Elvis’ Favorite Foods Taste Test

– This is Elvis's kitchen – Today we taste some of his favorite foods

– Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning – Our adventures in Memphis continue at the veritable mecca of rock and roll – That's right, the home of the king himself, Elvis Presley, Graceland (rock guitar music) – We're here in Memphis visiting the headquarters of St

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You can donate by clicking on the blue donate button If you don't see the blue button or you just want more information, you can go to stjudeorg/gmm – Now we're about to walk where the king walked – And if you're gonna walk like the king, you should probably eat like the king

– Mm-hm, we're gonna sample some of his favorite foods and rank them – It's time for We About to Stuff Our Face-Land Up in Graceland – [Brian] All right to welcome to Elvis Presley's Graceland – Brian Do we have to whisper? – Oh no, you can talk as loud as you like

– Okay we can talk loud – [Rhett] Before we tasted Elvis's favorite foods, we took a tour of his favorite home – Dang, there are a lot of TVs in here Did he watch much internet? – All right so let's get to where the magic happens This is the jungle room

– [Link] Oh I've heard about this – This is like what the Rainforest Cafe wants to be – Yeah (laughs) – You know what I'm saying? – That's exactly – [Rhett] But what would Elvis's favorite home be without his fleet of favorite cars? – [Link] This one even had a restaurant booth in it, but apparently nobody told Rhett that

– [Rhett] Favorite house, favorite cars, favorite plane – With yet another TV All right we were just on Elvis's plane Any questions? – [Rhett] And of course, what would Graceland be without a huge museum dedicated to the man himself? – [Link] That is one impressive CD collection – [Rhett] All right we're warmed up

It's time to taste some of Elvis's favorite foods – Elvis made a lot of dishes famous by eating them and today we're also going to eat them They were prepared by a chef here at Graceland, according to his mama's official recipes – Yes, and we're going to taste them and then definitively rank them Let's try the first dish

(rock guitar music) – We're starting off with what is probably the most iconic Elvis dish, this is bacon fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches – I always, maybe like you, had the misconception that there was bacon on the inside, but no Just peanut butter and banana, but it is fried in bacon grease, because putting bacon on it, that would cross a line You just wanna tow the line – It actually smells a little bacon-y

– Oh yeah – Maybe that's the genius in it, that there's no actual bacon crunch, and sink it – You can imagine how good this is – You may have had– – But we're experiencing it You're just imagining it

– A peanut butter and banana sandwich but turns out the frying it in bacon grease part was a stroke of genius Puts it over the top – Would you be offended if I just finished this whole piece? – Why would I be offended? – You might want it for yourself – Oh, well don't eat all of them So this may move up or down in the rankings, but for now– – Don't put it at three, it's gotta at least be at two

– I'm gonna two and a three and a half – I don't wanna dishonor it – Just two and a half (rock guitar music) – Now we're southern boys so we love some fried green tomatoes, except for Link, he hates tomatoes He's gotta ruin it

– I mean I like pizza (chuckles) – Because that's tomato sauce on it? – Yeah – That's a stretch – I like ketchup – This doesn't have any ketchup

This is some Cajun ranch for dippin' – Okay, now you can get these at Graceland whenever you visit – Mm, oh gosh – How good is it? Dink it – Prepare yourself

You realize that it's tomato – It's a yellow tomato – Well it's a green tomato Hence the name – Oh

I remember now – It's yellow! I been bamboozled! (Link chuckles) – Well, listen, it's not bad – Would you be offended if I ate this as well? – Would you be offended if I actually liked it? – No, I'd like you a little bit more than I already do – There's nothing tomato-y about it to me It's tangy, it's fried

– Oh, has Elvis turned you on tomatoes? Or turned you onto tomatoes? – Elvis turned me on (Rhett laughs) To fried green tomatoes – To tomatoes Put that on a t-shirt and sell it here – Also make a movie

– Who do we talk to about that? – There should be a movie made about these – I don't know, he made 31 in 10 years – Kathy Bates was in it, it was a Kathy Bates joke (Rhett chuckles) You didn't get that? I mean I haven't seen the movie – I ignore all Kathy Bates jokes because I take her very seriously as an artist

– Now in terms of ranking this, the fact that I am willingly gonna take a third bite and it's gonna be the whole thing – Oh wow, thanks for giving me a warning (chuckles) – You know that that means this is good, right? – Yeah, I would eat that one but there's other stuff coming – Is it better than this? – (groans) I mean, the fact that it turned you on to tomatoes makes me think that it should be above it but I don't know, this is perfect This is the perfect food

This is what St Peter gives you when you arrive at heaven (both chuckle) He's like, I knew you'd be hungry – All right so we're putting the tomatoes a little bit lower but not much lower (rock guitar music) Apparently Elvis loved bananas 'cause here it is in this pudding

– [Rhett] (chuckles) Yeah, banana pudding – Banana pudding – Now, I feel like we're qualified to taste and judge this one, being from North Carolina If you go to any potluck or family reunion and they don't have banana pudding, everyone is immediately sent to jail It's a law, you have to serve it

