Easter Egg Roulette (GAME)

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I enjoy people watching

This week's guests are starring in their own backyard stage play interpretation of A Star Is Born, please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) (person cheers) (Stevie laughs) Is this part of your play? – [Link] Don't break the couch though – Ee! – It's not worth it – This is not part of your play then (Rhett grunts) Oh

There we go (chuckles) Sorry, that was a really loud, high-pitched laugh right into the mic – Golly, sometimes it's harder than it looks to just do this – I'm just waiting for that to fall – Oh gah, shoo, man

– Hi guys, thank you so much for coming to the show today, and so quickly – It was a good idea to bring that ladder 'cause I was worried about how we were gonna get here – Yeah, you haven't done it– – Get up on this couch – 32 other times so I'm glad that you were concerned on this 33rd time– – Why am I winded? – Hey everybody, thanks for watching – Oh I thought you were talking to the crew, I was like they're not gonna say hello to you

– Yeah that was another thing, we decided that we wanna start using the ladder and then we wanna start saying thanks for watching because I think that people might not feel appreciated – Yeah, no, I mean every time I say thanks, I– – Mean it – Yeah I mean it – Thanks for watching – Thank you for watching

– You don't have to – Today is the 20th of April which means tomorrow is Easter I have asked the Chaster Bunny to stick around from yesterday's episode 'cause he had some leftover eggs and we are going to play a rousing game of Easter egg roulette which we've never played egg roulette on this show before so I'm very happy to possibly get raw egg all over my face today – Okay – We also left some stuff in apple cider vinegar for way too long and I wanted to– (chuckles) Exit that ladder, and show you some of the stuff we left in apple cider vinegar

Nothing's distracting me (Rhett chuckles) And it's someone's birthday today and I wanted to celebrate that as well – I know whose birthday it is – But first– – 'Cause I got him something – It is time for a GMM rejected snack

This week we did Will It Muffin on the show and so today– – We need a ladder Oh there we go – I wanted to have a special muffin – Smells like a brownie – It is special

It is a special muffin – There's hair in there – It's just special It's a special muffin for a special day – You take the first bite

– Okay Okay (chuckles) – [Link] Ho ho – Ugh, I saw stuff come out of there – Mm, it's so good

– Stevie how you doin' that? – What is that? – [Stevie] I will eat this entire thing – Oh, no – Oh so special – What is that? That's not hair but it's got strands – Only one way to find out

– That's grass – Oh, Josh (Josh chuckles) What the hell? (Josh chuckles) – There's a new version of the game where Josh just says what the answer is before you get to taste it – Hey man that was cool, I need to do that (chuckles) – It's grass

– [Stevie] It's grass – Is it wheat grass? – [Josh] Yeah, wheat grass – It's wheat grass – You're saying wheat grass? – [Stevie] That's wheat grass – Wheat grass

– Yeah, wheat grass (crew chuckling) – It's basically a brownie though – You ever been into like a Jamba Juice and they got a little field of it growing – Yeah and do they use it on the smoothies? – On the sma-smoothies? – No, they grind it into little shot glasses – But they cut it off of the thing that is growing and it looks like decor

– A little field – Yeah, it's really special – That was a grass muffin – [Stevie] It's a grass– ♪ Grass muffin ♪ ♪ That funky muffin ♪ – Oh that ended there Okay, that was delicious and special, thank you Josh

As you know, we like to leave things in things on this show, on the show meaning on GMM We've never done it on LTAT and that's for a good reason because it's a series that we do on GMM but sometimes we leave things in things and they don't have the result that we would like for GMM and that's why things come to LTAT (Rhett laughs) – Right – Okay – If it didn't really make the cut

– But something really cool happened when we left a shoe in apple cider vinegar for five months and so I wanted– – Five months – Yeah, I wanted to play a little mini version of the game with you but Lucas has special ownership over this particular jar of shoe and he– – The jar of shoe – Would like to bring it out (chuckles) Because it is his – I got grass in my teeth

– The grass really gets in your teeth – Yeah – Yeah – Takin' it out That's a big, okay, well it must be a big jar 'cause it's got a shoe in it

– So– – Five months huh? – Thank you Lucas – Five months This was a special project of mine – Oh, five months in vinegar, a shoe – [Stevie] In apple cider vinegar, a shoe

– Apple cider vinegar – And whose shoe was it? Was it someone's shoe, oh it was Paisley's shoe – Mike Paisley's shoe – It was Paisley's shoe but Lucas feels ownership over this– – Do you want the shoe back? – Was it a canvas shoe? What kinda shoe was it? – [Mike] It was a Vans, it was a Vans canvas – Okay a Vans canvas, with laces? – Yeah

