Dumbest His Vs. Hers Products (TEST)

– Can a man use a woman's product? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

– Our season finale is next Friday but we will be back on June third for Good Mythical Summer Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and if you want even more great stuff to watch even on the weeks that we're gone, we will be droppin' fresh summer content exclusively on the Mythical Society every Thursday, including a Cotton Candy Randy show where Cotton Candy Randy will take your calls – Woo, very excited about that – Join up at MythicalSocietycom – But did you know that we gentlemen have the option to use something called Dude Wipes for our sanitary needs? Dude Wipes, they're a handy slam dunk for your manly badunkadunk

– Now not a sponsor – No, not a sponsor although I do have some – We're just making the– – I'm keeping them for the apocalypse but these are just one of many, many ridiculously gender-targeted products on the market – Right Why is this just for men and why is Just For Men just for men and why are so many gender arbitrary products marketed to only one gender? Is there really a difference? It's time for ♪ For a man or a woman ♪ ♪ Can't believe these are on the shelf ♪ – You okay? – Busted a blessel

– (laughs) A blessel – A blessel – I busted a blessel Okay we're gonna be presented with two extremely similar products One's gonna be the regular non-gender marketed version of the product and the other will be the version that is targeted to a specific gender

– Okay – Test both versions and for one point, guess which is the gender-marketed version and then we can get another point if we correctly guess which gender it is marketed to – Okay the winner in the end will receive a delicious box of bro mein That's lo mein for bros – Oh, (chuckles) hey

– I almost said bro mein for lows – (laughs) Yeah I'm allowed to be into that too – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Tea – Tea

It looks the same to me – Actually– – I'm gonna start– – [Rhett] One's cloudier – [Link] Oh yeah – That's for the men, that's got a little gristle in it (chuckles) – Let's dink the dark one

– Ugh Makes you feel like more of a man when you– – It just tastes– – When you drink that one? – Ooh, this one's sweeter, this one's nicer – This one's better I don't know what that says about me About to find out

– Yeah this one, this one here has got darkness in it – I mean what are we supposed to be looking for? – A man with illness, I don't know, I mean this one– – There's nothing about the taste I think that's the whole point, it's the whole point of this is that it's all marketing There's nothing– – Sure – There's nothing about this– – Whoops

– We have to go into the mind of the person who said I'm gonna sell more of this if I market it towards men or women – [Link] This is definitely more medicinal – I have a guess – I'm ready to vote I think this one just tastes better, it's happier, it's easier to be around

It's pleasant, it brings the best out in me so I think it's for women – [Stevie] Okay we're just gonna skip the three, two, one then – Yeah that's, I guess I was like why is Link giving me his answer because but no, I was thinking the same thing – Well I'm blindly guessing so I don't think I'm helping you – Well no here's what I'll say

I think they got this like from the tea cabinet in there, like one of those flu teas that we've got and I think that, I think that this one– – For all the gender– – I don't think there's a tea marketed specifically to men and that could be an opportunity for us but I think this is for women so I'm agreeing with you – [Stevie] Okay so the tea on the white saucer is regular Tazo Chai Vanilla Caramel Tea And the tea on the black plate is from Germany, it's called, it's Yogi brand but it's called Manner Tea which means men's tea and they say it contains herbs to enhance stamina and energy – You know what? Our analysis was spot on but our guesses were completely wrong – So the German word for man is manner? – Manner

– Okay – I'm manner than you – No you're not 'cause we're both at zero – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Energy drinks

– A red one and a blue one – Immediately potentially deceptive Because you would think the blue is for boys – [Link] Mm, the blue one is much more tart – I've had this

– And tasty The red one, how would you describe it? – I would describe it as a watered-down version of this one – In terms of energy drinks, I kinda think that people tend to think– – They think they're for men – They're more for guys – So you think they'd do one for women