– But how much banana ratio to pudding to the wafers, you know? – You stick your spoon in and see what happens You let the universe decide, look what the universe decided for me – Well you dipped, that's not actually the universe deciding – No, no, I let the universe guide my hand – What does that even mean? – I let the universe guide me at all times

I've let the universe guide me to this point right now You should be thankful (laughs) – Look at that – Oh I don't know about this Gotta get your whole mouth around it though

– Mm, this is some good stuff I'm told that Lisa Marie– – Is here? – Is, no – Okay – But when she comes here, she has to get some of this, 'cause it's her fave – Oh well now that I know that, let me taste it again

You know, I bet Lisa Marie would like this – I bet that too, can we both bet the same thing? – I'll betcha the rest of this banana pudding How does that work, we just keep eating it? – Right We were right! – It's incredibly good Maybe because I've had it so many times, it's not surprising in any way, it's just really, really solid

– It doesn't have something that makes it specifically Elvis – Okay – So that's why– – You're gonna put it at four? – I think I'm going a little lower here I don't wanna dethrone the tomatoes – No you shouldn't

– From being in the middle Do I have any of the white stuff on my nose? What's what stuff called? – Skin? (Link chuckles) Oh The cream, no, no whipped cream I feel like you should apologize to Lisa Marie though – I'm sorry, Lisa Marie

– Yeah we apologize We'll make it up to you (rock guitar music) Elvis liked his salad just like me On top of lettuce but not consisting of lettuce – And containing Pepsi Cola

– Yeah, Pepsi Cola salad It's basically a Jello fruit salad that has Pepsi Cola inside of the Jello, so we got some fruits, we got some nuts, we even have some cream cheese – Oh yeah and look, it's still alive Put it out of its misery, okay Sorry for the violence

– You know what, you can play with your food when you're not sharing it with me – I don't know why we're trying to get the exact same bite – [Rhett] I was going for the cream cheese I saw that in there – I was just trying to use your spoon to help rake it onto my spoon

It wants to crawl off the spoon – Oh you got a nice bite there – And that's a good thing – Dink it – Sink it

Woo I'm sorry I regurgitated a little bit – It bounces back – It was a lot colder than I thought it would be – You thought Jello salad would be hot? – Well it was shockingly cool

Sure, eat that piece, I think that's what flew out of my mouth – Mm-mm, no, that's the part that flew out of your mouth – Oh over there? Do you taste the Pepsi? The surprising part to me– – There's a hint A hint of Pepsi– – Is the cream cheese That's what is– – Surprising? – Is surprising to me, yeah

It's good I've never had Jello and cream cheese – I mean it's refreshing You kinda think that you might be eating something that's a little healthier – But probably not

– But then you find out that Pepsi Cola's in it, you're like, nope, it's not – It's got some crunchiness from the nuts – It's got some whole foods in there though That's whole fruits Little pieces of whole fruits, and nuts

Fruits and nuts, man You eating fruits and nuts, you– – We're really trying to make this the healthiest one – [Rhett] You're having good day – Which gives it some sort of points There's whole foods here

– It's very tasty, but if I was presented with these four things, the last thing I would eat, I believe, is the Pepsi Cola salad, just between me and you Maybe you should try some of the lettuce Just see how it is Does that change the way you feel about it? – Yeah, makes it worse (Rhett chuckles) (rock guitar music) Chicken a la king, I don't know if he liked this just 'cause it had the word king in it

Or just that he liked chicken But here we are – [Rhett] It looks like somebody got mad at a chicken pot pie – Right, there's chicken, there's peas, there's green peppers, there's mushrooms, there's pimento, and there's some croutons Delightful, delightful bed of croutons

– You you don't even really need a fork, right? – Kinda like nachos – Yes, chicken pot nachos – [Link] Chicken pot nachos – That's rebranding Oh, oh gosh

That seemed like a great idea until I tried it – You really gotta, so we're encountering a challenge here that if Elvis– – I got a good bite, if you'll just dink it before it falls apart – Sink it Hm We got the crunch of the crouton

– The crouton or the couton? – Couton You've got the chickenness of the chicken Is it kingly? – It's pretty straightforward – Mm-hm The thing I don't like about a chicken pot pie is the mystery

I like it being splayed out before me – Yeah, right That's how kings eat You know what I'm saying? – Like a spread – No there's a person who tastes it before they taste it

No secrets, you know what I mean? You want it right out there in the open and then right in your mouth – This is good – But, I sense a but coming – I'm getting some more of this peanut butter and banana bacon fried – It's definitely not better than that

– Mm-mm – I feel like – [Link] Is it better than banana pudding? No

– I don't think so man How good do you feel about that? – I feel 100% confident that this magical dish right here, bacon fried peanut butter banana sandwich, is as you said, a perfect dish – So there it is, this is definitively the best dish, followed by fried green tomatoes, banana pudding, chicken ala king and Pepsi Cola salad – Mm-hm, you are crowned the king of the king dishes – Would you be offended if I ate this whole thing? – Please do it

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– My name is Clara – My name is Jordan – Claudia – Colby – Hannah

– And we're in downtown Memphis – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Hey, what's up, it's John and Jen here, AKA Johnnifer Click the top link to watch us rank some banana snacks in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land (chuckles)

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