– Okay, do we get options? – No, not on this show – We just have to guess what happened? – On this show, we don't write options for you to guess – Well what do you think happened? They're building it up – Well vinegar is, vinegar, well, okay so, the majority of pickling solution is vinegar, in my estimation It's an acidic environment and it just makes things soft over time

What would it do to canvas which is made from cotton, right? – You think it, if it disintegrated – It may have done something to the rubber, I don't know how rubber– – Oh man so many tongs So many gloves – In acid for that long – And I don't know that– – Five months

– Any eyelets like any, that's not gonna make a big of a difference – Did you guess? I haven't been paying attention – Yeah yeah it's still a shoe – I mean did it swole up? – I don't think it swole up – You think it swole? – Like a– (chuckles) – Like me at the gym, yo

(laughing) Get swole Did it shrink, did it disappear? – Like? – Oh yeah 'cause that's how the options go I do understand now It's like why are you doing this to me? – Um – Like

– Did it disappear or shrink? – Oprah in the Arctic I don't know, sometimes we talk about Oprah It didn't work, you asked me I don't write these, I just read them – I think that– – What's the honest, honest guess? – And try to guess which one's right

– I think that the canvas detached from the rubber – Okay the answer– – I think it swole up – The answer is like a very LA thing happened – It turned into kombucha – It grew a scoby

– [Link] What? – Do you see? – [Rhett] A shoe scoby? – Look at it – Oh my gosh, it turned into kombucha, I was right – You are right – Can you see? Is your angle bad? – [Rhett] Oh my gosh – Do you see what's happening? – Look at that shoe

(chuckling) – All right so this is a bacteria colony that grew – Yeah, Lucas did you wanna talk about it? – Yes – Okay (chuckles) – [Lucas] This is a scoby Hello, never done this

(Stevie and Rhett laugh) It is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast and it feeds on organic material including what's in the shoe – Like Mike Paisley's skin, foot skin – Yes, so what from the shoe– – And the cotton – Allowed that to happen? – [Mike] I don't wear socks – [Lucas] He doesn't wear socks

– Ew I'm not– – Wanna drink it? – See I did this today and I'm hating myself for it I'm just gonna go barefoot – Do you wanna take it out? I have tongs – Yeah you should definitely take it out

– [Lucas] Can we put your shoes in apple cider vinegar? – Yeah you can have those, man – Great, thanks – If you wanna start another kombucha, and then what you can do with that is– – Does it smell? – Drink it – Kom-shoe-ka I'm trying to come up with a way we could sell this

Kom-shoe-boo-ka – Oh, God! (coughs) God, man! I mean kombucha sometimes smells like old shoe and this is– – Shoe-bu-cha – Really hittin' it – Shoe-bu-cha – Shoe-bu-cha

– [Link] I wanna smell it – Oh gosh – Link lost his ability to smell – No, it smells just like kombucha It doesn't smell bad

– It smells overwhelming What is wrong with you? – Well it smells like apple cider vinegar too – Apple cider vinegar – [Link] It really just smells like vinegar – Yeah I think that just smells like vinegar

– Okay I'm gonna take this shoe out Are we ready for me to do this? Oh God, I don't like the way it looks! – Oh, oh! – Oh look, it looks like skin – [Rhett] I feel bad, it's like we're killing something – [Stevie] It looks like a skin thing – [Rhett] Look at that, that grew on a shoe

– Oh man, nasty! – And if you transfer that to a new jar, it will continue to make kombucha – Yeah you could take that scoby and make like award-winning kombucha and never tell anybody it started with a shoe, look at that! – Oh! Oh gosh Here, we'll take– – The liquid is alcoholic – Yeah, thank you Lucas – [Rhett] How do you make scoby without a shoe? (chuckles) – [Lucas] I did one with a head of lettuce too and it's massive

– Oh really? – [Lucas] Yes (Rhett and Stevie laughing) – I don't know why I was so excited about that (laughs) – I still don't know– – Ew! There are little bugs – [Rhett] I'll give you seven bucks – Sorry, my saliva is pulling at my mouth

– I'll give you seven bucks to lick that – Why are there bugs? – I think because it wasn't all the way sealed (groans loudly) – [Lucas] I don't wear shoes (Stevie groans) – What? Okay – You mean there's a live bug moving around on it? – I don't think it's alive

