and Rhett laugh) – The second thing is is that most of you all are straight here right? Straight-identified, yeah, so what you don't know about gay men is that we love straight guys in sweatpants (Rhett and Link laugh) It's just the truth

– Will and Matt, watch out – I'm here to look pretty – [Link] I can't help but notice that Will's shirt and pants are not the same color – But you know what, a lot of those high-end brands, they do stuff like that They screw you up by making you think like, oh it's not supposed to match and so they put two different things

– Are you playing me? – No, literally, I don't know – Now are you playing me? – Yeah, now I am, yeah now I am No – Okay I'm ready – [Stevie] All right paddles up, three, two, one

– Oh, oh, we all think we're being thrown off – I thought you were playing me I thought you were gonna go with B – No I'm hoping that A wins– – But you weren't – So that I can really take B

It was a strategy – [Stevie] The designer outfit is A – Yeah we got it – You were right Man

– Hey, hey, hey – I'm glad I trusted you (funky music) In the quick break, Karamo said I need a minute I thought you were going to the restroom but you come back with it on It looks great

– Come on now Look how good this looks Are you kidding me, let me tuck in my, this is dope! (Rhett laughing) If we get picked up for another season, I promise you I'm wearing this on Queer Eye – All right – I'm not even joking

– There you go, Fashion Nova – I know – You just– – You're losing but you're clearly winning – I am I feel good

– Okay well this is perfect timing 'cause we're moving on to your specialty, culture, and since you have a new book titled Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope, out now wherever books are sold We decided to focus this round on inspiring self-help books What have we got, Stevie? – [Stevie] Okay in front of you are cards featuring excerpts from two books, one is self-published with no known accolades and the other is a New York Times best-seller but which is which? Find the luxury – Okay, let's start over here with A Sometimes this grandparenting thing isn't all it's reputed to be

Images of shining-faced children and straight A report cards do not reflect every grandmother's reality, so what about the pain of having under-functioning or prodigal grandchildren? Perhaps the disappointment lies in fractured relationships Our children or grandchildren have hurt, ignored, or been angry with us As family matriarchs, we don't sit around moping because they won't call or visit Life has taught us more than that This is like a bitter grandma

– That is so sad – There was a lot there I'm just like I need to Queer Eye whoever wrote this – I am so sad for grandma – I hope this is not a number one New York Times best-seller

– I just wanna say to everyone listening, please never refer to your grandchildren, children, co-workers, partners, anyone you're in a relationship with, never refer to them as under-functioning (Rhett laughs) – I don't even think it's a word really – It's not okay – Okay so you're on the grandkids' side – Yeah

– All right Did I really have a reason to feel so messed up? I'd gotten into a great college I was living on my own in a co-ed dorm I was killing it in school and to top it all off, I'd recently lost my virginity to one of the hot sorority girls on the floor directly above me I was living the college dream

Life was great, right? Then why I wonder do I feel like (beep)? – Let me tell you something, that's beautiful That's good I don't care, this person is not on the New York Times best-seller list but they should because this is what people need, the reality of even in the moments when you feel the happiest, you still are like why am I not feeling as if I deserve this moment? Why am I not feeling as if I'm happy in this moment? This is where you dig a little bit deeper and this is the person who's actually gonna grow and heal – Not the person who says my grandkids suck – Yeah

(laughs) I just don't see that one – Okay – Okay – [Stevie] Okay so reminder, you're picking the New York Times best-selling book – Yeah

– [Stevie] So paddles up – I want it to be B – Oh, you get your paddle – I want it to be B – [Stevie] All right three, two, one

– It's gotta be B, right? – I think it's the grandma – [Stevie] The New York Times best-selling book is B – Yeah, hey! – [Stevie] But here's the book – Okay, this just in, the book Control The Crazy, Vinny G

(Rhett laughs) From– – Jersey Shore – Jersey Shore guy – I'm living (funky music) – And now we're at a Bobby specialty, design Stevie? – [Stevie] For this final round, we have two chairs each dressed with a throw and a decorative pillow

One totals $520 from West Elm and the other totals $155 from Walmart Take a seat in each and see if you can tell which is the luxury sit ♪ I'm gonna tell you because ♪ ♪ I hang around my Bobby so much ♪ ♪ I already know which one is which ♪ – You don't even need to sit in it? ♪ I love design ♪ (laughs) I do – All right now this has got a little shimmy to it It's got a little shimmy, got a little shake

This one, this one's sturdier – I didn't know Walmart sold anything like this – This one's not going anywhere They both look great – You think sturdiness is a sign of quality? – Yeah man

– This is how confident I am I'm not even looking at these things, okay? – You didn't look? – No I know what the luxury one is – I love the fact that you've got that outfit on – [Karamo] Thank you, I appreciate it, it feels really good – Here's your paddle

– I don't need that paddle! I'm gonna show you how this works – Oh-ho-ho-ho! (crew laughing) – Luxury – All right, all right, all right – Yeah well that's what I was gonna guess anyway – Is he playing us? That one's sturdier so I was gonna vote that too

So we're all in agreement – [Stevie] I don't think that there's a three, two, one Okay you're all in agreement and you are all correct – Correct – Yay! Bobby Berk, I love you! Ey, ey, ey

– Well you know what that means That means I was five for five I get a warm hug and some whispers of encouragement from Karamo – Go for it – I'm ready

– Wow thank you – What about me? Tell him what he should think about me – Oh no, no – Come here – He lost, he's a loser, Karamo! – There's no losers in this

– He should never doubt me, right? – There's only love when it comes to me Love, squeeze in! – Thank you so much Karamo for being here Check him out on season three of Queer Eye on Netflix Also buy his book Karamo: The Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing and Hope and check out his podcast on Luminary out now, call in – And thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– Now you say you know what time it is – Oh, you know what time it is – Hi I'm Robbie – And I'm Hunter – And this is Jeffrey

– [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – They have a relationship with a plant – Yes (laughs) – Click the top link to watch Karamo help us solve problems in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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