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– I feel like I just ate Hello Kitty's boogers (upbeat music) – Welcome to food fears where I make something you hate taste great

Today's guest is a three time, count it, three time champion of trivia night at Barney's Beanery in Burbank California it's Emily Fleming Emily what's the capital of Malaysia? – Oh come on, you think I'm gonna know that? – Wrong, Kuala Lumpur, anyways how you doing? Welcome – I'm doing great – Fantastic, you don't seen too happy because I'm guessing you understand what's about to happen today – Great you're giving me nothing that's fantastic

– I'm just like really nervous Josh and it smells like a three year old's fart in here and I'm like really really scared – Today we're eating three year old's farts – I knew it – All right well I hope you enjoy spiky nightmare stink fruit also known as Durian – Heard of this

– So this stuff is so smelly that in South East Asian countries like Thailand and Singapore it's not even allowed on public transportation just get a big old whiff of that right there – Oh yeah, that's– – Really implant that in your brain – What is that? What is in there? – It's some sort of nut Some sort of seed or nut – Okay

– So as is tradition we have to try this in it's most pure form so I can know how to kind of gauge what I'm making around your tastes, so if you just wanna scoop out a nut or you can just suck it directly off that – Oh god – What else do you have to do today? – Oh god, I'm sucking a nut for the internet – We all are, metaphorically or literally – Oh god, oh god

– [Josh] Just get in – [Emily] It just looks like booger salad oh no Oh no, Josh – I'm here to eliminate your food fears but first we have to face them nut first so we're gonna gingerly touch our tips, tip it and dip it Just go ahead and give it a (Josh slurping) like an oyster

– Ah (laughing) – That's not pleasant (Emily retching) – What are you thinking right now? There's a kind of really snotty texture to it – I have to focus Okay it's down

– Did you love it or did you love it? – I survived it, just the way it looks and then the way it feels, it's like old bed cheese but then it's also got like skin in it – Okay so you hate the smell, you hate the texture I can try and, those aren't problems for me – I feel like I just ate Hello Kitty's boogers – Some businessmen pay a lot of money to do that – And my mouth, oh god

– I think I can make you love this I'm gonna try and transform this into a completely new dish Just give me about an hour, come back and we are going to take all the old skin and cheese elements out of it, try and replace it with, well we'll see – I don't have a lot of faith in this booger soup Will it come off the nut next time? – Yeah, it stays on the nut the next case – Well in that case I'm very very excited

– Food fears We're making a durian ice cream starting with this super simple sweet cream base so I'm just going to blend some fresh durian pulp with the milk The smells and the sounds And then we're actually gonna take freeze dried durian powder for some more kick and then a whole lot of sugar Spill most of it on your blender

Key part of the recipe The Choco Taco to me is the absolute king of ice cream truck options because it takes every single component it has the chocolate swirl, it has the ice cream, it has the nuts it has the chocolate coating, it has the shell, that is like five layers of flavor But you get to eat every single thing in one bite (blender whirring) Then once that's fully combined you're gonna take all that delightful durian mixture, you're gonna throw that into a bowl then you're gonna put in heavy cream And then this just gets whisked up It smells like if someone just died inside of a large mango, I kinda like that though So once your ice cream base is all whisked up you can throw that into your ice cream maker for about 45 minutes

It will still be pretty soft but you want it to be soft 'cause we're gonna stir in the durian caramel For me the best thing about a Choco Taco are those swirls of chocolate throughout the ice cream And so I'm gonna replace the chocolate with a salted durian caramel To make the durian caramel I am melting sugar in a pot, and I want to use a live flame for this because electric burners aren't good for how finicky caramel can be And so then I'm melting butter in another pot along with durian that's been blended with milk and then I'm gonna add the hot milky durian butter to the melted sugar and then you just whisk that in super violently and then add salt to get that saline punch