– Yeah I think they would do– – I'm definitely on the same page – There's an opportunity, white space in the market – The question is which one– – To reach the ladies – Which one is for the women because are you gonna go with intuition, pink, red? – That's what women do, Rhett They go with intuition

– That's true – We're gonna make all these generalizations and I just wanna go ahead and say they're all jokes – It doesn't matter, Link – I don't believe in any gender generalizations – [Stevie] Just go to the one, I mean

– Well I want you to count because this way, we can't cheat off of each other – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Oh (crew laughs) – We agree – Ah

– [Stevie] Okay so the drink in the black glass is the gender neutral Monster Energy Ultra Blue– – Dang it – Monster Energy – [Stevie] The energy drink in the white glass is Go Girl Energy Drink – Dang it! – [Stevie] For passionate and energetic women Here's a commercial

(can rattling) (hip-hop music) – I don't think that was a real commercial I think it was like a film student's project – Right (laughs) – He's like, I've got my thesis Go Girl

– Isn't Go Girl also that product– – Yes – That we tested where girls pee while they're in a car or anywhere else besides the bathroom? – [Stevie] Yeah – [Rhett and Link] Round three – All right we got dish slash hand soap – Okay I'm gonna put a little of the white, oops

That went on the other one – That was poetic – It's clear, oh this one's also clear so there's no color – You know what the real test– – The question is– – We're gonna wash with this – I mean washing dishes

– Maybe one will begin to seem like it's meant for us You would think that they would feel like they needed to market a cleaning product to men, right, 'cause it's just like you can wash dishes too, dude – It's stupid but I mean whatever it takes to get more men washing dishes – I mean– – I don't really understand how this is helping us though 'cause I got both soap– (crew laughing) – No no no I mean, it went fine for me

– What are you guys laughing at? – [Stevie] You looked so sad when Rhett was using the bowl and you couldn't get in, like you were like, I just wanna clean and I wanna clean now – Yeah but I don't, I just had both soaps on my hand, I'm like, I would love to clean but I'm not gonna learn anything I already know I love to clean – You can clean if you want You're not gonna learn anything

– Right – I think this all comes down to smell so I need to– – Right – You always should do things on the back of your hand – I'm doing the white one on the front of my hand and I'm doing the black one on the back Wow that is mild

– Okay, I have a guess – Hmm – Are we going with a countdown here? I need to know – Yeah I mean I'm going with a countdown

– Three– – It's gotta be marketed towards men, I mean there's no question – [Stevie] Two, one – Black one – Saying white one is for men Okay we finally diverged

– [Stevie] Okay the dish soap in the black pump is non-gendered Mrs Meyers Dish Soap The soap in the white pump is Hero Clean Dish and Hand Soap which is marketed to men – Yes it is – Here's a commercial

(rock music) – Yeah, our dish soap's got more technology than stuff for girls – Yeah And it's– – We got high tech soap, man – And it's got the word hero on it which is something like I like – Yeah

– I like heroes – [Rhett and Link] Round four – We're joined by some very special guests My dog Barbara – And my dog Jade! – Now one of these soaps, well they're both for dogs

We're not deciding if one's for a dog or for a human – But one of 'em the man's supposed to wash a dog – Nope – One of 'em the woman's supposed to wash a dog – Nope

It's for the gender of the dogs – Okay we've got– – So one's for a female dog which is known as a (bleep) (crew laughs) And the other is for a male dog, which is, I don't know, what do you call that? – [Stevie] Also incorrect because– – A bull? – One's just not gendered and the other one has a gender, remember how this whole thing works? – [Link] Yeah we don't know what we're doing – What do you call a male dog, a bull? – [Stevie] I just think just a dog – Okay so I just put both black ones over here because I think you wash the white dog with the white soap

– [Rhett] That's ingenious – I'll wash the black dog with the black soap – I'm gonna just kind of, how do you like that? How do you like that, Barbara? – Ooh that's warm, she likes it I mean a dog is instantly transformed when they get wet Okay so I've got– – It's gonna be okay