– [Lucas] They were – Oh, okay – All right we'll just leave that there – Well congratulations to all involved – And look at the bottom, look at that, I can't reach it 'cause the tongs are too short, but there's more down there

– The science that we do here – More layers of skin That's pretty good though – You can have it back now though Mike – Well no I mean it's Lucas's, I've established, it's– – You're saying that's– – This was Mike's

– Safe for consumption? – No it's not – [Lucas] Yeah so you can eat that right now – No it's not – No you could totally eat it It's got nothing harmful in it, it's all dead

– [Lucas] The shoe one, yeah don't eat that, that's bad – Somehow I cut myself – What do you mean the scoby? – Stick it into vinegar – The scoby is– – Well it's not dead It's sterile probably

Well it's not even, I'm using the wrong words It's safe to eat – Guys we can't avoid it any longer, we've not done enough gross things by eating grass and this gross shoe It's time to smash eggs on our foreheads – [Rhett] Yes it is

– Let's do it Okay we've been sitting here for a good three minutes as Link tries to convince me to take off my bandana– – Well once I realized what we're doing– – So we can play this game, and– – Well we're smashing eggs on our head and oh, just so happens– – I respect that – You're wearing a bandana – Okay so let me explain, this is how this is gonna work So egg roulette, I actually didn't know it was a thing until we had Shay Mitchell on the show and I was looking at her channel and she had an egg roulette video on her channel– – Oh good

– And then I was told Fallon does it on his show, but first, it was like a– – Copy all of 'em – It was a kids' game, like a kids' party game, so basically the way it works is we're gonna get three eggs, two of the eggs are hard boiled, one is raw We're gonna pick our eggs and then on the count of three, we're gonna smash 'em on our foreheads – Our bandanas which we don't have, Rhett – Oh my God

– Let me just say that I don't have an opinion about this – Oh gosh – That is what I said – If you wanna wear a bandana, it's okay – Don't wuss out, man

– It's okay I mean– – I'm actually, I'm actually– – One of the ways I find joy is– – I'm voicing what they would say in the comments – One of the ways I find joy in life is letting other people do whatever they want – Yeah, you let me do what I want all the time (Rhett chuckles) Yeah – Okay– – Like make decisions that are different than the ones you would make or– – Fine

– Have opinions different than yours – When I take this bandana off, I'm going to have bandana marks on my forehead and I'm going to blame you – Yep, not me, though – For it But not Rhett

– Don't blame me – But I'm going to take it off because– – But you wear the bandana to hit the egg on it – Oh, you got really bad marks – There's not a mark – (chuckles) There's no marks

– Let's do this Chaster Bunny– – Great Stevie, that's right – Please lay our first round – Now we're talkin'! Now we're all a little bit angry and that's good! – Okay how many rounds are we doing total? – We're doing three rounds – Okay so Link, you wanna go, you start by, you can split the first egg

– I just want you to do whatever you wanna do, man – I want you to do the first egg – I want, I want, I want– – This is so fun (chuckles) – I'm not making it not fun – Bring some joy into this situation

– I'm not making it not fun – Woo! – Oh, did you lay them? I didn't see – Oh yeah (creaking, pop) – You can't re-lay them – I'll pick the last one

I'll pick the ones that you guys don't pick – Stevie, I want you to pick first because you have magnanimously removed your bandana Can I have it, by the way? – I pick pink– – I'd like to wear it – Because I'm a lady and ladies like pink things – I'm gonna pick blue because I'm sexually frustrated

(Stevie and crew laughing) See I made her laugh Now, are we okay now? – Oh yeah – I'm gonna take yellow because I was born with jaundice – Disturbing (chuckles) Okay three, two, one

– Oh gosh! Justice has been served (Rhett laughs) On my face – Wow – Ow, that hurt – You know what would help? – A bandana

– Yes (whimsical music) So in this round– – I need to watch, oh no– – Stevie picks first – Ugh, it's ruining it – No in this round– – No I wanna see him lay it – You determine the order

– Okay, wait what am I doing? I'm picking who gets to pick their egg first? – Yeah – Oh you do, 'cause you're nice (Rhett laughs) (sighs) – I'm picking blue – I'm picking blue – I'm picking blue because I'm sad for Link and what happened to him in the first round

– I'm gonna pick purple 'cause I picked, it's in my hand – Okay are we gonna three, two, one and do this? – Thank you Chaster Bunny Yeah I need to go a little not as hard this time – Here we go – [Together] Three, two, one

(eggs crack) (Stevie yells) (Rhett chuckles) – Oh – Oh – That one was Stevie that time – [Stevie] Oh! Oh! – It's mostly on the ground Is it on you? – Yes! – Let me see