All right so the ice cream has about 10 minutes left and that's when you want to take your cooled down caramel and you want to drizzle that in Ice cream's already spinning so it will just create nice ribbons, kinda get some motion on the spoon in there And you just kinda jab at it You're just gonna want to jab at it with your spoon It's actually a fun little game where you try and miss the ice cream blade

And then you hit stop and then it's perfect Food fears I'm making the sweet taco shell by using the same technique I would to make a waffle cone So I make the batter with a little bit of ginger and cardamom just to get some kind of warm spice in there We got a waffler right here, this is typically made for a waffle cone but if you take that and you shape it over a taco mold then you get a waffle taco cone

Waffle, cone, taco Waffle, cone, taco, shell, durian, taco, choco And you just gotta spoon in about a tablespoon of that batter And then you just close it up, clamp it down and wait 30 seconds This is just a sticker that came with the taco mold

Mine won't look nearly that good this is obviously done by a professional I am just an amateur who's screwed up most things All right the waffle taco I think is done Oh that looks gorgeous This is ready to go, so we're just going to lift it off very gingerly

And this is gonna go right over the taco sticker And you have to work fast, take a paper towel because it's very hot and you're gonna press it in and hold it for about 15 seconds The waffle maker actually came with this really sweet waffle pattern bandaid that isn't covering up an open wound that I've been touching with everything And whoever eats this totally isn't gonna get I don't know, Avian Flu is that still going around? So after a rest you can pull off the paper towel as you can see the sugar has actually hardened and keeps the form fitted Assembling this Choco Taco is incredibly important for the war against the machines

When the robot apocalypse comes, we as humans need to rise up and show that we are as useful as the machines in the Choco Taco factory and we can do this just as well So you take the taco shell and you gotta fill it delicately with ice cream and really spoon it out over the top to create a smooth layer and then you dip that into the magic shell and then you gotta work fast The cock is ticking here your ice cream is melting and robots know that Don't give in So before the ice cream melts you gotta roll that quickly into the coconut and then get that into the freezer as fast as possible

You got like an eight second window or else you're done And then the robots win I have seen The Matrix, not the sequels (ice cream truck music) Emily what I've made for you today is, the durian choco taco – Oh

– We took the fruit and we infused it in the ice cream, we made a caramel with the durian and then we dip that into a white chocolate durian shell with some toasted coconut on top – It's really pretty – Thank you – [Emily] Yeah – I have an eye for aesthetics

That's what my middle school art teacher told me – Well then that's– – You remind me a lot of her – God I get teacher stuff a lot I wish it was like you know, that counselor I always had a crush on It's always just like you remind me of someone who told me to shut up

– No it's my art teacher, she had a lot of cats – I don't have any cats okay, I don't – Yet, Let's try these choco tacos tip it and dip it – Oh wow – My teeth are sensitive to cold

– Mine too – We should be using Sensodyne I don't, I'm sure it would help – We are not that old yet – Wait till you get cats

– That's really good – How much of the fartiness are you getting? – I am getting a little bit of the cheesy note there but I don't mind it – I tried to really punch that in the face with salted caramel It's like a tropical kind of like cheese cake situation That's great, cheesecake guy built a whole empire out of that

– Yeah and I love the coconut with it – [Josh] Yeah? – That's really nice – So you've been fully converted to durian you're gonna start eating this with your lunch every day – No I'd like to keep my friends – Okay, that's fine

– The smell, even though I don't smell it I don't know if I smell any more at this point – It really punches you right in the back of the smell factory – It definitely has that, it's that oniony kind of cheesy taste to it – It's not that I wanted to completely run from the durian I wanted to just kind of present it to you, like putting lipstick on a pig Except this is a spiky nightmare fruit

– Yeah well I really like this and I really like it what is this? – [Josh] Oh that's a durian white taco shell with a little bit of tumeric just for color – Oh, yeah it's really nice – Thank you – Thank you Cheers

You did good – My art teacher was never this nice Thank you guys so much for watching Please come back next week to see me feed Jordan some bull testicles And let me know in the comments what your most feared food is

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