It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay We do this every two months, you know – [Link] And then, this doesn't– – Oh – Let me smell that – Oh man, let me smell that

– That is very perfumed This one is pretty neutral Jade's down there drinking the water You thirsty, girl? Don't drink it anymore– – Ugh It's hard to tell what's happening on a white dog with a lather but I gotta tell ya right now, there's not a lot of lather here

There's not a lot of lather Okay here we go Barbara, now I'm gonna– – Mm That doesn't smell great How does that one smell? That one still smells good – Strong

– Yeah this one's really strong This one's very, I mean, it just smells like wet dog now And Jade, I haven't put enough, I used too much water on wash phase and now I don't have enough for the rinse phase – [Rhett] Looks like Barbara, just, a part of her got chopped away – [Link] Oh my goodness

– I mean you oughta see when she's completely wet, she looks like a rat and I'm not gonna do that to you Not gonna do that to you, do we have any, well you know what, let's make our decision – Yeah we can give them the rest of the bath after we make the decision so– – [Stevie] Okay you ready? – I think I'm ready to vote, I'm gonna hold this Let's see, hold on, I'm confused again Oh yeah, this is girl dog, boy dog

– Yep yep yep yep yep, oh come on Jade! Come on! – [Stevie] All right ready? – Yep – Three, two, one – This one has to be for women – I think it's for women dogs but I think it's on Jade's side Oh oh oh

– Okay so the shampoo in the black bottle is plain Nature's Miracle Pet Shampoo and the shampoo in the white bottle is TropiClean Spa Pet Shampoo for Him – Oh, wow – So I got one point for choosing Barbara's shampoo But I chose the wrong gender Spa Lavish for Him

– For Him – [Rhett and Link] Round five – All right we got some body powders in sugar shakers here – That's how I put on my body powder – One's marketed towards men, one towards women and one is neutral which means four points are up for grabs

So anyone can be grabbin' that bro mein – I'm standin' up because we gotta put these powders on our bodies – Now if they all go down the pants– – How 'bout one on the leg? – Okay you gonna do that? – Red on left leg – Sure Whoop, and on my chair

– [Rhett] I really did it – You want the white one on the right leg? – [Rhett] Yeah sure – Nice mound here – Oh gosh It really flows out

– This is more like baby powder Wow, can't even see– – You're not supposed to breathe that in, right? Isn't that what the lawsuit was about? – And then this one, this one is more floral More floral, more grandma-ish I think this is for grandmas I think this one's for– – I don't know

– Babies – [Rhett] You think this is for babies? – And then– – I think it smells kinda strong Black – Woo I feel like I need to turn away to do this

(crew laughing) – Did we just create a GIF? I'm so confused I've never been so confused by powders in my life – Man I think the baby one is for men Okay– – Okay all right I feel– – Do we stab ourselves with these to indicate? Ow! – [Rhett] I think we just hold 'em in places I'm not– – Let's stick 'em in this

– Stick 'em, stick 'em So hold on so– – All right so – [Rhett] Oh gosh now I don't know which one did what – [Stevie] I mean if any point you wanna sit down– – This is what we did – In your chairs, I will take that too

– So here we go – Okay I'm not lookin' at you – [Stevie] You ready? Three, two, one So the powder with the white stripe– – Yeah – Is generic Beauty 360– – Dang it! – Body powder

– Smells like baby – The powder with the red stripe is Dude Powder – Oh! – And the powder with the black stripe is Lady Anti-Monkey Butt Powder – So that means we both got three points for the game We tied, Link

– We get to share the bro mein So dude, come at me – What's special about it? – It's got this stuff on the sides – [Rhett] Yeah, exactly – [Link] Wanna play ultimate, clutch

– We'll enjoy that in Good Mythical More In the meantime, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Paul – I'm Alyssa

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