(Stevie whimpers) Oh that's right where the bandana would have been (Rhett laughs) – All right now I get to make the choice– – Turn around, you can watch him lay it – No he, ow! (creaking) – This is uncomfortable (popping) – Oh okay, now I get to make the choice again – Hold on why you gonna make the choice again? – What kind of rules, what's happening? – No I get to make the choice for the first time because it was Link and then Stevie– – Stevie– – And now, then me

– Oh man I don't have a good feeling about this – I pick the yellow one because I'm a coward – Oh two double, two cowards Thank you

– I picked the blue one 'cause the sky is big and I'm a big jerk – Three– – Two, one (Rhett laughs) (Stevie and Link groan) – You got it, bester! – Ow, I did it again – Buster, mister I called you mister and buster

– You got it, mister (laughs) – This was super fun That's it Do I have a red mark on my forehead? – [Rhett] A little bit, a little egg mark – 'Cause it feels like, yeah, it feels like it's gonna, woo! – You got a strawberry up there

– Yeah – But you know what, you can cover it with a bandana now (laughs) I usually do – Okay I also asked the Mythical Crew to decorate Easter eggs that are GMM themed – Yeah 'cause they don't have enough to do

(crew laughing) – Wow This is great, Link And anyway, we're going to guess what they decorated I don't know what these are and I'm going to pull them out of here and then we're gonna see what it is that they decorated– – Oh – So here's the first one

– [Link] That is un, indiscernible Two As – It says AA – [Link] This is a Alcoholics Anonymous theme – [Stevie] I do feel like that's what it is

– [Link] Maybe you're holding it upside down – Okay – No she's holding it right – Okay so that is a– – AA? And a lot of red – Flame

AA flame – I think it's a GMM if you look at it in a mirror – [Davin] You guys got the flame part, that's not AA though And also I painted this (Stevie, Rhett and crew laugh) – Yeah that's why only you know what it is

Is it– – That's not an AA, what is it? – [Link] Two arrow heads? – [Davin] No, try looking at the bottom of it – [Rhett] That just looks like a dookie stain (Stevie laughs) Looks like you wiped your butt with it (chuckles) – Davin, you been wipin' your butt with eggs again? – We need to have a talk, Davin – I don't know what this is and the poop– – Give us a hint, Davin

– The poop doesn't, he said the hint was the poop at the bottom and I don't know what it is – He's like ah – I'm sorry – It's a nest– – It's beautiful but I don't know what this is – [Davin] Well the hint is, this is Kevin's fault

– This is Kevin's fault? – These hints– – Might have been Chase's – Okay great, they're getting better The hints are getting better – Oh, this is when we, this is a recreation of the accident we had when we mixed brake fluid with chlorine – You got it! – Yeah but how? – What's the AA– – Those are tents

– Oh those are tents – Those are the two tents – I thought you said those are pants and I was like, that really doesn't– – Those are the two tents – Make any sense What's the brown at the bottom? – [Davin] That's supposed to be the bottle

(Rhett laughs) – Okay – You know what? – This one I feel like is pretty straightforward but I might be missing something This is Rhett – [Link] That's Drew Carey as an egg – [Stevie] Is there something else that, this is Link, yeah? – That's a Link head

– That is Link, yeah That's by Alex – Oh I'm sorry, you're saying I can bring this closer to myself and not look so awkward, okay good Who painted this? – That's Alex – Wow

– Alex is underachieving Alex is underachieving – Yeah he should do more – 'Cause he got a new job (Rhett chuckles) – Okay, this one

– That's a snake – [Link] That's Craig, did Jenna make that? – Oh I thought it was, yeah Craig is a good guess I thought it was in reference to the serpent king or that time that snake wrapped itself around your face But also it could be Craig

What is what? – What is that little– – Poop stain on the bottom? – No There's no dookie stain on this one Right there at the top, that's that little orange thing? – [Link] It's bleeding – [Stevie] Oh, is that the clue? – This is that snake that died – For the record, we have not had a snake here that's died

– I'm joking I'm joking about dead snakes again – Were we right? – [Davin] Yeah that's the serpent king by Greg – And what is this additional– – What is the little– – That's supposed to be like the crown and then the red dot I think is just a mistake (Stevie and Rhett laughing) – Yeah

– Okay – I like what you've done with your hair – I washed my hair during the break so I could free up the bathroom for you guys later – Oh thank you – All right, we have an artistic– – Oh wow that's like a– – Sponge

– [Link] Floral out of focus, like soft focus I can see people in there like floating people – I think it's a deconstructed American flag (laughs) Which is think is illegal to do, by the way – I think it's a cool abstract pattern

This is someone who's really– – [Rhett] It's like a minimum of 24 months in prison for that – Someone's got a lot of margin in the top – So who did it so we can turn them into the FBI? – I don't have any idea of what this could be It kind of looks, for a moment it looks like goldfish in water but that doesn't remind me of anything so I don't know what it is – Like those Japanese goldfish

– The Japanese ones – Koi – (chuckles) What is this? – [Davin] That is Bethany's artistic depiction of Link's herpes virus (chuckling) – That doesn't sound like something Bethany would do unless someone else told her to do that – It's a pretty herpes interpretation though

– So this is like– – That makes me feel completely different about herpes now – Yeah – Yeah it's beautiful – [Rhett] I want it (chuckles) – That's the best egg so far

– I kinda want it – I kinda want herpes – Okay – I can help you with that – This one is awesome

– [Link] Oh wow look at that – [Rhett] That is the wall in the back – That is the wall in the back It's the razzle dazzle pattern – [Link] Oh is that what that's called? – From boats, yeah

– When we get it right, you knock it against your forehead, right? – Yeah, right in the same spot that the welt is forming Who did this? – [Davin] That is by Kristen (clapping) – Damn, girl – [Link] Kristen is so artsy – Look at her

– Look at how much Kristen cares – She probably did well in school – It looks like something you would etch on the wall of a prison cell Been to prison? – Huh – [Link] Wow

That's artsy – Is that three, it has three dimensions? – It's like a pelican It looks like a pelican embryo – Wow that, wow – Wait, what? – Is it 3D? – I'm just seeing like a pile of– – It looks 3D

– It looks like it's got a groove cut into it because of the dimensionality of the shading and that's advanced stuff – Now I can't tell what it is – Of course not – That's a poop pile – Doesn't it look like a pelican embryo to you? – I've never seen one

– Like if you cracked open the egg of a pelican – I've never done that – Fertilized – [Rhett] Never done that (chuckling) – Or a hat, or like a hat

A hat or poop – It was a trick question 'cause pelican are birthed live – Yeah 'cause they're mammals – A hat has less to do with GMM than a pile of poop so that's my guess Anyone? Embryo

What is it for real though? – [Davin] That is Stevie's hat – Oh it is a hat – Oh Let me get a closer look at that – And who did that? – That is– – [Davin] That's also Bethany

– Whoa! – Bethany – Bethany pickin' up the slack – Hold on Bethany can really paint – Is Bethany a painter? – Look at, we should have a painting – Everyone's going

(crew laughs) – [Rhett] She's a real painter, look at that – [Link] Well she's an egg painter at least – It's pretty good, and– – We got our own Bob Ross – My hats do look like piles of (bleep) – [Rhett] Yeah, right

(crew laughs) – Okay so I mentioned it was someone's birthday That someone is the Chaster Bunny Please hop on out here It's actually Chase's birthday but he's dressed as, I mean, no spoiler alerts on that one Chase, happy birthday

– Thanks, guys – Look at that– – That's a really good hat – [Stevie] You get a hat poop egg Please– – Thank you – Have a seat

– Happy birthday, Chase – How old are you? You care to tell us? – Sure I'm 26 – 26 year old – You got so much life to live When I was your age, man, what were we doing when we were 26? – Just makin' mistakes, man

Makin' mistakes and learning from 'em – We are trying so hard, man – Yeah, Chase is not trying so hard He's naturally like this – I of course knew it was your birthday

'Cause I keep up with that kinda thing and regularly individually wish everyone happy birthday and also usually take the time to make, get a thoughtful gift so I've done that I kept it right here behind the pillow – Oh – So here you go – Thank you

– From just me – I'm gonna put that down – I also ordered you something but it's not here yet – Look it's egg-themed – Would you please read it out loud? – Oh

It says you and a friend are invited to Rhett's office That's really nice I'm really looking forward to that – What does it say after that, it says– – Love, Rhett – Yeah

– Yeah, this is a very, I am very excited – That's what I got for ya – Yeah, thank you I'm lookin' forward to that – Yeah

– Happy birthday – So you'll get that trip and we get to see it on the next LTAT and maybe Link's gift will arrive by that time that he got you – [Rhett] I'm sure it will, I'm sure it will – All right guys, that's all I got, so all together we can say our final line – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB

(laughing) (poppy electronic music)

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